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                HP Space Final 16 Revealed
                16 of Asia’s Finest Creative Talents Chosen to Shine on HP Space

                11.05.2009 – ASIA, 28 OCTOBER 2009 – HP SPACE, the first original pan-Asian
                reality TV series, today reveals the 16 finalists who will put their talent, skills and   Twitter Pitc
                determination to the test, in a compelling competition to find Asia’s most promising      16 of Asia’s Fi
                                                                                                          Chosen to Shi
                young creative.

                                                                                                          News Facts
                The show received more than 2,000 digital auditions to www.hpspace.com during               HP SPACE t
                the initial phase of an exacting two-month audition process. After a tough selection        finalists
                procedure, made even more challenging by the very high standard of the video                HP SPACE r
                submissions, 65 contestants were chosen to participate in on-ground auditions in            digital auditi
                China, Singapore and India. Drawn from across Asia, these talented individuals              HP Space is

                were subjected to a set of mini-challenges, working with complete strangers to strict       media hub
                                                                                                            HP SPACE i
                deadlines. The finalists were selected based on overall creative talent, leadership
                                                                                                            reality televi
                and teamwork, as well as their comfort level in front of the camera.
                                                                                                           the spirit of

                “The high standard of work exhibited at the auditions and the vibrant personalities of    Resource Li
                our short-listed contestants convinced us to increase the number of finalists from 12     Online Digita
                to 16. It is going to be very exciting to see these charismatic, immensely talented       HP SPACE

                young Asia’s bloom in HP Space,” said David Searl, Executive Producer of HP
                                                                                                          HP SPACE, H
                                                                                                          series, HP fi
                With production to start in Singapore on 1 November 2009, Searl believes it is            creatives, A
                particularly appropriate that the HP SPACE competition is being filmed in the city        TV show, HP
                state – a cultural melting pot and media hub that produces unique content,
                appealing to different cultures around the world but retaining an Asian edge.

                “Some of our finalists have never had the opportunity to step out of their hometowns,
                much less travel abroad and work with others from completely different cultures and
                backgrounds. HP SPACE will be an adventure that will push them out of their comfort
                zones, expanding their boundaries of creativity, and changing their lives forever,” he
                The HP SPACE final 16 are:
                1. Admira Pustika (26), Illustrator, Indonesia
                2. Adrienne Vergara (25), Theatre Artiste, Philippines
                3. Brandon Liu (27), Architect, Australia
                (currently living and working in Singapore)
                4. David Tang (28), Art Director, Australia
                (currently living and working in Singapore)
                5. Daniel Tran (29), Entrepreneur, Australia
                (currently living and working in Vietnam)
                6. Eric Zhang Hailin (22), Design Student, China
                7. Kaz Cai (28), Director / Producer, Singapore
                8. Liu Ming-Chun (28), Music Video Director, Taiwan
                9. Lora Lee (21), Design Student, China
10. Note Pongsuang Kunprasop (31), Graphic Designer, Thailand
11. Phan Huynh Trung (24), Graphic Designer, Vietnam
12. Rafael N. Francisco (37), Music Video Director, Philippines
13. Rohit Ferreira (23), Photographer, India
14. Sawan (23), Visual Artist, India
15. Tan Chung Han (26), Filmmaker, Malaysia
16. Uni Lee (26), Motion Grapher, Korea

Over the coming two months, these 16 finalists will take on a new creative challenge
each week. Working in teams and armed with cutting-edge product innovations from
HP, they will pit their creative skills and talents against each other in the race to win
the grand prize of US$50,000 and a fully-paid job on the live-action remake of cult
anime Bubblegum Crisis in Australia.

Various creative gurus from different disciplines will mentor and guest judge the
finalists throughout the different stages of the competition. The two permanent
judges for HP SPACE are Ban Yih Jheow, founder of Stikfast™, and Sean Cummins,
creator of “The Best Job in the World” campaign. Both judges were selected based
on their many years of international experience and achievements in the creative

Premiering on 10 November 2009, HP SPACE will telecast as follows:

China Channel [V] Tuesday at 10pm from 10 Nov
India Channel [V] Tuesday at 6pm from 10 Nov
STAR World Tuesday at 9pm from 10 Nov
Malaysia Channel [V] Tuesday at 8pm from 10 Nov
Middle East STAR World Wednesday 10pm (UAE time) from 11 Nov
Philippines STAR World Wednesday at 9pm from 11 Nov
SEA and HK Channel [V] Tuesday at 7pm (HK time) from 10 Nov
STAR World Wednesday at 10pm (HK time) from 11 Nov
South Korea www.naver.com.kr Wednesday at 9pm from 10 Nov
Taiwan Channel [V] Thursday at 7pm from 12 Nov

HP SPACE is an original pan-Asian reality television series that celebrates the spirit
of creative innovation in Asia and encourages aspiring talents to discover their
potential. The show provides a community that creates a unique space and
environment in which young, creative hopefuls can express their talents during eight,
one-hour episodes. The contestants will be challenged each week with a new task,
drawn from various creative disciplines. Well-known personalities from the arts and
design industry will act as mentors to the contestants, guiding them through their
creative journey. To assist them in their quest, each contestant will also receive the
very latest, cutting edge product innovations from HP.

The TV series will premiere on November 10 on Channel [V] in India, Malaysia,
Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Mainland China and STAR WORLD in India; on
November 11 on STAR WORLD in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and
the Middle East; and on November 12 on Channel [V] Taiwan. The program will also
broadcast online in South Korea. In Asia Pacific, STAR WORLD and Channel [V] are
distributed to 26 million and 27 million homes respectively
For further information (media only), please contact:

Carol Yeung
Tel: +852 2621 8781
Email: caroly@startv.com

Fina Wong
Tel: +852 2621 8875
Email: finawong@ngcasia.com

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