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									Omega J8004 J i
O                    R i
              Juicer Review –
The Life-Changing Benefits Of
I recently just purchased the Omega
 J8004 juicer and am absolutely in love
 with it. The reason why I bought it was
 because my cheap Hamilton Beach juicer
             y     p                 j
 broke (only after a few months of use)
 because the motor couldn’t handle that
 many vegetables I suppose. I’m happy
 that things turned out the way it did,
 because I would have otherwise never
 discovered the Omega J8004 review
 and be in love with it.
In this blog post, I have a cool video I
 shot of me using my new juicer and
 explaining the benefits of it. Juicing has
 become apart of my morning ritual
            p         y        g
 process and is something I consider to be
 one of the biggest life-changing parts of
      f                                f
 my life. I don’t know how I lived before
 without juicing, as the benefits it
 provides me is incredible
The Benefits Of Juicing
If you’ve never considered juicing before
 then I’m about to explain to you the
 reasons why you need to buy a juicer
 immediately. If you find yourself tired or
 fatigued throughout the day, have a
     g          g             y
 specific health challenge, want to lose
 weight or have a better body, or simply
      t to li l         d have b tt
 want t live longer and h       better
 health – then juicing absolutely needs to
                        lifestyle. Here s
 become apart of your lifestyle Here’s
Juicing floods your body with vital
 nutrients, vitamins, minerals,
 nutrients vitamins minerals
 antioxidants for your body to repair
 itself, strengthen the immune
       ,      g
 system and for cell growth and
 regeneration. Your body doesn’t have
 to spend time digesting the juice, which
 means you rapidly absorb all of the
 nutrients within minutes giving you a
 unstoppable levels of energy that will
 stay with you throughout the day.
Many of the nutrients in vegetables and
 fruits are locked into the fiber of it
 therefor much of the potential benefits of
 the fiber is lost due to the digestive
 system not being able to unlock it. The
 benefit of juicing is that it releases
 the ffiber’s nutrition so that benefit  f
 may be realized. This is another
 reason why you also want to invest in a
 good quality juicer, like the Omega
Juicing extracts the vital nutrients
 from the peel, pit and seeds of the
 fruit or vegetable, which is usually
 parts of the fruit or vegetable that
 p                          g
 we do not eat. When you juice, you’re
 getting the benefit of all these extra
 nutrients that would otherwise be lost
 without a juicer.
When you cook or heat vegetables in any
 way, you re
 way you’re killing the enzymes in
 them. By juicing fruits and
 vegetables and consuming them
   g                        g
 raw, you’re able to absorb the
 enzymes in the food, which is one of
                                   f f
 the most important processes of life
 and helps you to be able to digest
Enzymes are involved in everything from
 thinking to blinking Many cheap juicers
 (like the one I had before) actually heats
 the juice as it shreds it, which kills much
      j                   ,
 of the enzymes. This is another reason
 why I love the Omega Juicer 8004, as it’s
 a slow-juicer and doesn’t heat them juice
 in any way.
 By investing in a good quality juicer, you
  reduce the amount of foaming of the juice,
  which is indicates oxidation. The less foam
  that is created by a good quality juicer,
   h             i id        h
  the more antioxidants that you will    ill
  benefit from. Juicing is a great snack or
  meal replacement, as it can fill you up,
  give you the nutrients you need, and
  easily help you lose weight as you
  won’t be as hungry. It will also get rid of
  many cravings that you experience, whether
  it be for sugar or yeast
Juicing helps detox and cleanse your
 body,                         toxins,
 body helping it get rid of toxins
 fats, preservatives, and
 chemicals. As your body becomes more
                  y         y
 detoxified and “cleaned out”, it will be
 able to better utilize and access
 restorative and sustaining nutrients,
 which will make you feel more naturally
 energetic and get rid of any health
 challenges or symptoms.
Juicing has been known to help the
 digestive system function more
 efficiently, helping to relieve
 constipation and reduce the risk of
 colon cancer. A better digestive tract
 will help you absorb nutrients from foods
 better and help you speed up digestion.
I’m not even beginning to scratch the
                            juicing. Below,
 surface of the benefits of juicing Below
 I’m going to share more specific benefits
 of juicing certain vegetables and fruits,
    j     g           g                  ,
 which is important as juicing allows you
 to benefit from vegetables and fruits you
 wouldn’t normally be consuming.
Juicing vs. Blending
People ask me “Why not just blend the
 vegetables and fruits, rather than
        them?         it’s
 juice them?” and it s a good
 question. While I love blending and
 making shakes, there are certain benefits
 from juicing that blending doesn’t
 provide. First, juicing gives our digestive
 tract a rest, instantly energizes our body,
 t   t      t i t tl          i        b d
 and immediately assimilates vitamins,
 minerals and enzymes into our
On the other hand, when you blend, the
 fruits and vegetables still contain the
 pulp and fiber, which requires effort for
 our digestive tract to assimilate and
 takes longer to assimilate into our
While fiber is good for us and helps us
 cleanse the intestines, the downside of it
 is th t          ’t bl t
 i that you aren’t able to consume as
 much as if you were to juice.
Juicing allows you to consume a wider
 variety and more volume of fruits and
 vegetables at a time without being too
 full. This has a huge benefit of cleansing
                    g                     g
 the body and providing incredible levels
 of energy that blending cannot.
I’ve done juicing and blending, and I
 personally use both But I prefer juicing
 for the health benefits and for consuming
 vegetables. Usually when I blend
    g                 y
 shakes, I add in protein powder and
 other elements, along with some berries,
 a banana, and other pieces of fruit.
Sometimes I’ll throw in some vegetables,
 but        b t    filli     d don’t
 b t it can be too filling and I d ’t
 experience anywhere near the same
 amount of energy that I get from juicing
Omega J8004 Nutrition Center
 Commercial Masticating Juicer
After a lot of research and consulting
 with raw food experts I decided to buy
 the Omega J8004 juicer from the
 Amazon website. In my opinion, it’s the
                          y p
 best juicer on the market for the price.
 I did many comparisons with the other
 brands and even the more expensive
 Omega juicers available, and nothing was
 able to beat the J8004. One thing that
 really convinced me was browsing
 through the hundreds of reviews on
 Amazon – the average rating was 4.5
 stars out of 5, which is quite remarkable
 and says a lot about other peoples
 experience with the juicer.
 The Omega J8004 is a masticating style
                             slow juicer”.
  juicer, also known as a “slow juicer . But
  trust me, it isn’t slow at all – I’m able to
  juice a load of vegetables within 5 minutes
           h l          d             d
  on it. The low speed protects and maintains
  the healthy enzymes without heating them
  in any way or destroying nutrients You also
  end up getting 25% more juice out of your
  vegetables as opposed to the lower quality
  juicers. Since it’s slow juicer, it also
  prevents oxidation and allows the juice to be
  stored up to 72 hours in the fridge without
Many people have reported that the
 Omega J8004 is one of the best on the
 market for juicing leafy greens, which is
 the primary thing that I juice and benefit
     p      y     g       j
 from. It has a load of other features, like
 making pasta’s, nut butters, baby food,
 grind coffee and spices, whip up soy
 milk, and mince herbs and garlic.
The clean up is fast and easy – much
 quicker than what I had before And
 everything about it is high quality,
 including the p
         g                              g
               plastic which is 8X stronger
 than other plastics.
Ultimately, is it worth investing $250
 in a juicer?
My answer is yes. You can either invest
 in a cheap, low quality juicer like I had
 before, which cost me around $60-80,
 and then have to deal with it breaking g
 within months or a year. Or, you can
 invest the extra $200 and get something
 that     know will last up to 15 years (it
 th t you k       ill l t    t
 comes with a 15 year warranty) and
 produce better juice and nutrition for
 your body.
Quality is ALWAYS the better investment
        long term.
 in the long-term I noticeably get more
 juice from the Omega J8004 than my
 cheaper j
       p juicer (          ),
                 (25% more), which ends
 up saving money over the long-term on
 fruits and vegetables.
Click here to learn more about the
 Omega J8004 Nutrition Center
 Commercial Masticating J i
 C         i l M ti ti   Juicer.
 The Benefits Of Juicing Vegetables
           it s
 I think it’s safe for us to admit that we ALL
  would like to get more vegetables in our
  diet. We know it’s important, but sometimes a
     l d isn’t that      ti i  for      d       f l
  salad i ’t th t appetizing f us and it can feel
  like a chore to be consuming salads on a daily
 Once I purchased my Omega Juicer 8004,
  consuming vegetables no longer became an
  issue Owning a juicer immediately get rid of
  any procrastination I had towards consuming
  vegetables and it has now become an enjoyable
  part of my morning ritual.
One thing that has drastically helped me
 to WANT to juice and consume more
 vegetables was simply understanding the
 benefits I was getting from each
                g     g
 vegetable. Below is a list of the benefits
 of specific vegetables while juicing.
 Beetroot Juice
              A, B C
 Vitamins: A B, C, E
 Minerals: Iron, magnesium, manganese,
  phosphorous, potassium, silicon and sodium
 Beetroot juice is extremely powerful and
  should be consumed in small quantities and
  mixed with other vegetables, as it’s an
  excellent cleanser and purifier of the
  blood. It s
  blood It’s also effective in cleansing out the
  kidneys, liver and arteries. It’s also great
  for digestive problems such as constipation,
  as well as strengthening the bones.
Bell Pepper Juice
Vitamins: A B and C
Minerals: Copper, iron, potassium,
 manganese, magnesium selenium
 manganese magnesium, selenium, and
Red green, orange and yellow bell
Red, green
 pepper juice is a powerful
 antioxidant. They help to lower
                   y    p
 cholesterol levels, which is a risk for
 heart attack and stroke. They’ve been
 known to help in preventing colon
Broccoli Juice
             A, B C, E
Vitamins: A B, C E, and K
Minerals: Calcium, copper, iron,
 potassium and zinc
Broccoli juice is effective in fighting
 cancer and preventing cataracts, as it
 contains large amounts of antioxidants.
Cabbage Juice
             A, B C,
Vitamins: A B, C and E
Minerals: Calcium, chlorine, iodine, iron,
 magnesium, phosphorous
 magnesium phosphorous, potassium and
Cabbage juice is an amazing cleanser of
 the internal system and the whole body,
 as well as highly antiseptic. It’s great for
              g y         p         g
 getting rid of constipation and helps to
 reduce high blood pressure.
Cabbage juice is often used to help get
 rid of fat and also is often prescribed to
 cure asthma, coughs, colds and the
 flu. People that sweat a lot should
 consume raw cabbage everyday.
 Carrot Juice
              A, B C D E G
 Vitamins: A B, C, D, E, G, and K
 Minerals: Calcium, copper, iodine, iron,
  magnesium, manganese, phosphorous,
  potassium, sodium, and sulphur
 Carrot juice is a great tonic for just about every
           imaginable. It s
  ailment imaginable It’s the most effective for
  preventing cataracts and other eye problems, as
  well as energizing and cleansing the body
  f t C       t juice is l     fantastic
  fast. Carrot j i i also a f t ti remedy for d f
  treating ulcers, liver problems and asthma. It
               p prevent tooth decay and gum
  can also help p                    y      g
Celery Juice
Vitamins: B and C
Minerals: Iron, magnesium,
 phosphorous, potassium
 phosphorous potassium, and sodium
Celery juice is known to help get rid of
 rheumatic and arthritic pain and
 inflammation. It can also help in
 recovering from any illness, including the
           g          y        ,         g
 cold or flu, as it helps to replace lost
 minerals in the body.
 Celery contains a lot of potassium, which
 helps to lower blood pressure and is
 effective in strengthening the stomach,
 liver and kidneys. For insomnia and
 sleeping problems, celery juice is very
Cucumber Juice
Vitamins: A and C
Minerals: Calcium, iodine, iron,
 magnesium, phosphorous potassium
 magnesium phosphorous, potassium,
 silicon, and sodium
Cucumber juice is a fantastic tonic for
 healthy skin, hair and nails. It helps to
 control fluid retention and helps bladder
 problems. It also cleanses the blood and
 also treats arthritis.
Dandelion Juice
Vitamins: A and C
Minerals: Calcium, iron, magnesium,
 manganese potassium and sodium
Dandelion juice are one of the most
 curative plants on the planet and the
 best thing about them is that they are
 free and can be picked in the field.
They are effective for blood circulation
 and circulatory problems therefor
 helping the skin and even cellulite.
They contain a high amount of iron and
 can help anaemia sufferers and other
 blood disorders. Dandelion juice also
 helps cure ulcers and clear up kidney or
 bladder problems.
Fennel Juice
Vitamins: A and B
Minerals: Iron, Phosphorous, potassium,
 and zinc
Fennel juice is known as a digestive aid
 and can help with trapped wind poor
 digestion and more painful conditions
 such as gastritis and enteritis. It also is
 a diuretic and effective with kidney or
 bladder troubles, along with fluid
 retention. It’s also great for combatting
 general tiredness and fatigue.
Garlic Juice
Vitamins: C
Minerals: Potassium, phosphorous,
Garlic juice contains the amino acid,
 alliin which scientists say has anti-biotic
 and bactericidal effects. It helps to
 p                              y
 promote cardiovascular activity and
 benefits the respiratory system. They’re
 powerful at boosting the immune system
 and people report never being sick when
 consuming garlic on a regular basis.
 Kale Juice
 Vitamins: A C and K
 Minerals: Copper, calcium, sodium,
  potassium, iron, manganese, and
 Kale has powerful antioxidant properties
  that helps to protect against prostate and
  colon cancers. It helps to protect
  against infectious agents and scavenge
  harmful free radicals in the body. It helps
  treat osteoporosis, iron-deficiency anaemia,
  and protect against cardiovascular disease.
 Lettuce Juice
              A, B C D
 Vitamins: A B, C, D, and E
 Minerals: Calcium, copper, iron,
  magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium
 Lettuce juice is excellent for helping with
  constipation. It’s a powerful diuretic that
  helps aid with bladder and circulatory
  problems such as fluid retention, cellulite
  and obesity Lettuce contains a chemical
  substance similar to opium, which acts as a
  relaxant to the nervous system. It helps get
  rid of stress, anxiety, insomnia, and heart
Parsley Juice
Vitamins: A and C
Minerals: Calcium, copper, iron,
 magnesium, potassium sodium
 magnesium potassium, sodium, and
Parsley juice is helpful for treating
 migraines, high blood pressure, eye
 disorders, and anaemia. It benefits
 those with hardened arteries and suffer
 from arthritis. It’s also a powerful
 cleanser of the blood and cures bladder,
 liver and kidney troubles.
Spinach Juice
              A, B C,
Vitamins: A B, C and K
Minerals: Calcium, iodine, phosphorous,
 and potassium
Spinach juice has the most amount if
                           vegetable. It s
 iron in it than any other vegetable It’s
 great for treating depression, fatigue,
 PMT, anaemia, and sufferers from SAD
     ,           ,
 (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It helps
 with digestion and is a great body
 cleanser. Spinach is known for helping
 to cure boils, ulcer, and abscesses.
Tomato Juice
              A, B C,
Vitamins: A B, C and E
Minerals: Iron, phosphorous, potassium,
 and sulphur
Tomato juice is highly energizing and rich
 in nutrition They are great for blood
 disorders and an amazing tonic for the
 nervous system.
Tomato’s help people who suffer from
 anxiety, stress nervousness depression
 anxiety stress, nervousness, depression,
 and fatigue. They help to eliminate uric
 acid from the body and are beneficial for
 those with arthritis, gout and
They are very detoxifying and can help
 skin disorders, such as acne and boils.
Watercress Juice
             A, B C,
Vitamins: A B, C and E
Minerals: Calcium, chlorine, iron,
 magnesium, potassium sodium sulphur,
 magnesium potassium, sodium, sulphur
 and zinc
Watercress juice is amazing for getting
 rid of excess mucous and chronic
 bronchitis. It is also useful for
 preventing the flu or a cold. It’s great
 for curing anaemia, circulatory disorders
 and helps with kidney, bladder and liver
 Wheat Grass
              A, B
 Vitamins: A B, C and E
 Minerals: Calcium, iron, magnesium,
  potassium, sodium, selenium, and zinc
 Wheat grass juice is one of the most
  potently healthy substances on Earth. In
  fact, only 30 mls of freshly squeezed wheat
  grass juice (a shot of it) is equivalent in
  nutritional value to 1 kg of leafy green
  vegetables. It contains over 90 minerals,
  the essential enzymes, and has more
  vitamin C than oranges and twice the
  vitamin A as carrots.
It helps the body build red blood cells
 which carry oxygen to every cell It also
 contains 19 amino acids, the building
 blocks of protein and makes this one of
 the most powerful wheat grass
 benefits. Wheat grass helps fight off
 every disease known to man and is one
 of the best things you can put in your
 The Benefits Of Juicing Fruit
                         juice,          vegetables
 Fruit is fantastic to juice along with vegetables,
  but the primary reason why I prefer juicing
  vegetables over fruit is because fruit contains a
            ll d fructose. F it i generally good f
  sugar called f     t       Fruit is     ll   d for
  you, but when you consume large quantities of
  it you are consuming mass amounts of sugar
  which can be too much for your body.
 Vegetables are also much lower in calories than
                     it. But,
  fruit because of it But there are stills tons of
  benefits from fruit and they are worth juicing or
  mixing in with your vegetable juice.
Apple Juice
Vitamins: A B and C
Minerals: Calcium, magnesium,
 phosphorous and potassium
Historically, apples have been prescribed
 to remedy virtually every illness going
 and still has the popular saying, “An
 apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
  pp         y    p                 y
Juicing apples help with arhritic and
             conditions,           calming
 rheumatic conditions as well as calming,
 soothing and cleansing the digestive
 tract. It’s effective in treating
 constipation and diarrhoea, and is also
 known to help the liver.
Apples contain pectin, a substance that is
 said to soak up bad cholesterol, thus
   d i
 reducing l     l in the blood.
           levels i th bl d
 Apricot Juice
              A, B C
 Vitamins: A B, C, and K
 Minerals: Calcium, iron, magnesium,
  phosphorous and potassium
 Apricots are said to help slow down the
  aging process, along with age-related
  illnesses due to the high amounts of vitamin
  A found in it. It helps strengthen the bones
  and make hair and skin glow The B
  vitamins in them help calm the nervous
  system and can help treat depression, PMT
  and menopausal problems. They can also
  help treat anaemia.
Blackberry Juice
             A, B
Vitamins: A B, C and E
Minerals: Calcium and potassium
                  t i hi h
Bl kb i contain high amounts of
Blackberries                      t f
 antioxidants and are effective in fighting
 free radicals, which are molecules that
 destroy cells and tissues in the body and
 are linked to cancer and heart
 disease. They are also helpful in
 controlling diabetes. Blackberries help
 cleanse the blood and can be used to
 treat sore throats and diarrhoea.
 Grape Juice
              A, B
 Vitamins: A B, and C
 Minerals: Calcium, copper, iodine, iron,
  phosphorous, and potassium
 Grape juice is known to help with fatigue
  and lack of energy. They can be a great
  energy booster. It’s loaded in antioxidants
  and is said to delay the aging
  process Grapes also help other ailments
  such as constipation, heart disease, fluid
  retention, gout, arthritis, tuberculosis, liver
  problems, haemorrhoids, and various
Grapefruit Juice
             A, B C, E
Vitamins: A B, C E, and P
Minerals: Calcium, iron, magnesium,
 phosphorous and potassium
Grapefruit juice is an antiseptic, blood
 cleanser and detoxifier This is the
 primary reason why it’s included in so
 many detox programs and diets. It helps
     y        p g                         p
 strengthen the lungs, stimulates the
 appetite and boosts the immune system.
 Kiwi Juice
 Vitamins: C
 Minerals: Calcium, iron, phosphorous, and
 Kiwi fruit juice contains more vitamin C than
  both orange and lemons, and as much
  potassium as bananas. Because of this, kiwi
  juice is amazing at treating anorexia and
  anaemia. Kiwi s
  anaemia Kiwi’s contain an enzyme that
  dissolves protein well and is therefor good
  for digestion. It is also said to help flush
  cholesterol from the blood.
Lemon Juice
Vitamins: B C and P
Minerals: Calcium, copper, iron,
 magnesium and potassium
Lemons are the best natural
 antiseptic They cleanse the blood and
 whole body internally, including the
 kidneys, liver and digestive
       y ,            g
 system. Lemon juice is known to
 eliminate toxins and is amazing for the
 skin. It’s also a well-known cold
 Orange Juice
               B, C,
 Vitamins: B C and P
 Minerals: Calcium, magnesium, phosphorous,
  and potassium
 Orange juice is an incredible immune booster
  due to the high amounts of vitamin C that it
  contains It helps prevent colds and
  infections. It’s a great cleanser of the internal
  system and calms the nervous system, making
      ff ti    in treating nervousness, anxiety and
  it effective i t    ti                    i t     d
  insomnia. It also helps the stomach and
  prevents indigestion, constipation and helps
  p              g       ,      p             p
  other digestive problems.
 Conclusion
 I hope that this blog post and video
  illustrates the benefits of juicing and why it’s
  important to invest in a quality juicer, like
  the Omega J8004. Juicing has changed
  my life. There’s nothing more
  important than an investment in your
  health, and this one is going to be a
  proven life-saver for me and add more
  years to my life. I’m happy with the
  investment and really enjoy the process of
  juicing first thing in the morning as it really
  starts off my day powerfully.
There are many recipes available online
               find                     don’t
 that you can find, but I personally don t
 use any and just throw together
 whatever I think will benefit me. I don’t
 mind the taste of it at all, in fact I usually
 enjoy it and have gotten use to it. But
 I’m sure there’s a lot of amazing recipes
 out there that I look forward to trying
 and experimenting with
I’d love to hear your experience with
                   it s
 juicing and how it’s impacted your
 life. So far, the stories I’ve read online
 and heard from friends have been
 astonishing – everything from losing
 body fat to curing life-threatening
And finally, if you’re looking for a quality
 juicer check out the Omega Juicer
 8004. I’ve been extremely pleased with
 the purchase and I encourage y
     p                         g you to do
 your research and read the reviews on to hear what others are
 saying about it. To learn more about the
 Omega J8004 nutrition center
               juicer,     here.
 masticating juicer click here
 http://www youtube com/watch?v=95TC5m daeU

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