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									Monte Vista High School Student Body Government Class & Club Minutes 2009–2010 School Year

Science Alliance
Officer Committee Meeting
Location: New Morgue Date: 10/12/09 Time: 12:36 – 1:12 p.m. Called to order by: Tyler Lanman The minutes of the meeting dated 10/5/09 were read and approved. President’s Report: 1. Buddy-Parent Meetings - Thanks to officers who helped out - We are expecting more than 300 buddy applications - We will not be able to accept buddies from Alamo and Green Valley Elementary Schools because their science fair is much earlier than ours 2. Membership - Mentor t-shirt sizes have been added - Questionable mentors have been noted on the document online and Mrs. Carothers will decide what to do next - Communications need to email mentors whose t-shirt sizes we don’t have - Buddies whose parents did not attend a Buddy-Parent meeting should not be accepted - Membership and Communications officers should check for incoming buddy applications, put a date and time stamp on the application, and take the applications home to enter the applicant’s information on the online document 3. Mentor Training Exemption Test - Wednesday and Friday (10/14/09, 10/16/09) during lunch - Publicity should announce this in the bulletin 4. Officer T-shirts - T-shirts will be done by next Monday - Enny should bring a camera to the next meeting to take pictures of our new t-shirts 5. Mentor Training - Arrange a date for returning Mentors to take a diagnostic test within the next week or two New Business: 1. Membership – Process the incoming buddy applications and add all buddy info on the online document 2. Communications – Help membership process the incoming buddy applications and add all buddy info on the online document; Email mentors who have not submitted their t-shirt size 3. Mentor Training – Meet with Tyler, Kerry, and Mrs. Carothers on Wednesday and Friday; Revise the Mentor Training PowerPoints

4. Publicity – Announce the times for the exemption test in the bulletin and in an email to returning mentors 5. Enny – Bring a camera to the next meeting to take pictures of the Officer t-shirts 6. Next meeting: 10/19/09, 12:36-1:12 (Lunch Time) Minutes Taken/Submitted By: ___________________________________ Michael Chiang, Secretary Attending Officers Mrs. Carothers (Advisor) Tyler Lanman Kerry Hammond Aisling Last John Yang Anita Subramanian Jocelyn Sum Jennifer Park Louis Li Absent Officers: Hao Tran Melody Mileski Alison Mackey Siddarth Krishna Ryan Chiang Chris Liao Sitara Sankar Ryan Chen ______________ Date

Melissa Ong Kelly Kimball Aman Singh Kevin Gong Brian DeBaun Jill Anderson Justin Chan Enny Park

Melissa Yeung Omar Masood Asha Fereydouni Kristy Nguyen Hannah Kang Michael Chiang Chris Silvestre

Eric Liao (SR) Shannon Smith (SR) Becky Gilchrist (SR) Kayla Holderbein (SR) Stephanie (SR) Christine (SR) Mrs. Groch (SR Advisor) Sebastian Silva (DV)

Zane Chou (DV) Arjun Aletty (DV) Rashi Ojha (DV) Sabareesh Babu (DV) Elliot Lee (DV) Derek Dai (DV) Jasmine He (DV) Diane Lee (DV)

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