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                                 ++++ September 2011 ++++

                                                     “green engineering”. Since enzymes are rela-
                                                     tively expensive, a high level of attention
                                                     should be paid for the recycle-ability of the
ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN PROCESS INDUSTRIES              enzymes (reduction of the production costs)
ON the Hanseatic Conference in May 2011 in           and a suitable type of reactor.
Hamburg, Professor Fieg presented research           As part of research projects, the Institute for
results in the field of energy efficiency in pro-    Process and System Engineering has been en-
cessing industries.                                  gaged in the research and of the so-called loop
The course of chemical reactions for produc-         reactors for years.
tion of products is decisively influenced by cat-    The product ester is currently produced with
alysts. The key advantage of the use of cata-        chemical catalysts in the process industry. The
lysts is to increase the reaction rate by lower-     process runs in batch reactors at temperatures
ing the activation energy and the selectivity of     around 230-240°C. The innovative approach is
a chemical reaction. Nevertheless, chemical          to perform this reaction in another type of re-
reactions are carried out usually at high tem-       actor. To this the aforementioned loop reactor
peratures, which in turn often adversely af-         was chosen. Furthermore, the conventional
fects the mentioned selectivity and it often         catalyst was replaced by carrier-fixed enzymes.
involves high energy consumption. The ap-            The immobilizing of the enzymes (Candida
proach of the Institute for Process Engineering      antarctica lipase B (Novozym ® 435) ensured
and Investment (TU Harburg, Germany) in the          that multiple use of the catalyst is possible.
area of reaction is to find alternative catalysts    This reduces manufacturing costs and is envi-
that reduce both the temperature level in the        ronmentally friendly. Another advantage of
reactor and the selectivity increase. In turn,       the new catalyst is that the reaction tempera-
energy-intensive processes are generally not         ture has been significantly reduced amounting
necessary due to the increased selectivity. The      to only about 60 °C. This results in significantly
research work has been focused for years on          reduced energy requirements, which in turn
the use of enzymes as alternative catalysts.         significantly increases the energy efficiency of
This type of catalysis allows carrying out syn-      the equipment type compared to conventional
thesis even at moderate process parameters           solutions.
and, thus, achieves direct energy savings com-
pared to conventional synthesis routes in the        FURTHER INFORMATION:
                                                     Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Fieg
process industries. In addition, there is a rising
                                                     Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
market interest at sustainably produced
                                                     Phone: ++49 (0)40 42878-3041
“green” products and the – widely accepted –
requirements of the “green chemistry” and

WINDMILLS                                          the German baker Thomas Effenberger to be
Professor V.S. Severjani from the Brest State      the model for the new book. Effenberger sup-
Technical University has constructed wind-         ported the author of the book with insight in-
mills. The main goal pursued during their crea-    formation about his bakery, baking bread and
tion was the reduction of their overall cost. A    cakes, and about marketing channels. In turn,
low power unit (100-500 W) is a horn with a        Thomas Effenberger uses this book as innova-
fan working on the inverse air flow principle      tive business card. Information about the bak-
where the fan motor acts as a generator. A         ery of Thomas Effenberger is available on the
medium power unit (1…5 KW) is a set of turn-       book’s back cover.
ing blades rotating around a vertical axis; the
absence of a reducing gear simplifies the de-
sign and the operation of the unit. A high-
power windmill (about 1MW) has not been
built yet; it is a system of wind-driven modules
moving on circular rail. These units can be
manufactured by both – specialized small en-
terprises and by individual consumers.             Picture: front and back cover of the book “I have a
                                                   friend, who is a baker”
The Brest State Technical University offers
their advice in designing and implementing the     FURTHER INFORMATION:
                                                   Effenberger Vollkornbaeckerei
above mentioned technical proposal. They will
take care of all legal and patent aspects will
develop and disseminate promotional ma-
terial.                                            SME FINANCIAL FORUM
FURTHER INFORMATION:                               The European Commission has established the
Leana Khaladar                                     SME Finance Forum, which brings together on
Head of Technology Transfer Center                 a regular basis organisations which represent
Brest State Technical University                   SMEs, banks and other financial institutions to
267 Moskovskaja Str.,
                                                   reflect on how to best address both the cur-
224017 Brest, Republic of Belarus
Phone/fax: +375 162 408374                         rent challenges and long-term structural issues
Email:                           in access to finance for SMEs.
                                                   FURTHER INFORMATION:
ERY SECTOR                                         partners-public/_ nance/index_en.htm
The German publisher Carlsen produces,
among others, small children books on differ-
                                                   WOMEN’S ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE BAL-
ent topics (e.g. “I have a friend who is a po-
                                                   TIC SEA REGION
liceman/ gardener/…”). For a new book “I have
                                                   The Baltic Development Forum and the Danish
a friend, who is a baker” the publisher asked
                                                   Enterprise and Construction Authority have

recently published a study on “National and       Website of NHO:
Cross-National Policies on Women’s Entrepre-
neurship in the Baltic Sea Region- A compara-
tive Perspective”. The report gives an overview   PROJECTS
about the situation of female entrepreneurs in    Baltic Innovation Policy Seminar - Showcasing
the Baltic Sea Region. It summarizes policies     Regional Contribution to Europe 2020
focussing on women’s entrepreneurship from        As a closing event of a very successful project
by comparing the individual countries.            led by the Baltic Institute of Finland, the BSR
FURTHER INFORMATION:                              InnoReg consortium organised the Baltic Inno-
                                                  vation Policy Seminar in Brussels 16 June 2011.
con-                                              Around 100 representatives of regional and EU
tent/uploads/files/thematic_reports_women_        level decision makers and stakeholders from
entrepreneurs_2011.pdf                            the fields of regional and economic develop-
                                                  ment and innovation policy attended the sem-
A GUIDE TO CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY                                              In the seminar,
The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise                                        both      current
(NHO) developed a guide to corporate respon-                                     and future chal-
sibility. The purpose of this guide is to moti-                                  lenges in eco-
vate leaders and employees in the private sec-                                   nomic develop-
tor to integrate corporate responsibility into                                   ment and inno-
business practice by clarifying                   vation promotion in the Baltic Sea region were
     a) What is corporate responsibility          discussed. The Baltic Innovation Policy Memo-
     b) Why is corporate responsibility im-       randum and its recommendations to further
         portant for business                     enhance economic development and foster
     c) How can be worked with corporate re-      effective innovation support measures in the
         sponsibility in a systematic manner.     Baltic Sea region served as a basis for discus-
The guide has been developed particularly for     sion.
small and medium-sized enterprises.               Speakers like Ms Pauliina Haijanen from the
The guide provides a brief introduction to the    Committee of the Regions, Mr Anders Lind-
topic. More information, guidance material        holm from DG Regio, European Commission,
and case studies are available on NHO’s web-      and Ms Anneli Pauli from DG Research & Inno-
site.                                             vation, European Commission, welcomed the
FURTHER INFORMATION:                              work of BSR InnoReg as very valuable for
Guide to corporate responsibility:                reaching the goals of Europe 2020 and its In-
                                                  novation Union flagship. The Memorandum
t%20revidert%20desember%202010.pdf                encourages nonmetropolitan regions to invest
                                                  in smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and

to make longterm commitments to regional          OWIB is an annual network event dedicated
innovation cooperation.                           towards making contacts and contracts within
BSR InnoReg is also appreciated to be the first   the offshore wind industry. It’s an alternative
finalised project co-financed by the EU Baltic    to traditional conferences and exhibitions,
Sea Region Programme 2007–2013 that has           where the right people can often be difficult to
been prepared and implemented fully in line       find. At OWIB, participants have the oppor-
with the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.   tunity to pre book meetings with participating
                                                  companies, maximizing efficiency.
                                                  OWIB is visited by businesses from all levels in
Ms Johanna Vannes,                                the supply chain. Developers, turbine manu-
Email:                  factures, engineering companies, construction,
Phone: +358 50 516 0536                           installation and service companies etc. Partici-
Baltic Innovation Policy Memorandum:              pants are primarily from Europe with some                     participation expected from other regions as
The NCP SME network has developed full ex-
amples for project proposals in FP7. All re-
                                                  OCTOBER 11 – 13, 2011 IN HANNOVER (DE):
quired information has been filled in and addi-   BIOTECHNICA 2011
tional information and assistance has been in-    The BIOTECHNICA is Europe's leading trade fair
cluded. The example proposals are for the FP7-    for biotechnology and the life sciences and co-
programme capacities “Research for the bene-      vers key categories such as Enabling Technolo-
fits of SMEs” as well as for “Research for the    gies, Bioanalytics, Bioinformatics, Services and
benefits of SME associations”.                    Biotech Applications.
FURTHER INFORMATION:                              At the same time BIOTECHNICA examines ma-
                                                  jor trends for the future with three focus
Example Proposal for Research for the benefits
of SMEs: http://www.ncp-                          themes: BioServices, Biotechnological Innova-                  tion in Food and Industrial Biotechnology.
                                                  You'll also be able to see all the latest products
Example Proposal for Research for the benefits
of SME associations:                              and innovations from the market leaders in          our exhibition, and hear distinguished experts
                                                  speaking at our conferences. And you'll find all
UPCOMING EVENTS                                   the contacts you need to further your career at
                                                  jobvector, the career platform hosted by BIO-

                                                                                            4                     tract attention of professional visitors and
                                                   general public.
                                                   The exhibition will cover a wide range of issues
                                                   related to energy efficiency solutions, will offer
The Deutsch-Russisches Forum e.V. (German-
                                                   a comprehensive survey of the latest energy-
Russian Forum) organises a career market in        saving and green technologies, necessity of
Duesseldorf/Germany on October 26, 2011 at         implementation and application in practice.
14.00-19.00. You will get in contact with highly   Along with exposure of renewable energy, en-
qualified students and young experts from          ergy efficiency and their topicality, the exhibi-
Eastern Europe from the network of the             tion will highlight the issues of environment
Deutsch-Russisches Forum and the Universities      protection and quality improvement, the pru-
in Nordrhein- Westphalia.                          dent use of natural resources, and will pro-
The fee is 500,- Euro. It includes                 mote the examples of eco-friendly manage-
     stand with a table and two chairs and        ment to society.
        electricity                                FURTHER INFORMATION:
     possibility to set up their own roll-ups
        and screens
     an A5 page in the catalog for the career
        market (short profile or an own ad in      OCTOBER 21-22, 2011 IN PANEVĖŽYS (LI):
        DIN A5 upright format, 4-colour)           BUSINESS- FORUM ON CONSTRUCTION
     soft drinks and snacks                       TECHNOLOGY
                                                   The business forum aims at directors, leaders
In order to register for a stand please contact
                                                   and employees of small and medium- sized
Sebastian Nitzsche (Deputy Manag. Director).
                                                   enterprises in order to
CONTACT DETAILS:                                   - initiate international business contacts be-
Sebastian Nitzsche                                 tween companies and
Deutsch-Russisches Forum e.V.
                                                   - provide information about new technologies.
030/ 263 907-0            SMEs from all over the Baltic Sea Region are
                                                   invited to this event. Language skills are not
                                                   necessary (simultaneous translations). The
OCTOBER 20-23, 2011 IN RIGA (LT):
ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY 2011                        participation is free of charge. Participants
The “Environment and Energy” trade fair is the     must carry travel and accommodation costs.
largest event for energy efficiency and envi-      FURTHER INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION:
ronmental technologies in the Baltic countries
yearly gathering more than 100 participating       Secretary of the Hanseatic           Parliament:
companies from 10 countries. The fair is com-
plemented with different side events – confer-     Email:
ences, seminars and presentations – that at-

                                                    promotion of innovative solutions in this field.
NOVEMBER 29 – DECEMBER 1, 2011 IN AM-               The extensive display includes separate the-
STERDAM (NL):                                       matic sectors:
                                                          Water, sewage
The EWA OFFSHORE is the world’s largest off-
                                                          Waste, recycling
shore wind energy event. The EWEA OFF-
                                                          Energy, renewable energy
SHORE 2011 conference and exhibition will
                                                          Air, noise, vibrations
build on the huge success of the 2009 edition,
                                                          Climate change
which attracted over 260 exhibitors and 4,850
                                                          Revitalisation, reclamation
participants in total.
                                                          Municipal and energy construction
This year's event will set a new record: Com-
                                                          Control and measurement equipment
bining a high quality conference programme
                                                          Environment security systems
with a large, international, cross-sector exhibi-
                                                          Flood protection
tion, it will be the biggest and busiest ever.
                                                          Environmental protection consultancy
It represents an unmissable opportunity to:
                                                             and institutions
      Discover the latest industry best prac-
                                                          Ecological education
                                                    Just like last year, POLEKO Fair will include the
      Create new business opportunities with
                                                    following four exhibitions: Clean Energy Exhibi-
         global contacts in a flourishing market
                                                    tion, Recycling Exhibition, Control and Meas-
      Network with international leaders
                                                    urement Equipment Exhibition and Science for
         shaping tomorrow's energy market
                                                    the Environment Exhibition.
                                                    FURTHER INFORMATION:

NOVEMBER 22 – 25, 2011 IN POZNAN (PL):
The latest solutions in the field of environmen-
tal protection, representatives of international
industry leaders, special areas, specialised con-
ferences and business meetings - all of these
will be included in POLEKO International Trade
Fair of Environmental Protection, which will be     Part-financed by the European Union (Euro-
held in Poznan from 22 to 25 November 2011.         pean Regional Development Fund and Euro-
                                                    pean Neighbourhood and Partnership In-
POLEKO is a meeting platform for professionals      struments).
from the environmental protection industry
from Poland and abroad. It is also a place for


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