Remote Sensing in the Forest Service by hcj


									Geospatial Management Office (GMO):
  Implementation and Organization
             Geospatial – 09
             Snowbird, Utah
              April 29, 2009

                                                 Chuck Dull
                               Geospatial Information Officer
                                          U.S. Forest Service
                                             Washington, DC
 Recommended goals for the Geospatial
      Management Office (GMO)

• Fill Nat’l GIS Program Manager position
• Assign an acting Nat’l GIS Program Mgr
• Develop position description, recruit, fill
  Nat’l GIS Program Mgr
• Fill RSAC Center Director and National
  Remote Sensing Program Manager
  Acting GIS Program Manager Duties
• Begin dialogue on GIS Program Manager role in EGIS/EGEO ‘09
• Identify issues with managing Geospatial software releases that
  would occur within the next 6 months
• Participate on technical evaluation team or follow-on for GSA
  SmartBuy for geospatial software
• Conduct monthly conference calls with R/S/A GIS Coordinators
• Participate in monthly EGIS conference call for GIS Coordinators
• Start dialogue on how to transfer data dictionary lead to this position
• Make sure GIS applications are operational under FDCC
• Establish requirements for GIS Helpdesk
• Develop plan for national assessment of agency status on data
  warehousing and standards compliance
  Acting GIS Program Manager Duties
• Coordinate GIS technical assistance and consultation
• Coordinate with other members of the GMO to provide FS
  representation to and advice on the Geospatial Line of Business
• Participate in coordinating FS response to quarterly OMB data call
• Attend interagency geospatial/GIS coordinator meetings as needed
• Participate in and assist during the week of Geospatial ’09
• Lead the GIS Coordinators meeting at the Geospatial ’09
• Participate as a member of GMO Leadership Team
• Support GIO as requested
 Recommended goals for the Geospatial
      Management Office (GMO)

Roles and responsibilities
• Develop full list of functions
• Meet with CIO & EMC to determine roles and
  responsibilities between CIO and GMO
• Define GMO leadership
• Start to describe how to fulfill integrator function (pulls
  together operations, futuring, tech trans, geospatial
  program mgmt)
• Update FSM/FSH to include roles and responsibilities of
  the GMO, GIO for specific authorities
Recommended goals for the Geospatial
     Management Office (GMO)
Technical Operations
• Start better coordination CIO/GMO relating to EGIS
• Identify GMO person to oversee the participation of
  geospatial technical reps in EGEO project, Enterprise
  data warehouse, data center migration, data center
  geospatial coordination group, GIS server
  implementation group
    – GMO person to ensure that GMO has appropriate technical rep
      on teams, and represent that work to leadership
• Be agile in identifying people in teams mentioned above
• Coordinate geospatial software releases
Recommended goals for the Geospatial
     Management Office (GMO)
• Re-brand web pages ASAP to GMO
  standards (RSAC, GSTC, EGIS, ENG)
• Advertise (internal & external: ArcNews,
  EGIS newsletter, FSToday)
• Create a logo/icon
    Recommended goals for the Geospatial
         Management Office (GMO)
•   Publish a communication plan
•   GMO wiki/blog on GMO webpage
•                 Organization
    Use Geo ’09 for GMO panel discussion, or presentation
•   Provide input from Regional GIS coordinator &
    geospatial group leaders at GMO meeting
•   Develop ways to incorporate input from stakeholders
•   Develop schedule to implement above input
•   GIO develop outbound communication effort
•   Message from GIO that this is an ongoing process
 Recommended goals for the Geospatial
      Management Office (GMO)
Implementation Plan
• Build tactical plan that people can see being

• Make sure that CIO knows it’s important to fill 3
  positions: data center geospatial coordinator, ArcSDE
  mgr, File Structure mgr
• GMO takes a role in filling the positions
• Spend more time with LT

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