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									C O R P O R AT E O V E R V I E W

                                                                Where strategy
                                                               meets execution

                                       An Overview
                                       Cornerstone Advisors was formed by some of the financial industry’s most
Core service offerings:
                                       respected strategy and technology consultants. Our goal is to continue
  ▪ Strategic planning                 building an advisory firm that is legendary for the value we bring to financial
  ▪ Benchmarking                       services clients. The Cornerstone team will define success by how well we can
  ▪ Best practice and process          improve the strategies, technologies and operations of our clients – and how
                                       well this translates into improved financial performance.
  ▪ Technology planning
  ▪ Vendor selection                   Cornerstone professionals have worked with hundreds of financial
  ▪ Contract Negotiation               institutions over the past decade, including nationally and internationally
  ▪ Conversion Services                recognized institutions. We have advised large regional banks, community
  ▪ Strategy and technology            banks, credit unions, start-ups, insurance companies and finance companies.
  ▪ Risk management                    As former bankers, the Cornerstone team has proven itself to be different
  ▪ Merger integration assistance      – no broad generalities, just real, actionable advice. Through client
                                       engagements, public speaking, industry articles and detailed bank surveys
                                       that result in published studies, we’ve invested more than a decade in
Niche focus:                           developing an expertise in how banks operate and the best practices that
  ▪ Mid-size and regional banks        enable high performers to succeed. We’ve also developed a comprehensive
    ($1 billion to $40 billion in      understanding of the technology providers who serve the financial services
                                       industry – what works, what doesn’t, and how an organization can best
  ▪ Large, progressive credit
    unions ($500 million+ in assets)   leverage its technology dollars.

                                       With our clients, we’ve developed strategic plans, crafted technology plans
Differentiation:                       to support these strategies, and helped organizations select the right
                                       technology providers for their future. We have earned a reputation in the
  ▪ Integration of strategy,           marketplace of providing a unique consulting approach that combines a
    technology and
    best practices                     deep understanding of the banking industry with an awareness of best
                                       practices and the technologies that will help our clients implement those
                                       best practices. We are a team that can develop financial and business
                                       strategies while also providing the depth of expertise to implement new
                                       systems, reengineer processes, and change organizations for the better.
7272 E. Indian School Road             Simply put, Cornerstone’s industry knowledge is unmatched, and our “no
Suite 400
Scottsdale, AZ 85251                   nonsense” approach to closing the gap between strategy and reality can help
Tel 480.423.2030                       your institution improve its competitive position in the market.
Fax 480.481.6076
                                                                                  KNOWLEDGE SHARING, which involves:
 •   Facilitation of senior management and Board of Directors retreats
 •   Development of corporate strategic plans as well as line of business plans
                                                                                  • The Cornerstone Report: Benchmarks and Best
 •   Strategic assessments
                                                                                    Practices for Mid-size Banks
 •   Development of targeted white papers
                                                                                    An authoritative industry benchmarking study that
 •   Board and management presentations/industry updates
                                                                                    provides an in-depth exploration of best practices,
 •   Organizational structure and alignment
                                                                                    staffing and process benchmarks, and technology
                                                                                    trends for banks with $1 billion to $40 billion in
BEST PRACTICE BANKING, which involves:                                              assets.
 • Benchmarking and process improvement/process
   re-engineering (work in this area has spanned all major lines of business
                                                                                  • The Cornerstone Report: Benchmarks and Best
   including mortgage, commercial, small business, ag, retail, consumer, etc.)
                                                                                    Practices for Credit Unions
 • Bi-annual publication of The Cornerstone Report: Benchmarks and Best
                                                                                    An authoritative industry benchmarking study that
   Practices for Mid-Size Banks and The Cornerstone Report: Benchmarks and
   Best Practices for Credit Unions                                                 provides an in-depth exploration of best practices,
                                                                                    staffing and process benchmarks, and technology
 • Multi-channel integration and best practices in channel delivery
                                                                                    trends for credit unions with assets of $350+ million.
 • Profitability improvement engagements
 • Operations/back office process improvement
 • Operational effectiveness engagements                                          • GonzoBanker
                                                                                    An electronic compilation of “observations,
 • Merger integration (we assist acquiring institutions with the integration of
                                                                                    ruminations, predictions and random thoughts on
   new people, processes and systems following an acquisition)
                                                                                    financial services” distributed to more than 10,000
                                                                                    subscribers representing senior financial service
TECHNOLOGY, which involves:                                                         professionals and industry reporters.
 • Technology Assessments (current state assessments and alignment        
   between strategic business plan and strategic technology plan)
 • Development of strategic technology plans
 • Facilitation and best practices in the area of technology management and       • CUES Technology Edge
   I.T. steering committees                                                         As Technology Partner to the Credit Union
 • Vendor/system selection engagements (including core systems, Internet            Executives Society (CUES), Cornerstone executives
   banking, loan origination and loan servicing systems, CRM systems, etc.)         regularly contribute research, studies and expertise
 • Contract negotiation and contract renewal services                               to the credit union community through CUES
 • Conversion Management services (for system conversion/implementation)            Technology Edge, an information resource for
                                                                                    emerging technology topics.
 • Project prioritization and project management best practices

                                                                                  • CIO and CEO Forums
 •   Corporate Governance                                                           Cornerstone conducts several financial industry
 •   Enterprise Risk Management                                                     forums throughout the year focused on knowledge
 •   Information Technology Risk Assessment and Audit                               sharing, technology best practices, industry issues
 •   Information Security Risk Assessment                                           and key trends.
 •   Business Continuity Planning and IT Disaster Recovery
 •   Regulatory Compliance Assessment and Management
 •   Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering Compliance                        • Speaking Engagements
 •   Credit Quality Review and Problem Asset Workout                                Cornerstone’s skilled industry professionals provide
 •   Regulatory Enforcement Action Assistance                                       financial institutions and trade groups with a
 •   GonzoRiskManager Community                                                     selection of specially tailored speeches, workshops,
                                                                                    seminars, and board retreats that provide valuable
 Troubled Bank Assistance, including:                                               information and promote educated and cost-
 •   Board of Director Assessment                                                   effective strategy and technology decisions.
 •   Management Assessment
 •   Organizational and Staffing Studies
 •   Earnings Assessment and Improvement Planning
 •   Problem Loan Workout and Credit Risk Mitigation Plans

                                                                     Where strategy
                                                                    meets execution

                             First-Hand Knowledge
Cornerstone                  With nearly a decade of experience providing strategic and technology services to financial
Advisors strives             institutions, Cornerstone’s consulting staff knows what it takes to point banks down the road
                             to sustained profitability. We recognize the importance of timely, pertinent discussion and of a
to bring together            challenging and interactive exchange of ideas.
the knowledge
                             Cornerstone complements our comprehensive consulting services with industry-renowned
and experiences              research, online newsletters, various publications, speeches and peer networking opportunities.
of all our clients
to help them                 The Cornerstone Report
                             Cornerstone publishes authoritative benchmarking studies that provide an in-depth exploration
broaden their                of financial services industry best practices and technology trends. The Cornerstone Report:
exposure to                  Benchmarks and Best Practices for Mid-Size Banks analyzes the results of an extensive survey of
                             banks with assets between $1 billion and $40 billion. The Cornerstone Report: Benchmarks and
industry trends              Best Practices for Credit Unions studies credit unions with $350 million and more in assets. These
and increase                 publications give bank and credit union executives the information they need to increase
                             productivity, enhance fee income and hold managers accountable for meeting and beating peer
                             performance numbers.

                             The Cornerstone team founded critically acclaimed GonzoBanker (,
                             an electronic compilation of “observations, ruminations, predictions and random thoughts on
                             financial services.” GonzoBanker’s weekly newsletter was labeled “hip and flip” by American

                             CUES Tech Port
                             Cornerstone executives regularly contribute research, studies and expertise to the credit union
                             community through CUES Tech Port (, an information resource for
                             emerging technology topics.

                             CEO and CIO Forums
                             Cornerstone-hosted peer group forums for banks and credit unions enable executives to candidly
                             share experiences, best practices, opinions and problem-solving strategies.

                             Speaking Engagements
7272 E. Indian School Road   Cornerstone’s skilled industry professionals provide banks and credit unions with a selection
Suite 400
Scottsdale, AZ 85251         of specially tailored speeches, workshops, seminars and board retreats that provide valuable
Tel 480.423.2030             information and promote educated and cost-effective technology decisions.
Fax 480.481.6076
CORNERSTONE SPEAKERS BUREAU                                            Conference Presentations
With more than 75 years of collective experience providing strategic   The varied expertise of the Cornerstone team enables us to develop
and technology consulting to the financial services industry,          timely, industry-specific topics on short-term or more complex long-
Cornerstone professionals know what it takes to point financial        term issues. Cornerstone develops customized presentations to
institutions down the road to sustained profitability. We recognize    meet the specific needs of the audience, or clients can choose from
the importance of timely, pertinent discussion and of a challenging    a list of prepared topics, which include the following:
and interactive exchange of ideas.
                                                                          • Technology Challenges and Opportunities for Community
Through a selection of specially tailored speeches, workshops,              Banks
seminars and board retreats, our industry experts share valuable          • Justifying Technology Investments in a Non-ROI World
insights with financial services executives, and our presentations        • Technology and Lending
provide practical information and promote educated and cost               • The Future of Commercial Banking Today
effective technology decisions.                                           • Managing Technology for Success
                                                                          • Vendor Update
Cornerstone speakers send attendees home from conferences and
                                                                          • Selecting a Core System Vendor
retreats armed with fresh insights, new approaches and focused

Cornerstone’s experts have addressed numerous industry                 Can’t bring attendees to the conference? How about bringing the
associations and trade groups, as well as user groups for the          conference to the attendees! An educational Webinar is the perfect
vendor community. Here is a sample list:                               vehicle to provide valuable information to a targeted audience and
                                                                       subtly market your organization in the process.
    •   ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking
    •   Baker Hill Corporation                                         These are just a few of the Webinars Cornerstone professionals have
    •   Bank Administration Institute (BAI)                            delivered:
    •   Credit Union Executives Society (CUES)
                                                                          •   Using Benchmarks to Drive Operational Efficiency
    •   Credit Union National Association (CUNA)
                                                                          •   Mobile Strategies
    •   California Bankers Association                                    •   Emerging Trends in Financial Services Technology and Delivery
    •   California Independent Bankers                                    •   Trends in Financial Services Core Data Processing Systems
    •   Financial Managers Society                                        •   Best Practices in System and Channel Integration
    •   Fiserv                                                            •   Emerging Trends and Best Practices in Enterprise Lending
    •   Florida Bankers Association                                       •   Using CRM to Fill the Mortgage Revenue Gap
    •   Florida Credit Union League
    •   FORUM Solutions
    •   Georgia Bankers Association                                    Management & Board Retreats
    •   Harland Financial Solutions
                                                                       Cornerstone’s experienced professionals provide an innovative
    •   Illinois Bankers Association
                                                                       approach to facilitating a strategic planning retreat for your
    •   Independent Community Bankers of America                       management team and board of directors.
    •   Iowa Bankers Association
    •   Jack Henry & Associates                                        In an interactive one- to three-day forum, Cornerstone challenges
    •   Kansas Bankers Association                                     management and/or board members to develop new ideas about
    •   Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC)                   your institution’s future. Our planning approach and meeting
                                                                       agenda are customized to fit an institution’s style and priorities.
    •   Michigan Bankers Association
    •   Michigan Credit Union League                                   Cornerstone Advisors brings a decade of experience in leading con-
    •   Missouri Bankers Association                                   structive management and board planning sessions – events that
    •   Montana Bankers Association                                    change your institution’s future for the better.
    •   National School of Banking
    •   Open Solutions, Inc.
    •   RMA – The Risk Management Association
    •   Texas Bankers Association
    •   Volunteer Leadership Institute
    •   Washington Bankers Association
                                                                       ABOUT CORNERSTONE ADVISORS
    •   Western Independent Bankers
                                                                        Cornerstone Advisors provides a wide spectrum of advisory services to banks
    •   Wisconsin Bankers Association                                   and credit unions nationwide, including Best Practice Banking, Strategic
    •   Wyoming Bankers Association                                     Planning, Process Improvement, Technology Assessment and Planning, System
                                                                        Selection, Contract Negotiation, Conversion Oversight, Risk Management
                                                                        and Merger Advisory Services. Cornerstone publishes GonzoBanker and The
                                                                        Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Mid-Size Banks and The
                                                                        Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Credit Unions.

                             The Team
Cornerstone Advisors
was founded by                            Scott Sommer
                                          President & Chief Executive Officer
some of the financial
                                            Scott Sommer brings to Cornerstone more than 20 years of experience in the professional
industry’s most                             services and technology industries. Before founding Cornerstone, Scott was President
respected strategy                          and CEO of Maidstone Consulting Group, a consulting company providing executive
                                            management, merger and acquisition, and business development strategy services to
and technology               technology and professional service companies. Prior to Maidstone, Scott was Vice President of Sales
                             and Business Development and General Manager of the Financial Services Practice at Integrated
consultants.                 Information Systems, a publicly traded software development and consulting company. Scott was
                             instrumental in developing the sales and strategic alliance teams at IIS and guided the company
                             through three rounds of equity financing and an initial public offering. Scott began his career
Our diverse range of         practicing law in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and corporate litigation in New York City with
specialists enables us       Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison and later with Pollack & Greene.

to provide our clients
                                          Terence Roche
with far-reaching and                     Principal
unmatched expertise.                       Terence Roche brings to Cornerstone nearly 30 years of experience in bank operations
                                           and consulting. Prior to founding Cornerstone, Terence was a Managing Director at M
                                           ONE, Inc., where he built the firm’s successful vendor selection practice. Before
                                           M ONE, Terence served as Senior Vice President of Systems and Technology at Bay View
                             Federal Bank in San Francisco. Prior to that, Terence was Manager of Retail Banking Sales and Branch
                             Administration after a stint supervising Human Resources and Facilities groups. Terence is among the
                             authors of Cornerstone’s annual Benchmarks and Best Practices reports and is a contributing author
                             on GonzoBanker ( and CUES Technology Edge ( He has been
                             published in numerous banking periodicals, including American Banker and Bank Technology News.
                             He has taught at the BAI and ACB schools of banking and is a faculty member of the University of
                             Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking.

                                          Steve Williams
                                            Steve Williams leads Cornerstone’s strategic planning and best practice banking advisory
                                            practice. He has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services and consulting
                                            industries, focusing primarily on strategic and technology planning and performance
                                            improvement projects. Before founding Cornerstone, Steve held a similar position with
                             M ONE, Inc. In addition, he served as an Assistant Managing Director with Arthur Andersen & Co. and
                             as a commercial lender and operations officer with Chase Bank of Arizona. His financial career began
                             as a Marketing Analyst at Chase Bank. Steve is among the authors of Cornerstone’s annual Benchmarks
                             and Best Practices reports and is a contributing author on GonzoBanker and CUES Technology Edge.
                             He is an experienced professional speaker and facilitator for management and board planning retreats.
7272 E. Indian School Road   He is a faculty member at the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking in Washington, DC, the National
Suite 400                    School of Banking in Fairfield, CT, and the Management Institute of the Credit Union Executives Society.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Tel 480.423.2030
Fax 480.481.6076
                                                                                                     More Team Members on reverse ->
Bill McFarland                                                                        Donnie Kilgore
Managing Director – System Conversion Management Services                             Senior Director – Best Practices and Process Improvement Services
With more than 30 years in the financial services industry, Bill McFarland heads      Donnie Kilgore brings to Cornerstone a rich background in strategic
up Cornerstone’s System Conversion Management practice. Bill has extensive            planning, management systems and revenue enhancement. He served as a
experience in operations, information technology, project management,                 senior consultant for one of the world’s leading financial management and
process improvement, profitability enhancement, organizational development,           advisory firms, where he obtained certification as a Six Sigma Master Blue-
and mergers and acquisitions. Before joining Cornerstone, Bill served as              Belt to lead process improvement teams within the organization. Donnie has
president of a regional consulting firm and a technology practice manager             assisted numerous institutions with benchmarking and balanced scorecard
with a national consulting firm specializing in financial institutions. He has held   development. He has extensive experience in operational consulting, risk
executive level operations and technology positions with several Texas banks.         identification, portfolio valuation/investment analysis, quantitative analysis/
He has been published in numerous industry periodicals and is a contributing          modeling and project management. Donnie is well versed in business
author for GonzoBanker and CUES Technology Edge. He is an experienced                 process reengineering. He developed performance management systems for
professional speaker.                                                                 business units across an entire bank franchise and provided capacity modeling
                                                                                      development and training throughout the institution.
Kenneth Proctor                                                                       Bob Roth, C.B.C.P.
Managing Director – Risk Management Services                                          Senior Director – Risk Management Services
Kenneth Proctor brings 37 years of banking and consulting experience to               Bob Roth brings to Cornerstone more than 25 years of experience managing
Cornerstone, where he heads up the Risk Management practice. Before                   and directing all aspects of information technology departments, including
joining Cornerstone, Ken managed the efforts of four financial institutions to        vendor relations, contract management and budgeting. Prior to joining
comply with regulatory enforcement actions, including consent agreements              Cornerstone, Bob was Information Technology Director/CIO for $8 billion
and written agreements. He has completed BSA/Anti-Money Laundering                    Capitol Federal Savings Bank, Topeka, KS, where he led the bank’s IT
compliance assessments, GLBA 501b information security reviews and IT audits          department through a total refresh, a project involving 17 vendors with a cost
for a number of U.S. financial institutions. Ken is a Certified Public Accountant     of $7.2 million. Bob helped the bank become its own disaster recovery provider
and a Certified Bank Auditor. He is a recognized public speaker and serves            with the construction of a backup data center. He strengthened the bank’s
on the faculty of the Louisiana State University Graduate School of Banking           security umbrella with the installation of data encryption over the wide area
program, instructing in risk management. Ken has written articles for numerous        network and the establishment of regular vulnerability assessments. Bob is
industry publications, including GonzoBanker and Credit Union Management.             certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute as a Certified Business Continuity
                                                                                      Planner (C.B.C.P.). Bob writes for GonzoBanker and CUES publications.
Quintin Sykes
Managing Director – Technology Services                                               Ted Thames
Quintin Sykes has 20 years of operations and technology experience in financial       Senior Director – Strategic Planning Services
services companies. Prior to joining Cornerstone, Quintin was executive vice          Ted Thames is a strategy development and business planning expert focused
president and chief information officer of The South Financial Group, where           on helping financial institutions and their business partners develop clear,
his responsibilities included software acquisition, development and support;          value-based strategies and action-oriented business plans. Prior to joining
technology project management; technology relationship management;                    Cornerstone, Ted helped build one of the most successful credit unions in
technology strategic planning; and network and data center operations.                the nation. He has a proven track record in producing franchise growth,
Before The South Financial Group, Quintin was a principal consultant in the           shareholder value and increasing member profitability, as well as identification
financial services industry practice of Price Waterhouse LLP. Prior to that he was    and leverage of new business opportunities. Ted has developed a solid process
responsible for acquisition-related conversion activities and item processing         for helping clients enhance core operating strategies, create value-oriented
system support for Carolina First Bank. Quintin writes for GonzoBanker and            strategic action plans and capital investment projects, followed by disciplined
CUES publications. He is an experienced professional speaker.                         plan execution, management team alignment and performance management.
                                                                                      Ted is a contributing author for GonzoBanker and CUES publications.
Michael Croal
Senior Director – Best Practices and Process Improvement Services                     Eric Weikart
Michael Croal brings to Cornerstone close to 20 years experience in the               Director – System Selection Services
financial services industry. He is considered an expert in operational and            As Director for Cornerstone, Eric Weikart plays a key role in various types of
delivery systems and has been responsible for leading numerous enterprise             financial, strategic and technical analyses. He leads many of the firm’s system
technology initiatives during his career. Prior to joining Cornerstone, Michael       selection engagements and serves as Cornerstone’s liaison to the vendor
was a senior level executive with Hancock Bank. During his tenure at Hancock,         community. Prior to joining Cornerstone, Eric spent four years as Financial
he also served in executive level positions in Deposit Operations, Loan               Analyst and Assistant Treasurer at Sofia & Company, where he modeled bank
Operations and Information Technology. Michael has significant experience             acquisitions and developed a high level of banking expertise through his
in regulations, compliance and business continuity planning issues. He led            comprehensive research efforts. Eric is a contributing author for GonzoBanker
Hancock’s core and ancillary disaster recovery effort following Hurricane             and CUES publications and he contributed industry analysis for Cornerstone’s
Katrina and was recognized by the Board of Directors for exemplary leadership         benchmarking and best practices study, The Cornerstone Report: Benchmarks
in the face of this disaster. Michael is a contributing author for GonzoBanker        and Best Practices for Credit Unions 2006.
and CUES publications. He is an experienced professional speaker.

Scott Hodgins
Senior Director – System Selection Services
Scott Hodgins began his career as a national bank examiner at the Office of the
Comptroller of the Currency. At Cornerstone, he deftly leads many of the firm’s
system selection engagements. He is also highly involved with Cornerstone’s
technology and strategic planning projects. Prior to joining Cornerstone,
Scott spent four years at M ONE, Inc., where he developed an expertise in
the financial outsourcing and software markets. Prior to M ONE, Scott was
Community Bank Market Manager at Sheshunoff Information Services. Scott
maintains a keen awareness of developments in the vendor community, and he
frequently utilizes this knowledge in his contributing articles on GonzoBanker
and in CUES publications. He is among the authors of Cornerstone’s
Benchmarks and Best Practices reports.
Marie Mack                                                                        Anna Marie Fernandez
Client Development Director                                                       Project Analyst
As Client Development Director at Cornerstone, Marie Mack is responsible          In her role as Project Analyst for Cornerstone Advisors, Anna works in
for business development and sales administration. Prior to joining               partnership with Cornerstone consultants and clients in the development
Cornerstone, Marie spent the majority of her career as a senior level             and maintenance of project management plans. As part of this effort, she
manager and management consultant in both the for-profit and non-profit           serves as consultant/client liaison to help ensure that communications
world. Before joining Cornersotne, Marie was with the Phoenix Zoo, where          and scheduling result in final deliverables that meet or exceed client
she served as EVP Business Development and Strategy in charge of business         expectations. Anna brings experience from sales, human resources and
operations and long term master planning efforts. Prior to that, Marie spent      project management from the telecommunications and software industry.
10 years as Vice President of an international management consulting firm,
working with large domestic and international organizations leading large
scale organizational change and corporate culture initiatives. Earlier in         Linette Harris
her career, Marie was COO of a national economic research and real estate         Project Analyst
consulting firm and held several senior level positions with AT&T.                Linette Harris has strong research, analytical, organizational and
                                                                                  communications skills and brings to Cornerstone a diverse background
                                                                                  in project management, customer service and database development.
Cate Pitts                                                                        Linette coordinates Cornerstone’s various research efforts and developed
Manager, Marketing & Communications                                               and maintains the company’s research and statistics libraries. Linette also
Cate Pitts is responsible for Cornerstone’s marketing strategies, both internal   provides analytic support to the project managers that includes survey
and with Cornerstone’s alliance partners. Cate coordinates Cornerstone’s          input, benchmark calculations, preparation of analysis and deliverables
speaking engagements and oversees the production of collateral materials          and research on varied topics. Previous to Cornerstone, Linette served
and client deliverables. She is Editor and Publisher of The Cornerstone           for four years as M ONE’s Database and Research Coordinator. She has an
Report, Cornerstone’s annual financial services industry benchmarking             extensive consulting industry background with Summa Associates and the
analysis. She is responsible for the maintenance of Web sites for Cornerstone     Sandretto Group.
Advisors and GonzoBanker and serves in an advisory capacity to CUES
Technology Edge. Before joining Cornerstone, Cate served as Production
Manager at M ONE, where she designed and produced the firm’s                      Daria Nazarewycz
communication and marketing materials and the company’s Web site. She             Project Analyst
has a solid background in editing, marketing and graphic production and           Daria Nazarewycz comes to Cornerstone backed by more than 20 years
served for nearly a decade as senior editor with one of the nation’s foremost     of operations management and account management experience in the
commercial news wires.                                                            credit union industry. A proven record of identifying and implementing
                                                                                  process improvements coupled with strong communication and problem
                                                                                  resolution skills are great assets to her in her position as Project Analyst
Tamara Peterson                                                                   at Cornerstone, where her analytic support to the project managers
Comptroller                                                                       includes heavy client interaction, complex scheduling, survey input,
Tamara Peterson brings finely honed executive assistant skills to her             benchmark calculations, data analysis and client deliverables. Prior to
front-line client relations responsibilities at Cornerstone Advisors. In          joining Cornerstone, Daria served as Branch Manager for Arizona’s second
addition to a solid history in office administration, she has an extensive        largest credit union. Before that whe was Manager of Information Systems
professional background in the financial industry, with special emphasis          & Special Projects at an Arizona credit union. Daria studied Liberal Arts and
in credit analysis, loan servicing and financial management. Before joining       Sciences at DePaul University in Chicago and speaks four languages.
Cornerstone, Tamara served in an executive level support capacity at an
Arizona Bank and has worked for the Farm Credit System in Arizona and
Minnesota.                                                                        Jennifer Wagner
                                                                                  Project Analyst
Robin Putnam                                                                      Jennifer Wagner has strong analytical, communication and organizational
Office Administrator                                                              skills and brings to Cornerstone an extensive project management
In her role as Office Administrator, Robin Putnam doubles as Cornerstone’s        background. As a Project Analyst for Cornerstone, Jennifer is responsible
Director of First Impressions, projecting an upbeat and professional              for establishing milestones for assigned Cornerstone consulting
manner in all of her internal and external client interactions. Robin brings      engagements. She also provides analytic support to the project managers
to Cornerstone extensive experience in management, planning, customer             that includes survey input, benchmark calculations, preparation of analysis
service, and staff training and development. Her first-rate organization and      and deliverables and research on varied topics. Prior to Cornerstone,
client relations skills stem, in part, from more than a decade in restaurant      Jennifer worked as a Project Manager in the banking industry for the past
management and special events planning. Among her many responsibilities,          three years and the oil industry for the six years prior in multiple channels
Robin makes every effort to ensure the Cornerstone Road Warriors                  of trade.
get where they need to be, when they need to be there for countless
nationwide client engagements – no small feat!

                                                                     Where strategy
                                                                    meets execution

                                   Benchmarks, Best Practices & Technology
                                   Strategies that Support Your Strategic Goals
Why a Scorecard?
                                   Institutions often shy away from benchmarking because they believe growth alone will
Cornerstone Scorecard™             address their earnings requirements. Institutions do need to grow, but it is how they grow that
benchmarks force the right
questions and create the           distinguishes the high performers from the low performers.
motivation to improve processes,
watch expense growth and hold
                                   Cornerstone’s comprehensive, two-step approach – the Cornerstone Scorecard™ and
managers accountable.              Benchmarking & Best Practices Assessment – arms your organization with information vital to
                                   strategic, competitive growth.
Knowing the answers to these
and similar performance-related       1) The Scorecard provides an external snapshot of where your organization ranks versus
questions is essential to your
institution’s success:
                                         peers and industry leaders.
                                      2) The Assessment delivers pragmatic recommendations focused on reducing current
 • How many employees should             operating expenses and improving productivity.
   we have in a particular
   function and what type of       The knowledge gained from the Cornerstone Scorecard™ and Benchmarking & Best Practices
   benchmarks should we use
   to measure line of business
                                   Assessment helps position your organization for continued growth and expansion and educates
   performance?                    your organization on how to:
                                       • Avoid future cost increases
 • How does my fee income
   compare to peers in specific        • Increase revenue
   categories?                         • Improve the quality or consistency of service delivery
 • How should I measure return
   on investment from my           The Cornerstone Scorecard
   Internet, ATM and call center   Through more than a decade of working with financial institutions, Cornerstone has developed
   channels?                       a comprehensive database of benchmarking statistics for more than 160 mid-size banks ($1-$40
 • How do my commercial            billion in assets) and mid-size to large credit unions (>$350 million in assets). From this data
   and wealth management           we developed the Cornerstone Scorecard, a resource that provides more than 250 comparison
   businesses compare to best      spending, staffing and performance statistics in 12 key areas:
                                            •   Retail Banking                 •   Consumer/Small Business Lending
 • What are peer institutions
   outsourcing and how much                 •   Mortgage Lending               •   Commercial Lending
   are they spending?                       •   Credit Administration          •   Cash Management
                                            •   Loan Operations                •   Deposit Operations/Item Processing
                                            •   Information Services           •   Wealth Management
                                            •   Administration                 •   Training
                                   The Cornerstone Scorecard enables your institution to measure its numbers against industry peer
                                   benchmarks, highlighting where it ranks in three categories: 1) a “high performer,” 2) “at peer
7272 E. Indian School Road         level” or 3) “below peer level.” In addition, the Cornerstone Scorecard gauges the organization’s
Suite 400                          performance in key fee income and non-interest expense categories.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Tel 480.423.2030                   The Cornerstone Scorecard is an essential tool for your senior management team, identifying the
Fax 480.481.6076                   dollar value benefit of achieving peer median performance in all underperforming areas. The
                                   Scorecard can serve as an important element in the foundation for profitable future growth.
Benchmarking & Best Practices                                  WHY BENCHMARK?

Assessment                                                     We recognize that benchmarking can be controversial. Here’s our
To gain a more comprehensive view of your Scorecard            #1 Benchmarking is a contact sport. Collecting, massaging
results, Cornerstone’s Benchmarking & Best Practices              and analyzing data is about more than an analyst in Finance
Assessment delivers an in-depth, institution-wide analysis        with a database. It involves understanding how different
of your Scorecard benchmarks. The Assessment provides an          institutional functions operate, what measures are important
explanation for variance from peers as well as best practice      to management and how to spot “outliers” in the sample that
recommendations to help your institution maximize its             don’t make sense. Phone calls, interviews and e-mails are
performance.                                                      crucial to verify the data.
As part of the Assessment, Cornerstone conducts senior
                                                               #2 Benchmarking is imperfect, but accurate. Though there are
management and line of business interviews focused on
                                                                  always some gray aspects of data that require interpretation,
verifying the benchmarking numbers, understanding high-
                                                                  our experience has shown that the “story” that benchmarks tell
level strategy and organizational structure and technology
                                                                  is accurate more than 95% of the time. We have never seen a
                                                                  bank or credit union benchmark “low” in a process and then
With the Assessment you receive:                                  turn out to be a high performer after digging deeper. In fact, a
                                                                  low benchmark typically incites a senior manager to respond,
 	Benchmarking – learn how your institution
                                                                  “I had a suspicion we weren’t doing too well there, but I didn’t
   compares to peers and why there are variances.
                                                                  have the data to prove it.”
  Best Practices – in the areas of strategy, process,
   systems and organization.                                   #3 Benchmarking is tough, but compassionate. Organizations
                                                                  that sincerely care about their employees understand the
  Systems and Technology Recommendations –                       long-term benefits of benchmarking. Layoffs are so typical in
   on version upgrades, training, system use and                  the financial industry that employees have become cynical
   automation of manual functions.                                of them. Yet an organization could avoid a large portion of
  Organizational Considerations – staffing levels,               these layoffs if they practiced better capacity planning and
   organization structure and reporting.                          performance management. The institutions with the largest
                                                                  layoffs are the ones that didn’t have the information to
  Spending Evaluation – technology and                           challenge staff additions as they were made.
   administrative spending versus peers.
                                                               #4 Benchmarking stamps out politics. One of the most
  Strategic Priorities and Opportunities – for the
                                                                  valuable aspects of benchmarking is that it uses facts instead
   lines of business.
                                                                  of sound bites or anecdotal conversations over the water
After completion of the Assessment, Cornerstone facilitates       cooler to determine a function’s performance. With clear
a management planning session to discuss our findings,            performance scorecards, management teams have less time to
recommendations and next steps.                                   gloss up a PowerPoint that touts their business unit, because
                                                                  they are too busy trying to hit their numbers. Benchmarking
                                                                  ensures that the “performers” are recognized over the
Two Steps Toward Success                                          “promoters.”

This two-step process – the Cornerstone Scorecard and
the Benchmarking & Best Practices Assessment – delivers        In Summary
pinpoint clarity for your institution. Specifically, you’ll    At Cornerstone, we believe that disciplined growth can be achieved
have a clear picture of areas that need improvement, and       when an institution sets deeper performance benchmarks than
you’ll take away practical recommendations for change          just ROA, efficiency ratio and “making budget.” We help banks and
– recommendations focused on achieving your institution’s      credit unions improve processes and implement formal scorecards
strategic and competitive objectives.                          that “strip the onion” across all major institutional functions.
                                                               Armed with this type of information, an organization can work on
                                                               fundamental improvements and higher performance.

                                                               ABOUT CORNERSTONE ADVISORS
                                                               Cornerstone Advisors provides a wide spectrum of advisory services to banks
                                                               and credit unions nationwide, including Best Practice Banking, Strategic
                                                               Planning, Process Improvement, Technology Assessment and Planning, System
                                                               Selection, Contract Negotiation, Conversion Oversight, Risk Management
                                                               and Merger Advisory Services. Cornerstone publishes GonzoBanker and The
                                                               Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Mid-Size Banks and The
                                                               Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Credit Unions.

                                                                             Where strategy
                                                                            meets execution

                                     One of the greatest challenges facing financial institutions today is the lack of differentiation
Cornerstone recognizes that
individual institutions find         among competitors. Opportunities for revenue growth now share top consideration with
themselves at different stages       expense reduction in an institution’s long-term goals and objectives. Long-term goals and
on the continuum from no formal
planning process to a fully
                                     objectives must be linked with practical strategies, tactics and initiatives that move the
integrated process that ties in      organization toward achieving its stated purpose.
all day-to-day functions, lines
of business and the managers         Data collection and analysis demands time, attention to details and a willingness to ask hard
responsible for performance.
Milestones along the continuum       questions! Implementation requires discipline! Effective follow-through requires dedication and
include:                                                            the ability to candidly evaluate the results!
  • Gain consensus related to
    the purpose and long-term
                                           Most strategies don’t
                                                                       Cornerstone Advisors is a leading consulting firm focused
    aspirations of the institution
    from elected officials and             fail because they are       on assisting banks and credit unions develop and implement
    management                           bad strategies – they fail    focused strategies to improve their competitive position and
  • Develop a clear
                                        because those developing       bottom line. We view our role in the strategic planning process
                                          the plan haven’t given
    understanding of the
                                        adequate consideration to
                                                                       as a:
    desired competitive strategy
                                         implementing the plan.
  • Develop a competitive
                                                                        • Provider of best practices industry knowledge and
    profile based on attributes             In other words, the           benchmarking data;
    attractive to desired               organization’s systems and
    customers                          processes must support the
                                                                        • Challenger to the current way of conducting business; and
  • Assess operational
                                        execution of the strategy.      • Facilitator that will help management determine what
    functions and create                                                  strategies will make the institution “unique” as well as
    alignment with strategic
    objectives                                                            what strategies or lines of business should not pursued.
  • Develop multi-year
    action plans that link
    strategies and objectives
    to operational actions,
                                     CORNERSTONE’S PHILOSOPHY                                                Operational

    including projects, cross-                                                                        • Driven by industry competition       • Driven by emerging customer

    functional initiatives and       One of the greatest ailments in our industry today is            • Execute in commodity
                                                                                                                                             • Differentiate with niche

                                     that bank executives often confuse the two paths of
                                                                                                      • Carefully planned                      businesses
    capital investments                                                                               • Focus on efficiency, profitability   • Creatively discovered
                                                                                                        and quality                          • Focus on growth/innovation

  • Develop consistent dialog        Operational Execution and Strategic Differentiation.             • Risk avoidance approach
                                                                                                      • Peer benchmark driven
                                                                                                                                             • Risk-taking approach
                                                                                                                                             • Strategic measurement driven

    about plan objectives,
    projects and investments          • The path of Operational Execution – in which                   Industry Best Practices               Innovative Best Practices
    to remove barriers, make
    necessary course changes            banks bring greater discipline to the processes                                    ALIGNMENT PROJECTS
    and document project                used to align products, people, process and                   Products            Systems            Process         People
                                        technology with their chosen strategies                                        Balanced Scorecards
  • Develop key performance
    success measures linked to        • The path of Strategic Differentiation – in which
    strategies and action plans
                                        banks get serious about positioning themselves
    including management                                                                                                Value Creation
    accountability, timelines and       more uniquely among competitors and building
    variance management
                                        defensible niches
  • Develop intelligent
    management incentives            From Cornerstone’s perspective, following these parallel and equally important paths is the
    that align with strategic
    objectives                       only way to delivering what the shareholders and employees really want: high performing
                                     value creation.
                                          CORNERSTONE’S APPROACH
                                          Cornerstone’s approach to strategic planning is reflected in the following beliefs:
                                          PLANNING. Strategic planning is about doing things differently than competitors and
Amcore                                    making difficult choices concerning the institution’s focus, priorities, investments and
Anchor Bancorp                            incentives.
Associated Banc-Corp
Atlantic Bank of New York                 POSITIONING. A strong tactical focus – expense control, an aggressive sales culture,
Bank of North Dakota                      better capital leveraging – must be balanced carefully with an understanding of four
Bank Rhode Island                         basics of strategic positioning:
Carver Federal
City National                                 •   WHICH customers to pursue;
Cole Taylor                                   •   WHAT products and services are meaningful to them;
Community First
                                              •   WHY they should seek us out over other providers; and
County Bank
First Charter                                 •   HOW to serve them effectively, efficiently and profitably.
First Financial
First Midwest
                            Effective strategic planning requires
                                                                    FOCUS. An institution must focus on what makes it unique with
First Niagara               that a bank’s independent directors     a strong effort toward developing a “niche strategy,” including a
First Republic               and CEO work closely together in       sales concentration on product, delivery and service innovation.
Firstrust                   an atmosphere of give and take. In
Gold Bank                    situations where those individuals     BENCHMARKS AND SCORECARDS. Benchmarking data can
Hancock Bank                    are at odds, it may be next to
                                                                    be used by management to create scorecards that are reviewed
Provident Bank                 impossible to reach a common
                                                                    frequently and refined annually creating a culture of accountability.
Rabobank                                    vision.
Star Financial                But even healthy banks with an        THE FUTURE. Map out in detail in terms of financial performance,
Stillwater National         effective governance process may        size, employees, geographic reach, technology, etc. and then
Synovus                     need help in developing a blueprint
                                                                    spell out how the institution will look in three years. This fosters
Teche Federal                         for the future —
Whitney                          the very definition of             healthy debate and surfaces the strategies necessary to make the
                                   a strategic plan.                “tomorrow” picture a reality.
Credit Unions
Altura                                                                                                              Successful strategy
American Eagle
American River HealthPro                  CORNERSTONE’S METHODOLOGY                                              formulation is becoming
                                                                                                               increasingly dependent on
Baxter                                                                                                          how well an organization
Bay Federal                                   • Provide our knowledge of best practices and our                     gathers, manages
Boeing                                          expertise in helping dozens of financial institutions              and synthesizes vital
Chevron                                         with their strategic planning efforts to ensure the             information into targeted,
CommunityAmerica                                successful development of the organization’s                       actionable activities.
FAIRWINDS                                       Strategic Plan                                                  This information should
FORUM                                                                                                            not only contain hard
Franklin Mint                                 • Provide a strategic planning framework and process              data from primary and
IBM Texas Employees                             that can be leveraged for future strategic planning              secondary research
Oregon Community                                efforts                                                          and analysis, but the
Portland Teachers                                                                                               intangible views and
                                                                                                                  intuitions of those
Proponent                                     • Integrate fact-based data, historical experience and               in key positions
Sandia Laboratory                               critical market insights to support our clients’ desire             throughout the
Sikorsky                                        to develop a plan that optimizes shareholder and                      institution.
Space Coast
                                                customer value
Tinker                                        • Facilitate Planning Session(s) that can include the involvement of only senior
Toyota Federal
                                                management or senior management and the board of directors
Tropical Financial
Unitus                                        • Work collaboratively with senior management to develop the Strategic Plan
VanCity                                       • Focus on execution and implementation of strategic priorities and not just their
Wescom                                          identification
Xerox                                         • Develop pragmatic tools and scorecards that will assist the senior management
                                                team in measuring the organization’s progress against the goals set forth in the
                                                Strategic Plan

                                                                                       Where strategy
                                                                                      meets execution

                                         Technology Assessment and Planning Services
                                         A highly competitive landscape demands that financial institutions leverage their IT investments to provide
A Cornerstone Strategic                  measurable business benefits. Your success relies on an infrastructure and systems that align the strategy, people
Technology Plan provides:
                                         and processes of your organization.
• A forward looking view of new
  technologies                           A technology assessment, strategic technology plan and IT steering committee are essential tools to achieve these
                                         goals. They enable you to:
• An analysis of exploitable
  innovations                             1.   Determine what system functionality allows the business areas to operate in a best practice environment;
• A technical framework to                2.   Integrate customer and financial information for better service and performance;
  guide the procurement and
  development of the institution’s        3.   Cost effectively manage technologies to maintain maximum ROI; and
  systems                                 4.   Create a vision between business areas and the IT group that leads to a common, long-term achievement
• An articulation of how technology            of strategic goals.
  supports the institution’s strategic
  business requirements                  With a pragmatic road map in hand for deploying and operating technology, you can be confident your IT
                                         investments support the institution’s strategic goals.
• A delineation of the roles,
  expectations and staffing for
  internal technology resources          Technology Assessment
• A plan of action to integrate
  technology initiatives with            A Cornerstone Technology Assessment provides financial institutions with an objective review of how their
  process improvement and                technology environment and utilization stacks up against peers and competitors.
  product/channel development
  opportunities                          We analyze your organization’s infrastructure, applications, outsourcing relationships and technology support
                                         staff. We also review every technology initiative under way in the organization and provide recommendations for
                                         the most effective implementation. The Technology Assessment reviews the following:
                                          •    Technology spending and capital investment levels compared to peers
                                          •    The level of satisfaction with applications and outsourcers
                                          •    The condition and reliability of the infrastructure
                                          •    The technical architecture of systems
                                          •    The level of satisfaction and overall strategic direction of major outsourcing vendors
                                          •    Staffing levels and skill sets in the I.T. organization
                                          •    The overall approach to technology risk management
                                          •    Operating processes and productivity vs. industry best practices
                                          •    The reporting environment and information management processes
                                          •    Technology training and development strategies

                                         In a Technology Assessment, Cornerstone completes surveys and spends two days on site with managers and
                                         executives. Cornerstone then presents an analysis of current technology deployment and spending, specifically
                                         addressing these questions:
                                          — How does technology spending compare to peers in the marketplace?
                                          — How should major future projects (imaging, electronic banking, etc.) be planned?
                                          — What future systems will have the biggest strategic benefit?
7272 E. Indian School Road
Suite 400                                Our findings and recommendations are presented in a 1/2-day meeting with management. The first goal of the
Scottsdale, AZ 85251                     day is to have open, constructive conversation about the right strategic directions for the institution. The second
Tel 480.423.2030                         goal of the day is to get management buy-in for the general direction of the technology strategy.
Fax 480.481.6076
                                         A Technology Assessment is the ideal first step in the Technology Planning process
Strategic Technology Plan                                            Cornerstone’s Approach
A Cornerstone Strategic Technology Plan provides you with a          Step 1 - The Technology Assessment
clear picture of your organization’s technology vision, helping      Our project starts with a formal assessment of the institution’s
you better prioritize technology initiatives, invest appropriately   technology environment, including the level of satisfaction with
in new systems, and ensure your employees and support                applications and outsourcers utilized by the institution and the
staff are prepared for the company’s emerging technology             condition and reliability of the technology infrastructure. A
environment.                                                         technology assessment can be performed as part of a strategic plan,
                                                                     or as a stand-alone project.
The Strategic Technology Plan utilizes findings of the
Technology Assessment to provide your institution with:              Step 2 – Management Planning Session
                                                                     Cornerstone presents our findings in a management planning
  • A forward-looking view of new technologies, an                   session that includes an open discussion regarding the
    understanding of how they will impact financial services,        organization’s competitive strategy and the role technology will
    and an outline of innovations your organization should           play in supporting it. We help you define how the institution will
    exploit                                                          differentiate itself and identify business requirements to execute
                                                                     this vision.
  • A formal technical architecture that will guide the
    procurement and development of all future systems in the         Step 3 – Departmental Strategy and Project Plan Development
    institution                                                      During this step, Cornerstone works with the individual
                                                                     departments and the business integration function to finalize IT
  • A clear articulation of the organization’s strategic business    strategies and process improvement plans.
    requirements and how technology will specifically support
    this strategy                                                    Step 4 – Strategic Technology Plan Integration
                                                                     Cornerstone consolidates departmental plans with the overall IT
  • A prioritization of technology initiatives with                  strategy to create a single, unified plan document that details how
    corresponding cost estimates for each proposed                   the institution will prioritize, manage and finance a “best of breed”
    investment                                                       environment.

  • A clear delineation of how technology resources will be          Step 5 – Presentation of Strategic Technology Plan
    managed within the organization, including roles and             Cornerstone and the IT group present the final Strategic
    expectations of both I.T. and business area staff                Technology Plan to senior management in a meeting that solidifies
                                                                     commitment from senior management to an overall technology
  • A plan of action to integrate technology initiatives with        vision and educates business executives on the need to coordinate
    process improvement and product/channel development              technologies and processes to make customer integration strategic
    opportunities                                                    priority.

  • A review of the existing processes and organizational            Step 6 – IT Steering Committee
    structures that support I.T. planning and project review         Cornerstone helps your institution develop and/or mature
    and potential recommendations for increased efficiency           processes related to its IT Steering Committee. We work with you
    and accountability                                               to guarantee that, through the Steering Committee, management
                                                                     technology planning and discussions focus on strategic issues and
Our methodology is strengthened by a team of business                opportunities.
strategy and IT professionals that specialize in communicating
an integrated strategic and technology vision appropriate for        Cornerstone’s proven methodology is strengthened by a team
senior management, board members, regulators, and vendor             of business strategy and IT professionals that specialize in
partners.                                                            communicating an integrated strategic and technology vision
                                                                     appropriate for senior management, board members, regulators
                                                                     and vendor partners.
                                                                     If you need assistance performing a technology assessment,
                                                                     developing a strategic technology plan or both, or if you’re simply
                                                                     looking to refine or update an existing plan, Cornerstone can help.

                                                                      ABOUT CORNERSTONE ADVISORS
                                                                      Cornerstone Advisors provides a wide spectrum of advisory services to banks
                                                                      and credit unions nationwide, including Best Practice Banking, Strategic
                                                                      Planning, Process Improvement, Technology Assessment and Planning, System
                                                                      Selection, Contract Negotiation, Conversion Oversight, Risk Management
                                                                      and Merger Advisory Services. Cornerstone publishes GonzoBanker and The
                                                                      Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Mid-Size Banks and The
                                                                      Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Credit Unions.

                                                                          Where strategy
                                                                         meets execution

The Cornerstone                         System Selection and Conversion Management
                                        Financial institutions typically spend 10% - 15% of their operating budgets on technology
   • Proven Experience -                every year, and building strong, constructive relationships with outside vendors is critical to
     Cornerstone has conducted well
                                        ensuring your institution’s technology supports its strategic goals.
     over 100 system selections and
     technology reviews for banks
     and credit unions evaluating
                                        Cornerstone Advisors provides the methodology, tools and industry knowledge to ensure
     core processing and ancillary      you of informed, well-documented vendor decisions. Backed by more than a decade of
     systems, including Internet        experience, Cornerstone brings many benefits to your system selection process – not the
     banking, CRM, lending and          least of which is the fact that we have no marketing, referral or resale agreements with any
     profitability solutions.           vendors in the marketplace and maintain total independence in representing the interest of
   • Industry Knowledge -               our clients.
     Cornerstone possesses a broad
     knowledge of the products’         Cornerstone offers industry-leading expertise in these System Selection Services:
     strengths, weaknesses and
     strategic direction — sparing      Vendor Selection – Cornerstone helps our clients identify their information technology
     you the time it takes to work      requirements, develop a formal request for proposal (RFP) and manage the vendor selection
     through vendor hype.               process. Our methodology, tools and industry knowledge lead the way to informed, well-
   • Dollars at Risk - Cornerstone’s    documented vendor decisions. Our process saves time, money and resources, preventing
     strong experience, extensive       troubling systems issues down the road.
     vendor database and proficient
     contract negotiation skills will   Contract Negotiation – The Cornerstone team has negotiated contracts with virtually every
     leave you confident that you       major technology vendor in the financial services industry – experience that can be profitably
     have signed a winning deal with    leveraged by out clients. In every system selection engagement performed for our clients, the
     your processor of choice.          savings gained through Cornerstone’s contract negotiation process have more than offset the
   • Due Diligence - A post-
                                        cost of the engagement.
     selection Summary Report,
     backed by Cornerstone’s
                                        Contract Renewal Advisory Services – An incumbent vendor should not be immune to
     reputation and track record,       competition. Cornerstone helps our clients ensure their providers offer fair and competitive
     documents the thorough             renewal contracts.
     process you have undertaken
     and lends credibility to your      System Conversion Management – Combining project management methodology,
     decision before your Board,        budgetary oversight and effective communication tools, Cornerstone’s Conversion
     auditors and regulators.           Management Services save time and money for our clients and help ensure a smooth and
                                        well-timed conversion. With Cornerstone acting in the role of mentor, advisor and best
                                        practice provider, our clients are ensured that all aspects of the conversion are covered and
                                        that the intellectual capital and skills they will need post-conversion are retained in-house.

                                        Cornerstone Advisors has assisted well over 100 financial institutions make educated vender
7272 E. Indian School Road
                                        choices. Choosing Cornerstone as a partner in your system selection decision makes your next
Suite 400                               decision a whole lot easier.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Tel 480.423.2030
Fax 480.481.6076
       Vendor Selection and Contract Negotiation Engagements
       Performed by the Cornerstone Team (representative sampling)

Banks                                                       Credit Unions
  •   1st National Bank Holding Company ($4.5 billion)         •   AEA Credit Union ($600 million)
  •   1st Source Bank ($3.3 billion)                           •   Allegacy Federal Credit Union ($1.1 billion)
  •   AMCORE Financial ($6.5 billion)                          •   American Eagle Federal Credit Union ($850 million)
  •   Arvest Bank Operations ($9.7 billion)                    •   Apple Federal Credit Union ($700 million)
  •   AnchorBank ($3.5 billion)                                •   Assiniboine Credit Union ($700 million)
  •   Associated Bancorp ($22 billion)                         •   Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union ($2.3 billion)
  •   Banknorth Group ($26 billion)                            •   California Credit Union ($1.1 billion)
  •   Bank of North Dakota ($2.5 billion)                      •   Coastal Credit Union ($1.8 billion)
  •   Bank of Oklahoma ($16 billion)                           •   Community Credit Union ($1.4 billion)
  •   Bank of Stockton ($1.4 billion)                          •   Community Credit Union Ltd. ($1.7 billion)
  •   Bank United ($10 billion)                                •   CommunityAmerica Credit Union ($1.5 billion)
  •   Bankers Trust Company ($2.2 billion)                     •   Desert Schools Federal Credit Union ($2.5 billion)
  •   Banner Bank ($3.1 billion)                               •   Digital Federal Credit Union ($3.3 billion)
  •   Capitol Federal Savings Bank ($8.5 billion)              •   DFCU Financial ($1.8 billion)
  •   Central Bancompany ($8 billion)                          •   Eastman Credit Union ($1.5 billion)
  •   Chittenden Bank and Trust ($6.5 billion)                 •   Educational Employees Credit Union ($1.1 billion)
  •   Citizens Banking Corporation ($13 billion)               •   Ent Federal Credit Union ($1.9 billion)
  •   Cole Taylor Bank ($2.7 billion)                          •   ESL Credit Union ($2.7 billion)
  •   Community Bank, NA ($4.7 billion)                        •   Fairfield County Bank ($1.4 billion)
  •   Compass Bank ($4.5 billion)                              •   FAIRWINDS Credit Union ($1.2 billion)
  •   Farm Credit Bank of Texas ($15 billion)                  •   First Tech Credit Union ($1.5 billion)
  •   First Citizens ($15.5 billion)                           •   FORUM Credit Union ($950 million)
  •   First Community Bank ($2.2 billion)                      •   (The) Golden 1 Credit Union ($4 billion)
  •   First Federal California ($9 billion)                    •   GTE Federal Credit Union ($2 billion)
  •   First Financial Bancorp ($4.2 billion)                   •   Landmark Credit Union ($1 billion)
  •   First Midwest Bank ($7.2 billion)                        •   Northern Credit Union ($90 million)
  •   First Niagara ($8 billion)                               •   Oregon Community Credit Union ($740 million)
  •   First Republic Bank ($13 billion)                        •   Patelco Credit Union ($3.7 billion)
  •   Firstrust Bank ($2.2 billion)                            •   Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union ($2.2 billion)
  •   First State Bank ($2.9 billion)                          •   Riverside County’s Credit Union ($650 million)
  •   Home Street Bank ($1.8 billion)                          •   Royal Credit Union ($650 million)
  •   Independence Community Bank ($14 billion)                •   San Antonio Federal Credit Union ($1.9 billion)
  •   Keystone Nazareth Bank & Trust Company ($2 billion)      •   Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union ($900 million)
  •   MB Financial Bank ($8 billion)                           •   Space Coast Credit Union ($1.4 billion)
  •   Mechanics Bank ($2.5 billion)                            •   Spokane Teachers Credit Union ($845 million)
  •   MidCountry Bank ($1.3 billion)                           •   Stanford Federal Credit Union ($645 million)
  •   National Penn Bank ($4.5 billion)                        •   Steinbach Credit Union ($1.5 billion)
  •   Park National Bank ($5.5 billion)                        •   Tropical Financial Credit Union ($610 million)
  •   People’s Heritage Bancorp ($18 billion)                  •   Tulsa Teachers Credit Union ($650 million)
  •   People’s United Bank ($20 billion)                       •   Western Federal Credit Union ($1.1 billion)
  •   Rabobank ($9 billion)
  •   Rockland Trust Company ($3 billion)
  •   Roosevelt Financial Group ($8 billion)
  •   Stillwater Nation)al Bank ($2.2 billion)
  •   Synovus ($30 billion)                                 ABOUT CORNERSTONE ADVISORS
  •   Washington Federal ($10 billion)                       Cornerstone Advisors provides a wide spectrum of advisory services to banks
                                                             and credit unions nationwide, including Best Practice Banking, Strategic
                                                             Planning, Process Improvement, Technology Assessment and Planning, System
                                                             Selection, Contract Negotiation, Conversion Oversight, Risk Management
                                                             and Merger Advisory Services. Cornerstone publishes GonzoBanker and The
                                                             Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Mid-Size Banks and The
                                                             Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Credit Unions.

                                                                            Where strategy
                                                                           meets execution

                                         Contract Negotiation Services
The Cornerstone
                                         Myriad issues can arise in the vendor management process, not the least of which is
                                         negotiating the final contract with a new provider or the renegotiation of a contract with an
 • Proprietary database of               existing provider. How can financial institutions know if their vendor’s pricing is reasonable?
   vendors’ pricing and service          What are the appropriate terms and conditions that should be included to meet the
   terms. Our experience                 organization’s business objectives? What are the expectations of the vendor?
   negotiating hundreds of contracts
   with core and ancillary systems
   vendors has enabled us to amass
                                         THE CORNERSTONE SOLUTION
   a significant database of pricing     Over the past decade, Cornerstone professionals have negotiated contracts with every major
   and terms, which we apply to your
   negotiating advantage.                technology vendor in the financial services industry. Our contract experience extends to core
                                         and ancillary systems including loan origination, trust, Internet banking, bill pay, EFT (processor
 • Familiarity with other vendors’       and network) and telephony. Meticulous Cornerstone negotiators work to ensure your issues
   contract commitments. Our
   knowledge of the vendors’
                                         are addressed quickly toward a competitive contract with the most favorable terms.
   contracts enables us to get issues
   addressed and included quickly,       KEY BENEFITS TO YOU
   avoiding wasted time and effort
   on issues that we know, based on      Cornerstone’s proprietary database of vendor pricing and service terms enable us to provide
   past experience, the vendors will     you with:
   not negotiate.
                                          •   An awareness of how your organization compares to peers in core and ancillary system
 • Proprietary Financial Models.              spending
   Our Financial Models contain
   hundreds of line items and             •   The peace of mind that comes with the knowledge of having received the most favorable
   compare the vendor’s unit, license,        pricing and terms
   maintenance and transaction            •   An opinion letter detailing the results of the negotiated contract – a valuable tool to
   costs with the institution’s
   transaction and account volumes
                                              leverage for executive approval of proposed spending
   and expected growth rate.
                                         OUR APPROACH
                                         Cornerstone’s client-directed Contract Negotiation Services include:
                                          • An analysis of the organization’s pricing compared to peers
                                          • A side-by-side comparison of pricing as proposed by competing vendors
                                          • A thorough review of key pricing and service terms
                                          • An examination of the proposed vendor contract, identifying terms that are onerous to the
                                          • Close coordination with client institutions to resolve documented issues
                                          • Interface with the vendor (as directed by client)
7272 E. Indian School Road
Suite 400
Scottsdale, AZ 85251                     Institutions content with their existing providers can look to Cornerstone for assistance
Tel 480.423.2030                         obtaining the best possible terms, conditions and price from an incumbent vendor during
Fax 480.481.6076
                                         contract renewal proceedings.
Contract Negotiation Services

         Here	are	just	a	few	examples	of	work	we’ve	performed	in	this	area:

▪	 New	England’s	largest	regional	bank	($20	billion)	    ▪	 Washington	bank	($1	billion)	–	Core System
   – System Selection Advisory Services and Contract        Contract Negotiation Advisory Services
                                                         ▪	 Connecticut	credit	union	($850	million)	–	System
▪	 New	England	holding	company	($26	billion)	–	             Selection Advisory Service and Contract Negotiation
   Branch Automation System Contract Negotiation
                                                         ▪	 Michigan	credit	union	($504	million)	–	ATM
▪	 West	Coast	private	bank	and	wealth	management	           Processing System Contract Negotiation
   company – Internet Banking / Bill Pay Contract
   Renegotiation                                         ▪	 Large	New	York	credit	union	($2.7	billion)	–	Core
                                                            and Call Center System Contracts Negotiation
▪	 Large	Southeast	credit	union	($3.3	billion)	–	
   EFT Contract Negotiation (as part of merger           ▪	 New	England	credit	union	($1	billion)	–	Contract
   integration)                                             Renegotiation

▪				Independent	New	York	community	bank	($5	            ▪	 Small	Washington	credit	union	($261	million)	–	
     billion) – Contract Negotiation for Core System        Core System Contract Negotiation
     Renewal and EFT Consolidation
▪	 Iowa	community	bank	($2	billion)	–	Contract
   Negotiation for Core System Renewal
▪	 Massachusetts	savings	bank	($1	billion)	–	Trust
   System Contract Negotiation                                          ABOUT CORNERSTONE ADVISORS
                                                                   Cornerstone provides a wide spectrum of advisory
▪	 Ohio	bank	($6	billion)	–	Core Services Contract                 services to banks and credit unions, including:
                                                                      ●	 Efficiency	Improvement
▪	 Midwest	bank	holding	company	($13	billion)	–	                      ●	 Benchmarking
   Core Services Contract Renegotiation                               ●	 Best	Practice	Banking
▪	 Illinois	bank	($800	million)	–	Contract Negotiation                ●	 Strategic	Planning
   for Internet Banking and EFT Contracts                             ●	 Process	Improvement
                                                                      ●	 Technology	Assessment	
▪	 East	Coast	savings	bank	($707	million)	–	EFT
   Contract Negotiation                                               ●	 Technology	Planning
                                                                      ●	 System	Selection
                                                                      ●	 Conversion	Services
                                                                      ●	 Contract	Negotiation	
                                                                      ●	 Merger	Integration
                                                                      ●	 Risk	Management

                                                                   Cornerstone publishes The Cornerstone Report:
                                                                   Benchmarks and Best Practices for Mid-Size Banks;
                                                                   The Cornerstone Report: Benchmarks and Best
                                                                   Practices for Credit Unions; and GonzoBanker

                                                                          Where strategy
                                                                         meets execution

                                            Successful Mergers and Acquisitions:
Can this marriage work?                     How to Create and Reap the Benefits
Mergers are a lot like relationships.
The early stages of courtship and
relationship building, to getting           From the early stages of negotiation and due diligence to when the final deal is struck, an
married and finally settling down to        “integration” mindset needs to be at play. An “integration mindset” addresses the strategic,
raise a family, often exhibit a range
of complicated organizational and           operational and cultural aspects of the merged organizations starting at the assessment
human dynamics.                             phase (what are the pros and cons), carries through to detailed analysis during due
The human factors, or “cultures” of
                                            diligence and negotiation (how do we leverage the best of both), and finally through to
organizations are often what derail         transition planning and integration (committing to building something greater).
what “on paper” makes sound
financial and operational sense. Thus,      Cornerstone Advisors brings a unique set of skills and methodology to help banks and
the thoughtful and artful integration
of strategy, structure and culture are      credit unions through this process.
critical to making the integration
process smoother.                           Finding the Right Partner – Cornerstone’s broad based strategy, technology and
Following these key steps is essential      operations consulting practice combined with our vast network of business relationships
to your institution’s success and “living   can assist CEOs and Boards in finding potential candidates for a merger, joint venture or
happily ever after”:
                                            alliance partnership.
  • Don’t rush the wedding. Conduct
    extensive due diligence and             Merger Assessment – Cornerstone’s expertise in virtually every area of financial institution
    merger assessments on both the
    business and the culture.               operations combined with our comprehensive best practices database help CEOs and
                                            Boards look efficiently and opportunistically at the benefits and challenges associated with
  • Select a Merger Integration
    Executive who can effectively           a potential merger or acquisition. Knowing when to walk away from a potential deal can be
    provide leadership in both the          as important as moving forward with one.
    “hard and soft” areas.

  • Insecurity is the enemy. Be honest      Due Diligence and Negotiation – Cornerstone has found that the only way to take
    with employees about how the
    merger will affect them. Over-
                                            the “deep dive” into what makes sense for both organizations is to have a clear set
    communicate and maintain                of performance benchmarks against which to evaluate the functions of all entities.
    integrity!                              Cornerstone’s strategic, benchmarking and best practice assessments bring a totally
  • Minimize loss of key people through     objective focus to the negotiating table, making it easier for Boards to decide to move
    effective organizational assessment
    and internal recruitment.
                                            forward with the decision to execute a merger.
  • Keep merger integration teams           NewCo Strategic Planning – Once it is determined that “the deal has wheels,” the
    focused on industry Best Practices.
                                            development and/or integration of each organization’s strategy needs to move forward
                                            with a singular focus. Cornerstone works with your senior level team(s) to help set the stage
                                            for integration teams by creating a consensus around vision, mission, guiding principles
                                            and long term strategy for the new organization.

                                            Transition Management and Merger Integration – Cornerstone consultants bring broad
                                            based experience and skill sets in creating change architectures that address and align
7272 E. Indian School Road                  the strategy, systems and cultural dimensions of organizations. Our wide range of services
Suite 400
                                            includes assisting in the design of change management architecture, facilitating merger
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Tel 480.423.2030                            integration teams, and providing hands-on assistance with system selection, technology
Fax 480.481.6076                            conversions, process and organization design, and implementation of best practices.
ENGAGEMENTS                                                       WHY CORNERSTONE?
                                                                  • The merger and acquisition process is a very complex
• Cornerstone provided comprehensive merger integration             one, filled with potential land mines at every turn. Done
  services associated with the acquisition of a $600 million        correctly, however, with respect for corporate cultures, a
  bank by a $10 billion West Coast regional bank. Services          focus on best practices, and a clear strategic path for the
  included the creation of a technology integration plan            combined institution, the M &A process can ultimately
  and oversight of the smaller bank’s conversion to the             result in a much stronger franchise.
  larger bank’s core system. Cornerstone also worked closely
  with merger integration process teams responsible for           • Cornerstone’s in-depth knowledge of financial institution
  back and front office integration, transition planning and        operations and technology, objective benchmarking and
  integration project management.                                   best practice analysis, and strategic industry outlook can
                                                                    assist you and your Boards of Directors in capturing the
• Cornerstone conducted a Merger Assessment for two East            organizational synergy your shareholders, employees and
  Coast credit unions of similar size and market area to assist     customers are expecting.
  the Boards of Directors in understanding the pros and
  cons of a proposed merged institution.                          • Cornerstone focuses exclusively on providing services to
                                                                    mid-size banks and credit unions. Our consultants offer
• Cornerstone provided a core system assessment for two             senior level experience in every major functional area
  Midwest regional banks to determine which core system             of bank and credit union operations. With our extensive
  could best meet the needs of the new $14 billion bank.            portfolio of projects and ”hands-on” expertise, let us
  Under pressure with a very short timeframe to come to a           help you though the critical M &A decision making and
  decision, Cornerstone worked with the client to conduct           integration process.
  a business needs and technology assessment as well as
  provided contract negotiation assistance.

• Cornerstone was the merger integration consultant for a
  $1.6 billion publicly held East Coast bank resulting from
  the merger of two smaller institutions. Cornerstone’s
  services included providing a comprehensive merger
  integration plan that addressed organization, processes,
  products and technology systems. Cornerstone worked
  closely with the senior teams and merger integration
  teams from both banks to facilitate a smooth integration
  of the two institutions.

• Cornerstone conducted a comprehensive Technology
  Assessment for a $250 million credit union in the process
  of acquiring a $70 million institution. The assessment
  looked at all core, ancillary, telephone and infrastructure
  systems and provided a recommended technology
  integration path for the two institutions.

• In this “merger of equals”, Cornerstone worked closely
  with the CIOs of two Midwest banks merging into a $1.4
  billion bank to assess short-term integration requirements
  as well as a long-term technology plan for the combined
  institution. As part of the engagement, Cornerstone
  conducted a comprehensive assessment of all core and
  ancillary systems of the two institutions including an             ABOUT CORNERSTONE ADVISORS
  organizational assessment of both I.T. organizations.              Cornerstone Advisors provides a wide spectrum of advisory services to banks
                                                                     and credit unions nationwide, including Best Practice Banking, Strategic
                                                                     Planning, Process Improvement, Technology Assessment and Planning, System
                                                                     Selection, Contract Negotiation, Conversion Oversight, Risk Management
                                                                     and Merger Advisory Services. Cornerstone publishes GonzoBanker and The
                                                                     Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Mid-Size Banks and The
                                                                     Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Credit Unions.
From Strategy to Execution
 Merger Assistance and Conversion Management Services
 Cornerstone works hard to help our clients stay at the top of their game. They are good enough to
 not only let us know we did it well, but also to allow us to share their words.

 “Enormously Complex Project”                                                 “The Best Yet Was Their Project Management of Our
 Banner Bank                                                                  Conversion Process”
 During our acquisition of a Pacific Northwest bank, which required           OmniAmerican Credit Union
 consolidation of two complex banking systems and service bureau              We engaged Cornerstone for core vendor conversion support, which
 environments, Cornerstone‘s conversion methodology played a key role.        included vendor selection, contract negotiation and conversion project
 Their team managed an enormously complex project, using development          management. During the vendor selection, Cornerstone’s industry
 and testing methodologies that involved real-time, online systems            knowledge helped our credit union quickly pick the best vendor for us.
 and infrastructure changes. This was done on time, with no business          Contract negotiation resulted in a significant savings, which almost
 disruption. The expertise Cornerstone contributed throughout the project     paid for the entire engagement. And the best yet was their project
 was extremely valuable.                                                      management of our conversion process, where we converted fourteen
 –Steve Rust, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer          systems over one weekend.
                                                                              –Jim Evans, CIO

 “Our Merger and System Conversion Were
 Done On Time and On Budget”                                                  “Extremely Successful Conversion”
 FNB Huntsville                                                               Royal Credit Union
 A Cornerstone consultant led the effort to merge and convert our bank        The Cornerstone team did an excellent job facilitating the core conversion
 with our largest in-town competitor when that bank was closed by the         process. Their active participation and guidance resulted in a well
 FDIC in the 1990s. The merger and system conversion were done on time        prepared staff and membership base and an extremely successful
 and on budget, resulting in a major win for our stockholders. This was       conversion. We leveraged Cornerstone’s wealth of industry knowledge and
 also a major win for our community, since the assets of the failed bank      best practices to ensure that all aspects of the conversion were addressed.
 were maintained in the community and banking relationships were not          –Mark H. Willer, Chief Operating Officer
 absorbed by the second-place bidder, a major out-of-town competitor.
 –Jim Coleman, President
                                                                              “We Could Not Have Chosen a Better Consulting
                                                                              Partner Than Cornerstone”
 “Expertise in Planning Proved to Be Invaluable”                              Texans Credit Union
 Signal Financial Corporation
                                                                              We could not have chosen a better consulting partner than Cornerstone.
 Cornerstone worked with our bank on a system conversion, the merger          Cornerstone presented us with a proven conversion project framework
 of two bank charters and the relocation of the company’s operations          and helped us modify it to fit our credit union, our staff and all of the
 and data center. Their expertise in planning proved to be invaluable.        nuances that made our conversion different from the rest. Once the plan
 With the sudden loss of the Chief Information Officer during the project,    was set in motion, Cornerstone kept our conversion on track throughout
 a Cornerstone professional took on the role of Interim CIO and assisted      the nine month-long project. Cornerstone’s “sixth sense” of when to play a
 management in the search for a replacement CIO. I highly recommend           lead role and when to let us take the reins contributed to a great working
 Cornerstone for any banking, systems or operations related consulting        relationship.
                                                                              –Tim McCoy, Vice President, Planning and Project Management
 –David Ortega, Chief Information Officer

                                                                              “This Wasn’t Cornerstone’s First ‘Rodeo’”
 “Trusted Advice and Guidance”                                                Texans Credit Union
 San Antonio Federal Credit Union
                                                                              With the assistance of the experienced professionals from Cornerstone,
 Good consulting of system conversions comes from a shared                    our core conversion was completed on time, on budget and error free.
 understanding of what needs to be done and who should do it. When            Bottom line, the benefit provided to our conversion team was that this
 SACU went from a service bureau environment to an in-house solution,         wasn’t Cornerstone’s first “rodeo.” Their guidance and oversight gave us
 we had a great conversion because of the trusted advice and guidance         the ability and confidence to tackle and successfully complete a massive
 from Cornerstone.                                                            project, our first conversion in over 20 years.
 –Jeff Farver, President and CEO                                              –Greg Gallant, Chief Operating Officer

(480) 423-2030                                                                                                 
 More Merger Assistance and Conversion Management Services Client Testimonials

“Cornerstone’s Experience, Project Plan Guidance and                          “Their Guidance and Expertise was Essential”
Support Were Priceless During Our Core Conversion”                            Community Savings (Canada)
Oregon Community Credit Union                                                 On a particularly challenging project with major software development
Having Cornerstone’s experience, project plan guidance and support (both      requirements and several parties locked in adversarial controversy,
morale and advocate) was priceless during our core conversion. We had a       Cornerstone Advisors’ guidance proved to be a godsend. Their guidance
successful conversion; one that most of our members never knew occurred.      and expertise was essential to the eventual success of the project.
Much of this success rests with Cornerstone. Oregon Community used            –Wayne Morris, Senior Project Manager
Cornerstone Advisors’ services well before our conversion and have since
turned to them for another engagement as we consider them one of our
most trusted and valued partners.
–Sherrie Herndon, VP Information Technology
                                                                              “A Terrific Partner”
                                                                              Cornerstone Advisors was a terrific partner for one of our credit union
“Like Adding Multiple Experienced Project Managers”                           clients that converted to a service bureau environment. Cornerstone’s
                                                                              conversion oversight team helped the credit union remain focused so our
Oregon Community Credit Union                                                 team could focus on the intricate technical details. Their strategic and
Having Cornerstone on our host system conversion team was like adding         organizational oversight worked hand in hand with what we needed to
multiple experienced project managers. They asked our vendor the hard         complete a successful core implementation.
questions; they insisted on reaching project milestones on time; and          –Gary Glenn, Senior Vice President, Technology Services and Payment
they told us what we needed to hear about our own performance along           Systems Services
the way. Cornerstone made the difference for us. I recommend them
–Mandy Jones, President and CEO
                                                                              “One of the Best Decisions We’ve Made”
                                                                              Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union

“Instrumental in Every Phase of Our Core Conversion”                          Working with Cornerstone on our conversion project was one of the
Northern Federal Credit Union                                                 best decisions we’ve made. Their assistance with project oversight
                                                                              contributed to the success of the conversion in many ways. The
Cornerstone was instrumental in every phase of our core conversion.           consultant’s experience helped us navigate away from mistakes and
They assisted us with the vendor selection process, due diligence, contract   delays and directed our energies to the tasks necessary to stay on track.
negotiations and the conversion itself. We experienced a very successful      Their project plans kept our senior managers informed and satisfied our
conversion due in large part to the assistance of Cornerstone. I highly       examiners.
recommend their services.                                                     –Don Rudolph, VP/Chief Information Officer
–Victor James, Vice President

(480) 423-2030                                                                                                

                                                              Where strategy
                                                             meets execution

                                 Risk Management Services
                                 Financial institutions today are under growing pressure from the consuming
How much is enough?              public and the regulators to increase their preparedness for adverse events at
Cornerstone helps you            the same time that earning pressures are throttling investments. Cornerstone
prioritize your dollars spent    Advisors brings knowledge of the best practices available and the expectations of
on risk management and           the regulators to help you get the best value for your investments in areas such as
provides informed opinions       information security and business continuity.
as to the expenditures that
most concern regulators and      Proven Experience - Cornerstone has real life experience working with
your internal and external       federal regulators and external auditors in preparing for and responding to IT
stakeholders.                    examinations and security events in the mid-size banking market. Cornerstone
                                 brings knowledge of IT governance best practices into focus with the specialized
Combined with industry           needs of the industry such as GLBA and anti-phishing to custom tailor a program
knowledge as to the products     for your institution that manages risk in the most cost effective manner.
available and product pricing,
Cornerstone helps you            Industry Knowledge - Cornerstone is thoroughly familiar with the expectations
understand when it is okay to    of regulators as regards IT governance in the key areas that most affect financial
say NO to a request to enhance   institutions. Based on experience working with the regulators in actual exams,
your security umbrella or your   Cornerstone brings to the table best practices that can help you focus your
Business Continuity Plan.
                                 investment and staff time by working on tasks the regulators care most about.
                                 More Compliance for Fewer Dollars - Financial institutions typically spend
                                 10% – 15% of their operating budgets on technology every year. Cornerstone
                                 helps you prioritize your dollars spent on risk management and provides
                                 informed opinions as to the expenditures that most concern regulators and your
                                 internal and external stakeholders. Combined with industry knowledge as to
                                 the products available and product pricing, Cornerstone helps you understand
                                 when it is okay to say NO to a request to enhance your security umbrella or your
                                 Business Continuity Plan.
                                 Assessing Risk - In risk management, there is an expectation that a financial
                                 institution is continually assessing risk. While the majority of institutions take
                                 that charge seriously, handicaps exist as to the ability to do that internally on
                                 a consistent basis. Threats are constantly changing as well as the expectations
                                 of the regulators and the desires and concerns of our customers. Properly
7272 E. Indian School Road       trained and certified business continuity and information security personnel are
Suite 400                        getting harder and harder to find and retain in mid-size financial institutions.
Scottsdale, AZ 85251             Cornerstone’s assessment of your current information security or disaster
Tel 480.423.2030
Fax 480.481.6076                 recovery program gives your internal staff a leg up on maintaining a best
                                 practices Risk Management program.
IT Disaster Recovery Assessment                                      Business Continuity Planning
A Cornerstone IT Disaster Recovery Assessment provides an            Cornerstone’s Business Continuity Planning Services focus on
objective review of how prepared your institution is to handle       preparing your entire organization for continuity of operations in the
adverse events within the IT infrastructure. In today’s business     event of a disaster that affects one or more of your business units
setting, your computing environment can change significantly         (including branches). The purpose of the engagement is to increase
over time – as a result of a new core system, merger and             the level of preparedness within your business units. Cornerstone
acquisition, or other significant event. Cornerstone stands ready    looks at the organization and quality of your Business Continuity
to help you respond to such changes with an assessment of and        Plan at the enterprise level. We assist you in creating a plan that
revision to your existing disaster recovery plans.                   is responsive to the needs to get business units back in operation
                                                                     quickly with the necessary resources. Our goal is to involve the
We analyze your organization’s IT disaster recovery environment      personnel in your organization that are responsible for business
and your existing Disaster Recovery Plan from the top down. We       continuity to the extent that they will be able to maintain and test the
utilize Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) standards   plan in future years.
to review the plan and its underlying computing environment.
We also review every technology initiative under way in the          We use processes advocated by the Disaster Recovery Institute
organization and ensure that the plan is revised to accommodate      International (DRI) to review the plan and to bring it into
the future direction of technology at your institution.              conformance with best practices. The four major steps of this service
                                                                     offering are:
As a follow-on to the review, Cornerstone performs a gap
analysis between the IT Disaster Recovery Plan currently in place     • Enterprise Wide Risk Assessment - Cornerstone uses our
and industry best practices (and Federal Financial Institution          knowledge of the complexity and size of your institution to
Examination Council regulations). We provide recommendations            define the likely threats to your organization. We work with
for filling the gaps along with an investment roadmap that will         key members of your business units to devise a composite
allow your institution to immediately focus on its most current         threat assessment by business area. We assign probabilities to
business continuity needs and plan for gradual improvements to          the defined risks and review the list and probabilities with the
the IT Disaster Recovery Plan over time.                                management of each business area.

                                                                      • Enterprise Wide Business Impact Analysis - Cornerstone works
                                                                        further with key business personnel to determine the resources
Information Security Program                                            they would need at time of disaster and the prioritization of
                                                                        restoration of their key business functions so we can determine
Assessment                                                              recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Financial institutions are coming under increased pressure by         • Design and Construction of an Enterprise Wide Business
customers and regulators to defend customer data in their               Continuity Plan - Based on the RTOs and the resource plans for
possession against a security breach. Under the requirements            the individual business units, Cornerstone develops (or modifies)
of the GLBA Information Security Act, each financial institution        your Business Continuity Plan to accommodate recovery of the
is required to have a written Information Security Program that         key functions of the business units. A key component of the
is effective for use in managing and executing Information              plan will be establishment of command and control processes
Security Risk Assessments. A Cornerstone Information Security           including Escalation Procedures, Emergency Response Team
Program Assessment provides your institution with insight as to         Operations, Vendor Contact Lists and Recovery Plans.
the overall effectiveness of its Information Security Program with
recommendations for improving policies, procedures and, most          • Testing and Maintenance of the Business Continuity Plan - Key
importantly, the Information Security Risk Assessment itself.           to maintaining an effective Business Continuity Plan is ongoing
                                                                        testing and maintenance. Cornerstone assists you in developing
We analyze your organization’s Information Security Program from        a testing schedule of table top exercises and assists in performing
the top down, looking at the program in its entirety. We compare        the first series of tests. Roles and responsibilities are reviewed and
your Information Security Program against the standards as set          recommendations made for ongoing upkeep and reissue of the
forth by the FFIEC. The emphasis of this engagement is to review        plan.
and improve your Information Security Program and to develop a
best practice Risk Assessment that your organization can execute     Cornerstone assists you in developing a Business Continuity Plan
for years to come.                                                   that works in coordination with your IT Disaster Recovery Plan to
                                                                     ensure your organization can run uninterrupted in the face of adverse
Following the review, Cornerstone performs a gap analysis            situations. Based on our knowledge of what situations have been
between the Information Security Program currently in place          affecting our customers and the banking industry, we can help you
and industry best practices (and FFIEC regulations). Our findings    prepare your organization before an event happens.
and recommendations are presented in a ½ day meeting with
the Management Team responsible for Information Security at
your organization. The goal of the meeting is to get buy in from
all involved on the current effectiveness of the program and the
recommendations for improvement. Following the meeting,
Cornerstone provides assistance as needed by your organization         ABOUT CORNERSTONE ADVISORS
to implement the recommendations. As part of the engagement,            Cornerstone Advisors provides a wide spectrum of advisory services to banks
Cornerstone provides templates of policies we have seen used            and credit unions nationwide, including Best Practice Banking, Strategic
successfully at financial institutions of comparable size and           Planning, Process Improvement, Technology Assessment and Planning, System
complexity and a comprehensive list of those areas of concern we        Selection, Contract Negotiation, Conversion Oversight, Risk Management
see in your current program.                                            and Merger Advisory Services. Cornerstone publishes GonzoBanker and The
                                                                        Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Mid-Size Banks and The
                                                                        Cornerstone Report: Benchmarking and Best Practices for Credit Unions.

                                                                        Where strategy
                                                                       meets execution

                                                                 Representative Bank Client List

                             Banks $1 Billion+ in Assets
                             • 1st National Bank ($2.9 billion), Scottsdale, AZ          • County Bank ($1.9 billion), Merced, CA
professionals have           • 1st Source Bank ($3.7 billion), South Bend, IN            • Danversbank ($1.7 billion), Danvers, MA
had the good                 • ABN AMRO (EUR $987 billion)                               • Farm Credit Bank ($12.8 billion), Austin, TX
fortune over the past        • AMCORE Financial ($5.2 billion), Rockland, IL             • Farmers & Merchants Bank ($1.4 billion),
                             • American National Bank ($1.5 billion), Omaha, NE            Lodi, CA
decade to partner                                                                        • FHLB Atlanta ($100 billion), Atlanta, GA
                             • American Savings Bank ($5.6 billion), Honolulu, HI
with hundreds of             • AMTRUST ($18 billion), Cleveland, OH                      • First Banks, Inc. ($10.1 billion), Hazelwood, MO
financial institutions       • Anchor Bancorp ($1.2 billion), Wayzata, MN                • First Charter Bank ($4.3 billion), Charlotte, NC
of all sizes on a wide       • Arvest Bank Operations, Inc. ($9.8 billion), Rogers, AR   • First Citizens Bank ($15 billion), Raleigh, NC
                             • Associated Banc-Corp ($20.5 billion), Green Bay, WI       • First Community Bank ($2.8 billion),
variety of consulting        • Astoria Federal ($21.5 billion), Lake Success, NY           Albuquerque, NM
engagements.                 • Bank Atlantic ($6.1 billion), Ft. Lauderdale, FL          • First Federal Bank of Calif. ($9.2 billion),
                                                                                           Los Angeles, CA
These pages present          • Bank Leumi USA ($5.7 billion)
                             • Bank of Hawaii ($11 billion), Honolulu, HI                • First Financial Bank ($3.9 billion), Hamilton, OH
a sampling of our                                                                        • First Indiana Bank ($2.1 billion), Indianapolis, IN
                             • Bank of Oklahoma ($14.3 billion), Tulsa, OK
bank clients.                • Bank of Stockton ($1.9 billion), Stockton, CA             • First Interstate Bank ($4.9 billion), Billings, MT
                             • Bank Rhode Island ($1.4 billion), Providence, RI          • FirstMerit Corporation ($10.6 billion), Akron, OH
                             • BankUnited ($13.7 billion), Houston, TX                   • First Midwest Bank ($6.2 billion), Itasca, IL
                             • Banner Bank ($3.4 billion), Walla Walla, WA               • First Mutual Bank ($1 billion), Bellevue, WA
                             • Bridgeview B&T ($1.3 billion), Bridgeview, IL             • First Niagara Bancorp ($7.9 billion), Buffalo, NY
                             • Cape Cod Five Cents Savings ($1.6 billion),               • First Place Bank ($3.2 billion), Warren, OH
                               Orleans, MA                                               • First Republic Bank ($11.6 billion), San Francisco, CA
                             • Capital Corp of the West ($1.6 billion), Stockton, CA     • Firstrust Bank ($2.2 billion), Conshohocken, PA
                             • Capitol Federal Savings Bank ($8.2 billion),              • Guaranty Bank ($16 billion), Dallas, TX
                               Topeka, KS                                                • Hancock Bancorp ($3.2 billion), Gulfport, MS
                             • Cardinal Bank ($1.6 billion), McLean, VA                  • Harleysville National Bank ($3.2 billion),
                             • Central Bancompany ($6.1 billion), Jefferson City, MO       Harleysville, PA
                             • Chittenden B&T ($5.5 billion), Burlington, VT             • Hillcrest Bank ($1.2 billion), Kansas City, MO
                             • Citizens Banking Corporation ($8.7 billion), Flint, MI    • Hills Bank and Trust Co. ($1.8 billion), Hills, IA
                             • City National Bank ($14.6 billion), Beverly Hills, CA     • HomeStreet Bank ($2.4 billion), Seattle, WA
                             • CNB Bank ($1 billion), Clearfield, PA                     • Horizon Bank ($1.2 billion), Bellingham, WA
                             • ColeTaylorBank ($3.3 billion), Rosemont, IL               • Independent Bank Corporation ($2.7 billion),
                             • Columbia Bank ($4 billion), Fairlawn, NJ                    Ionia, MI
7272 E. Indian School Road   • Community Bank ($4.7 billion), DeWitt, NY                 • Keystone Nazareth B& T ($2.9 billion), Bethlehem, PA
Suite 400                                                                                • Liberty Bank ($2.5 billion), Middletown, CT
Scottsdale, AZ 85251         • Community First Bankshares ($6.5 billion), Fargo, ND
Tel 480.423.2030             • Community Trust Bancorp ($2.4 billion), Pikeville, KY     • M & I Bank ($2.8 billion), Las Vegas, NV
Fax 480.481.6076                                                                         • Marquette Bank ($1.8 billion), Orland Park, IL
                             • CompassBank ($34.1 billion), New Bedford, MA
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                                Banks $1 Billion+ in Assets
                                • MB Financial Bank ($7.5 billion), Chicago, IL          • RBC Bank ($26 billion), Raleigh, NC
                                • Mechanics Bank ($2.7 billion), Richmond, CA            • Riverside National Bank ($4.3 billion), Ft. Pierce, FL
                                • Merchantil Commercebank ($5.5 billion),                • Rockland Trust Company ($2.8 billion), Rockland, MA
                                  Coral Gables, FL                                       • Salem Five Cents Savings Bank ($2.8 billion), Salem MA
                                • Metropolitan Bank Group ($3.4 billion), Chicago, IL    • Silicon Valley Bank ($5.6 billion), Santa Clara, CA
                                • MidCountry Financial ($1 billion), Macon, GA           • Sovereign Bank ($89.5 billion), Boston, MA
                                • MidFirst Bank ($11.1 billion), Oklahoma City, OK       • Southern Community ($1.2 billion), Winston-Salem, NC
ADVISORS                        • National Penn Bank ($4.5 billion), Boyertown, PA       • The South Financial Group ($14.3 billion), Greenville, SC
                                • NEB Corporation ($1.2 billion), Fond du Lac, WI        • Star Financial ($1.5 billion), Indianapolis, IN
Cornerstone Advisors provides   • NBT Bancorp ($5.2 billion), Norwich, NY                • Stillwater National Bank and Trust ($2 billion),
a wide spectrum of advisory
                                • NewBridge Bank ($2 billion), Greensboro, NC              Stillwater, OK
services to banks and credit
unions nationwide, including    • Old National Bancorp ($8 billion), Evansville, IN      • Think Mutual Bank ($1.4 billion), Rochester, MN
Best Practice Banking,          • Park National Corp. ($4.9 billion), Newark, OH         • TIB - The Independent BankersBank ($1.6 billion),
Strategic Planning, Process     • Parkway Bank & Trust Co. ($1.8 billion), Harwood         Dallas, TX
Improvement, Technology           Heights, IL                                            • Union Bank of California ($51.9 billion), San
Assessment and Planning,
System Selection, Contract
                                • Partner’s Trust Bank ($3.7 billion), Utica, NY           Francisco, CA
Negotiation, Conversion         • People’s United Bank ($20.5 billion), Bridgeport, CT   • Washington Federal, Inc. ($9 billion), Seattle, WA
Oversight, Risk Management      • Prosperity Bank ($1 billion), St. Augustine, FL        • Washington Trust Company ($2.3 billion), Westerly, RI
and Merger Advisory Services.   • Provident Bank ($1.7 billion), Riverside, CA           • Whitney National Bank ($11 billion), New Orleans, LA
Cornerstone publishes           • Rabobank, N.A. ($5 billion), Roseville, CA             • WSFS Financial Corp. ($1.3 billion), Wilmington, DE
GonzoBanker and
The Cornerstone Report:
Benchmarking and Best
Practices for Mid-Size Banks
and The Cornerstone Report:
                                Banks Under $1 Billion in Assets
Benchmarking and Best           • American Bancshares ($455 million), Newport            • Georgia Bank & Trust Company ($988 million),
Practices for Credit Unions.      Beach, CA                                                Augusta, GA
                                • Baker-Boyer National Bank ($376 million),              • Greenfield Savings ($616 million), Greenfield, MA
                                  Walla Walla, WA                                        • Heartland Bank ($754 million), St. Louis, MO
                                • Bank of Blue Valley ($676 million), Overland           • Home National Bank ($874 million), Scottsdale, AZ
                                  Park, KS                                               • HomeTrust Bank ($989 million), Asheville, NC
                                • Bank of the Carolinas ($454 million), Advance, NC      • Liberty Bank for Savings ($745 million), Chicago, IL
                                • Butte Community Bank ($281 million), Chico, CA         • Newtown Savings Bank ($764 million), Newtown, CT
                                • Carver Federal Savings Bank ($765 million),            • Northway Financial ($645 million), Berlin, NH
                                  New York, NY                                           • NOVA Savings Bank ($430 million), Berwyn, PA
                                • CFBank ($275 million), Fairlawn, OH                    • Ozaukee Bank ($707 million), Cedarburg, WI
                                • Citywide Banks ($923 million), Aurora, CO              • Peoples Bank ($667 million), Newton, NC
                                • Darby Bank ($661 million), Vidalia, GA                 • Pioneer Savings Bank/Pioneer Commercial Bank
                                • Dime Bank ($620 million), Norwich, CT                    ($750 million), Troy, NY
                                • The Fauquier Bank ($521 million), Warrenton, VA        • Plumas Bank ($400 million), Quincy, CA
                                • First Banking Center ($757 million), Lake              • Pulaski Bank (718 million), St. Louis, MO
                                  Geneva, WI                                             • QCR Holdings ($933 million), Moline, IL
                                • First Citizens Banc Corp ($580 million),               • Security Savings ($815 million), Salinas, KS
                                  Sandusky, OH
                                                                                         • Sunwest Bank ($302 million), Tustin, CA
                                • First Federal Savings Bank of Iowa ($516 million),
                                                                                         • Teche Federal Savings Bank ($693 million),
                                  Ft. Dodge, IA
                                                                                           New Iberia, LA
                                • First Reliance Bank ($458 million), Florence, SC
                                                                                         • Union National Community Bank ($515 million),
                                • Founders Bank ($954 million), Worth, IL                  Mount Joy, PA
                                • Fresno-Madera Farm Credit ($691 million),              • Warwick Bancorp ($600 million), Warwick, NY
                                  Fresno, CA
                                                                                         • Wolverine Bank ($304 million), Midland, MI
                                • Fullerton Community Bank ($700 million),
                                                                                         • Your Community Bank ($677 million), New Albany, IN
                                  Fullterton, CA

                                                                       Where strategy
                                                                      meets execution

                                                             Representative Credit Union Client List

                             Credit Unions $500 Million+ in Assets                • Los Angeles Firemen’s ($600 million), Los Angeles, CA
Cornerstone                                                                       • New England ($514 million), Williston, VT
                             • Allegacy ($1 billion), Winston-Salem, NC           • OnPoint Community ($2.2 billion), Portland, OR
professionals have           • Altura ($865 million), Riverside, CA               • Orange County’s ($538 million), Santa Ana, CA
had the good                 • American Airlines ($4.9 billion), Fort Worth, TX   • Patelco ($3.1 billion), San Francisco, CA
professionals have           • American Eagle ($994 million), East Hartford, CT
fortune over the past                                                             • Pawtucket ($1 billion), Pawtucket, RI
had the good                 • Apple ($915 million), Fairfax, VA                  • Penn. State Employees ($2.5 billion), Harrisburg, PA
decade to partner            • Arizona State ($1 billion), Glendale, AZ
fortune over the past                                                             • Randolph Brooks ($3 billion), Live Oak, TX
with hundreds of             • Bell Com ($2.2 billion), Grand Rapids, MI          • Redwood ($1.6 billion), Santa Rose, CA
decade to partner
financial institutions       • Bellco ($1.8 billion), Greenwood Village, CO       • Rockland ($1 billion), Rockland, MA
with hundreds of             • Bethpage ($2.4 billion), Bethpage, NY              • Royal ($794 million), Eau Claire, WI
of all sizes on a wide
financial institutions       • Boeing Employees’ ($7.1 billion), Tukwila, WA      • San Antonio ($2 billion), San Antonio, TX
variety of consulting        • California ($1.2 billion), Glendale, CA
of all sizes on a wide                                                            • Sandia Laboratory ($1 billion), Albuquerque, NM
engagements.                 • California Coast ($864 million), San Diego, CA     • School Employees ($572 million), Seattle, WA
variety of consulting        • Chevron ($963 million), Oakland, CA
These pages present                                                               • Seattle Metropolitan ($500 million), Seattle, WA
engagements.                 • Coastal ($1.9 billion), Raleigh, NC                • Sikorsky Financial ($513 million), Stanford, CT
a sampling of our
These pages present          • Columbia ($768 million), Vancouver, WA             • Space Coast ($1.4 billion), Melbourne, FL
credit union clients.        • Community Savings ($2.4 billion), Red Deer, AB     • Spokane Teachers ($845 million), Spokane, WA
a sampling of our
                             • CommunityAmerica ($1.4 billion), Lenexa, KS        • Stanford ($772 million), Palo Alto, CA
credit union clients.        • Corporate America Family ($545 million),           • Star One ($3.2 billion), Sunnyvale, CA
                               Elgin, IL                                          • Suffolk ($669 million), Medford, NY
                             • Desert Schools ($2.8 billion), Phoenix, AZ         • TDECU ($1.2 billion), Lake Jackson, TX
                             • Detroit Edison ($479 million), Detroit, MI         • Teachers ($1.2 billion), South Bend, IN
                             • DFCU Financial ($1.7 billion), Dearborn, MI        • Technology ($1.3 billion), San Jose, CA
                             • Dover ($2 billion), Dover, DE                      • Tinker ($1.4 billion), Tinker AFB, OK
                             • Eastman ($1.8 billion), Kingsport, TN              • Tropical Financial ($689 million), Miami, FL
                             • Educational Employees ($1.4 billion), Fresno, CA   • Tulsa Teachers ($635 million), Tulsa, OK
                             • Ent Federal ($8.1 billion), Colorado Springs, CO   • Unitus Community ($743 million), Portland, OR
                             • ESL ($2.8 billion), Rochester, NY                  • USA ($625 million), San Diego, CA
                             • FAIRWINDS ($1.3 billion), Orlando, FL              • Vancouver City Savings ($8.5 billion), Vancouver, BC
                             • Financial Partners ($710 million), Downey, CA      • Vantage West ($1 billion), Tucson, AZ
                             • First Tech ($1.5 billion), Beaverton, OR           • Washington State Employees ($1.3 billion),
                             • FORUM ($1 million), Fishers, IN                      Olympia, WA
                             • (The) Golden 1 ($6.1 billion), Sacramento, CA      • Wescom ($3.8 billion), Pasadena, CA
                             • Greater Nevada ($507 million), Carson City, NV     • Western ($1.1 billion), Manhattan Beach, CA
7272 E. Scottsdale Road
4725 N. Indian School Road   • GTE ($2.1 billion), Tampa, FL
Suite 250
Suite 400                                                                         • Worker’s ($598 million), Fitchburg, MA
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Scottsdale, AZ 85251         • Harborstone ($645 million), Tacoma, WA             • Wright-Patt ($1.1 billion), Fairborn, OH
Tel 480.423.2030
Tel 480.423.2030             • Kern Schools ($1.6 billion), Bakersfield, CA       • University of IA Community ($595 million), Iowa City, IA
Fax 480.481.6076
Fax 480.481.6076
                             • KeyPoint ($815 million), Santa Clara CA            • Xceed Financial ($733 million), El Segundo, CA            • Landmark ($700 million), New Berlin, WI
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                                Credit Unions Under $500 Million in Assets
                                • Air Force ($207 million), San Antonio, TX
                                • Alliance ($340 million), San Jose, CA
                                • American River HealthPro ($232 million), Sacramento, CA
                                • Amplify ($473 million), Austin, TX
ABOUT CORNERSTONE               • Arlington Virginia ($143 million), Arlington, VA
ADVISORS                        • AurGroup Financial ($140 million), Fairfield, OH
                                • Boeing Wichita ($452 million), Wichita, KS
Cornerstone Advisors provides
a wide spectrum of advisory
                                • Bronco ($116 million), Franklin, VA
services to banks and credit    • Congressional ($489 million), Washington, DC
unions nationwide, including    • Consumers ($19 million), Oshtemo, MI
Best Practice Banking,          • Credit Union West ($296 million), Glendale, AZ
Strategic Planning, Process
                                • Delaware ($174 million), Dover, DE
Improvement, Technology
Assessment and Planning,        • Dover ($198 million), Indianapolis, IN
System Selection, Contract      • Drover Street ($70 million), Indianapolis, IN
Negotiation, Conversion         • First New England ($58 million), East Hartford, CT
Oversight, Risk Management
                                • Fort Campbell ($239 million), Clarksville, TN
and Merger Advisory Services.
                                • Fort Financial ($166 million), Ft. Wayne, IN
Cornerstone publishes           • Franklin Mint ($392 million), Broomall, PA
GonzoBanker and
                                • Hanesbrands ($60 million), Winston-Salem, NC
The Cornerstone Report:
Benchmarking and Best           • Hoosier Hills ($318 million), Bedford, IN
Practices for Mid-Size Banks    • Kohler ($210 million), Kohler, WI
and The Cornerstone Report:     • Meridian Trust ($180 million), Cheyenne, WY
Benchmarking and Best           • Metro ($37 million), Superior, WI
Practices for Credit Unions.
                                • Midwest United ($161 million), Blue Springs, MO
                                • Missoula ($280 million), Missoula, MT
                                • North Country ($230 million), South Burlington, VT
                                • Northern ($70 million), Watertown, NY
                                • Ohio University ($188 million), Athens, OH
                                • Oxford ($111 million), Mexico, ME
                                • Postal ($482 million), Woodbury, MN
                                • Printing Industries ($26.8 million), Los Angeles, CA
                                • SCE ($388 million), El Monte, CA
                                • Seattle Metropolitan ($471 million), Seattle, WA
                                • Service One ($87 million), Bowling Green, KY
                                • Smart Financial ($346 million), Houston, TX
                                • Southern Lakes ($56 million), Kenosha, WI
                                • The Summit ($363 million), Rochester, NY
                                • Three Rivers ($430 million), Ft. Wayne, IN
Scottsdale, Arizona

Tel: 480.423.2030
Fax: 480.481.6076

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