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					 Father Louis A. Rowen
 Council #3670                                                           September     2010

Grand Knight Report                                      OFFICERS
        The Installation was a huge success. As
                                                         Grand Knight – Bob Marinchick – 823-4068
usual, our Worthy District Deputy, Bob Maher
performed an outstanding installation. He was aided      Deputy G. K. - Tom O’Rourke – 244-2852
by the District Warden, Steve Lawson of the Fr.          CHANCELLOR – Joe Ciaccio – 296-2797
Justin Cunningham Council 11324, and Associate
Marshal, Sir Knight Rick Dowsett. I want to thank        RECORDER – John Chiumento – 975-6474
each of them for the professionalism they exhibited      TREASURER – David Gamache, Sr. - 980-2937
during the program.
                                                         FINANCIAL SECRETARY – Kelton Flinn - 296-6224
        Our Council has agreed to sponsor a table at
this year’s Pregnancy Center Fund Raiser. We will        ADVOCATE – Jack Andrews – 977-0429
host the event on Saturday November 6th. I am            Lecturer - Bill Phillips – 973-6726
looking for volunteers to fill the table. Part of our
                                                         WARDEN – Jim Morrisard – 973-6570
responsibilities will be to distribute and collect the
pledges from each of the tables. Please let me know      INSIDE GUARD – Phil Carr - 297-3084
as soon as possible that you and your spouse are
                                                         Outside Guard – Mark Sissons – 973-1288
available that evening.
                                                         TRUSTEE ONE YEAR – Dennis Koziol - 973-7806
         So far, I have a pledge of 53 Rosaries per
week by our membership. I would like to increase         TRUSTEE TWO YEARS – Joe Murray – 971-2737
this total to the 98 weekly which would meet our         TRUSTEE THREE YEARS – John Kost – 293-7864
commitment in striving for the million rosaries
requested by the State Deputy. Please reconsider         District Deputy – Robert Maher – 589-1170
increasing your current pledge, and I’m asking those
that haven’t yet pledged, to do so. It’s a very worthy
endeavor!                                                Any Knight who is sick or in need of
                                                         transportation to a doctor or to get
                                                         medication, please contact Brother Joe Murray
Bob – Grand Knight
                                                         at 971-2737.
THE HOLY FATHER’S INTENTIONS FOR                         Insurance Agent – Mat Dellorso
SEPTEMBER.                                               Phone: (804) 972-4848
                                                         Fax:    (804) 377-9111
General:                                                 E-mail:
That in less developed parts of the world the
proclamation of the Word of God may renew
                                                         LITURGICAL CALENDAR                   NOTES:
people’s hearts, encouraging them to work actively
toward authentic social progress.
Mission:                                                 Sept.   6th – Labor Day
That by opening our hearts to love we may put an         Sept.   8th – Birth of the Virgin Mary
end to the numerous wars and conflicts which             Sept.   14th – Triumph of the Cross
continue to bloody our world.                            Sept.   15th – Our Lady of Sorrows

 Father Louis A. Rowen Council # 3670
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                                                                                  KNIGHT OF THE MONTH:
The Newsletter will be published monthly, at least one week prior to the
Business meeting. It will contain notes of the previous meeting plus any
other topic of interest to the Brothers. If you have an item you want             FAMILY OF THE MONTH
included in the newsletter, please e-mail it to the editor at at least two weeks prior to the Business meeting.

 Membership – Dave Gamache
 Remember, we have an ongoing membership drive. Have you asked two new people to join our
 council? As you recruit new members, please remember to print your name clearly on the Form 100 so
 we have a contact should we be unable to reach the candidate. Also, please date the form. Thanks.

 Web Site/Newsletter
        Most of you should be reading this on our web site. If you have any suggestions concerning the
 format or content, please e-mail the Editor at

 Deputy Grand Knight Report – Tom O’Rourke
 No Report this month.

 Chancellor’s Report – Joe Ciaccio
 I’ve e-mailed a letter to Fr. Michael Boehling, Vicar of Vocations, of the Richmond Diocese requesting
 information on possible RSVP candidates. Hopefully, I’ll receive a response shortly.

 Financial Secretary Report – Kelton Flinn
 There were no receipts or vouchers presented at the August meeting. On a positive note, we owed
 Supreme $0.00.

 Treasurer’s Report – Dave Gamache
 The balance in our checking account as of 08/31/2010 is $1,905.83.

 District Deputy’s Report
 1. Council 3670 quota for this year is 8 new members with 3 insurance.
 2. The District quota is 32 new members with 13 of them as insurance. Remember, for every one that is
 suspended, you must gain a new member to stay even.
 3. The Grand Knight has to make quarterly pledges for reciting the Rosary by the Council and those that
 they influence, including the Churches they represent. Suggested pledges include: Daily – 14 Rosaries;
 Weekly – 98; Monthly – 420; Quarterly – 1260; Yearly – 5,040;
 4. We will be handling the presentations at the Special Winter Olympics this year at Wintergreen. The
 presentation date is January 25th. Please put that date on your calendar.

 Report of the Fourth Degree – John Kost
 The next meeting of the Father Cunningham Assembly will be on September 28th.
 Sep 25 (Saturday)(1:30 PM) – New Member Picnic and Meeting, St Jude, Mineral.
 The next Exemplification of the Fourth Degree will be on October 22nd, 2010 at the Koger Center in
 Richmond. Further information will be forthcoming.

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Wedding Anniversary Cards
     Each month, the Council sends anniversary cards to each Brother Knight and their Spouse who have
a wedding anniversary. If you are not currently receiving a card, please send your name, your wife's name
and the month and the day of your anniversary to Jim Morrisard at or call 434-
973-6570. You can also give the information to Jim at a meeting.

Good Of The Order
Please pray for:
       Taylor English, Harmony Rodart, Christian Hines, Norm Balwinski, Carole Harris, Barbara Isak,
Sylvia Murray, Joe Murray, Don & Rose Mary Firer, Bob Neitz’s Father-in-law, Judy Howell, Jo Clover,
Colette Hall, Ellis Flinn, Ralph Aloi, Nicole Marinchick, and Bob Fehse.

   The next business meeting is September 20th, Rosary at 7:15PM, Meeting at 7:30.
   A Second Degree will be held at St. Isidore’s on October 14th. Council 3670 “cooks”.
   The next Exemplification of the Fourth Degree will be on October 22, 2010 at the Koger Center in

Church of the Incarnation Picnic
    The Church of the Incarnation requested help in the form of cooks and servers for their parish picnic on
Sunday, Sept. 12th. So far, Bob Marinchick, Bill Phillips, Jerry Bambrick, Ernie Sardi, John Kost and Phill
Carr have volunteered. Ernie will be manning the Membership table, and will need some help because
we’ll be selling the remainder of our football tickets. If you can help out, please contact Bob at 434-823-
4068, or 434-242-4068, or, call Bill Phillips at 434-973-6726.

New Business
       There are some differences in the BY-LAWS that must be addressed; “Voting using paper ballots”,
“the $500.00 Council limit on unpublished pay outs”, and “meeting dates”. After a healthy discussion,
Norm Balwinski volunteered to look at the BY-LAWS and suggest changes at the next meeting.

Boy Scout Request
        At the Officer’s meeting on August 2nd, we revisited the Boy Scout request of $350.00 for providing
Catholic medals and awards. Because our fund raising so far this year has not been as successful as it had
been in the past, those present recommended that our donation be limited to $200.00. This would allow us
to cover our commitments to other organizations. This recommendation was brought to the entire council at
the installation. A vote of a quorum approved this change.

Football Tickets
       I still have 11 football tickets left. I had 50 to start. If we sold all of them, we could put $100.00 into
our Treasury. For each that I can’t sell, we lose $2.00. Please help our council sell these tickets for a
successful fund raiser! Top Winner get $400.00. Second lowest get $40.00.There will be nine
winners each week starting on October 31st and ending on January 2nd, that can win various
monetary prizes from $40.00 to $400.00. Results can be checked on-line. So please take some
tickets and sell them!!!

Father Louis A. Rowen Council # 3670
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Duties of Officers
        The District Deputy recommended the Editor of the newsletter include a job description for each
position on a monthly basis to inform new members of the tasks officers are required to carry out. This will
give them a good idea of the positions that they may want to consider. This month’s Officer description is:
        The lecturer is appointed by the Grand Knight to provide both educational and entertaining
programs to the council. He is responsible for the “Good of the Order” portion of the Council meetings. In
order to provide members with informative and educational programs, he must be knowledgeable and
aware of all council programming.

Rosary Pledges
       In order to reach the goal of reciting One Million Rosaries during the coming year, the State Deputy
has asked each council to pledge at least two Rosaries per week by each member of the council. However,
he did adjust the recommended pledges by the size of the council. Our council, 3670, was asked to pledge
98 Rosaries per week. This assumes that only 49 of our 109 members will participate. So far, I have a
pledge of 53 Rosaries by our membership. This leaves us about 45 Rosaries short. I’m asking all the
members who have not pledged any Rosaries yet to make a pledge. I would like to report our total to the
State on a monthly basis. So please, let me know what you will pledge so I can post our total in a timely
       Thanks, Bob Marinchick – Grand Knight –

Father Louis A. Rowen Council # 3670
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