Social Networking Workshop in China

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                Social Networking Workshop in China
                Social networking and its implication reaching new customer

                11.06.2009 – AustCham’s Technology Committee presents...
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                CHINA:                                                                                  AustCham’s T
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                                                                                                        News Facts
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                THURSDAY 19 NOVEMBER 2009                                                                 Hong Kong
                In Hong Kong and Macao we are easily linked to the world through social networking        There is pot
                services such as Facebook and Twitter, and marketing through this channel is              access to c
                growing quickly.                                                                          media in Chi
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                However when we cross the great firewall into mainland China the environment is
                                                                                                          Lonnie Hodg
                very different and yet there is an emerging opportunity too. There is potential for a
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                high degree of access to customers through social media in China and such a huge
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                user base necessitates marketing through this channel.
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                Join us for this seminar to learn:                                                      Online Digita

                • How and why social networking is different in China;
                • How the local Chinese population interact via social media;
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                • About social media tools that are China specific.
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                Join us for this seminar where Lonnie Hodge and Manav Gupta will discuss both the       application,
                perils and promises of Chinese media.                                                   Hodge, Mana

                Our speakers will share a variety of China implementation strategies and case
                studies (B2B, B2C).

                About our Speakers:

                Professor Lonnie Hodge is the CEO of CFM, a global digital media consulting and
                marketing firm which is located in Guangzhou. He also manages Asian marketing
                for Social Media Release service Pitchengine.

                Lonnie, a twenty-year resident of Asia, has been a consultant and Search Engine
                Marketing specialist for SMEs and Multi-National Corporations for eight of those
                years. He was one of the early members of Task Force Delta, the military think tank
                that was the inspiration for such social networks as Xing. Professor Hodge holds
                degrees in Communications, Fine Arts, Education and Engineering as well as a
                certificate in East-Asian Studies; he is the past founder and director of the Rocky
                Mountain Training Institute, a global consultancy to Ministries of Health and
                Education in various countries.

                He is a well-known lecturer worldwide, covering topics such as Asian culture,
international trade, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, ESL, Creativity,
Humor and personal growth and development for universities small to large
businesses, The Kellogg Leadership Program, The Fetzer Institute and more.

Manav Gupta is an American-educated entrepreneur, restaurateur, and CEO of
Fabriqate, a development group that specialise in E-commerce, mobile phone
applications, social media API interfaces. Manav actively works with Western, Indian
and Chinese companies to insure their success on social media platforms. Manav's
company is capable of handling IT website design to sophisticate code interfaces.

Date: Thursday 19 November 2009
Time: Registration from 12.30pm Session Starts 12.45 [sharp] and ends at
approximately 2.00pm
Venue: AustCham Seminar Room, 3/F Lucky Building,
39 Wellington Street, Central
Cost: HK$200 Members; HK$380 Non-members
(incl sandwiches, fruit and juice)
Media: Media enquiries to Jane Hodgskin

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