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									By Chloe Year 9
• C.S Lewis was born in Belfast on 29th of
  November 1898, in a house where
  Dundela flats now stand.
• He had a dog called Jacksie.
• When Jacksie died, Lewis insisted on
  being called Jack.
           Teenage Years
• As a teenager he loved collecting copies
  of his favourite stories and poetry.
• He used to memorize long passages from
  his favourite stories off by heart.
• He attended Campbell College in Belfast.

                Here are some of
                his favourite
             Adult Times
• He was in the first World War, and was
  wounded in the arm, chest and leg.
• He became a teacher in Oxford University
  in 1925.
• Lewis married in 1956, but unfortunately
  his wife died in 1960.
• The street lamp in Campbell College
  grounds may have been the inspirations
  for the Lamp in The Lion, The witch and
  the Wardrobe.
• The Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland
  were his inspirations for Narnia.
• The Lion door handle on his church door
  might have been the inspiration for the
  lion, Aslan.
               His Books
• C.S Lewis has written over 40 books but
  his most popular is the Lion, the Witch and
  the Wardrobe.
• His books have translated into more than
  20 languages including Chinese.
• He wrote his books every morning for one
  hour before he started teaching his
  students at Oxford University.
             In Memory.
• A plaque has been erected near Dundela
  Flats to mark where Lewis was born in
  Dundela Villas.
• His family used to worship in St Marks
  Church on the Holywood Road.
• There is a stained glass window in St
  Marks Church that was donated by the
  Lewis brothers. St Mark’s
• Lewis died in 1963 at the age of 65 and
  his grave is in Oxford.
• We have had to say good bye to a brilliant
  author and devout Christian who brought
  us such amazing stories and tales as The
  Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and
  the Chronicles of Narnia.
By Chloe Baxter year 9 English

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