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									      Vessel Name                   Owner or Operator          IMO Number    Flag
A-397                   Andrie Inc                                290177     USA
Adam E. Cornelius       American Steamship Company               7326245     USA
AlgoCanada              Algoma Tankers Limited                   9378591    Canada
Algocape                Algoma Central Corp.                     6703214    Canada
Algoeast                Algoma Tankers Limited                   7526924    Canada
Algolake                Algoma Central Corp.                     7423093    Canada
Algoma Discovery        Algoma Central Corp.                     8505848    Canada
Algoma Enterprise       Algoma Central Corp.                     7726677    Canada
Algoma Guardian         Algoma Central Corp.                     8505850    Canada
Algoma Marine           Algoma Central Corp.                     6816607    Canada
Algoma Mariner          Algoma Central Corp.                     9587893    Canada
Algoma Montreaiais      Algoma Central Corp.                      521142    Canada
Algoma Navigator        Algoma Central Corp.                     6707961    Canada
Algoma Olympic          Algoma Central Corp.                     7432783    Canada
Algoma Progress         Algoma Central Corp.                     6821999    Canada
Algoma Provider         Algoma Central Corp.                     5407277    Canada
algoma Quebecois        Algoma Central Corp.                     5287847    Canada
Algoma Spirit           Algoma Central Corp.                     8504882    Canada
Algoma Transport        Algoma Central Corp.                     7711737    Canada
Algonova                Algoma Tankers Limited                   9378589    Canada
Algorail                Algoma Central Corp.                     6805531    Canada
Algosar                 Algoma Tankers Limited                   7634288    Canada
Algoscotia              Algoma Tankers Limited                   9273222    Canada
Algosea                 Algoma Tankers Limited                   9127198    Canada
Algosoo                 Algoma Central Corp.                     7343619    Canada
Algosteel               Algoma Central Corp.                     6613299    Canada
Algoway                 Algoma Central Corp.                     7221251    Canada
Algowood                Algoma Central Corp.                     7910216    Canada
American Century        American Steamship Company               7923196     USA
American Courage        American Steamship Company               7634226     USA
American Fortitude      American Steamship Company               5105843     USA
American Integrity      American Steamship Company               7514696     USA
American Mariner        American Steamship Company               7812567     USA
American Spirit         American Steamship Company               7423392     USA
American Valor          American Steamship Company               5024738     USA
American Victory        American Steamship Company               5234395     USA
Ashtabula               Grand River Navigation Company, Inc.      646730     USA
Arthur M. Anderson      Great Lakes Fleet, Inc.                  5025691     USA
Atlantic Superior       CSL Group Ltd.                           7927805    Canada
Atlantic Erie           CSL Group Ltd.                           8016639    Canada
Atlantic Huron          CSL Group Ltd.                           8025680    Canada
Bale St. Paul           CSL Group Ltd.                           9601027    Canada
Barge Pathfinder        Interlake Steamship                      5166768     USA
Belasitza               Balasitza Maritime, Ltd.                 9498262     Malta
Birchglen               CSL Group Ltd.                           8119273    Canada
Bogdan                  Bogdan Maritime Ltd                      9132492     Malta
Buffalo                 American Steamship Company               7620653     USA
Burns Harbor            American Steamship Company               7514713     USA
Calumet                 Grand River Navigation Co.               5244807     USA
Captain Henry Jackman   Algoma Central Corp.                     8006323    Canada
Cason J. Callaway       Great Lakes Fleet, Inc.                  5065392     USA
Cedarglen               CSL Group Ltd.                           5103974    Canada
CSL Assiniboine         CSL Group Ltd.                           7413218    Canada
CSL Laurentien          CSL Group Ltd.                           7423108    Canada
CSL Niagara              CSL Group Ltd.                              7128423      Canada
CSL Tadoussac            CSL Group Ltd.                              6918716      Canada
Cuyahoga                 Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.                      815560      Canada
Defiance                 Grand River Navigation Company, Inc.        8109761        USA
Edgar B. Speer           U.S. Bank National Assoc.                   7625952        USA
Edwin H. Gott            Great Lakes Fleet, Inc.                     7606061        USA
English River            Lafarge Canada Inc.                         5104382      Canada
Federal Agno             Baffin Investments Ltd.                     8316522    Hong Kong
Federal Asahi            Baffin Investments Ltd.                     9200419    Hong Kong
Federal Fuji             Federal Oceans Ltd.                         8321931   Marshall Islands
Federal Hudson           Federal Oceans Ltd.                         9205902    Hong Kong
Federal Hunter           Federal Oceans Ltd.                         9205938    Hong Kong
Federal Kivalina         Federal Oceans Ltd.                         9205885    Hong Kong
Federal Kumano           Mi-Das Line S.A.                            9244257    Hong Kong
Federal Maas             Federal Atlantic Ltd.                       9118135     Barbados
Federal Mackinac         Baffin Investments Ltd.                     9299460       Liberia
Federal Margaree         Baffin Investments Ltd.                     9299472       Liberia
Federal Mayumi           Federal Oceans Ltd.                         9529578   Marshall Islands
Federal Nakagawa         Baffin Investments Ltd.                     9278791    Hong Kong
Federal Oshima           Federal Oceans Ltd.                         9200330    Hong Kong
Federal Polaris          Federal Oceans Ltd.                         9203987     Hong Kong
Federal Rhine            Federal Atlantic Ltd.                       9110925     Barbados
Federal Rideau           Federal Oceans Ltd.                         9200445    Hong Kong
Federal Satsuki          Federal Oceans Ltd.                         9515101   Marshall Islands
Federal Schelde          Federal Atlantic Ltd.                       9118147     Barbados
Federal Sable            Federal Cornwallis Ltd                      9595888   Marshall Islands
Federal Saguenay         Federal Atlantic Ltd.                       9110913     Barbados
Federal Seto             Salter Shipping, S.A.                       9267209    Hong Kong
Federal Severn           Federal Cornwallis Ltd                      9606821   Marshall Islands
Federal Shimanto         Wealth Line, Inc.                           9218404      Panama
Federal Skeena           Federal Cornwallis Ltd                      9595890   Marshall Islands
Federal Skye             Federal Cornwallis Ltd                      9606833   Marshall Islands
Federal Spey             Federal Cornwallis Ltd                      9610455   Marshall Islands
Federal Spruce           Federal Cornwallis Ltd                      9610468   Marshall Islands
Federal St. Laurent      Federal Atlantic Ltd.                       9110896     Barbados
Federal Sutton           Federal Cornwallis Ltd                      9595917   Marshall Islands
Federal Swift            Federal Cornwallis Ltd                      9595905   Marshall Islands
Federal Welland          Federal Oceans Ltd.                         9205926    Hong Kong
Federal Yukina           Salter Shipping, S.A.                       9476977     Hong Kong
Federal Yukon            Federal Oceans Ltd.                         9205897    Hong Kong
Frontenac                CSL Group Ltd.                              6804848      Canada
G.L. Ostrander           Lafarge North America - Andrie, Inc.        7501106        USA
Gordon C. Leitch         Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd.                   6815237      Canada
Great Lakes              Andrie Inc                                   864111        USA
Great Lakes Trader       VanEnkevort Tug and Barge Inc.              1091839        USA
Great Republic           Key Lakes, Inc.                             7914236        USA
H. Lee White             American Steamship Company                  7366362        USA
Herbert C. Jackson       Interlake Steamship                         5148477        USA
Hon. James L. Oberstar   Interlake Steamship                         5322518        USA
Indiana Harbor           American Steamship Company                  7514701        USA
Innovation               American Transport Leasing - Andrie, Inc.   1184532        USA
Integrity                Lafarge North America - Andrie, Inc.        1044267        USA
Invicible                Grand River Navigation Company, Inc.        7723819        USA
James L Kuber            Grand River Navigation Co. Inc.             5293341        USA
James Norris             Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd.                   5169124      Canada
Jame R. Barker            Interlake Steamship                         7390290        USA
John B. Aird              Algoma Central Corp.                        8002432      Canada
John D. Leitch            Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd.                   6714586      Canada
John G. Munson            Great Lakes Fleet, Inc.                     5173670        USA
John J Boland             American Steamship Company                  7318901        USA
John J Carrick            McAsphalt Marine Transporation Ltd.         9473444      Canada
Joseph L Block            Indiana Harbor Steamship Company            7502320        USA
Joyce L. VanEnkevort      VanEnkevort Tug and Barge Inc.              8793033        USA
Kaministiqua              Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.                     8119285      Canada
Kaye E. Barker            Interlake Steamship                         5097450        USA
Kom                       Kom Maritime Ltd.                           9132480       Malta
Lakes Contender           American Steamship Co.                      1238380        USA
Lee A. Tregurtha          Interlake Steamship                         5385625        USA
Lewis J Kuber             Grand River Navigation Company, Inc.        5336351        USA
Lyulin                    Lyulin Maritime, Ltd.                       9498248       Malta
Manistee                  Grand River Navigation Co.                  5294307        USA
Manitoba                  Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.                     6702301      Canada
Manitowoc                 Grand River Navigation Co.                  7366398        USA
Mapleglen                 CSL Group Ltd.                              7910163      Canada
McKee Sons                Grand River Navigation Co.                  5216458        USA
Mesabi Miner              Interlake Steamship                         7390272        USA
Michipicoten              Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.                     5102865      Canada
Mississagi                Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.                     5128467      Canada
Oakglen                   CSL Group Ltd.                              7901148      Canada
Ojibway                   Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.                     5105831      Canada
Olive L. Moore            Grand River Navigation Company, Inc.        2800309        USA
Orsula                    Atlant Bulkers Corp                         9110910   Marshall Islands
Osogovo                   Osogovo Navigation Ltd                      9498250       Malta
Paul R. Tregurtha         Interlake Steamship                         7729057        USA
Pere Marquette 41         Pere Marquette Shipping                     5073894        USA
Perelik                   Perelik Maritime Ltd.                       9132507       Malta
Persenk                   Persenk Maritime Ltd.                       9132519       Malta
Peter R. Cresswell        Algoma Central Corp.                        8016641      Canada
Philip R. Clarke          Great Lakes Fleet Corp.                     5277062        USA
Pineglen                  CSL Group Ltd.                              8409331      Canada
Presque Isle              Great Lakes Fleet Corp.                     7303877        USA
Radcliffe R. Latimer      Algoma Central Corp.                        7711725      Canada
Richelieu                 CSL Group Ltd.                              7901150      Canada
Robert S. Pierson         Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.                     7366403      Canada
Rodopi                    Rodopi Maritime Ltd                         9498274       Malta
Roger Blough              Great Lakes Fleet Corp.                     7222138        USA
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin   CSL Group Ltd.                              7324405      Canada
Saginaw                   Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.                     5173876      Canada
Saguenay                  CSL Group Ltd.                              7910175      Canada
Salarium                  CSL Group Ltd.                              7902233      Canada
Sam Laud                  American Steamship Company                  7390210        USA
Samuel de Champlain       American Transport Leasing - Andrie, Inc.   7433799        USA
Spruceglen                CSL Group Ltd.                              8119261      Canada
Stewart J. Cort           Interlake Steamship                         7105495        USA
St. Clair                 American Steamship Company                  7403990        USA
St. Marys Cement II       St. Marys Cement Inc.                       8879914        USA
Strandja                  Balkan Navigation, Ltd.                     9564140       Malta
Tecumseh                  Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.                     7225855      Canada
T/V Rebecca Lynn          Andrie Inc                                   296818        USA
Tim S. Dool               Algoma Central Corp.                        6800919      Canada
Victorious                MMTL Transportation Ltd.               9473262   Canada
Victory                   Grand River Navigation Company, Inc.   8003292    USA
Vitocha                   Vitocha Maritime, Ltd                  9564138    Malta
Walter J. McCarthy, Jr.   American Steamship Company             7514684    USA
Wilfred Sykes             Indiana Harbor Steamship Company       5389554    USA

Revised April 24, 2013
Adam E Cornelius
Alouette Spirit
Amelia Desgagnes
Amerian Courage
American Century
American Fortitude
American Integrity
American Mariner
American Republic
American Spirit
American Valor
American Victory
Arthur M Anderson
Atlantic Erie
Atlantic Huron
Atlantic Superior
Burns Harbor
Camilla Desgagnes
Canadian Enterprise
Canadian Navigator
Canadian Olympic
Canadian Progress
Canadian Provider
Canadian Transfer
Canadian Transport
Capt Henry Jackson
Cason J Callaway
Catherine Desgagnes
Chemtrans Havel
Cleveland Rocks
CSL Assiniboine
CSL Laurentien
CSL Niagara
CSL Tadoussac
Edgar B Speer
Edward L Ryerson
Edwin H Gott
English River
Evans McKeil
Federal Agno
Federal Asahi
Federal Fuji
Federal Hudson
Federal Hudson
Federal Hunter
Federal Kivalina
Federal Kumano
Federal Mackinac
Federal Margaree
Federal Mass
Federal Nakagawa
Federal Oshima
Federal Polaris
Federal Rhine
Federal Rideau
Federal Rideau
Federal Saguenay
Federal Schelde
Federal Seto
Federal Shinanto
Federal St Laurent
Federal Welland
Federal Yoshino
Federal Yukina
Federal Yukon
G L Ostander
Gordon C Leitch
Great Lakes
Great Republic
H Lee White
Indiana Harbor
James Norris
John B Aird
John D Leitch
John G Munson
John J Boland
John J Carrick
John Spence
Joseph L Block
Lake Express
Lambert Spirit
Maria Desgagnes
McKee Sons
Melissa Desgagnes
Niagara Spirit
Norman McLeod
Pere Marquette 41
Peter R Cresswell
Philip R Clarke
Preque Isle
Robert S Pierson
Roger Blough
Rosaire A Desgagnes
Rt Hon Paul J Martin
Sam Laud
Samuel de Champlain
Sarah Desgagnes
Sedna Desgagnes
Spartan II
St Clair
St Marys Cement II
St Marys Challenger
St Marys Conquest
Stephan B Roman
T/V Rebecca Lynn
Thalassa Desgagnes
Tim S Dool
Vega Desgagnes
Walter J McCarthy Jr
Wilf Seymour
Wilfred Sykes
William J Moore
Zelada Desgagnes

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