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					Christmas Corporate Gifts
  Promotion Products supplies a large range of Christmas Corporate Gifts. Reward your
  staff and thank clients for their support over the last 12 months. Promotion Products
  can decorate all of these products with your company logo or message. Simply call us
  for pricing – we discount on volume.

                                                              Party Tub
                       Beach To                              The Party Tub is one of the
                               wels                          hottest promotional gifts
                          l bea                              this summer, stay cool.
                   great su ch towels make
                            mm               a
                   promotio ertime / holida
                             nal gift.       y                                  BBQ Se
                                       These                                          t
               embroid can be printed o                                     The BB
                      ered wit            r                                          Q
                               h your lo
                                         go.                                3 piece set contains
                                                                                     s                  a
                                                                           set com tainless stee
                                                                                     prising          l
                                                                          spatula            fork ,
         Cowboy Straw Hat                                                           a
                                                                         matt s nd tongs in a
        Yee – ha ! We have a                                            with b er aluminium
                                                                                lac                   c
        large range of                                                  printin k inlay top w ase
                                                                                g plate             ith ma
                                                                                         .                tt silve
        promotional                                                                                               r
        headwear from fun hats
        like this one to more traditional styles.                  Cooler Duffle B
                                                                  We have a huge
                                                                                     range of bags
     Leather Wine Carrier                                         that can all feat
                                                                                    ure your logo.
                                                                 – ask to be em
    They look as good as they are.                                                ailed other
    Product comes with tab that
    can be printed with your logo.
    Customise by inserting wine of
    different value depending how                                                          Toura Travel Mug
    valued client is.
                                                                                            Travel mugs have become
                                    dio                                                    a bit of a promotional
                      te Ra
             Shower Ma                     f this
                                                                                          product classic. The Toura
                                 waterproo                                              travel mug has been selling
                  C ompletely                  great
                                   could be a                                       like hot cakes – great splash of
                        /FM radio                 r
                   AM                 aturing you                   colour, and stainless steel construction. Quality
                   little billboard fe
                               go.                                  at a great price.
                 company lo
      Business Card Holde                                                              Photoframe
                         r and            Pen Set
     We have many style                                                              Aluminium brushe
                          of gift set                                                                    d finish, suits
    to choose from, all                                                              9 x 13cm photos.
                        are                                                                             In landscape
    great value and keep                                                             or portrait configur
                          on                                                                             ation.
    giving you promotio                                                             Supplied in black
                        nal                                                                            gift box these
    value.                                                                          will look great on
                                                                                                       a clients desk .

This selection is a fraction of what we can offer you. Why not take a few minutes to browse our other product galleries.
Alternatively have a look at our other website for even more corporate gift ideas.

We look forward to helping you thank clients and reward staff this Christmas.

The Promotion Products Team

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