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					                                        Cancer Coalitions in West Virginia
Coalition Name                           County ServedContact Person            Phone Number E-mail                          Website
All About Health                         Boone        Susan Shreve              x240
Community Wellness                       Wood         Kelly Shook                  

Dan Blue Prostate Cancer Foundation,                                                                                         ueprostatec
2764 Daniels Avenue, South Charleston,                Pamela Hines Blue, MA,                                                 ancerfound
WV 25303                               all            NCC, President         304-419-4109     

Eastern Panhandle Health and Human       Eastern
Services Coalition, Health Work Group    Panhandle    Dana Dejarnett                 
Fayette County Family Resource NetworkFayette         Aletha Stolar, Director   304-574-4338  

Gilmer Calhoun Chronic Disease           Gilmer,      Barb McKown, Minnie
Treatment and Prevention Coalition       Calhoun      Hamilton Health System 304-354-9244

Hampshire County Cancer Coalition        Hampshire    Patty Davis               304-822-7212

                                                   Dayla Harvey,                             healthycoalition@mineralcoun
Healthy Mineral County Coalition      Mineral      AmeriCorps VISTA             304-788-9099
                                                   Jacqueline Weeks,
                                                   Director, Lewis County
                                                   Family Resource                                                           www.wvle
                                      Lewis        Network
Lewis County CARES (Cancer Awareness Requires Education and Screening)          304-269-4000 
                                                   Shannon Meade,
Logan County Family Resource Network Logan         Coordinator                  304-792-1169
McDowell County Family Resource
Network                               McDowell     Kathie Whitt
Monroe County Family Resource Network Monroe       Dorothy Larew                304-832-6670
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition        Wayne,
(NOCC) - West Virginia chapter           Putnam       Mary Glenn Rice           304-633-2068
Nicholas County Family Resource
Network                                  Nicholas     Robin Brown                    
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network       all         Annette Fetty-Santilli   304-457-6322
Pendleton County Cancer Survivorship
Network                                Pendleton   Don Harris                   
Planned Approach to Community
Helath (PATCH)                                     Mary Landis              304-234-3776
Planned Approach to Community
Helath (PATCH), Medical Center of
Taylor County, 725 N. Pike Street,
Grafton, WV 26354                      Taylor      Carla Scharf, PA         304-265-4909
Pleasants County Committee on Family               Debbie Thompson,
Issues                                 Pleasants   Coordinator              304-684-3962

Roane County Family Resource Network   Roane       Cindy Carper, Director   304-927-6070
Upshur County Family Resource                      Joyce-Harris-Thacker,
Network                                Upshur      Coordinator              304-473-1051
Wayne Awareness Toward Cancer and
Health (WATCH)                         Wayne       Caroline Schlatt         304-399-6562
Webster County Cancer Education
Project (c/o First United Methodist
Church, WOW Health Education Center,
120 Church Street, Webster Springs,
WV 26288)                              Webster     Jean Tenney              304-847-5511
West Virginia Oncology Society         all         Julianne Shroyer         304-368-4575
Wetzel County Cancer Coalition         Wetzel      Marily Thomas            304-775-2805
Wetzel County Cancer Coalition         Wetzel      Kittie Long              304-775-2175
WV Association for Family &                        Sheila Jackson,
Community Education (WV FACE)                      President                304-375-3839

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