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					2010 Boys’ & Girls’ Adapted Bowling Tournament Guidelines for Participating Schools
Congratulations on participating in the State Adapted Bowling Tournament sponsored by the MSHSL. Your team, school and community can justifiably be proud of the accomplishments of your student athletes and coaching staff. In order to make your school's participation in the State Adapted Bowling Tournament a rewarding experience, we have enclosed information that will assist you in making plans for your participation. Please review the enclosed material and distribute the information to the appropriate person. IMPORTANT — ON-LINE REGISTRATION FORM: The online registration form is to be completed on the MSHSL Administrative Web site by May 12. You can access the form as follows:  Log-on to your Administrative Web site (click Administration from the MSHSL Homepage, enter your school Login ID and Password). Contact your school Athletic Director for Login-ID and Password.  Select the activity from the pull-down list (Adapted Bowling CI or Adapted Bowling PI)  Click on Tournament Stat/Lineup Forms  Type the student’s information on the form  Indicate the number of bag lunches your school will be purchasing  Click on “Click Here to Send to MSHSL” button at bottom of page If you need assistance using the Web site form, please contact Nancy Etter at 763-560-2262 or Note: Students may bowl in two of three events but not in all three. Due to the number of lanes available, the MSHSL may need to limit the number of individuals, doubles or teams that qualify for the state tournament. Tournament Director: Rich Matter, Cell Phone: 612-875-1623 Date: Friday, May 21, 2010 Site: Brunswick Zone 12200 Singletree Lane, Eden Prairie MN 55344, 952-941-0445 Warm-up: There will be a 15-minute warm-up for each category prior to the competition in each division. Competition: Singles - CI and PI ..................................... 9:00 am .................. Warm-up 8:45 am Doubles - CI and PI .................................... 12:30 pm ................ Warm-up 12:15 pm Teams - CI and PI ...................................... 3:00 pm .................. Warm-up 2:45 pm Lunch Break: 11:30 am – 12:15 pm TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE Lunch Options: 1. Bag lunches will be on sale at Brunswick Zone for $7.00. The lunch will include a ham or turkey sandwich, chips, cookie and soda. Please indicate on your on-line registration form the number of bag lunches your team and coaching staff plan to purchase. The school will be responsible for the payment of all bag lunches ordered on the registration form. Make checks payable to the MSHSL. Food and beverages can also be ordered from the Brunswick Zone’s regular food menu. This option may take extra time due to heavy volume.


No food or beverages will be allowed into the tournament site. All food and beverage at the site will be sold by Brunswick Zone. Exceptions to this policy will be made for student athletes with special dietary requirements. Your cooperation with this policy is greatly appreciated. Volunteers: We are asking coaches and volunteers to assist with the scoring and assist bowlers on the lanes. Registration: There will be a registration table available where information regarding the competition should be picked up by the school coach. Information on lanes, times, certificates of participation and awards will be available at this time. Souvenir Programs: Each participant shall receive a complimentary program at the tournament site.


Certificates of Participation: Each participant shall receive a certificate of participation at the tournament site. The certificates should be presented to the students/coaches who participate in the State Adapted Bowling Tournament as representatives from your high school. The Certificate recognizes each state tournament qualifier for outstanding achievement in having earned the right to represent their school, community and Section in this outstanding tournament.   In many instances, schools choose to recognize these accomplishments by presenting the Certificates at assemblies, awards programs or athletic banquets. It is not uncommon that the Certificates would be framed for such presentations. Please note that the Certificates do not have names inscribed. You may use a laser or ink jet printer to inscribe names on the certificates. Extra Certificates are not available so care should be taken in lettering procedures.

Ramps for PI: Schools should provide their own ramps. Lanes: Lane assignments will be made by the League. In the CI category there will be 4 students per lane for singles and doubles and 2 per lane for team competition. For PI, 2 bowlers per lane if wheelchairs are used and for team competition, otherwise 4 students per lane. The number of bowlers per lane may need to increase based on the number of total bowlers registered. PI Bowlers: Students in the PI division will be allowed to bowl 3 frames at a time before changing competition when competing with an athlete in a wheelchair. Wheelchairs and ramps will be allowed on each lane. Coaches may assist students in chairs and also with the general placement of the ramp. Final adjustments must be directed or completed by the bowler. Assistants may steady the ramp if needed. Assistants must not interfere with bowlers in the adjacent lanes. Awards:  Certificates of Participation: To each student member of the official squad.  Certificates of Recognition: To the head coach of each school or co-op team. st nd rd  Medals: Individual medals for official team members and head coach participating on 1 , 2 and 3 place teams in both divisions; individual medals for the top 4 doubles participants in each division; individual medals for the top 10 boys and top 10 girls in singles competition for each division. nd rd  Trophies: To champion, 2 and 3 place teams. th th  Plaques: To the 4 - 8 place teams. Awards Presentation: Singles ................... 11:15 am Doubles .................. 2:30 pm Teams .................... 4:30 pm Times are approximate. Statement of Rights to Events All Minnesota State High School League Subsection, Section and State Tournaments are presented under the authority of the Minnesota State High School League. The Minnesota State High School League reserves all rights to these events and their presentation. The sale or use of any photographs, or the rebroadcast or reproduction of any portion of these tournaments by any means, including video and Internet publication or streaming, is strictly prohibited unless approved in advance, in writing, by the Minnesota State High School League Executive Director. The Minnesota State High School League expressly reserves the right to seek maximum legal recourse against all violators. If you have further questions, contact Rich Matter at the Minnesota State High School League office, 763-560-2262. The following information can also be located on the MSHSL Web Site for review and distribution (     Athletic Rules and Policies Manual Tournament Schedule Revenue Sharing Plan Handicap Chart

Should You Win a State Championship …..  If your team or one of your individuals is fortunate to win a state championship, congratulations! Please assist League staff by supplying a photograph of your team or individual that will be used in producing our annual Yearbook and Record Book. That publication is prepared and printed following the end of the school year. Assist the League in recognizing your team or individual by supplying the photograph immediately following the conclusion of the state tournament or meet. Actual color prints or high resolution electronic files are required. For teams, the photograph should be roughly 5-by-7 inches in size. For individuals, the photograph should be roughly 1-1/2-by-2 inches in size. All electronic files must be 300 dpi or higher and in JPEG or TIFF format. Please email Yvonne at with any questions. Thank you!

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Good luck to your team in this state tournament experience!
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