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                Carpathia Hosting Partners with Highwinds to Offer CDN Service
                Continues to Expand Hosting & Managed Services for Large Content Providers

                11.04.2009 – Ashburn, VA – Carpathia Hosting, the leading provider of enterprise
                managed hosting services for businesses and government agencies, announced                Twitter Pitc
                today it has partnered with Highwinds Network Group, a multiplatform IP services          Highwinds &
                                                                                                          offer CDN ser
                and content distribution provider, to deliver Tier 1 content delivery network (CDN)
                                                                                                          managed, com
                services for Carpathia’s managed, compliant and cloud customers.

                                                                                                          News Facts
                Carpathia Hosting currently provides hosting and managed services to some of the           Carpathia H
                largest content providers on the Internet. By adding Highwinds’ CDN services to its        Highwinds
                already comprehensive managed service portfolio, Carpathia Hosting will provide            Tier 1 CDN s
                additional solutions aimed at the global distribution of content -- including streaming    managed, c

                live or on-demand video, as well as distribution of large files. For customers using       customers.
                                                                                                           By adding Hi
                Carpathia’s InstantOn™ storage cloud service, Highwinds’ CDN services will
                                                                                                           Carpathia H
                enable efficient delivery of massive files in the cloud directly over the CDN.
                                                                                                           additional so
                “Carpathia has fully integrated Highwinds’ CDN into our managed, compliant and
                                                                                                           streaming liv
                cloud services portfolio, providing customers with some unique ways to take                well as distr
                advantage of pairing dynamic content delivery with dynamic computing                       For custome
                environments,” said Jon Greaves, CTO of Carpathia Hosting. “Our federal                    InstantOn™ 
                customers can now also take advantage of the CDN for secure delivery of content            Highwinds’ 

                meeting the needs of their agencies.”                                                      efficient deli
                                                                                                           cloud directl
                                                                                                           Through the
                Through the availability of Highwinds’ CDN services, Carpathia Hosting also
                                                                                                           CDN service
                announced a new Carpathia Hosting CDN Optimization Service. Designed for
                content providers, as well as companies and federal agencies pushing significant
                                                                                                           CDN Optimiz
                volumes of larger files, the Optimization Service ensures websites are architected         Designed fo
                for optimal CDN performance and management. The service includes a detailed                well as com
                assessment of the customer’s website and historic data from the website activity to        agencies pu
                determine the optimal CDN configuration. Additionally, it includes recommendations         of larger file
                to take advantage of CDN technology in the best way possible.                              ensures we
                                                                                                           optimal CDN
                “As the Internet continues to experience significant growth in live and on-demand
                video and large file distribution, it’s an opportune time for a well-recognized           Resource Li
                company like Carpathia Hosting to expand its core capabilities and support their          Carpathia &
                customers’ evolving delivery needs with top-tier CDN services,” said Steve Miller,        Webcast
                President and CEO of Highwinds. “Our engineering teams have collaborated to
                create a best-of-breed solution that fully integrates Carpathia’s managed hosting
                                                                                                          carpathia, ho
                and storage cloud services with the Highwinds CDN. The global, next-generation
                                                                                                          content deli
                infrastructure of our CDN, which was built to ensure the rapid and reliable delivery of
                all types of media and downloadable content, makes Highwinds the ideal CDN
                partner to support Carpathia’s wide customer base.”

                Carpathia and Highwinds will host a webinar on December 3 at 2:00pm (EST) and
                offer a free whitepaper describing the benefits of linking dynamic content delivery
with dynamic computing environments. For more information and to register for the
webinar and whitepaper, visit

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About Carpathia Hosting
Carpathia Hosting is a leading provider of managed hosting services, delivering
secure, reliable and compliant IT infrastructure and management for some of the
world's most demanding enterprises and federal agencies. Founded in 2003,
Carpathia Hosting is a growing, profitable business run by a seasoned
management team with deep experience in delivering enterprise hosting solutions
including colocation, managed services and cloud computing. Carpathia's suite of
services is designed for organizations seeking scalable, secure, robust and
enterprise-grade hosting solutions that can be quickly provisioned or tailored to
meet unique requirements. Backed by its E3 Promise, Carpathia Hosting
consistently delivers an experience that exceeds customers'...

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