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November 2009


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Literature and Posters (no charge) CRY Literature CRY General Leaflet (A4, folded in three) CRY Brochure (A5) SADS Booklet (A5) CRY Update Brochure [Latest issue] (A4) Counselling Leaflet (A4, folded in three) Surgery Support Newsletter [Latest issue] (A4) Research Booklet Volume 1 (1995-2001) (A4) CRY Posters (General / Patrons) G1 - Fit and Healthy G2 - CRY‟s Aims & Mission G3 - CRY Contact Details G7 - CRY Surgery Supporters Network G8 - CRY General Information G9 - Run for CRY (e.g. marathons) G13 - My Mummy Paints Me Rainbows (poem) G14 - My Daddy Paints Me Rainbows (poem) G15 - God‟s Lent Child poem – male child G16 - God‟s Lent Child poem – female child CRY‟s Services for Affected Families P1 - Rob Andrew MBE P2 - Jeremy Bates P3 - Sir Ian Botham OBE P4 - Mark Cox MBE P6 - Robert Jones MBE P8 - Sir Steve Redgrave CBE Qty

If you are requesting items for an event, please tell us the date of the event below: ___________________________

Please state quantity required in boxes. CRY Literature Research Booklet Volume 2 (2002-2006) (A4) CRY in Hansard - transcripts of 3 Parliamentary debates (A4) NSF Chapter 8 - guidelines for PCTs (A4) Raising awareness pack – approximately 6-8 laminated posters of recent national media articles featuring CRY (A3/A4 mix) A4 CRY Posters (Patrons) P9 - Gregor Townsend MBE P10 - John Inverdale P11 - Simon Halliday P12 - David Walliams P13 - Andy Scott P14 - Kathryn Harries P15 - Ray Wilkins MBE P16 - Emily Maitlis P17 - Sir Clive Woodward OBE P18 - Gary Longwell (CRY N.I.) P19 - Pat Jennings OBE KSG (CRY N.I.) P20 - Mark Carruthers (CRY N.I.) P21 - Roger Taylor MBE P22 - Professor Gaetano Thiene P23 - James Cracknell OBE P24 - Ben Brown P25 - Phil Packer Qty




Miscellaneous CRY Merchandise Item CRY Collection Box & Seals CRY Collection Bucket & Seals CRY Sash CRY Tablecloth Kit (free to borrow) CRY Car Sticker CRY Post-it Notes (pad of 50) CRY Post-it Note Pen CRY Balloons (white) (bag of 50 supplied free of charge to fundraising events) “101 Reasons to Get Up in the Morning” by Julie Tanner (book) Sub Total Price No charge No charge No charge £10 to buy £1 £1.20 £1.75 No charge (see left) or 25p each £7.99 paperback £ Qty

Please state quantity required in boxes. Item CRY Wristbands (red) CRY Pen (marker pen – black) CRY Pen (traditional – blue ink) CRY Pen (plastic moulded – black ink) CRY Heart Soft Toy (5½” tall) CRY Mini t-shirt Teddy (5” tall) CRY Gym Bag (drawstring bag) CRY Water Bottle (750ml) CRY Mini Rugby Ball (6” long) CRY Golf Balls (box of 3 golf balls plus marker pen) Wilson Ultra 'Straight Distance' Sub Total Price 50p each £2 £1 75p £3.50 £5 £5 £4 £5 £6 box(es) £ Qty

Badges and Keyrings Item CRY 10 Anniversary Scotland Wales Tennis / Football Basketball Golf Rugby Sub Total

Please state quantity required in boxes. Item Marathon Swimming Teddy Rat Pack Music Hockey CRY Logo („trolley token‟) Sub Total Badge (£1 each) Keyring (£2 each)

Badge (£1 each)

Keyring (£2 each)





CRY Clothing Colour Black Red Sky Blue Sub Total Baseball Cap £7.50

Please state quantity required in boxes. S Zip-up Hoodies £22.00 each M L XL

Beanie Hat £5




Colour Light Grey Dark Grey Black Bottle Emerald Burgundy Red Sky Blue Royal Navy White Yellow £10.00 £10.00 £20.00 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £20.00 £20.00 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 £10.00 Sub Total

Sweatshirts £20 each Selected colours now only £10! S M L XL XXL

Polo Shirts £15 each Ladies 10 S M L XL XXL

£ T- Shirts* M L

£ Running Vests* £8 each S M L

Colour Black writing on Red t-shirt White writing on Black t-shirt Red writing on Black t-shirt Colour logo on White t-shirt £8.00 £8.00 £8.00 £7.00 Sub Total



Size Male Size Female






£ CRY Long-Sleeve T-shirts £9.50 each S M L XL £ £ £ £ CRY Sweatshirts/Polo Shirts sub total CRY T-shirts/Running Vests sub total CRY Rugby/Long-Sleeve Shirts sub total £ £ £

*Please note: One running vest or T-shirt will be supplied free of charge to CRY fundraisers doing an event

Colour White Sub Total £


CRY Rugby Shirts £25 each M L XL XXL


Miscellaneous CRY Merchandise sub total Badges and Keyrings sub total CRY Hats/Hoodies sub total

Final Total


Prices include P&P. Please make cheques payable to ‘CRY’. Please allow 28 days for delivery.
Unit 7 – Epsom Downs Metro Centre, Waterfield, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 5LR. United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)1737 363222 Fax: +44(0)1737 363444 Web: E-mail: Registered Charity No. 1050845

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