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					Information Sheet for Schools: The Sugar-Sweetened Beverages (SSB) Education Project
Overview of SSB Project WHO: The Heart & Stroke Foundation BC & Yukon and the BC Pediatric Society are leading the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage (SSB) Education Project with funding from ActNow BC through the British Columbia Healthy Living Alliance (BCHLA). WHAT: The SSB Education Project is targeting Grade 4, 5 and 6 school children in British Columbia. The goal of SSB education project is to raise awareness among upper elementary school children in BC of the negative health effects associated with the consumption of sugarsweetened beverages. This goal will be achieved through the development of a curriculumbased, interactive learning module which will support the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to enable students to make healthy beverage choices. The SSB learning module is currently being developed with input from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, teachers, nutritionists, and school health educators. The learning module will align with the prescribed learning outcomes identified by the Ministry of Education in the Health and Career Education Integrated Resource Package (IRP) for Grades 4 to 6. The module will also contain a special take-home ‘parents package’, which will enable key SSB messages to be shared and reinforced with parents and caregivers. WHERE & WHY: BC schools are currently making substantial changes to the healthy eating environment, which will include eliminating ‘pop’ and artificially sweetened beverages from elementary schools by 2008. However, there is currently no complementary education campaign in place to assist students, parents and staff in understanding the health risks associated with consumption of SSBs and alternative healthy beverage options. Outside of the school environment, students continue to access SSBs at convenience stores, community centres and at home. The SSB Education Project aims to raise awareness among upper elementary school children in BC of the negative health effects associated with the consumption of sugarsweetened beverages and to assist in steering them towards healthier drink options. HOW & WHEN: Following current development work, the learning module will be piloted in at least 15 Grade 4-6 BC classrooms from March until May 2008. The module will be revised based on feedback from classrooms participating in the pilot, and then rolled out to Grades 4, 5 and 6 classrooms across the province beginning in October 2008. For all pilot schools and for 200 schools in the full rollout, the module will be delivered by trained facilitators and provided at no cost to school districts. Following June 2009, the SSB module will be integrated into Action Schools! BC and/or the Heart & Stroke Foundation BC & Yukon Healthy Heart Smart Kids programs to ensure sustainability of the SSB project.

We are currently recruiting classrooms for the pilot phase of the project. Details on the pilot process are provided on page 2.

Dec. 18/07


Overview of SSB Pilot The SSB Project Team is currently inviting classrooms to participate in the pilot phase of the SSB Project. We are looking for at least 15 Grade 4, 5, and/or 6 classrooms in BC to serve as pilot classrooms for our SSB learning module. Important information about the pilot process is outlined below:  The pilot module will consist of three 45 - 60 minute lessons that focus on the following SSB themes: Students learn about the concepts of healthy eating and drinking. Students begin to look at SSBs, and expose the amount of sugar in some on their favourite beverages.. Students make connections between sugar consumption, SSBs, bones, bodies, and dental health. Students learn, through vigorous activity, about the Energy Activity Balance. Students review what they’ve learned from the project. They present the results of their second class survey, and examine changes in their eating and drinking behaviour. They begin to develop a strategy to spread the word about SSBs and healthy choices.

Lesson 1: Sugar, Sugar

Lesson 2: Healthy Bodies from Teeth to Toes! Lesson 3: Spreading the Word


All three lessons will be taught by an external facilitator, at no cost to school districts. As well, all SSB learning materials (attached to each lesson) will be provided free of charge. Although the classroom teacher will not facilitate the lesson, he or she will remain in the classroom during each lesson for monitoring purposes. The three lessons will be delivered in March, April and May (2008), as convenient to the classroom teacher (approximately four weeks apart). The module will include a SSB ‘parents’ package’ to be sent home with the students. This package will provide information for parents about sugar-sweetened beverages and the project itself. In addition, each SSB lesson will have a ‘home connections’ portion where students are asked to share what they have learned or to complete a small activity with their parents or caregivers at home. There will be several opportunities for teachers and students to provide feedback about the SSB module throughout the pilot period. Convenient times and means of providing feedback will be arranged with the classroom teachers and module facilitators.

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For more information, or to participate as a pilot classroom, please let us know by Wednesday, January 31st, 2008: Jane Storey, SSB School Liaison Sugar Sweetened Beverages Project JaneSSB@gmail.com (604) 875-3101

Dec. 18/07