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									                               Governor’s Race:                                        H1N1 Flu:                                                  New CW Shows:
                               The battle begins                                       Becoming more and                                          Attracting     many
                               between Democrat                                        more     dangerous,                                        teenagers, especially
                               Jon Corzine and                                         the H1N1 Flu is a                                          females, these TV
                               Republican   Chris                                      concern for millions                                       shows are hotter
                               Christie.                                               around the world.                                          than ever.
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      Bear Facts                             THE CLARION                                                                                            From the
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September 2009                      THE STUDENT NEWSPAPER OF EAST BRUNSWICK HIGH SCHOOL                                                              Vol. 44, No. 1

          Unity Lies in Diversity
 by Samina Zakir and Alana Barouch
 The East Brunswick Public and can be edited, so there is says Karen Parry, Manager                        Walking down the halls of        another instance, students are
 Library is providing a no pressure. In addition to of Information Services at                         EBHS, it is noticeable that we       encouraged to take foreign
 wonderful opportunity for                                                                             have all kinds of people from all    language courses of their
 some aspiring television                                                                              over the world. From the colors      choice. East Brunswick High
 reporters. The library is                                                                             of skin, to different dialects, to   School offers a variety of
 introducing a new medical                                                                             various fashions, our school         classes including French,
 collection and custom medical                                                                         is rich with culture. “Being         German, Spanish, and Italian.
 research, and would like to                                                                           exposed to such diversity               According to the State
tell all of East Brunswick         Sorry! The Clarion reserves the                                     allows us to understand
                                                                                                       people who are different from
                                                                                                                                            Report Card, Mandarin is the
                                                                                                                                            primary language of 6.8%
about it in a wide variety of
languages in order to reach        right to not publish photographs                                    us, which helps eliminate            of our student population.
as many people as possible.                                                                            stereotypes and prejudices and       Another 4.8% speak Arabic,
    To promote the new             or personal information of                                          lets us learn firsthand about         and 3.0% speak Russian or
                                                                                                       other cultures from none other       Spanish. Amani believes that
collection, the library will be
airing commercials on Channel      its students or faculty on the                                      than our peers” said senior          “just as we learn about math
3 in English, Hindi, Chinese,
Russian, Korean, Gujarati, and
                                                internet.                                              Amani Katatba. Despite our
                                                                                                       various ethnicities, as a school
                                                                                                                                            and history in classrooms, we
                                                                                                                                            learn about other faiths and
Farsi. This is where you come                                                                          we have found ways to keep           heritages in places as simple as
in: EBPL still needs translators                                                                       our traditions as well as share      the hallway. Because we are so
for the last three languages, so                                                                       them with others, especially         mixed, we have the opportunity
if you speak Korean, Gujarati,                                                                         through multiple organizations       to discover opinions and
or Farsi and are comfortable                                                                           that promote saving these            ideas different from our own
speaking in front of a camera,                                                                         identities. For example, every       and learn to respect them.”
this is your chance to be on TV!                                                                       year International Club makes a           Ethnicities of EBHS
                                                                                Naomi Yama
You would simply translate the EBHS is a blend of many cultures and ethnicities                        huge effort to host a show with
                                                                                                                                            White                  63.8%
English commercial about the                                                                           talents from all over the world;
                                                                                                                                            Black                  3.4%
library health collection and the wonderful experience, EBPL. If you are interested,                   last year, they held a dance
                                                                                                                                            Latino                 7.1%
research services, and relay it would count toward your contact her at 732-390-6764 or                 competition in which students
the message to the public— community service hours. k p a r r y @ e b p l . o r g                      ‘collided’ and displayed mind-       Asian                  20.1%
the taping will not be live “It would be a lot of fun,” and grab this amazing chance.                  blowing dancing abilities. In        Other                  5.2%

       When the Bears Come Roaring
by Aaron Himelman
As all students here at East                                                                                                                Piscataway, Sayreville, Brick
Brunswick High School get                                                                                                                   Memorial, Freehold Township
ready for another exciting                                                                                                                  and      Jackson     Memorial.
school year, many of our fellow                                                                                                             Despite a record of 4-6 last
classmates are also looking                                                                                                                 year, the Bears believe that
forward to beginning the fall                                                                                                               they have the ability to win a

                                   Sorry! The Clarion reserves the right
athletic season. With ten fall                                                                                                              greater number of games and
sports available for EBHS                                                                                                                   contend for a playoff birth
students, the Bears can look                                                                                                                in the highly competitive
forward to a number of highly
successful seasons, with the
                                   to not publish photographs or personal                                                                   GMC         Red       Division.
                                                                                                                                                In addition, the boys
ultimate goal of winning each
team’s respective county and       information of its students or faculty                                                                   soccer team is preparing for
                                                                                                                                            its season as well here at the
state championships. Here are a                                                                                                             high school. Lead by senior
few things to look forward to as
the competition gets underway.
                                               on the internet.                                                                             captains Chris Ramirez, Josh
                                                                                                                                            Alvarez, and Steve Fawzy,
    After finishing second in the                                                                                                            the Bears seek to contend for
Greater Middlesex Conference                                                                                                                another GMC crown, while
Tournament during last year’s                                                                                                               along the way, defeating
outstanding season, the boys                                                                                                                arch rivals St. Joseph, South
cross country team appears to                                                                                                               Brunswick, and Old Bridge
be an even bigger force to be                                                                                 Naomi Yama                    in the GMC Red Division.
reckoned with in the upcoming      Football players Anthony Gudzak and Tim O’Sullivan smile in anticipation of the season                       Ultimately, however, every
2009 campaign. They are lead                                                                                                                athlete at East Brunswick
by a strong class of juniors and   set a standard of excellence       back to the same destination,    upcoming 2009 season, as they        High School will be successful
seniors, and hope to contend       for every season to come.”         despite losing a number of       seek to repeat the memorable         no matter what the outcome
for the crown in both the             Meanwhile, EBHS’s girls         seniors to graduation. Lead by   2004 season with a Central           of the season is. The values
GMC Tournament and Meet of         tennis team looks to follow        current senior and 1st singles   Jersey Group IV title. And           and life lessons learned while
Champions. As stated by senior     up last year’s Tournament of       player Stefania Balasa, the      after a strong opening win on        participating on a sports
Dan Demarco, “This year’s          Champions title with a similarly   Bears seek to continue in        the road agasint Woodbridge,         team are ones that cannot be
team will be the first team in      successful season, although        their tradition of excellence    the Bears have proven that they      replicated anywhere else, and
the history of the school to       such a feat can be extremely       and win both the county          have the ability to compete          each athlete will be able to
acquire a top ten state ranking    difficult to accomplish two         and state championships.         on the highest level. Led by         take something valuable away
and advance to the Meet of         years in a row. After beating         On the gridiron, East         seniors Mauro Tucci and Tim          from the season. And to all
Champions. Led by co-captains      rival Millburn in the final of      Brunswick High School’s          O’Sullivan, the Bears are            those not participating during
Dan and Joe Demarco and Matt       the tournament last year, the      football team has high           ready for big-time showdowns         this fall sports season: come
Koller, this year’s team will      Bears hope that they can get       hopes and aspirations for the    this season with the likes of        out and support the Bears!
Page 2                                                                     THE CLARION                                                                Entertainment/News

      THE CLARION                                                          The Show Must Go On!
              EDITORIAL STAFF
                                                                                  Playhouse 22 Returns
                                                                      by Indraneel Purohit
                                                                      The        East        Brunswick      name from the old building in       every hundred years, will be on
                                                                      Community          Players,    or     which it performed, a building      stage. Playhouse 22’s season is
                                                                      Playhouse 22, have a new              it moved into 22 years after its    rounded out with “Jewtopia,”
Sophia Chang                        Editor-in-Chief                   home, and it’s heavenly. Part of      official formation. The troupe       which chronicles the story of
Kathleen Sun                        Editor-in-Chief                   the Heavenly Farms complex,           performed at a relatively           two men who wish to marry
Natesh Sood                         Business Editor                   at least. After purchasing the        makeshift center on Dunhams         women of the Jewish faith.
Naomi Yama                          Visuals Editor                    land for $1.2 million in 2004,        Corner Road, until 2005, when       “Jewtopia” will run June 4th
                                                                      the township set its sights on        the building was sold to fund       through the 27th.
Melissa Co                          News Editor                       creating the turf soccer/football/    the Community Center.                  Aficionados of the theater
Shreya Sarkar                       News Editor                       lacrosse fields, which have               The 11th of September            will appreciate the new facility
Alana Barouch                       Features Editor                   now been operational for a few        marked the first theatrical          and revival of Playhouse 22,
Samina Zakir                        Features Editor                   years. The Community Center,          production that Playhouse 22        as expected. What is more
Sailaja Darisipudi                  Opinions Editor                   however, took a longer time to        put on in four years. A female      surprising, however, is the
                                                                      complete, due to funding issues       version of “The Odd Couple,”        increased interest from those
Daphna LeGall                       Opinions Editor                   and efforts by the township to        directed by Douglas Brautigam,      generally not inclined to attend
Vishah Dhamee                       Entertainment Editor              improve the versatility of the        will be running through October     theater—as junior Aditya
Indraneel Purohit                   Entertainment Editor              building.                             11th, except for a brief break      Kalidindi says, “though I
Jon Alba                            Sports Editor                        Seems like the five-year            from the 18th through 20th of       generally enjoy television and
Aaron Himelman                      Sports Editor                     waiting period has been well          September for Rosh Hashanah.        movies, the new East Brunswick
                                                                      worth it, as the building is now      From October 30th through           Community Center is definitely
                                                                      finished, complete with 200            November 22nd, a Mary Lynn          something that will increase the
Ms. Cynthia Collins                 Advisor                           seats, a large stage and storage      Dobson-directed “Guys &             amount of interest in theater,
                                                                      area for props and costumes—          Dolls” will run, followed by a      given its excellent amenities

     Have any ideas you                                               all built on a 22,000 square-
                                                                      foot complex. The total cost of
                                                                                                            nine-day run of “A Christmas
                                                                                                            Carol,” directed by Tony Adase,
                                                                                                                                                that provide Playhouse 22 with
                                                                                                                                                a great new home.”

    want us to write about?
                                                                      the project, according to The         starting December 11th. “A             So, in this digital age, with
                                                                      Star Ledger, was $2.7 million         Christmas Carol” was a staple       homemade YouTube videos

           Send us an email at
                                                                      dollars.                              of Playhouse 22 at its previous     and high budget Hollywood
                                                                         Though the facility will           location, and should be a festive   productions providing our                                              be used by many, no other
                                                                      organization will benefit more
                                                                                                            show for all audiences. “You
                                                                                                            Can’t Take It With You,” based
                                                                                                                                                entertainment, it is great to
                                                                                                                                                see that theater—older than
                                                                      from it than Playhouse 22,            on a Broadway comedy from           recorded music, photographs,
                                                                      East Brunswick’s local acting         the 1930s, will be Playhouse’s      and more—is still alive and
                                                                      troupe. “This is an exciting time     first show of 2010 (February         kicking.
                        The Clarion
                                                                      for Playhouse 22, and we are          5th-28th), and will be directed        For further information
                East Brunswick High School                            grateful for all support in the       by Bob Gargiullo. From April        regarding schedules and tickets
                    380 Cranbury Road                                 community,” said Adam Neary,          9th-May 2nd, “Brigadoon,” a         for the upcoming 2009-2010
                 East Brunswick, NJ 08816                             Board Member, Playhouse 22.           story involving a Scottish town     Playhouse 22 season, visit
                                                                      The group actually took their         that only appears for one day

New Jersey Gubernatorial Election
by Shreya Sarkar
The election for New Jersey         whole new system of funding          In the Governor’s proposed         such leadership.”                   asked about the candidates’
Governor will be held on            for public school districts       FY 2010 budget, direct school            When it comes to the             views on educational reform.
November 3, 2009 and buzz           throughout New Jersey. The        aid will be increased by another      controversial issue of merit        “The unknown here is the
about the candidates has been       state government can now more     $300 million. Amy Chou, an            pay, Jon Corzine does not           capacity or willingness to fund
growing over the past few                                                                                                                       these schools at the level of
months. Over the years, New                                                                                                                     traditional public schools. The
Jersey has become known to                                                                                                                      potential for charter schools is
be a ‘blue’ state, consistently                                                                                                                 unlimited for kids with smarts
leaning towards more liberal                                                                                                                    outside the traditional box of
policies and candidates in local,                                                                                                               pure academics.”
state, and national elections                                                                                                                      Christie has already shared
though of late, polls have                                                                                                                      his plans for future educational
shown otherwise.                                                                                                                                reform if he were to be elected
   One of the most important                                                                                                                    in November. According to
issues New Jersey citizens are                                                                                                                  his website, Christie states
very keen on the candidates                                                                                                                     that in his policy plan, called
addressing is education. New                                                                                                                    “Stopping the Brain Dead”
Jersey is considered one of                                                                                                                     his key goals consisted of
the most competitive areas                                                                                                                      “keeping New Jersey students
in the country when it comes                                                                                                                    in New Jersey, linking higher
to education curriculum and                                                                                                                     education to quality jobs,
opportunity, both primary and                                                                                                                   having quality teachers lead
secondary. However, some                                                                                                                        to quality education through
regions of the state still find                                                                                                                  new programs …Giving our
their educational programs                                                                                                                      students and workers the skills
lacking severely. The problem                                                                                                                   they need to be competitive in
must be solved considering                                                                                                                      today’s emerging industries
higher education is directly                                                                                                                    will ensure both New Jersey’s
linked with New Jersey’s long-                                                                                                                  economic growth and job
term economic viability.            Campaign Snapshot Corzine and Christie from 2009 New Jersey Gubernatorial Election                          creation.”
   Back in April of 2009                                                                                                                           To give voters more of
during a conference, Governor       equitably distribute schooling    EBHS junior who has been              support it. He believes it is       a choice, Chris Daggett, an
Corzine discussed what he had       funds across the state on much    working for the Corzine 2009          better to find good teachers         Independent candidate will be
already implemented in the          more individual and specific       Campaign over the summer,             and pay them professional           on the ballot.
past year concerning education      needs. “The School Funding        believes Jon Corzine’s policies       salaries. Conversely, Chris            Whatever the result may
and his future goals, in hopes      Reform Act is a major step        are clearly better than Christie’s,   Christie supports merit pay for     be, it is already obvious that
of being reelected as governor.     forward for education reform in   particularly for education,           teachers.                           this gubernatorial 2009 race is
Governor Corzine signed the         our state,” declares Education    considering his past decisions           Joseph Wardy, a retired          going to be highly competitive
School Funding Reform Act           Commissioner Lucille E. Davy      for reform. “He brings results        tenured teacher commented           and exciting for the next two
in January 2008, enabling a         from the NJ Deparment.            and we need to continue with          in The Star-Ledger when             months.
Page 3                                                                      THE CLARION                                                                  News/Opinions

   Swine Flu: What it Means for EB
by Melissa Co
Since its outbreak earlier          sent out since the announcement    avoiding contact with anyone       communication amongst all.        announced at the beginning of
this year, the H1N1 virus,          of the H1N1 pandemic last          infected. No extreme actions          It has been predicted that     September, is that a new strain
or swine flu, has created a          year to students in East           have been taken as of yet within   30-50% of the American            of H1N1 may form that will
panic throughout the world,         Brunswick schools which            the town (nothing to match one     population could be affected      be able to resist the current
inciting action on the part of      included advisory information                                                                           pharmaceutical          treatment
governments and individuals.        on fighting influenza in the                                                                              and     prevention      methods.
While some are suddenly             schools and at home. In some                                                                               How are other students
disinfecting everything in          elementary school classrooms,                                                                           reacting to the pandemic?
sight, others joke about the        teachers and administrators                                                                             While some continuously
pandemic as if disbelieving the     added bottles of hand sanitizer                                                                         joke about it, others are more
seriousness of the situation.       to aid prevention. At the high                                                                          concerned about its effects
Whatever the case may be,           school, dispensers of hand                                                                              in the future. Said junior
people are talking about it         sanitizer will be available in                                                                          Tiffany Lo, “People should
everywhere—the subject itself       strategic areas such as the                                                                             learn to take the situation more
is a pandemic in conversations.     Cafeteria and Media Center.                                                                             seriously and understand that it
But how is it truly affecting us?       In 2008, new requirements                                                                           isn’t just some disease that is
    In Middlesex County alone,      for immunization against                                                                                affecting remote areas around
there have been 173 confirmed        disease were posted by the                                                                              the world.” Another junior,
and probable cases of the flu,       New Jersey Department of                                                                                Emily Jang, believes the policy
five within East Brunswick, as       Health and Senior Services,                                                                             the town has taken to fight the
of early September, according       one of which included an                                                                                H1N1 virus is worthwhile. “It
to the Middlesex County             annual influenza vaccine for                                                                             is our responsibility,” she said,
Public Health Department.           students 6-59 months old,                                                                               “to take precautions against
This number included the            which may be helpful during                                                                             contagious diseases such as
cases of people who were part       this year’s swine flu hysteria.                                                                          the swine flu. Although not
of flu surveillance or those         The East Brunswick Board                                                                                everything is preventable
hospitalized as a result of         of Education is also more                                                              we should be more educated
the virus. Two deaths were          strictly enforcing that students   An H1N1 prevention poster published by the World Health              and more aware of these
reported in the county. The         with flu-like symptoms must                                                                              communicable           sicknesses
state’s response has been,          stay at home until at least 24     New York district’s policy of      by the H1N1 virus, causing        that can easily be transmitted
for the most part, focused on       hours after they no longer have    no touching whatsoever within      90,000     deaths;    however,    throughout public schools.”
educating the public about          fever without using analgesics     schools!) Nationally, schools      Centers for Disease Control and      For more local information
the disease and prevention          (such as Tylenol or Advil), and    and individuals have been          Protection have deemed that       and updates regarding H1N1,
techniques,         encouraging     encouraging some conventional      advised by the U.S. Department     prediction unlikely to occur.     check the E.B Township’s
increased     awareness      and    methods of flu prevention, such     of Education to update             The real cause for concern,       website or that of the Middlesex
caution. Multiple notices were      as washing/sanitizing hands and    emergency plans and increase       according to a CBS report         County Department of Health.

Teen Decals: Safe or Unfair?
by Sailaja Darisipudi
Teenagers and driving is a tricky   with whom the restrictions         drivers’ vehicles, not just the    voices other concerns: “If        they are new and inexperienced
combination. After all, about       and decal applies to. With so      ones under 21. Furthermore, it     teens have decals, then police    drivers”. Despite the claims of
40% of teen deaths in America       much potential for automobile      doesn’t makes sense to restrict    will already have formed an       State Senator Fred Madden, a
are caused by automobile            accidents for so many different    teenage drivers and not those      opinion on the vehicle and        sponsor of the decal measure,
accidents. Perhaps this is what                                                                                                             that “this bill isn’t about
Governor Jon Corzine had in                                                                                                                 profiling,” it is hard to believe
mind when he signed a bill                                                                                                                  that police officers won’t form
that requires decals to be put                                                                                                              a personal bias against teenage
on the vehicles of teenage                                                                                                                  drivers once they know who is
drivers. Another bill, passed                                                                                                               driving the car. Subsequently,
simultaneously, contains new                                                                                                                the police might spend more
restrictions on young drivers                                                                                                               time watching cars with decals
such as an earlier curfew and                                                                                                               on them rather than watching
limitations on the number of                                                                                                                out for adult offenders. And it
passengers in cars with teen                                                                                                                is definitely possible that older
drivers. The “decal law”, in                                                                                                                drivers might be con artists
effect next year, requires that                                                                                                             and try to harass the younger,
identifying decals be placed on                                                                                                             inexperienced drivers by
the vehicles of drivers under                                                                                                               cutting them off or encouraging
the age of 21. This bill will                                                                                                               them to break rules.
make New Jersey the first state                                                                                                                  =The fact is that these
to require young drivers to                                                                                                                 decals may indeed reduce teen
place identifying placards on                                                                                                               car accidents or lessen the
their vehicles. Although this                                                                                                               temptation for teens to disobey
law was met by mostly positive                                                                                                              state laws for driving. But
feedback from adults such as                                                                                                                it may come at a cost. It will
parents and insurers, it received                                                                                                           violate the privacy and freedom
an overwhelmingly negative                                                                                                                  of teens, and more importantly,
response from teenagers.                                                                                                                    might increase the number of
   Sophomore Brinda Banerji                                                                                                                 mistakes non teen drivers make
feels that, “The bill is unfair                                                                                                             on the road; thus, it may add to
and pointless. If teens should                                                                                                              the number of car accidents
get decals, why not drivers                                                                                                                 adults cause. We’ll find out for
who receive recurring DUIs?                                                                                                                 sure next year. But for now, the
Or anyone who has a history                                                                                                                 only thing we as teens can do
of car accidents or physical                                                                                                                to ease the restrictions on teen
handicaps?” She raises a good                                                                                                               drivers or even possibly repeal
point. Many teenagers feel that                                                                                                             the decal law completely is to
the bill is assuming that teen                                                                                   drive safely, follow the rules,
drivers and irresponsible drivers   Irresponsible teen habits such as talking on the cell phone while driving prompted Corzine to           and prove to all the adults
are interchangeable. If Corzine     sign the controversial Kyleigh’s Law, named in honor of the 16 year old girl, last April
                                                                                                                                            in New Jersey, including
wants the bill to effectively       people, the bill cannot simply     who have a tendency to drive       its driver. Also, other drivers   Governor Corzine, that teen
prevent car accidents, then         target teenage drivers. Decals     while intoxicated.                 might try to take advantage of    driver is not synonymous with
the bill must be more specific       should be placed on all new          Junior Danielle     Levin        teenagers once they know that     irresponsible driver.
Page 4                                                                      THE CLARION                                                            Sports/Entertainment

 Fantasy Sports: Inside the Controversy
by Jon Alba
Over the past decade, fantasy      the debacle that faces students        Although the games are             Many, however, claim            committed to something.”
sports have captivated the         today.                              designed for fun, many argue       that including money further       Senator Raymond Lesniak has
hearts of sports fans around the      According to NBC, over           that these practices of risking    increases the intensity of the     made efforts to legalize sports
world. Regardless of the sport,    nineteen million people played      money have a negative              game, alongside teaching           gambling in the Garden State.
teenagers and adults alike find     fantasy football in 2007. In        influence on participants.          several morals to maintaining      In his plan, revenue received
themselves drawn into these        2009, an estimated two million      Woman Against Fantasy Sports,      a commitment. Junior Asher         from organized fantasy sports
games, some spending large         high school students will play      an organization denouncing the     Breverman has been playing         ranked as a priority.
sums of money to become                                                                                                                          Several media networks
involved. While fun, much                                                                                                                    currently endorse the fantasy
debate has surfaced over the                                                                                                                 sports practices. ESPN, for
morals that these games create,                                                                                                              example, has hired its own
especially amongst high school                                                                                                               consultants strictly for fantasy
students in the United States.                                                                                                               purposes. Due to this, viewers
    Fantasy sports, for those                                                                                                                can actively tune into a show
unaware, often involve team                                                                                                                  and receive an answer to a
owners “drafting” their own                                                                                                                  question they may have for
players (regardless of the                                                                                                                   their own benefit. While the
sport), thus creating their                                                                                                                  viewers’ knowledge of sports
own roster. Based upon the                                                                                                                   may increase, their willingness
respective players’ actual real-                                                                                                             to spend money may as well.
life performances during a                                                                                                                       Though several questions
specific timetable, the owner                                                                                                                 remain regarding the growing
will earn points for his team.     High school students spend hours desperately searching for fantasy sports advice online                   participation in fantasy sports,
Each team is registered in a                                                                                                                 the amount of players continues
league which typically consists    fantasy football in the United      idea of fantasy sports, claims     fantasy football for several       to rise. It is this controversy
of anywhere from four to           States alone, with several other    that the industry is worth close   years. He stated that fantasy      that makes the games that much
fourteen teams overall. Fantasy    millions across the world. More     to $4 billion. With students       sports, “not only require          more appealing, especially
sports services can be found       times than not, these teens will    actively throwing money away       knowledge of that particular       for    students     everywhere.
on several websites for free,      find themselves placing large        for a chance of bragging rights    sport, but also require you to     Regardless of the debate
such as ESPN or Yahoo!, yet,       wagers towards the league, all      amongst their own friends,         be constantly updating.” Asher     however, as the popularity of
very often owners decide to        in an attempt to prove their        the group argues that they are     also argued that playing for       professional sports grows, the
put wagers or an entrance fee      sports knowledge over their         being introduced to a form of      money “keeps you motivated         popularity of fantasy sports
upon entry to a league. This is    peers.                              gambling at an early age.          and teaches you how to stay        will skyrocket!

 The CW’s Hottest Shows Unveiled
by Vishah Dhamee
This fall, the CW will air         with David, even though she            The show also features          cope, Elena finds solace in her     incident, Damon realizes that
myriad shows, some old and         has history with his father;        models       Marissa    Delfina     friends, while Jeremy looks to     Stefan’s disdainful feelings
some new. Returning shows          attempts to destroy Ella’s          (Ashley Madekwe), Isaac            a hazardous course—drugs.          stem from his attraction to
include One Tree Hill, Gossip      career as a publicist; and          Taylor (Corbin Bleu), and Cole         However, once school starts    Elena.
Girl, 90210, America’s Next        supports Auggie’s aspirations       Shepherd (Nico Tortorella), all    at Mystic Falls High, Elena is        Apparently, Elena resembles
Top Model, Supernatural, and       of becoming a restaurant chef.      of whom share a residence with     captivated by a striking, but      a woman that both brothers
Smallville, while new shows           Other       tenants in the       Raina. The Beautiful Life: TBL     weird new student, Stefan          liked more than 100 years ago
include Melrose Place, The         apartment complex include           will be airing every Wednesday     Salvatore (Paul Wesley). Both      and thus begins a battle between
Beautiful Life: TBL, and The       medical      student      Lauren    at 9: 00 PM.                       are instantly attracted to each    these two “for Elena’s soul and
Vampire Diaries. Clearly, the      Yung (Stephanie Jacobsen),             Based on a series of            other, but what Elena does         for the souls of her friends,
majority of these shows are        filmmaker        Jonah      Miller
geared towards the young adult     (Michael Rady), first-grade
and adult female audience.         teacher     Riley     Richmond
Actually, last fall, America’s     (Jessica Lucas), and newbie
Next Top Model, Gossip Girl,       Violet Foster (Ashlee Simpson-
and One Tree Hill ranked as the    Wentz). This interesting plot has
three most watched shows on        already attracted a significant
television for women between       amount of the female audience.
the ages of 18 and 34.             Melrose Place will be airing
   With so many shows to           every Tuesday at 9: 00 PM.
choose from, it should be easy        The Beautiful Life: TBL,
for females to find something       from     executive      producer
that they like!                    Ashton Kutcher, premiered on
   A revised version of a well-    September 16th. Essentially,
liked 1990s series, Melrose        the show exposes the cutthroat
Place debuted on September         world of modeling which, in
8th. The show centers on           the show, is discovered by two
“the lives and relationships       novel teen models—Raina
of a diverse group of twenty       Mayer (Sara Paxton) and
somethings,” all of whom           Chris Andrews (Benjamin                                                                                            
live in an apartment complex       Hollingsworth).                     In their show, the cast of The Beautiful Life portrays what it is like to live as young models
in Los Angeles’ Melrose               From her first fashion show,
neighborhood. The landlady,        Raina is a success; she promptly    books by L. J. Smith, The          not know is that Stefan is in      family and all the residents of
40, is Sydney Andrews              overshadows Sonja Stone             Vampire Diaries debuted on         actuality a vampire—a “good”       Mystic Falls, Virginia.”
(Laura Leighton). Somehow,         (Mischa Barton), a reigning         September 10th. The show           vampire. Yet when Elena’s          The Vampire Diaries will be
Sydney seems to considerably       supermodel who has only just        concerns siblings Elena (Nina      friend, Viki (Kayla Ewell) is      airing every Thursday at 8:00
influence her tenants David         returned from an unexplained        Dobrev) and Jeremy (Steven         mysteriously bitten on her neck,   PM.
Breck (Shaun Sipos), Ella          leave. Chris, on the other hand,    R. McQueen) Gilbert, who           Stefan suspects his brother            All of these shows involve
Simms (Katie Cassidy), and         has trouble making it big in the    live with their Aunt Jenna         Damon (Ian Somerhalder)—a          similar romance and suspense
Auggie Kirkpatrick (Colin          industry “until Raina comes to      (Sara Canning) because of a        “bad” vampire.” They have an       plots that most female teenagers
Egglesfield). To accomplish         his rescue, showing him how to      catastrophic car accident that     ongoing bitter rivalry and when    will enjoy. You be the judge—
this, Sydney begins an affair      relax and work the camera.”         killed both their parents. To      Stefan scorns Damon for the        will you be captivated too?

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