Louie is a male Boston terrier/French bulldog mix who was recently adopted from Boston Buddies, Inc., Southern California Boston Terrier Rescue. Louie had been left at the gate of the Baldwin Park shelter like a piece of garbage. Boston Buddies bailed Louie out of the shelter and immediately took him to the vet where he was found to be infested with ticks and extremely underweight. Louie also had battle wounds on his neck from a previous dog fight. Louie was nursed back to health by his foster mom who found him to be especially nice with other dogs and a true lap dog who just wants to be with his people. Louie was adopted by Paul, a nice man who already had Ellie, a beautiful female Boston terrier who was looking for a new friend. Ellie is the apple of her dad’s eye in her pink jeweled collar and she even has her own custom embroidered overstuffed doggie chair to lounge on. Ellie and Louie became the best of friends and were doted on by their new dad. They were all on their way to Palm Springs last Friday, August 4, 2006, when Paul stopped at the AM/PM Mini Market at the

Baldwin exit off the I-10 freeway to get Ellie and Louie some water – he left Ellie and Louie in the car with the doors locked but the windows cracked a few inches for air. While Paul was in the store someone reached into the window, unlocked the car, grabbed the dogs and took off in another car. In the 20 seconds that Paul heard the car alarm and ran outside the dogs were already gone. Witnesses got a partial license plate for the getaway car, but so far no real police work has been done on the case. Paul waited for three hours at the scene until a police officer appeared to take his report. The detective assigned to the case has left town on vacation and no progress is being made. This is a terrible crime and the fate of these dogs is unknown. We need the media’s help to publicize the fact that this type of activity is occurring in our neighborhoods. We need to expose the scum who think it is their right to take the beloved pets of others for who knows what kind of horrendous activity, secure in the knowledge that the crime will receive no real attention from the authorities. Paul has offered a large cash reward for the safe return of Ellie and Louie – no questions asked. He can be contacted at 310498-4257. Or you can contact Boston Buddies, Inc. at 310-3644543 or contactus@bostonbuddies.org. Please help – Louie and Ellie’s lives are at risk!!!!!!!!!!!!

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