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CSI Master Format 1995 Outline Specification for
Mörkaskog Wide-Plank Engineered Flooring
Manufacturer Contact Information Rappgo AB SE-360 42 Braås Sweden TEL: 46 (474) 55300 FAX: 46 (474) 55310 www.rappgo.se Distributor Contact Information: Swedish Flooring 1106 Harris Ave, Suite 310 Bellingham WA 98225 TEL: 360-752-0350 FAX: 866-830-5719 www.swedishflooring.com Introduction This outline specification was prepared to assist architects and designers with the preparation of their outline specifications. If the specifier would like more detail than is available in this outline please download the Guide Specification from www.swedishflooring.com. This guide is based on the CSI Master Format 1995 and also references the CSI Master Format 2004 coming into widespread use. The specifier should delete all unnecessary sections, paragraphs and references. A similar outline specification based on the CSI Master Format 1995 is also available. Instructions and Notes to the specifier are shown between the # symbols and brackets #[Bold]# These instructions and notes should be removed from the final document. Guide Specification An extensive Guide Specification is also available for use in the final project specification. Please visit www.swedishflooring.com to download the Guide Specification.

SECTION 09640 Wood Flooring
PART 1 – GENERAL A. OUTLINE OF REQUIREMENTS 1. Wide-plank single-strip engineered wood flooring: #[Specify from the available types]# a Mörkaskog Factory Finished Acrylic Varnish Flooring. b Mörkaskog Factory Finished Natural Oil Flooring. c Mörkaskog Unfinished Factory-Sanded Flooring. 2. Finish Type : #[Specify from the available types]# a Factory acrylic varnish finish. b Factory oil finish. c Site applied finish. SYSTEMS DESCRIPTION 1. Wide plank, single strip, laminated (engineered) wood floor system installed over sound-reducing acoustic underlayment.


C. PERFORMANCE 1. Formaldehyde emissions: Flooring system shall meet the European E1 formaldehyde emission
standard of 0.1ppm. 2. Radiant heat compatible: Flooring system shall be compatible with in floor hydronic heating systems.

#[Specify if required]#

PART 2 – PRODUCTS A. PRODUCTS and MANUFACTURERS 1. Product Line: Mörkaskog Wide-Plank Engineered Flooring. 2. Acceptable Manufacturer: Rappgo AB; SE-360 42 Braås, Sweden, TEL: +46 (474) 55300 FAX:+46 (474) 55310, www.rappgo.se. 3. Distributor: Swedish Flooring; 1106 Harris Ave. Suite 310, Bellingham WA, TEL:360-752-0350 FAX:866-830-5719, www.swedishflooring.com. 4. Substitutions: Not permitted. 5. ISO Certification: Manufacturer shall be SS-EN ISO 9001:2000 certified. 6. Experience: Manufacturer shall have 40 years minimum experience with engineered flooring manufacture.

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Wood Flooring

B. MATERIALS 1. Types: #[Specify from the available types]# a. Mörkaskog Factory Finished Acrylic Varnish Flooring. b. Mörkaskog Factory Finished Natural Oil Flooring. c. Mörkaskog Unfinished Factory-Sanded Flooring. 2. Dimensions: a. Single strip: Wear layer shall be comprised of one piece of wood. b. Plank thickness: Shall be at least 14 mm (0.55 inches). c. Plank length: Shall be at least 1800 mm (70.75 inches). 3. Number of laminations: Minimum number of laminations shall be five (5). 4. Wear layer thickness: Wear layer thickness shall be 4 mm thick. 5. Edge treatment of wear layer: Micro-bevel. END OF SECTION

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Wood Flooring

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