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Liz Tallman, Editor March, 2007

Thursday, April 5,

Next Meeting

7:00 P.M.

McCoy Motors Community Room

Our new location is

361 N. Switzer Canyon Drive

Turn off Route 66 onto Switzer Canyon Drive (the street between Fry’s and Albertsons). Go .3 mile and turn left into the McCoy Motors parking lot. Use the “body shop” entrance at the middle of the 3 buildings and you will see the Conference Room straight ahead.

Liz Tallman and Doranna Durgin will do a brief presentation on the sport of Rally Obedience
Please invite anyone who might be interested to come to the meeting. The business meeting will start at approximately 8:00. Refreshments will be served. Board Meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. at Sizzler East. All members are welcome to attend.

General Meeting Agenda April 5, 2007
Roll Call Summary of Minutes of the last Board Meeting Minutes of last General Meeting Report of the President Request for Policy & Procedure Committee to begin after the show New City Parks & Rec Director and dates of Performance Match September 21-24 Senior Olympics Suggested dates September 8 and 9 Memo of Understanding (MOU) for the resodding of the obedience area at the fair grounds Needs to be specific as to who they will use for labor Needs to be specific that we will not spend more than $2,000 Reporting of Injuries Report of the Secretary Report of the Tresurer Election of New Members Unfinished Business May Match Possible Seminar Written Calendar of Events AKC Chip Information New Business Adjournment – Bitches and Brags

What a great presentation Dr. Lisa Ethridge gave us at last month's meeting. We sure learned a lot about sports injuries, especially ones that happen in obedience, let alone the anatomy of the injuries! She was superb and so were her handouts. We had a full house at our new meeting place (thanks to Liz Tallman) with over 30 participants. If you missed it and would like to see the handouts let me know. We finally have a place for our Spring Conformation match. It will be at the Flagstaff Middle School's soccer field. We will need volunteers to help set up and take down the rings, steward and just be runners. Marge has done wonders getting the match organized for us, but we now need to get volunteers for physical labor. Even if you are showing your dogs, we can make sure you will be able to do so and still be of help to us. The event can't take place without your assistance. We would also like to have a picnic after the match for everyone attending and all the helpers. If you have a yard you could volunteer we would love to hear about it, or a suggestion for a park would be great also. If someone would like to volunteer to put this together it would certainly be appreciated. I would like to challenge everyone to try and get one friend to join the club during the year. As we have programs lined up to be informative to everyone, I am hoping we can bring in more dog owners who aren't necessarily interested in dog showing, but just interested in dogs and would like to learn about their passion. With so many communities becoming more and more dog "unfriendly" we need to include the general dog population in our club so they can be informed. They eventually will be the ones we need to help us make Flagstaff a more dog friendly community. Again, join us for a fun meeting with a raffle at the end. If you have something to donate to this raffle please bring it. It sure makes for a pleasant ending. Pat Policastro

Notes From the President

FKC Officers President V. Pres. Secretary Treasurer Pat Policastro Marcy LePique Sherry Markel Joe Policastro 525-9885 714-9181 522-0826 525-9885

FKC Board Members Marge Anderson Karen Berggren Dottie Delegowski Liz Tallman Barbara Bates 779-6372 928-289-5406 527-0909 527-1736 527-9228 check out our own website maintained by Sherry Markel The Paws To Read website also maintained by Sherry The Sky High Jumpers Agility Club website The website for the Arizona Mountain Mushers Sled Dog Club The official website for the American Kennel Club

Flagstaff Kennel Club Minutes – March 8, 2007 McCoy Motors Community Room – 7:00 p.m.
In Attendance: Pat Policastro, Joe Policastro, Marcy LePique, Lisa Etheridge, Jane Cooley, Joan Oakes, Denise Dean, Beth Lenoski, Andrea Hands, Monique Akar, Stu Tuttle, Valerie Docktor, Denise Edwards, Cheri Engelhardt, Frank Engelhardt, Beth Rinaldi, Bob Belton, Cleo McMurphy, Kristen McMurphy, Chris Knorr, Shanyn Money, Caron Jones, Liz Tallman, Carol Kruse, Barbara Bates, Sherry Markel, Debbie Shepard, Dick Manges, Karen Berggren, Dottie Dalegowski, Cristine Henry 7:00 Presentation Packed room –everyone introduced themselves. Marcy LePique introduced the speaker, Dr.Lisa Ethridge, DVM with Canyon Pet Hospital, who spoke on how and why certain dogs get certain injuries and the treatments available. 8:40 General Club Meeting Performance Match – Cristine Henry reported that the agility club would prefer the earlier date in September on a Saturday. September 8 was the earlier weekend date. We need to have Marge check if the field would be open to us. We need to also check about Specialty/national conflicts. We would have a final vote on the date at the next meeting Spring Match - Pat reported that the spring match, April 29 if available, could be the confirmation match with a picnic afterwards. The fall match would be the performance match. Minutes from the February meeting were approved. Quarum - Pat requested consideration of a change in the number needed for a quorum. Most clubs give a 20% of members present for a vote. Perhaps it would be easier to amend the constitution. Denise Dean: Motion to propose an amendment to the constitution to require a 20% attendance at a meeting to allow a vote on issues. Marcy LePique seconded it. This would require a 2/3 of the membership to vote on this. This motion was passed. Then considerable discussion ensued. There was consensus that this should be mailed to the membership for the vote. Summer Meetings – we will reserve the McCoy Community Room for the summer meetings. Secretary’s Report – Officers information has been sent to AKC via email and fax. This will need to be updated with the addition of two new Board members: Barbara Bates and Dottie Dalegowski. Treasurer’s Report – Coconino Storage bill is two months in arrears. The amount due is $122. Motion was made to pay the bill. (This motion was eventually passed) There is a request for a donation from Second Chance and there was consensus that we do not have excess funds at this time for this. Joe gave the treasurer’s report. He will meet with the accountant next week. He is having a difficult time balancing the checkbook against the accounting records. Joe doesn’t think that we have a significant problem just a problem with the record keeping. The Board has recommended that Joe will re-start the books at 2007. The bad news is that to go back and fix and re-create IRS reporting may cost $3,000 - $6,000. in fines and fees. Penalties include $20. a day for years 2003, 2004 not to exceed $10,000. Joe will provide further information. He is waiting for Arizona Corporation Commission information. (This information is on the web and he will check.) Education Committee: Elna has a family emergency tonight Show Committee: Monique Akar showed a map of the fairgrounds. Food plans will feature a Philly menu and the next day will be Italian. We feed the judges and the ring stewards and helpers. The main thing is the tenting area. Last year we had six rings under the large tent area. By getting a wider tent with an aisle down the middle – this will allow ten rings under the tent and will save us $5,000. Rally will be in the barn. Entry will be limited to 120 instead of just 50. RV parking will be handled by Ron Batson – we will end up paying $100. The front of the commercial building has been taken off so we will put the catalog table under a tent. Pat will run this table with help from Marcy as it is often an information table. The trophies will be inside the building along with Onofrio and education. Purina will be in the barbeque area to provide trophies and handouts. One obedience ring – starting with this month, this is going to be scraped down and it will be made a smooth grassy area. The Memorandum of Understanding is about the grassy area and will be ready by next week. The second obedience ring is in good enough shape for this year. Monique met with Lisa and she found a credit of $330. The Premium list has been edited. We’ll be setting up on Friday of the show and we need volunteers to help set up, but even more we need volunteers for clean up on Monday. New Members: Second Readings Beth Lenoski (Kuvasz) Andrea Hands (Doberman) Debbie Shepard (West Highland Terrier) Congratulations to New Members! First Reading Lisa Ethridge (American Staffordshire Terrier, Shar Pei, French Bulldog)

Unfinished Business: Pat Policastro: We’re waiting for Marge to get the final dates for the matches. Seminars- we are looking into doing something small, a one day or two day specialty. Liz reported that she had talked with Joe Fain about doing this in August. She will get back with figures. There was a calendar of events published a long time ago. Monique said that in January they normally donate books to the library. Joe and Pat donated some books on showing and obedience that will be given to the public library. New business: Denise Dean announced the AKC microchip offer. Pat will send out the information to the membership. Pat said that we could do a clinic at the matches to install the chip. We would try to have a vet oversee this for liability issues. Carol Kruze has been approached by the Paw Placement folks for access to the membership list. We need to decide on our policy as to whether our list is available to a likeminded group. Motion to not allow the membership list given out to the public. Marci noted that an organization can approach the newsletter editor to have an announcement sent out. Confirmation classes sponsored by the club – Liz has offered to do this at her place with $5.00 fee. $2.50 will be given for the building and $2.50 will be given to the club. Marci moved that this motion be accepted and that it be set up for Tuesday at 7:00 PM. Motion passed. Liz must have your shot record before you can bring dogs on the property. There is a high demand for this in the club and the location may end up rotating. Newsletter Only Memberships- Liz was talking with a member who could not come to the club meetings on Thursday nights. A discussion ensued concerning a newsletter only membership. Joe pointed out that we do have an Associate Membership with a subscription fee for the newsletter. Liz made a motion to allow people who want a subscription to the newsletter for a price less than the price of a full membership $10.00. The motion passed. Adjourned at 10:00 PM Raffle gifts were passed out and enjoyed by all. Next month we promise to have a complete list of donors and recipients. We would like to thank the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for donating the caramel/chocolate apples that we served for refreshments. We would also like to thank Monique Akar for providing drinks and cookies for the meeting. Bitches & Brags Denise Dean – My Bernese Mt. Dog, Ben (Bull Valley Deer Park Benjamin), took a 3 and a 5 point major at the Scottsdale Show. Liz Tallman – Jane Cooley and Cynthia Childrey’s smooth collie, Abbey, is now listed as the No. 5 smooth collie in the

country. She went best of opposite sex at Westminster and has won several group placement in the last few months. Dottie Dalegowski – Our Portuguese Water Dog, Coalton, won the major on Monday. PWD Blaze, who we bred, won her championship. Respectfully submitted, Sherry Markel

Paw Placement of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff’s newest animal rescue organization, will be holding a fundraiser called “Strut Your Mutt” on Saturday, May 19 at Buffalo Park. Activities will include a dog walk, dog events, contests, and vendors. There will be plenty of fun for all dogs and their people! For more information call 6997586. Taking the Stink Out of Skunk This formula is a safe, fast and cheap skunk deodorant that was developed by chemist Paul Krebaum of Lisle, Illinois. The recipe includes: 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide ¼ cup baking soda 1 tsp. liquid soap. Skunk essence is made of sulfur molecules. The materials in the recipe when mixed together form an alkaline peroxide that chemically changes the skunk essence into sulfonic acid, a completely odorless chemical. Mix the solution when you are ready to use. Do not Store.

April Website suggestions: Here are more websites from Pat Policastro. Feel free to share your favorites with us for future newsletters.

This newsletter and website is for those who believe in continuing education. It reaches breeders in over 10 countries. Your friends can subscribe by contacting the site . Their email address will be placed on the mailing list for future newsletters. International Working Dog Breeders site. It has been updated. The papers are listed by speaker and title. Focus is on human relationships with animals and tracks legislation and activities of the animal rights groups. A must site if you are interested in legislation. American Kennel Clubs website. Use it to register litters online, advertise litters, and look up show results, special reports and what’s happening in the dog world. A new button for breeders is now available on the home page. - The largest dog library in the United States. 212-696-8246, (fax) 212-696-8281 Promotes the relationship between animals and people. Bob Vella’s site where he chats with pet lovers who want to learn. Interesting articles for day-to-day care American College of Veterinary Surgeons American Veterinary Medical Association American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists Vet medical data base Orthopedic Foundations for Animals (OFA). Offers easy ways to find dogs certified normal. Vertical and horizontal pedigree information. Animal Rehabilitation Central Canine illnesses Pet illness information Pet illnesses especially in older dogs Famous home of the sock puppet Pet prescriptions Canine behavior /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Next month’s newsletter will include an updated membership list. Please make sure that your dues are paid The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.

April 5 FKC General Meeting 7:00 – McCoy Motors Conference Room Liz Tallman/Doranna Durgin Rally Demo April 6, 7, 8, 9 Pair A’ Dice Cluster Black Mountain Kennel Club Silver State Kennel Club Las Vegas, NM Jack Bradshaw April 13 and 14 and 15 The Lost Dutchman Kennel Club All rings indoors Casa Grande, AZ Onofrio May 3 FKC General Meeting 7:00 – McCoy Motors Conference Room Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Program May 6 Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club All rings outdoors Sierra Vista, AZ Close April 18 Onofrio May 20 FKC Sanctioned Conformation Only Match Flag Middle School North (soccer) Field (across from Marshall School) June 7 FKC General Meeting 7:00 – McCoy Motors Conference Room Preparation for show June 9 and 10 FKC All Breed Show Date in September to be announced FKC Performance Fun Match Obedience, Rally, CGC, Agility

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