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					          SafetyConnections                                                   A publication of the Oklahoma Safety Council | 11/12

Director’sCorner                                      OSC Looking for Partnership
           by Dave Koeneke
         OSC Executive Director
                                                      to Offer ‘Alive at 25’ Program
                                                          A $32,500 grant from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office was awarded for
   A new grant from the Oklahoma Highway             the fourth year in a row to the Oklahoma Safety Council for its Alive at 25 pro-
Safety Office to the OSC offers “FREE” Alive at      gram. The Alive at 25 curriculum educates teens and young adults to make safer
25 driver education statewide to schools, youth      driving decisions due to the fact that the 15-24 age group
organizations, and youth of employers about to       has the highest crash and fatality rates of all age groups.
turn driving age. The grant is a great opportunity   Alive at 25 is designed to be an early intervention program
for driver education of youth 15-24 and one of the   to help prevent traffic violations, collisions, and/or fatalities
best ways to help stem auto deaths, the number       for young drivers ages 15-24. The goal of the OSC is to
one cause of fatalities in this age group.           collaborate with law enforcement, city and state officials,
   Drive Aware Oklahoma (DAO), a grassroots          communities, employers, churches and high schools in Oklahoma to become
task force of government and non-profit orga-        more proactive in keeping students alive and safe.
nizations, held press conferences in both Tulsa          “We are grateful for this grant from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, as
and OKC on Monday, October 22. The press             it will enable us to educate youth throughout different high schools and com-
conference goals were to bring to light education    munities in Oklahoma,” said Dave Koeneke, Executive Director of the OSC. Grant
on anti-texting while driving and by providing       funds will be available beginning on October 1, 2012. Our grant funds will cover
a PSA campaign designed and funded by the            the cost of offering the Alive at 25 program to 1,800 young adults in Oklahoma
Ad Council called Stop the Texts.Stop the            and it will also cover certain fees and/or supplies associated programs which
Wrecks. The group is in hopes that this initial      are already in place.
campaign blitz will help drivers stop to think           To date the OSC has 105 trained law enforcement officers to teach the Alive at
before they pick up a cell phone to read or write    25 program and the course is being taught within 26 police departments across
a text. More and more evidence points towards        the state and in addition includes Mays County Sheriff and the Oklahoma Highway
the use of cell phones as a growing reason for       Patrol. The ultimate goal of the OSC is to be proactive by implementing the Alive
collisions due to their high distraction rate.       at 25 program into all the high schools across the state. We would like to reach
   The OSC has negotiated a brand new service        students before they experience a traffic crash or fatality which can be absolutely
on behalf of its members. A large menu of em-        life-changing for many friends and family members. If you’re interested in setting
ployee health benefits is being made available       up this free training for your employees and their family members at your company
to member employers via an agreement with            or for more information about the program contact Kellie Warrior at 405-848-8626.
Carter-Crutchfield (CCI), an OKC based com-
pany. More information is found further in this
newsletter and you will hear more about these        Safety+Health, OSHA Announce
services in the near future. The OSC intends on
holding information seminars so that interested      ‘Top 10’ Safety Violations of 2012
member companies may learn more. This is a
                                                        OSHA’s Fall Protection Standard (1926.501) was the most frequently cited
great chance to offer economically priced volun-
                                                     standard in fiscal year 2012, OSHA and Safety+Health magazine announced
tary health benefits to your employees that are
                                                     Oct. 23 at the 2012 National Safety Council Congress & Expo. Patrick Kapust,
affordable by you, the employer, or as passed on
                                                     deputy director of enforcement programs at OSHA, presented the prelimi-
cost to your employees.
                                                     nary Top 10 most frequently cited standards before a crowd of attendees
   The OSC has also partnered with Philips AED
                                                     on the Expo Floor. They are:
to offer the best AED products on the market and
                                                          1. Fall Protection (1926.501) – 7,250 citations
at prices competitive to any others found. AEDs
                                                          2. Hazard Communication (1910.1200) – 4,696
have become more prevalent in public places and
                                                          3. Scaffolds (1926.451) – 3,814
are rapidly becoming commonplace in the private
                                                          4. Respiratory Protection (1910.134) – 2,371
sector as well. All employers should think of hav-
                                                          5. Ladders (1926.1053) – 2,310
ing at least one at their site as they have become
                                                          6. Machinery and Machine Guarding (1910.212) – 2,097
easier to use and are known to save lives!
                                                          7. Powered Industrial Trucks (1910.178) – 1,993
   Keep it Safe in Oklahoma and save a life… that
                                                          8. Electrical – Wiring Methods (1910.305) – 1,744
could be yours!
                                                          9. Lockout/Tagout (1910.147) – 1,572
                                                         10. Electrical – General Requirements (1910.303) – 1,332
                                                        Read more details on the Top 10 list and an exclusive interview with Kapust
                                                     in the December issue of S+H.
Holiday Travel Plans:                                     OSC Seeking Sponsors
Drive to Arrive Alive                                     for Annual Conference
   With the holiday season coming up, many people
are making plans to travel, and the Oklahoma High-           The Oklahoma Safety Council (OSC), an affiliate chapter of the Na-
way Safety Office urges everyone to take precau-          tional Safety Council, is a not-for-profit, non-governmental membership
tions to keep themselves and their passengers safe        organization. Our mission is to provide compliance and proactive safety
on the roadways.                                          training, education and resources to members of the council and to the
   Planning for holiday celebrations – whether            general public. Our ultimate objective is a significant reduction in the
around the corner or across the country – means           number of injuries, illnesses and fatalities and the resulting economic
making smart choices about your travel.                   loss. The OSC represents a membership of more than 600 businesses
   Pretty much everyone has heard slogans like            throughout our state. Some of our large members include The Noble
“don’t drink and drive” or                                Foundation, Devon Energy, Johnson Controls, OG&E, Chesapeake
“friends don’t let friends                                Energy, Integris Health, ONEOK, PSO/AEP, Hertz, Dolese, Phillips 66,
drive drunk.” Of course                                   Tinker Air Force Base, SandRidge Energy Devon Energy, The Williams
that’s good advice, and if                                Companies and OPUBCO.
alcohol is involved in your                                  Each year the OSC hosts the largest safety and health conference
holiday parties, you need to                              in Oklahoma. The 2013 Okla-
always designate non-drinking drivers so everyone         homa Safety & Health Confer-
can get home safely. Many cities also offer some          ence will be jointly hosted by                 Save the Date!
type of “tipsy tow” services free of charge to help       the Oklahoma Safety Council          2013 Oklahoma Safety
party goers (and their cars) get back home.               and the Oklahoma Depart-               & Health Conference
   When we think about impaired driving, we need          ment of Labor to promote                       June 26-28, 2013
to remember that medications, both prescription           workplace safety. The event            Embassy Suites, Norman, OK
and over-the-counter, can cause serious impair-           will be held on June 26-28 at                     Hosted by
ment, including blurred vision, sleepiness, altered       the Embassy Suites in Nor-               Oklahoma Safety Council
depth perception, delayed reaction time and other         man, OK. The event will be              & Oklahoma Dept. of Labor
problems. Always discuss potential side effects with      kicked off with our annual golf
your doctor or pharmacist before you get behind           tournament at the Westwood
the wheel.                                                Golf Course on June 26. Over the course of two days, more than 500
   Other considerations as you make your travel           hundred participants will have the opportunity to hear speakers on a
plans:                                                    variety of safety and health related topics, pursue ongoing education
    • Be sure everyone in your car is buckled up          accreditation, participate in courses designed for OSHA compliance,
      and children are secured in the appropri-           network with peer professionals and visit with vendors displaying the
      ate car seats. Buckling up is the best way          latest safety and health products and/or services.
      to protect yourself and your passengers in             As a 2013 Conference Sponsor, your organization will be recognized
      the event of a crash.                               as a leader and supporter of the safety and health industry in the great
    • Plan to avoid distractions while driving. If        state of Oklahoma. Our four tiered sponsorship approach makes spon-
      you have passengers, designate a texter             sorship possible for organizations of varying sizes. Depending upon
      – someone to deal with phone calls and              the level of sponsorship, your organization will be recognized through
      messages. If you’re traveling alone, put the        a variety of different communications. In addition to electronic, printed
      phone away and make sure music and GPS              and verbal recognition, there are several other benefits to being a con-
      devices are programmed before you start.            ference sponsor.
    • Allow plenty of time for your trip and obey            To encourage participation in the event, the OSC encourages our
      the speed limit, including limits in work           sponsors to invite (or sponsor) a few of your customers at the OSC’s
      zones.                                              conference to demonstrate support for their safety & health needs
    • Don’t drive when drowsy. Allow plenty of            and concerns. Upon request, you will also be supplied with a number
      time for rest.                                      of conference brochures that you can use to pass out amongst your
    • Watch for animals on the roadways. Many             customers. Not only does the conference provide significant value for
      species are on the move during fall and             our Sponsors, it also helps the OSC accomplish our mission to provide
      winter months.                                      compliance and proactive safety training, education and resources to
   With a little planning, you can help ensure that you   members of the council and to the general public. The attached spon-
arrive safely at your destination and enjoy a happy       sorship form further describes the benefits of sponsoring this great
holiday celebration. For more information about safe      event. We trust you will agree that this represents a valuable opportunity
driving, visit                           for your organization to gain recognition as a supporter of safety and
                                   Alice Collinsworth     health. We hope that your organization will choose to partner with us and
                        Communications Manager            become a Sponsor of the 2013 Oklahoma Safety & Health Conference.
                  Oklahoma Highway Safety Office             Click here to view/download the 2013 sponsorship opportunities.

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                                                    Edmond Memorial FCCLA Students

Task Force Helps Educate on Dangers of Texting
                                  The Oklahoma Safety Council was instrumen-
                               tal in bringing several Oklahoma organizations
                               together in grassroots fashion to help educate
                               the public on the dangers of distracted driving.
                               The group has named itself Drive Aware Okla-          and Tulsa simultaneously on Monday, October
                               homa (DAO) and its mission is “To decrease            22, to kick off Drive Aware Oklahoma Week,
                               injuries and fatalities caused by inattentive         October 21-27, in Oklahoma as proclaimed by
                               driving in Oklahoma through public education”.        Governor Mary Fallin. These events highlighted
                               DAO is a group of individuals, advocacy groups,       the importance of driving alertly and paying at-
                               private and public partners with a mission to         tention to the road without distractions from cell
                               bring awareness to the issue of distracted driv-      phone use and texting, primarily.
   Captain Chris West                                                                   According to a research by AAA, USDOT and
                               ing and in particular the alarming trend of texting
Oklahoma Highway Patrol                                                              NHTSA:
                               while driving.
                                  Current formalized members are:                        • In 2009, 5,400 people
                                           Oklahoma Safety Council                         were killed and approxi-
                                                AAA Oklahoma                               mately 448,000 people
                                           OK Highway Safety Office                        were injured in motor
                                           OK Dept. of Public Safety                       vehicles crashes involv-
                                              OK Highway Patrol                            ing distracted driving.
                                          OK Dept. of Transportation                     • Drivers who text are 23
                                          Crime Commission/Gen tXt                         times more likely to get
                                               OK Dept. of Labor                           into crashes.                Check Out
                                               OKC Police Dept.                          • Repor ted distracted         Drive Aware
                                               Tulsa Police Dept.                          driving in fatal crashes      Oklahoma
        Gina Harris
                                             Shawnee Police Dept.                          has increased from 7% on Facebook!
Distracted Driving Advocate
                                             Norman Police Dept.                           in 2005 to 11% in 2009.
                                           OK State Dept. of Health                      • One person in seven admits to text mes-
                                         FCCLA, Edmond Memorial HS                         saging while driving.
                                 OU Medicine Trauma One Injury Prevention               Both events included speakers giving first-
                                                    Program                          hand accounts of distracted driving crashes
                                  While Oklahoma has no current anti-texting         and the effects on their lives. Speakers also
                               laws this group aims to make an initial difference    included students from a local high school, law
                               by educating the public via multiple media types.     enforcement representatives, legislators as
                               Because the absence of laws does not make             well as partners and supporters of Drive Aware
                               texting while driving a safe thing to do, the DAO     Oklahoma.
                               group has adopted the Ad Council’s STOP THE              For more information, contact Dave Koeneke
    Constance Johnson          TEXTS. STOP THE WRECKS campaign.                      at 405-848-8626 or by email at dkoeneke@
    Oklahoma Senator              DAO held press conferences in Oklahoma City
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New Employee Benefits Available to OSC Members Only
   The Oklahoma Safety Council (OSC) is             • Life                                    carrier.
proud to offer health and voluntary ben-            • Cancer                                     Members of the Oklahoma Safety
efits for members only. A comprehensive             • Disability (short and long)             Council and their employees will receive
health insurance benefits package is be-            • Critical Illness                        tax savings on those benefits that qualify
ing offered through Carter-Crutchfield,             • Accident and Gap Insurance              under the IRS Section 125 that will help
Inc. (CCI) and Keith Austian. Keith is              Discount Medical and Lifestyle            reduce company and employee tax li-
a past OSC Chairman/Board Member                                   Plans*                     ability and increase their employee’s
and business owner so he understands                • Dental                                  take home pay. Section 125 service will
the need for quality employee benefits.             • Vision                                  be provided at no cost for the first year.
The goal of the new benefits package is             • Hearing                                    CCI and Keith Austian are attentive
to present a program that is simple to              • Prescription Drugs                      to personalized customer service. Their
understand and offers flexibility within            • Mail Order Pharmacy                     staff of experienced professionals has a
the plan.                                           • Identity Theft                          combined 121 plus years of experience
   The Oklahoma Safety Council mem-                 • Roadside Assistance                     and they are rooted in the belief that
bership numbers were used to secure                 • Doctors by Phone                        quality does not just happen; rather it is
favorable programs, rates and under-                • Nurse Hotline                           a result of high expectations, intelligent
writing. In today’s environment, having             • Health and Wellness Supplies            direction and skillful execution. Their
insurance that is affordable and useful is          • Durable Medical Equipment               specialty is developing voluntary prod-
vital. Each member’s needs are specific             • Family Consultation and Legal           ucts that match member’s needs and
so the comprehensive insurance benefits               Assistance                              concerns both personal and financial.
package is designed to be unique and               *Discount Medical and Lifestyle products   They are also dedicated to establish-
different as well.                              are not insurance.                            ing long lasting relationships with OSC
   Members and their employees will be             Most of the products offered are either    member companies.
able to select from a vast portfolio of cov-    guaranteed issue, guaranteed to issue            The OSC is excited about this new
erage options that satisfy their needs and      or have very simplified underwriting.         program as a value added benefit for our
makes financial sense. Members may              This ranges from no medical questions         members and their employees. Please
build a complete program or just use one        to limited medical questions on most of       go to the OSC website www.oksafety.
or more of the benefits to improve their        the products. Onsite enrollments and          org and click on the “Vendor Discounts”
current program. Some of the coverage           Benefits Counseling is provided free of       link to review the vast portfolio of cov-
options in the portfolio include:               charge by licensed agents. Combined           erage options available and to obtain
            Insured Benefits                    billing can also be provided for those        additional contact information. You may
    • Health                                    members that use multiple carriers in         also call Keith Austian or Randy Carter
    • Hospital Indemnity                        order to get the best product from each       at 405.799.8611 or 800.625.0444.

                                       National Safety Council Seeks Safety Ambassadors
                                          The number of people hurt or killed each year because of unsafe behaviors is unacceptable.
                                       In 2008, there were an estimated 76,700 deaths in the home and community. Each of these
                                       deaths could have been prevented. NSC asks the public to address this
                                       issue by getting involved in their communities as Safety Ambassadors.
                                       As a Safety Ambassador, you can help protect your family, neighbors and
     The goal of DriveitHOME,          others in your community by sharing information about injury prevention
  a new initiative from the            and encouraging people to change their behaviors. Anyone can be a Safety Ambassador.
  National Safety Council,             There is no age limit or time commitment required. All you need is a desire to protect those
  is to keep the roughly               you care about. Sign up today to receive the Safety Ambassador Kit. It includes materials
  1 million teens who get              on where the greatest number of preventable injuries and deaths are occurring, tip sheets,
  their license each year              posters and more to educate those around you about how to stay safe.
  safe behind the wheel.
  Visually compelling and
                                                             A Million Acts of Safety
                                         NSC is on a mission to minimize the number of preventable injuries
  easy to share, the heart of
                                       and deaths. We can’t do it alone. The acts you perform as a Safety
  DriveitHOME is a website
                                       Ambassador can also help NSC perform A Million Acts of Safety.
  that contains a library of
                                       One seemingly small act has the potential to save lives, which is why your participation is
  resources illustrating the
                                       so important. Each day you do things to protect yourself, your family, your coworkers and
  risks new teen drivers face
                                       those important in your life. Here’s your chance to share these safety acts with the world. A
  in easy-to-understand text
                                       Million Acts of Safety is about sharing YOUR stories and learning new ways to stay safe at
  and videos. Please visit
                                       home, at work and on the roads. Join the movement - with a million ideas - and let the world
  and share.
                                       know that safety is important to you. For more information about this program, click here.

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             Attention Safety Advocates!             USFA Releases Report on Heating Fires
    Contest Urges
                                                        Approximately 50,100 residential building heating fires occurred each
                                                     year from 2008 to 2010, resulting in 150 deaths and 575 injuries annually, ac-
                                                     cording to a report (Click here for PDF.) from the U.S. Fire Administration.

    Speak Out for                                       The report stated that heating was second only to cooking as the cause
                                                     of all residential fires. The peak time for heating fires was between 5 and

   Workplace Safety
                                                     9 p.m., with 30 percent of the fires occurring during that period.
                                                        The majority of heating fires – 87 percent – were confined to a chimney
                                                     or fuel burner, but among those that were not, 30 percent stemmed from
   Each year, thousands of teens across Okla-        a heating source being too close to a combustible object, according to the
homa enter into the workforce to experience the      report. To reduce fire risk, USFA recommends the following:
rewards of challenges of the workplace. Because          • Have chimneys and heating equipment professionally cleaned
hazards exist, we have an obligation to protect             and inspected every year.
young workers from getting hurt while on the job.        • Use heating equipment with a label from a recognized testing
   In an effort to reach out and teach students             laboratory.
about the youth employment laws and teen work-           • Keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet away from heating
er safety, the Oklahoma Department of Labor, in             equipment.
partnership with the Oklahoma Safety Council,            • Plug space heaters directly into outlets and never into an exten-
developed the “Speak Out for Workplace Safety”              sion cord or power strip.
student video contest. The contest will enable           • Install and maintain carbon monoxide alarms inside your home.

education, business & industry, and government
to work together for a common cause.
   Sponsorships are now available for those or-
ganizations wanting to help with this endeavor to      Looking for a way to communicate your member status and display
keep young Oklahomans safe at work. For more         your commitment to safety? The “Member” version of the National
information, please contact Kellie Warrior at 405-   Safety Council logo is available for your use on specific corporate
848-8626 or by email at         materials. Submit all requests for the downloadable files to member-

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SafetyObservances                                                              RecallCorner
                    Nov. 12-18
  Get Smart About Antibiotics Week                     GE Recalls Profile™ Front Load

                    Nov. 18-24
                                                       Washers Due to Reports of Injuries
        National Teens Don’t Text                         The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with
             and Drive Week                            the firm named below,                     recently announced
                                                       a voluntary recall of
                  Nov. 22-Jan. 1                       the following consumer
           Tie One On For Safety                       product. Consumers
                                 should stop using re-
                                                       called products imme-

NewMembers                                             diately unless other-
                                                       wise instructed. It is ille-
                                                       gal to resell or attempt
                 Action Spring Co.                     to resell a recalled con-
         Ranger Oilfield Services Corp                 sumer product.
                                                          Name of Product:
           Rent-a-Crane of Oklahoma                    G E Pr of il e™ Fr o nt
                    DynaFlo LLC                        Load Washers
                                                          Units: About 62,000
             Bloom Electric Services
                                                          Importer: GE Ap-
                     Centek Inc.                       pliances, of Louisville,
 SWOSU Dept. of Engineering Technology                 Ky.
                                                          Hazard: The wash-
                  J & R Transport                      er’s basket can sepa-
               Garnett Corporation                     rate during use and
                                                       break the washer’s top
     Global Scaffolding & Insulation, LLC              panel, posing an injury
   Oklahoma Department of Mental Health                hazard to consumers.
       & Substance Abuse Services                         Incidents/Injuries: GE has received 19 reports of washer baskets
                                                       separating, including 10 reports of top panel breakage. No injuries have
                Oklahoma Office
                                                       been reported.
        of the State Auditor & Inspector
                                                          Description: This recall involves GE Profile™ frontload washing machines
           Edmond Orthopedic Group                     with model numbers beginning with WPDH8800,
         Industrial Oils Unlimited, LLC                WPDH8900 and WPDH8910. All serial numbers
                                                       with these models are included in this recall. The
                                                                                                            Click for Info
            Calmena Energy Services                    washers were sold in gold, red and white colors.
           ParFab Field Services, LLC                  The model number is located on the washer’s right side near the bottom
                                                       and behind the door near the door frame visible when the door is opened.
     Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws
      Enforcement ABLE Commission                         Brand                       Model Number Begins With:

                                                          GE Profile™                 WPDH8800
   Are you interested in advertising in the Oklaho-
ma Safety Council’s electronic newsletter? Our                     All serial numbers with these models are included.
newsletter is sent to hundreds of safety profession-      Sold at: Best Buy, Lowe’s, Sears, The Home Depot and other department
als across Oklahoma and is archived on our site at     and retail stores nationwide, from July 2008 to August 2011 for between If you would like informa-           $1,199 and $1,599.
tion about advertising with us, please call Kellie        Manufactured in: China
Warrior at 405-848-8626.                                  Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled wash-
                                                       ers and contact GE for a free repair.
                              Join the OSC                Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact GE Appliances
                                                       at (888) 641-9739 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday
                              on Facebook!             or visit the firm’s website at
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                       Effective, Reliable and EZ to Use
          Buy an AED package which includes free essential accessories to setup your own AED station!

           An estimated 40,000 lives could be saved each year in the U.S. with widespread access to defibrillators.

  We distribute the safe, reliable and easy-to-use Philips HeartStart automated external defibrillator (AED). In an emergency, an AED
  checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. AEDs are used to treat sudden
  cardiac arrest (SCA), a condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to any-
  one, anywhere, at any time, and every minute that passes lowers the chance of survival by ten percent. Federal OSHA has recom-
  mended that all employers have an AED. Philips AEDs are extremely user-friendly and literally "talk" you through each step.

      Philips HeartStart™ Onsite Package - $1499                                Philips HeartStart™ FRx Package - $1949
  The Onsite model is the first and only AED available without a          HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is designed to be easy to use for
  prescription, the Onsite is designed to be the easiest to set up        those who get there first. On the scene with law enforcement, or
  and use and the most reliable defibrillator available.                  on the job with employees, the devices is the solution for treating
  HeartStart Onsite Ready-Pack configuration is virtually ready           sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) form ventricular fibrillation in envi-
  to rescue out of the box. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your              ronments and conditions too demanding for many other defibril-
  device is deployed correctly and is ready when needed. Ar-              lators. FRx withstands jetting water, loads up to 500 lbs and a
  rives with pads cartridge and battery already installed. Device         one-meter drop onto concrete.
  positioned inside carry case with space pads cartridge in place.        Pre-connected SMART Pads II can be used for both adults and
  Just pull the green tab to launch the initial self-test. Automatic      children which eliminates the expense of purchasing multiple
  self-tests, including pads, help ensure continued readiness.            sets of pads for different patient types.
  Weighing just 3.3 lbs, the Onsite is small and lightweight. Us-         Intuitive - Using clear, calm voice instructions, it guides you
  ing clear, calm voice instructions, it guides you through each          through each step of defibrillation, including CPR coaching.
  step of defibrillation, including CPR coaching. Integrated
  SMART Pads placed on the victims bare skin sense and adapt              Wireless Data Transfer - Infrared data port for easy transmis-
  the defibrillator's instructions to your actions every step of the      sion to a Smartphone or PC running Event Review software,
  way. The Onsite is available for use on anyone of any age in-           without cables or hardwire compatibility issues.
  cluding children and infants.

                                      FREE Accessories Included in Each AED Package ($400 Savings)
                                                        Defibrillator Cabinet
     The wall-mount cabinet, constructed of heavy-gauge steel, protect the defibrillator and its supplies. It’s equipped with and audible
                                   alarm, which can help mobilize emergency response or deter theft.
                                                                 Carry Case
   The defibrillator carry case, constructed of semi-rigid materials, can hold a variety of supplies, such as scissors, spare pads, a replace-
                                   ment battery, and user reference material, in addition to the defibrillator.
                                                              Fast Response Kit
    The Fast Response Kit contains tools and supplies typically needed for patient care and personal protection: gloves, breathing mask,
    scissors, chest hair razor, and extra-absorbent paper towel, housed in a zippered pouch which attaches to the handle of the carry case.
                                                                 Adult Pads
                An extra set of Adult Pads. Save valuable time and be prepared in emergency with this extra set of Adult Pads

                         Questions? Contact the Oklahoma Safety Council at 405-848-8626
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Cust-O-Fab Sees Many Benefits to Employee Safety
   Company Name: Cust-O-Fab                                            • Employees conducting quarterly Site Safety Walks
   Contact: Dennis Barnett, CSP Safety Director                        • Implementing submitted employee suggestions for
   Business Type: Metal Fabrication, Heat Exchanger, Pres-               improvements
sure Vessel NAICS 332410                                               • Discussing all incidents during our Weekly Safety
                How has a good safety record                             Tailgate Meetings
            positively impacted your business?                     What advantages do you see to being an OSC member?
   The way that a good safety record has positively impacted          The advantages we see in being a member is the vast
our business is by keeping our employees safe. Cust-O-Fab         amount of training that is offered through OSC. Plus access
believes that our employees are our greatest asset, and without   to industry experts for information and advice when needed.
them we cannot accomplish anything. By keeping them safe                 Who do you attribute your safety successes to?
and providing the safest workplace possible Cust-O-Fab is             Our success in Safety isn’t contributed to any one person,
able to provide quality products and services to our custom-      but it is contributed to all employees at Cust-O-Fab striving

                                          ers at better pricing   for continuous improvement. Without the support of all, Safety
                                          than our competitors    cannot and will not succeed. It is only when all employees
                                          since we do not have    believe that Safety is a priority does success in Safety occur.
                                          to pay for high Work-   It is a partnership between everyone (Owners, Management,
ers Compensation Claims.                                          Workers, etc.) and everyone must see the value of it.
      What future steps are you planning to maintain                     How long you have been a member of the OSC?
              and improve your safety record?                         We have been a member of OSC since 1983 so roughly 29
   We have been an active participant in the Oklahoma Depart-     years.

ment of Labor’s SHARPS Program for about 15 years. In 2011
Cust-O-Fab obtained Star Status in OSHA’s VPP program as
well. Maintaining these partnerships is just one way we plan
on maintaining our safety record. We also strive to have our         The OSC wants to know what topics you would like to hear at
employee’s more involved in the overall safety program the        the monthly Network Luncheons in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.
involvement includes:                                             We would love to hear your ideas! Please contact Kellie War-
    • Employee driven Safety Committee                            rior, Marketing and Events Manager, at

                                                                                         Click for Info
   NovemberTraining Opps                                                Additional courses and updates on OSC’s website.

  Date                    Loc.                  Course                                       Mem/Non           Time
  Nov. 2                  OKC                   Incident Investigation/Root Cause
                                                (OSC 325) CSHO 4&6                           $145/$195         8:30am-5pm
  Nov. 6                  OKC                   Safety Inspections (OSC 350) CSHO 4&6        $145/$195         8:30am-5pm
  Nov. 7                  OKC                   Bloodborne Pathogens 2&5                     $99/$139          8:30-noon
  Nov. 7                  Tulsa Tech Campus     Bloodborne Pathogens 2&5                     $99/$139          8:30-noon
  Nov. 7                  OKC                   Walking/Working Surfaces 2                   $99/$139          1pm-4:30pm
  Nov. 7                  Tulsa Tech Campus     Walking/Working Surfaces 2                   $99/$139          1pm-4:30pm
  Nov. 8                  OKC                   Working with Difficult People                $99/$139          8:30am-Noon
  Nov. 13-Dec. 4          Tulsa Tech Campus     Principles of Occupational
                                                Safety Health (POSH) CSHO                    $1,095/$1,550     8:30am-5:30pm
  Nov. 14                 OKC                   CPR Recertification 5                        $45/$75           8:30-noon
  Nov. 14                 OKC                   First Aid & CPR 5                            $59/$99           8:30-4:30pm
  Nov 14 - Nov 16         OKC                   First Aid & CPR Instructor 1                 $325/$425         8:30-4:30pm
  Nov. 14                 OKC                   First Aid Recertification 5                  $45/$75           1pm-4:30pm
  Nov. 14                 Tulsa                 Forklift Instructor 1                        $550/$655         8:30-4:30pm
  Nov. 14                 Tulsa                 Forklift Operator                            $50/$95           8:30-noon
  Nov 15 - Nov 17         OKC                   Defensive Driving Instructor 3               $295/$395         8:30am-4:30pm
  Nov 15 - Nov 17         Tulsa                 Defensive Driving Instructor 3               $295/$395         8:30am-4:30pm
  Nov. 28                 Tulsa Tech Campus     Safety Inspections (OSC 350) CSHO 4&6        $145/$195         8:30am-5:30pm
  Courses dates, time or cost are subject to change without notice. All courses listed include cost of materials/work books
  and/or instructor manuals. 1 This course includes ALL teaching materials including video(s) and/or DVD.
    Compliance Series Course. 3 This course requires an additional video lease. 4 Qualifies for CSHO. 5 Cleet accredited.
    Advanced Safety Certification.

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   OSC’sNetwork Luncheons
      Each month the Oklahoma Safety Council hosts network luncheons in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. These luncheons
   are designed to provide valuable education opportunities, with presentations by experts in various fields. They also
   provide time for safety professionals to network, which promotes collaboration, partnerships and further education that
   translates to a safer Oklahoma!

       Treating the Workers Comp                                                 Speak Out
              Spine Patient                                                 for Workplace Safety
           An Informal Chat with a Neurosurgeon                              Presented by Lester Claravall,
                 Presented by Dr. Gaede,                                       Oklahoma Dept. of Labor
            Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute                          Session Info: Did you know that each year in the United
      Session Info: NSC Navigator is a computer based              States, more than 200,000 teens under 18 are injured on
   program that allows one to manage most any safety func-         the job with 70 cases being fatal? Join Lester Claravall as
   tion one would need to have a complete safety program.          he discusses the new “Speak Out for Workplace Safety”
   This program has the ability to monitor training, training      statewide student video contest and campaign, a partner-
   materials, record keeping, incident investigation, near miss,   ship between the Oklahoma Department of Labor and the
   job hazard analysis, corrective action, compliance, MSDS        Oklahoma Safety Council.
   system, policy and procedures and a number of other func-          Speakers Bio: Lester Claravall currently serves as a
   tions vital to a successful safety program.                     child labor officer for the Oklahoma Department of Labor.
      Speaker’s Bio: Dr. Gaede’s areas of special interest         In efforts to protect young workers throughout Oklahoma’s
   include:                                                        77 counties, he developed first-ever partnerships, publi-
       • Spinal Fusion and instrumentation                         cations, and programs to reach out to employers, school
       • Microsurgery for Lumbar & Cervical Disc Disease           officials, parents and teens. In addition, he created the
       • Minimally invasive Brain Tumor Surgery                    national award-winning “Paying Attention Pays” youth em-
       • Transphenoidal Pituitary Tumor Excision                   ployment game facilitated at schools to teach kids about
       • Brain Tumor & CyberKnife Surgery                          workplace rights. Lester began his public service career as
       • X-knife Radiation of brain Tumors                         a Carl Albert Executive Fellow and has served the State of
       • Radiofrequency and Surgical Treatment for Trigemi-        Oklahoma for the past 15 years.
         nal Neuralgia (Facial Pain)
       • Vascular Neurosurgery for Treatment of Aneurysms                  Oklahoma City - Golden Corral
         and AVM’s                                                                 5702 NW Expressway
       • Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)                                         (Between Meridian& MacArthur)
                                                                                   Nov. 14, 2012 • 11:30 a.m.
            Tulsa - Furr’s - 6560 E. 51st Street
           (Farm Shopping Center at 51st & Sheridan)
                                                                   Beginning January 16, 2013, the OKC Network
                       Nov. 8, 2012 • 11:30 a.m.                   Luncheons will be held at the Sportsman’s Country
                                                                   Club located at 4001 NW 39th Street in OKC.

                    FutureDates:                   Tulsa: Jan. 10, Feb. 7, Mar. 7, Apr. 11 & May 9
                                                   OKC: Jan. 16, Feb. 20, Mar. 20, Apr. 17 & May 29

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Creates Roadwise RX
   Two-thirds of people age 65 and older take five or more           • Sleep medicines
daily medications that can affect driving ability. Prescription      • Cough medicines
and over-the-counter medications come with warnings about            • Antihistamines
possible side effects, such as drowsiness or risks related to        • Decongestants                     	
driving, yet many people ignore them, because they’ve never          Developed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Road-
had a problem. In addition, side effects for an individual drug    wise Rx is a free online tool designed to allow you to record
can change when combined with other medications, especially        your prescription and over-the-counter medications in one
new prescriptions.                                                 central location, and to receive personalized feedback about
   Medications known to impact driving include:                    how drug side effects and interactions between medications
   • Tranquilizers                                                 may impact your safety behind the wheel. Click here to launch
   • Narcotic pain pills                                           the Roadwise Rx.
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