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                                        Controversial Issues

Politics/Current Events/History (events and people from around the world during any time

Involvement in Afghanistan
Best president (and in this election)
Pro-war vs. pro-peace (Vietnam)
Kony 2012; American involvement in Uganda
Immigration Policy
Mosque at Ground Zero
Should international trade be abolished with human rights violators?
Occupy Movement – should it be allowed? To what extent is this a problem in our society?
Treyvon Martin case – should the murderer be tried?
Racial profiling – acceptable?
Women – could they be equal to men in government positions?
Should we have open International trade?

Social Issues (Personal lives/interactions with others)
Gun Control
Gay marriage
Religious Rights as they conflict with law
Twitter vs. Facebook vs. MySpace (safety/career concerns)
Rutgers hate crime: Dharun Ravi
Twitter as a reliable source?
Kiley’s Law
Government Censorship – Should SOPA and PIPA be passed?
Should schools be able to censor internet access?
Should U.S. companies need to follow labor laws abroad?
Seatbelt law (and other safety laws)
Cells phones and driving laws
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repealed
Drinking Age
Racial profiling vs. cop instinct – is it okay/regulations?
Child Beauty Pageants
National security vs. privacy
Banning video games?
Universal Healthcare in the United States?

Community Issues (taxes, education, parks, etc.)

Should the community be able to vote on the school budget?
Education: Merge with Rowan?
Funding for education? (Christie vs. Corzine)
Tenure Reform (Is reform needed?)
Should sixth graders be considered middle school students? (How should grades be divided?)
Cycles vs. electives
iPads – use in classroom
Giving back parkland to build MTHS / Parking in MTHS
Gas prices; government regulation/involvement?
Uniforms in schools?
New Jersey Anti-bullying law
USDA – accurate decisions made?
The Arts: Literature/Language/Literacy/Film/Art, etc.:

Should films be rated? Should the government/theater regulate admission by age?
Did Shakespeare write his place
Remaking/re-releasing old films and tv shows; should it be allowed?
Sex and violence in media – should it be regulated?
The bible; history or myth?
The benefits of paperback books (obsolete?) vs. e-Books
Video game fan art – art or not?
Twilight/Hunger Games series – are they literature?
Paperless society?
Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter
Star Trek vs. Star Wars
Teen Pregnancy/relationships – shown on television?

Science (Biology/medicine, physics, chemistry, environmental science, famous scientists, etc.):

Should we develop funding for a new space program?
Should human tissue (medical waste) be used in testing without consent? (ex. Henrietta Lacks)
Legalizing marijuana
Sperm donation – legal? – Crafting babies?
Fresh Water crisis – groundwater vs. desalination
Life in outer space – statistically likely?
Population Control?
Genetically Modified Food?
Colonize the moon?
Evolution vs Creationism (should evolution/intelligent design be taught in schools?)
Use of pesticides – on food/crops?
Legality or morality of the use of surrogate mothers
Mercy Killing/Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia – Should it be legal?
Poaching of endangered species – stricter laws
Global Warming - Kyoto Agreement – sign it?
Unclaimed bodies used in science experiments and in the Bodies Exhibit
Teen cosmetic surgery – legal?
Should children take anti-depressants ; add medication
Does the MMR vaccine cause autism?
Zoos vs. leaving animals in natural habitats
Is the deep sea rocket plunge worthy of our time/money?

Additional Topics:
Technology – iPods destroying the music industry?
PS3 vs. Xbox
Driving records – Males vs. Females
Is Google making us stupid?
Sports – Sanchez vs. Tebow (back-up) for quarterback of the Jets

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