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WV Cancer Coalitions - West Virginia Comprehensive Cancer


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									                                        Cancer Coalitions in West Virginia
Coalition Name                           County ServedContact Person            Phone Number E-mail                          Website
All About Health                         Boone        Susan Shreve              x240         sshreve@bmh.org
Community Wellness                       Wood         Kelly Shook                            kelly_shook@suddenlink.net

Dan Blue Prostate Cancer Foundation,                                                                                         ueprostatec
2764 Daniels Avenue, South Charleston,                Pamela Hines Blue, MA,                                                 ancerfound
WV 25303                               all            NCC, President         304-419-4109 danbluepcf@gmail.com               ation.org

Eastern Panhandle Health and Human       Eastern
Services Coalition, Health Work Group    Panhandle    Dana Dejarnett                           ddejarnett@cityhospital.org
Fayette County Family Resource NetworkFayette         Aletha Stolar, Director   304-574-4338 fayettefrn@gmail.com            efrn.com

Gilmer Calhoun Chronic Disease           Gilmer,      Barb McKown, Minnie
Treatment and Prevention Coalition       Calhoun      Hamilton Health System 304-354-9244

Hampshire County Cancer Coalition        Hampshire    Patty Davis               304-822-7212 upslady@frontiernet.net

                                                                                             daylah42@live.com ;
                                                   Dayla Harvey,                             healthycoalition@mineralcoun
Healthy Mineral County Coalition      Mineral      AmeriCorps VISTA             304-788-9099 tyhealthdepartment.com
                                                   Jacqueline Weeks,
                                                   Director, Lewis County
                                                   Family Resource                                                           www.wvle
                                      Lewis        Network
Lewis County CARES (Cancer Awareness Requires Education and Screening)          304-269-4000 jweeks@wvlewisfrn.com           wisfrn.com
                                                   Shannon Meade,
Logan County Family Resource Network Logan         Coordinator                  304-792-1169 loganfrn@yahoo.com
McDowell County Family Resource
Network                               McDowell     Kathie Whitt
Monroe County Family Resource Network Monroe       Dorothy Larew                304-832-6670
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition        Wayne,
(NOCC) - West Virginia chapter           Putnam       Mary Glenn Rice           304-633-2068 maryglennrice@gmail.com
Nicholas County Family Resource
Network                                  Nicholas     Robin Brown                              nicholasfrn@frontier.com
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network       all         Annette Fetty-Santilli   304-457-6322 asantilli@pancanvolunteer.org
Pendleton County Cancer Survivorship
Network                                Pendleton   Don Harris                             donpac46@yahoo.com
Planned Approach to Community
Helath (PATCH)                                     Mary Landis              304-234-3776 marywhgfire@yahoo.com
Planned Approach to Community
Helath (PATCH), Medical Center of
Taylor County, 725 N. Pike Street,
Grafton, WV 26354                      Taylor      Carla Scharf, PA         304-265-4909 cscharf@mountain.net
Pleasants County Committee on Family               Debbie Thompson,
Issues                                 Pleasants   Coordinator              304-684-3962 cofi@suddenlinkmail.com

Roane County Family Resource Network   Roane       Cindy Carper, Director   304-927-6070 roanecountyfrn@frontier.com
Upshur County Family Resource                      Joyce-Harris-Thacker,
Network                                Upshur      Coordinator              304-473-1051 upshurfrn@yahoo.com
Wayne Awareness Toward Cancer and
Health (WATCH)                         Wayne       Caroline Schlatt         304-399-6562 robert26@marshall.edu
Webster County Cancer Education
Project (c/o First United Methodist
Church, WOW Health Education Center,
120 Church Street, Webster Springs,
WV 26288)                              Webster     Jean Tenney              304-847-5511 faveljt@hotmail.com
West Virginia Oncology Society         all         Julianne Shroyer         304-368-4575 julie@wvos.info
Wetzel County Cancer Coalition         Wetzel      Marily Thomas            304-775-2805
Wetzel County Cancer Coalition         Wetzel      Kittie Long              304-775-2175 rklong@ovis.net
WV Association for Family &                        Sheila Jackson,
Community Education (WV FACE)                      President                304-375-3839 sheilajackson5@gmail.com

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