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					Reliable Vs. Unreliable Sources
 When using the internet for sources, be sure to check
  the reliability of any site.
 Some rules to follow:
    If you can find the same information in three different
     places, it is probably reliable.
    If a website also has a print version (such as a newspaper
     or magazine, it is probably reliable.
    Information found on a personal website is probably
Reliable vs. Unreliable Sources Cont.
 Look for an author’s or expert’s credentials on the
  website. If they have good credentials, the site is
  probably reliable.
 If the site ends in .gov, or .edu, it is probably reliable.
 If the site has people checking its facts on a regular
  basis, it is probably reliable.
 Wickipedia is not always reliable.
Primary vs. Secondary Sources
 Information comes from either a primary or a
 secondary sources. Primary sources are best to use
 whenever possible, but are usually more difficult to get
 a hold of.
Primary Sources
 Primary sources are original materials. They are
  written when the event happens. They are from the
  time period involved. No interpretation has been
  done on them
 Examples of primary sources:
   Diaries               -Birth certificate
   Interviews            -Speech
   Letters               -Autobiographies
   Photographs or art    -News Footage
   Works of literature
Secondary Sources
 Secondary sources are written after the fact. They
  describe, evaluate, comment on, interpret, or analyze
  primary sources.
 Examples of secondary sources:
   Dictionaries and encyclopedias
   Commentaries          -Textbooks
   History               -Journal article
   Biographies
   Newspaper and magazine articles
   Identify each source as primary or secondary
Write an instance when each would be considered a
                  reliable source.
Dance card, in
which people
kept a record
of their dance
 partners at
various social
This diploma was earned in 1929.
Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
This is a manuscript
of a poem written by
 Stuart Sherman, c.
Newspaper Articles
First page of the
  minutes of a
 meeting of the
  Illini Union
Board on May 26,
    This poster
 advertises a lecture
scheduled for March
      13, 2003.
Text books
An oral history of John Florio was record on this
      audio cassette tape in January 2001.
Art prints

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