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									                                                      hold for release until November 16, 2009

                                                           ANNOUNCES THE RELEASE OF

                                                                THE NEW ALBUM FROM

                                                   K E N N E T H PAT T E N G A L E
                                                        ON TUESDAY DECEMBER 1, 2009
                                                           -- ten brand new songs including --
                                     A vocal duet with GRAMMY® Award winning producer and artist Joe Henry
                                                  A cover of Alphaville’s hit song “Forever Young”
                  “Laredo” appears in the indie feature film “Peach Plum Pear” to which Pattengale also provides the score.

Kenneth Pattengale’s new                                                                                              "Pattengale's songs are done
album Speak! is a tightly-knit                                                                                        with a subtle but significant wink
collection of ten songs that                                                                                          of the eye, as if to tacitly
exhibits the songwriter and film                                                                                      acknowledge the passage of
composer’s ability to combine                                                                                         time ... and the resulting
unique lyrical narrative and
                                                                                                                      challenge in dealing with them in
anachronistic voices to create a
sound that is at once modern                                                                                          anything but ironic terms.
and referential. As Pattengale’s                                                                                      Pattengale tosses the songs into
seventh      full-length  studio                                                                                      a big grab bag of musical history,
record, Speak! is fuelled by a                                                                                        and delivers each with a wise
maturity of the performer hinted                                                                                      eye, yet -- crucially -- a sincere,
at previously but not fully                                                                                           simple affection..."
revealed.                                                                                                                            - LA Weekly

More than ever, Pattengale puts                                                                                       "Songwriter/film       composer
on display a fondness for Ameri-                                                                                      Pattengale is often evocative of
can rural music. Country &
                                                                                                                      avowed heroes Tom Waits and
Western, American folk, and
Mexican folk elements are                                                                                             Randy Newman, thanks largely
combined to create a musical                                                                                          to some twisted vocal affects, his
soundscape befitting an Ameri-                                                                                        eclecticism, odd meter shifts and
can West that is very much                            Street Release Date: DECEMBER 1, 2009                           taste for unusual musical
personal, imagined and precise,                                                                                       narratives..."
but rooted firmly in the folklore                    SATURDAY DECEMBER 5, 2009 at 12PM                                               - Pasadena Weekly
that informs all three traditions.                   Live Interview and In-Studio Performance
                                                           with Chris Douridas on KCRW                                "California son Kenneth Patten-
With traces reminiscent of                       (89.9FM LA/Orange County, 89.1FM Ventura, KCRW.COM worldwide )
                                                                                                                      gale's sense of frontier
Ennio Morricone, John Prine,                                                                                          musicianship is at once evoca-
Tom Waits, Ry Cooder and                               VENTURA RECORD RELEASE SHOW                                    tive of Tom Waits and the
Bob Dylan, Speak! stands as a                           WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 9, 2009
breakthrough in the young                                                                                             tumbleweed troubadours of the
                                                          Kenneth Pattengale at Zoey’s                                American West..."
performer's career.                                  FREE COPY OF THE ALBUM WITH ADMISSION                                       - Flavorpill
additional press materials available at:                            8PM / All Ages / $5
www.kennethpattengale.com/press/                                   451 E. Main St., 93001
                                                                                                                      Pattengale exhibits "a jolt of
for more information, promo requests, to                                                                              folksy wisdom well beyond his
 set up an interview, etc please contact:    Additional performances with a full band are planned in and
         Four Six Productions                 around Los Angeles in December 2009. Full schedule at:                  years."
           foursix@foursix.net                               www.kennethpattengale.com                                               - LAist
                          Promotional copies of Speak! are available upon request. contact: foursix@foursix.net to request a copy.

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