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					Annual Testing, Maintenance & Safety Inspection of Six Emergency Generators Roosevelt Warm Springs (RWS)
1. GENERAL 1.1. Furnish all labor, materials, equipment, licenses, technician certifications, and insurance required to perform Testing, Maintenance and Safety Inspection on six (6) Emergency Generators at RWS in accordance with contract documents. Testing to be performed in April and October with a minimum of a two-hour, full-load test in October. RWS shall provide contractor with personnel to gain access to equipment and to coordinate testing of equipment. All generator maintenance, testing, and repair service shall be performed by a certified technician with knowledge from 20 kW up to 1000 kW generators. Technicians should also be familiar with automatic transfer switches, parallel switch gear and control circuitry. Contractor shall be familiar with voltage ranging from both single and three phase 120, 240, 208, 277, and 480. Contractor shall have knowledge in diesel and LP units and other safety related items. Contractor shall provide the owner with a written report of findings on each generator. The contractor shall maintain a record of all testing related to each unit. Reports shall be submitted to designated person(s) at RWS upon completion of each satisfactory inspection. If a problem is found that has potential to be a major problem, or if it may be the cause of an unplanned shutdown, then this problem must be directly brought to the attention of the designated RWS person(s), so a plan of action can be formulated for timely repairs. In the event repairs are recommended, the contractor shall coordinate with RWS designee for plan of action on repairs, along with written approval. Submit labor rates for repairs outside of the specific scope of work on this contract. Award will not be made on the basis of these rates but the awarded vendor will be required to honor these rates. The contractor shall proceed with repairs only upon receipt of written approval by owner. All replacement parts shall be of the Original Equipment Manufacturer and owner approved. RWS Maintenance Department has the option of purchasing repair parts as necessary. Contractor shall provide the owner with 24-hour contact number in case of emergency.






Unit # M-02-0111 M-02-0115 M-02-0116 M-02-0122 M-02-1687 M-02-0188

Site Information: Six Generators
Location CTR Pump House VRU East Wing GH Kitchen GH Front Desk Manufacturer Onan Onan Onan Cummins Onan Onan Model 60.0DGCB 150.0DGFA 100.0DFJD 500FDR50518B 250.0DFAC 12GRCA Serial F950580479 G950581292 E950576386 EL924642-10128B A040593993 F048652111 Type Stand-by Stand-by Stand-by Stand-by Stand-by Stand-by

2. SUMMARY OF WORK: Perform the following preventive maintenance and safety check inspection/tasks on six (6) emergency generators located at RWS in Warm Springs, Georgia. Work includes but is not limited to the following: 2.1. Fuel System  Fuel tank – check level  Transfer pump check  Fuel lines and connection – check for leaks  Add fuel additive to tank as needed  Day tank float switch – lubricate as required Lubrication System  Oil level – check/add if necessary  Oil leakage – inspect and advise  Lube oil heater  Take oil sample Cooling System  Coolant level – check/add if necessary  Antifreeze protection level test/record  Coolant additive for diesel engines (DCA) test  Water pump inspection  Hose and connection inspection  Jacket water heater inspection  Air louvers, motor and controls/test lube if needed  Radiator and radiator cap inspection  Water leakage – inspection  Belts – inspection/adjust if necessary  Lube fan hub bearings  Water filter – change




Exhaust System  Flexible exhaust connector – inspection  Inspect overall system  Rain cap – inspection Battery System  Electrolyte level check  Battery charger – check and adjust  Load test battery set record volts  Clean terminals  Record date stamp Electrical System  Wiring – general condition/terminations tight  Transfer switch wiring – inspection  Control panel indicator lights – inspection  Engine safety shutdowns – test o High water temperature o Low oil pressure o Over speed o Over crank o Cycle crank o Low water temp o Remote annunicator – test Testing  Test run units – actual load (only if authorized)  Voltage and frequency – check and adjust  Record values o Engine Readings o Generator Readings  Oil pressure  Water temperature  Engine alternator  Voltage  Frequency  Amperage o Transfer Switch Operation  Time delay engine start  Time delay normal to emergency  Time delay emergency to normal  Time delay cool down  Exerciser clock-day o Restore system to automatic operation





General Inspection  Governor operation – check  Governor oil-check level change if needed  Ignition system – check, advise condition of distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs wires  Gas pressure – record W.C. with load  Over-speed switch lube

Take oil samples of each generator for Independent Laboratory Analysis. Report shall be submitted to owner as a part of overall inspection and testing report. 3. INSPECTION REPORTS 3.1. Reports shall include the name of the contractor, the name of the individual(s) performing inspections, identify the equipment being inspected and list the results of each required test. Contractor may use his standard report form provided all information noted above is included. Contractor shall submit copy of form to RWS Maintenance Department for approval. Reports shall be typed and bound. Reports shall be turned into RWS Maintenance Department.



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