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Living a Healthy Life Style According to the Food Pyramid

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									Living a Healthy Lifestyle According to the Food Pyramid

Jodi Hemingway EDU 505 Professor Harrison Yang March 2008
(Developed for a Fourth Grade Classroom – to go along with a thematic unit on Personal Health; before this WebQuest students will have adequate previous knowledge to be successful)

The Food Pyramid

Do you know how the Food Pyramid can help you live a healthy lifestyle?

• Think about your breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and exercise…

What the Food Pyramid Can do For You…
• Help you control the food you are eating. • Tells you the serving size of each food group you should be eating. • Helps you to understand the importance of exercise – sports and recreation. • Has six different sections that are different sizes to help you determine the amount of food you should be eating from each food group. • Helps you to make healthy choices – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As a result of this WebQuest you will become a “Food Pyramid Expert” in order to help yourself live a healthy lifestyle.

What is a Food Pyramid?
This is what tells us about the food pyramid:

•“The Food Guide Pyramid is one way for people to understand how to eat healthy. A rainbow of colored, vertical stripes represents the five food groups plus fats and oils.”
•You will be learning about the food pyramid and how it personally affects the decisions you make everyday. •You will be learning about the five food groups, what foods belong to which group, how exercise affects your daily abilities, and much more to help you make healthy decisions and live a healthy lifestyle. • There are various activities planned to help you understand the significance of the food guide pyramid.

In this WebQuest you will complete the following tasks:

• Task 1: MyPyramid Animation Video • Task 2: Complete the MyPyramid Diagram Worksheet while reading about The Food Pyramid • Task 3: Play the MyPyramid Blast Off Game • Task 4: Notes on the five food groups • Task 5: Notes on sports and activities to help you stay healthy • Task 6: Health Tips • Task 7: Food Group Riddles • Task 8: Designing your own Food Pyramid

Process: Task 1
• Your first task is to watch the MyPyramid Animation Video to learn about the new food pyramid. • Please click on the following link to access the animation: dia_animation-presentation_eng_pc.html

Process: Task 2
• You will be completing the MyPyramid Diagram Worksheet that can be found at:
– You will need to print the worksheet and fill out the diagram according to the food pyramid. – Make sure you label the food groups and color the sections in, write examples of food from each food group in the pyramid and the suggested serving amount, and other important information that will help you live a healthy lifestyle.

• To assist you in filling out the MyPyramid Diagram you can read the information about the food pyramid at:

Process: Task 3

• Now that you have learned about the Food Pyramid and the healthy foods that you should consume on a daily basis you will be playing the MyPyramid Blast Off Game by clicking on the following link:
– Click on “Launch Game” to begin playing the game. – Your goal is to see how the decisions you make everyday about the food you consume and the physical activity you do affects your life and how it fits into MyPyramid.

Process: Task 4
• Now you will be taking notes about the five food groups and which foods belong to each food group in your health notebook by clicking on the following link: utrition-pyramid.asp
– Using the Interactive Pyramid, click on each food group to learn more.

Process: Task 5
• You will be reading about and taking notes on the importance of participating in sports and other activities in order to live a healthy lifestyle.
– Please click on the following link:

Process: Task 6
• Read Health Tips by clicking on the following link: ps.html

Process: Task 7
• After learning about the five food groups and what foods are healthy for you to eat you will be creating two Food Group Riddles to share with the class.
– For food group examples click on the following link: – Make sure you only use the examples to guide your individual thoughts because you must create two unique food group riddles.

Process: Task 8
• You will be designing your own Food Guide Pyramid according to the foods you like to eat that are healthy for you. You will also be presenting your Food Pyramid to the class.
– Instructions: Using Google Image Search and Clip Art from Microsoft Word you will be finding at least six different foods that belong in each of the five food groups to include in your Food Pyramid along with sports and physical activity that you enjoy. – You will be using poster board, markers, scissors, glue, your notes, images, and what you have learned today about the food pyramid to create your own food pyramid to share with the class. – Make sure you use all of the resources available to you and you may go back to the websites you have accessed to help you create your food guide pyramid.

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Food Pyramid Picture: The Food Pyramid information: Introduction to food pyramid: MyPyramid Animation: MyPyramid Diagram: MyPyrmaid Blast Off Game: Interactive Food Pyramid: Sports and Physical Activity: Health Tips: Food Group Riddles: Image Search: Microsoft Word Clip Art MyPyramid Game:

• You will be evaluated on the MyPyramid Diagram, Food Group Riddles, and the Food Pyramid you create and present to the class.
– The MyPyramid Diagram will be evaluated by check plus, check, or check minus. This is going to be evaluated according to the Check System Evaluation Guide posted at the Grading Center. – The Food Group Riddles you create will be evaluated according to a 10 point scoring system, with 5 points possible for each question. See the 10 Point Scoring System Rubric posted at the Grading Center. – The Food Pyramid you create will have two grades, one grade for the actual food pyramid you create and a second grade based on your presentation to the class. Please see the Presentation Rubric and Project Rubric posted at the Grading Center. – You will also be able to fill out a Student Evaluation according to how you feel you performed on each task. Please retrieve your student evaluation form from the Grading Center.

You are on your way to living a healthy lifestyle.
~ Now that you have learned about the Food Pyramid and the steps you need to take on a daily basis to live a healthy lifestyle, let’s put your knowledge to the test by playing a Food Pyramid Game! * Click on the following link: * Then click on “Start Game” to play the MyPyramid Game.

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