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Taetunaula Palau

November 27, 2012

Criminal Justice 1010, 5:30 Tuesday

Professor Hill

ePortfolio Assignment

                         Do Police Officers need a College Education?

       College Education has long been a standard of professional attainment. In most circles,

those who hold degrees are viewed more favorably. The police, their actions, behavior, attitudes

and a host of other factors are under constant public scrutiny. Higher education represents

expanded knowledge and understanding, determination, and endurance. It serves as a mark of

professional and personal accomplishment. It would no doubt serve to increase a positive image

of law enforcement if local police were required to obtain a college degree.

       I strongly believe that a police officer should at least have a two year college degree. An

officer with a college degree will less likely to use force. Study shows that Police Officers with

a college degree less likely to use force. It shows that 56% of those officers with a college

degree do not use force such as: verbally threatening suspects, grabbing or punching, use mace

or pepper spray, hitting suspect with a baton, handcuffing, throwing to the ground, pointing or

firing a gun at the suspect. On the other hand 68% with no college education use force.

According to a study conducted by William Terrill (An Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

at Michigan State) said: “We found that a college education significantly reduces the likelihood

of force occurring. The difference is real. It truly is because the officer was more educated, not

because the suspect was more resistant.”

       Officers with only a high school diploma are more apt to say, “I’m the law and I have the

authority to make you do it, and I’m going to put my hands on you and make you do it.”

Officers with and college degree are more skilled at resolving problems without having to resort

to force. They’re giving the citizen alternative means of compliance. They are not just relying

on the stick. College educated officers hold less authoritarian beliefs than officers with no

college, get higher ratings from their superiors and fewer complaints from citizens, have fewer

injuries, place a higher value on ethical behavior and are better verbal communications. Having

a college degree can open more doors for advancement and initial placement within the police


       Various positions in the police departments will require different level of education. I

strongly believed that in order for an individual to become a police officer, a two year college

degree should be the minimum education requirements. In addition to performance and

experiences, I believe one needs to hold a bachelor degree in order to hold the title of being a

Sergeant or Lieutenant. With the knowledge and the experiences an office will have, the better

he or she will perform the task of each position. Higher education will help a person makes a

wiser decision.

       I believe that in order for someone to hold the position of being a captain or chief in the

police department, he or she needs to hold a master degree. The benefits of higher education are

well pronounced. College graduates earn more money and enjoy greater prestige. I think that

an officer should be paid according to the amount of education he has and also his performance.

The more education you have the more you get paid. It won’t be fair for someone with a two

year degree to have the same pay rate as someone who spent four years in college to get his or

her degree.   As I have said before, having a college degree can open more doors for

advancement and initial placement within the police department. Salaries need to be adjusted

along with any educational requirement within the police department.

       Police officers are responsible for enforcing laws and maintaining peace within our

society. A college educated officer is believed to be more efficient than the non-college

educated officer. College degree officer tend to perform better under stress, more easily able to

adapt to change and extra work. I believe that college educated officer have a greater leadership

ability, better communicating skills and a more expansive understanding of the law. I also

believe that college educated officers are superior problem solvers.

       If we raise the requirements for those who want to become a police officer, then we will

have more qualified officers to deal with our society needs. We will have more office that will

take matters seriously and approach situations with some other solutions other than force. Police

officers with a college degree deserve to be well recognized and deserve more respect. They are

the law, and we look up to them to uphold them.

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