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Confirm the party size. Type a menu for the table and run-off copies for each seat. Make sure all linen needed has been ordered through FOH Instructors  The tables for the event are usually 6-tops unless the host decides differently.  In any case the linen order will need to be placed for your event. Be aware of MEP for service:  What is the table set-up?  Include the pieces of silverware, the bread plates, the glasses, the menu, the napkin fold, the candle holder, the salt & pepper shakers, and the flower vase. What quantity wine glasses & water glasses need to be polished for the reception and dinner service?  What quantities of bread plates are needed?  What quantity & type of silverware is needed?  How many coffee cups needed.  What quantity of bread napkins that are needed?  What quantity of butter plates to prepare? Have your steward check at least one day prior to your banquet that you have all the needed supplies. Make detailed production sheets for the FOH, informing them of every detail (ex. Make xamount of pre-set butters) If the banquet party is having a reception make sure that it is set-up before 5:00 P.M. Assign host, cashier or bartender to help at the reception (remember the BM is in charge of the reception and the SM is in charge of the dining room) If the party requires a registration table during the reception:  Materials needed for the registration table:  8 ft. skirted table for registration. If the banquet party is having a cash bar with wine/beer and non-alcoholic beverages during the reception:  Materials needed for the wine reception:  Skirted serpentine tables for beverage service.  The beverages served are at the table  At least two people at the bar table.  One person walking around picking up empty glasses.  Oval trays set up with linen (where guest can place dirty dishes) The dining room needs to be set-up and detailed by 5:00 p.m. Remember to assign sections early on so that each server is aware of their tables. Make sure you train your team on how the banquet will work and do a hands on demo. The servers will need to assist the host when the time comes to seat the guest. If seating is assigned then:  All tables need to have table numbers visible when it comes time to seat the guest.  You get the table numbers from Lesley and the number stands from underneath the fax machine.


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The dining room manager should hold a meeting as soon as the class separates to discuss the banquet.  What is the event?  How many guests are attending?  The menu?  Beverage service  The sequence of service. (SEE FOLLOWING EXAMPLE)  Seat the guest  Pour the first course wine only if hosted.(Servers and runners)  If the host has decided on a cash bar service then beverage service is after first course is delivered.  Runners go to kitchen after first course wine is poured  Serve appetizers.  After apps are served, servers should check on water, wine, and bread refills.  Runners bring oval trays out so that the servers can start to clear. Runners take full trays back to the kitchen and give to the dishwasher. Continue until all of the dining room is clear.  Serve salads the same way the appetizer course was delivered.  Servers are to check on water, wine, and bread refills.  Salads are cleared the same way that apps were cleared.  Everyone pours Red wine.  Entrees are served using the same method of service as before.  Servers check on water, bread, wine refills.  Clear entrees  Serve dessert  Pour coffee  Clear dessert.

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Who are the servers? Who are the runners? Who's working the bar table? What time each person needs to be at their designated stations when we open Each server, host, bartender and cashier will need to be assigned by the SM and RM/BM, a list of duties and a time that it will take to complete each task. The beverages served during the event See the FOH instructor for the number of bottles that need to be opened for service.


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Make sure water is made and placed at the table before guests are seated. The wine is poured before each course begins. The same wine is poured for the salad course that is used for the appetizer course. Each server is responsible for serving a table completely before starting another table. Serve the ladies first and the host of the party last. Do not start clearing the plates unless everyone at the table has finished eating. When clearing, remove from the right and remove the silverware that is no longer needed for the course. While clearing the entree plate, remove all empty wine glasses, all silverware that is no longer needed, bread and butter plates, bread plates, salt and pepper shakers, and anything else that’s remaining from prior courses. Additionally, bring the dessert fork and spoon down to the left and right of the guest respectively. Dessert is served before coffee service. When using the large electric coffee makers, brew coffee at least 1 ½ hours before needed.


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