Legal Credit Repair Agreement

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               3541 Labadie Dr. Richland Hills, Texas
                       Legal Credit Repair Agreement
                        100% Money Back Guarantee
If Within 30 Business Days Client Sees There is No Progress Express Sweep Will Refund Client Payment in Full

A - This agreement between and the undersigned (Client) is for the
express purpose of credit report improvement. will attempt the removal
of errors, misrepresentations, or unverifiable information, which the client claims to
appear on the credit report(s), which has been furnished to Office. This
is not a debt consolidation or bill payment program. agrees to act
diligently in the pursuit of this matter, and will carry out this agreement within all Federal
and States laws. Total Cost $1500.00

B Audit includes the evaluation of all three credit bureaus reports and all correspondence
associated with the verification process.

C - The client agrees to send a copy of all correspondence and credit reports to as soon as received. The client must notify if they
have not received any credit reports or correspondence from the credit reporting agencies
20 days after the last correspondence from or the credit reporting
agencies. Failure to do so will cause the client's Credit Verification Audit to be
continued on a repetitive basis, which could amount to No further charges. If client is in
compliance with these terms, and no item is improved or removed after the first 3
challenges, client will have upon written request the right to cancel.

D - The term of this agreement shall be Six Months. If the client decides to cancel the
monthly Credit Verification Audit at any time during the year, a written request must be
sent to If has worked on your file receiving positive
results then no refund will be granted.

E - Due to the nature of this legal service, I understand that individuals that assist in this matter may view my file and its contents. All people such as
legal or research assistants and secretaries have been alerted to the sensitivity of these
documents. and it’s staff will take all reasonable measures to ensure
that this information will be handled in a responsible manner.
F – will contact Equifax, Transunion and Experian on your behalf to
request an investigation to verify negative items.

G – The client represents that disputed items to the best of their knowledge are either
incomplete, inaccurate, obsolete, unverifiable, and misleading. The client understands
that cannot guarantee the removal of items which are not incomplete,
inaccurate, obsolete, unverifiable, misleading or incorrect.

H – The client understands that is not legal advisors and neither can
they provide legal advice on any matter.

I – The client understands that is not responsible for any legal actions
taken by creditors against the client mentioned in this contract prior, during or after our
services. The client understands services provided are directly for use of disputing any
information indicated above and not for any other use. The client understands and agrees
if the final results and a current credit report is not provided to within
120 days from this signed contract, then will assume the contract has
been satisfied and the client’s file will be closed without further notice.

J – The client understands that if at any time there is evidence of past disputes with any of
the three Credit Reporting Agencies, ( Transunion, Equifax, Experian), any Guarantees
will be Null and Void due to Non-Disclosure by the Client and or any person
representing the Client.

K - I, the undersigned give Power of Attorney to, for the sole purpose
of acquiring, requesting verification and disputing any information in regards to my
credit report(s).

All Parties have viewed and agree with the above statements.

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Customer Signature                                        Date

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William G Owens Jr                                              Date
3541 Labadie Drive
Richland Hills, Texas 76118

                              Customer Information

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Military – Dates of Last Deployment: _____________ to _________________
Why are you repairing your credit? Refi / Home: Sale or Purchase / Auto
Do you have a loan officer? Yes / No _________________________
How you found me?: Sign Call – Referral – Yellow Book – Newspaper – Flyer
Who referred you? ________________________________________________

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