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					          Intro to FTPLA

The Future Theme Park Leaders Association is a
University of Central Florida Registered Student
Organization that focuses on the study of the theme
park and attraction industry. The group works to
learn more about the industry and to build
connections within the industry to benefit our
Executive Bios

 Name: Andrew Hyde, President
 Year: Senior
 Work Experience: Walt Disney World
                     SeaWorld Orlando
 Favorite Ride: Millennium Force
 2 Truths and a Lie:
    I’ve Been Published 3 Times
    I am in a Band
    Been to 3 theme parks in 2 states in a day
   Executive Bios

Name: Francesca Nutta, Vice President
Year: Senior
Work Experience: AD/LIB!
Favorite Ride: The Haunted Mansion
2 Truths and a Lie:
      I’ve been Skydiving
      I am a Duel Citizen
      Been to Australia
           Executive Bios

                       Name: Sean Bonner, Treasurer
                       Year: Senior
                       Work Experience:
                              Magic Kingdom
                              SeaWorld Orlando
                              Busch Gardens Europe
Favorite Ride: Jurassic Park River Adventure
2 Truths and a Lie:            I’ve had plastic surgery
                               I’ve been to all 50 states
                               I am a Phillies Fan
 Executive Bios

Name: David Niecestro
Year: 2nd Year Junior
Work Experience: Six Flags Great America
                     Walt Disney World
                     Universal Studios Resort
 Favorite Ride: Tennessee Tornado
 2 Truths and a Lie:
       David Schwimmer is My Neighbor.
       Wisconsin is my Favorite State.
       I’ve Worked 60 Rides and Shows.
           Executive Bios

Name: Colleen Kelleher, Director of Public Relations
     Year: Junior
     Work Experience: Splish Splash
                          Aquatica + Discovery Cove
                          Ritz Carlton
     Favorite Ride:
     2 Truths and a Lie:
            I’ve Climbed the Great Wall of China
            I have 2 tattoos
            I’ve Met J.K. Rowling

$10 per semester or
$20 per year
            Looking Ahead

Rising Star Night!-September 23rd
Chad Emerson Author of Project Future:
       The Inside Story Behind the Creation of Disney World
        -September 29th
Halloween Horror Nights Tour – TBA
Teri Ridler-Director of SeaWorld Orlando Human Resources
        -October 11th
Scavenger Hunt-October 15th (Tentative)
          California Trip

California Trip 2010!
12 Members
Applications Due: October 11th
Cost: $100 + Your Own Airfare
Days: December 14th-19th
Parks: TBA
Current Events
       Current Events

Disney NextGen?



        Current Events

Six Flags Emerges from Bankruptcy!
New CEO.
         Current Events

IAAPA-International Association of
Amusement Parks and Attractions commits to
Orange County Convention Center for 10
years! (2019)
        Current Events

Summer Openings
         Current Events

SeaWorld fined $75,000 by OSHA for Tilikum
         Current Events

Space Mountain Audio
     Debuts: August 30th

Disney, Universal posts for Spring Internships
         Your Ideas!

Any Guest Speakers you would like to bring in?
Event ideas?
Possible site visits?

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