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									                                                                               December 2011



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2011 Program Milestones

Volunteer Spotlight

Get Involved - Volunteer!
                              New Year New You
                               Clothing Drive

Help families start the New Year off right by donating to our professional clothing
drive. One of our goals at the Illumination Foundation is to help our families find
jobs to sustain a stable living. Help them transition into their new professions with a
sense of confidence by looking their best.

              Professional Clothing Items Needed (New or Gently Used):

         -Professional dresses                         -Professional work heels
         -Collared shirts                              -Men's work shoes
         -Suits                                          -Pantyhose
         -Blazers/Coats                                 -Briefcases & purses

 Additionally, there are children who still need clothing items during these cold
 winter months. Please help us keep these kids warm!

                  Kids Clothing Items Needed (New or Gently Used):

                                 -Kids sweaters/jackets
                                   -Close-toed shoes

                      The Clothing Drive runs until January 20th.
    For more info, please contact Sheryl Overman at
                                  or (949) 544-0385.
                             New Year New You
                             Canned Food Drive

Please contribute to our canned food drive and ensure that our families will have
plenty of food as they start the New Year! We are looking for any canned food, as
well as nonperishable items.
                The Canned Food Drive runs until January 20th.
  Please contact Rheanna Cline at for more information.

                          PAST EVENTS

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped out at our
Holiday Carnivals this past weekend! We were so happy to have over 190
volunteers join us at the Carnivals. Because of you, we were able to bring holiday
cheer to over 200 families. The Carnivals were a great success; at each event, we
had a bounce house, cookie decorating and other craft activities, a potluck
meal, and pictures with Santa!

Special thanks to Phil Ebiner for creating this wonderful video of the carnival on
Saturday in just two days!
Thank you to all who contributed your time, food, or gifts
       to help our families celebrate the season!
Pictures courtesy of Kathy Hamilton, Josh Bustos, and Rheanna Cline
                          DONOR SPOTLIGHT
                         Bon Epi Patisserie & Café

We would like to thank Bon Epi Patisserie & Café in Irvine's Diamond Jamboree
Plaza for their ongoing support of generous donations. Every day, Bon Epi drops
off countless bags of baked goods that are distributed throughout Orange
County to our motel families. On behalf of our families, thank you so much!

               Amber Neben and Specialized Bicycles

                             Photos courtesy of Josh Bustos
On December 19th and 20th, Olympic cyclist Amber Neben paired up with
Specialized Bicycles and donated 76 bikes to the children in our Interim Housing
Program. This is the third year in a row that Amber has donated so generously to
IF. Thank you, Amber and Specialized! You have made the holidays brighter for so
many in a BIG way! To find out more about Amber and The Dare To Be Project,
please click here.
                        ILLUMINATING TALES
Every day, IF staff and volunteers witness triumphs by the courageous individuals
and families in our program. Every month, we share a few of these inspirational
and illuminating stories with you.

                             Yesenia and Angel

                              Photo by Christine MacDonald

After nine years of bouncing around extended families' homes and motels,
Yesenia and Angel finally have a place to call home. Yesenia, Angel, and
their children Xavier and Evelyn, were living with Angel's family when the home
was foreclosed. With nowhere else to go, Yesenia, Angel, and the children
moved into the Valencia Inn in January. With Angel continuing his full-time
employment, the family could afford an apartment but needed help with move-
in costs. By word of mouth, Yesenia heard of the Illumination Foundation's Motel
Families Outreach Program. Their Case Manager advocated on their behalf and
the family was approved for financial assistance through the Motel Families
Program. The financial assistance made it necessary for the family to start building
their new lives.

After months of searching, Yesenia finally found a cozy apartment for her family in
October. This new place to call their own was just in time to welcome the newest
member of the family, baby Adian. With help, Yesenia and Angel furnished their
new apartment and have settled into their community. "Getting our own
apartment has been great," Yesenia says. "We finally get to be on our own, set our
own rules, and continue building our family."
                                   We would like to give our heartfelt
                                   appreciation to the Orange Coast College
                                   School of Photography for the
                                   amazing photos they take of our families.

                                   Their work illuminates the faces of

                 Learn more about the school at

                     A Story From One Of Our Clients
I was living in Long Beach, California after relocating from Charlotte, North
Carolina, working two jobs while also working as a sign-waver on the side. I
was beginning to make ends meet, but after all my hard work, I was the victim of
a mysterious attack and ended up with a broken leg and in a wheelchair.
Unable to work, I relocated again to Orange County and lived for a while as a
homeless man at the Laguna Beach homeless shelter. After an infection
developed in my broken leg, I was hospitalized for several days. I was connected
to a social worker, who gave me one of the greatest blessings of my life by
placing me in the care of the Illumination Foundation.

I was injured with nowhere to turn. The Illumination Foundation took me in, housed
me, and provided me with food and medical care. As I continued on the long
road to recovery, IF sent people to help me every step of the way: Susanna, the
caring nurse with the outgoing sense of humor; Fred, the helpful security guard,
who gave me a pair of his shoes after I learned to walk again; Jocelyn, who
helped sign me up for medical assistance; Jenna, my first case manager who
placed me in housing; Alfonso, the employment specialist who critiqued my
resume; and Lorena, the case worker who checked in on me to the end of the
healing process. These people helped me rebuild my life.

Today, I am employed by Advent Visual, an innovative outdoor advertising
company. I plan to continue my career in advertising and to establish myself long
term in San Diego. I owe so much to the Illumination Foundation. IF rescued me
from the streets and set me back on the path of chasing my dreams.

                                           THANK YOU ILLUMINATION FOUNDATION!
                            -Philip Ardrey (Former Recuperative Care/HPRP Client)
  With your support, there will be many more triumphs for IF
   families every day. Here is a simple way you can help:


The first day a family enters our program is the start of a new beginning. This day is
the critical turning point in improving their lives and it begins their journey toward a
better future. In our program, they receive stable housing, medical services,
mental health counseling, case management, and life-saving basics such as food
and clothing. For just 30 dollars per day, per family, we provide the stability and
tools to help a family succeed in life.

This is your opportunity to create a new beginning for a homeless family in our
community. You can help us provide a safe and stable environment for a family
to launch them toward self-sufficiency. Each day that you pledge will bring us
closer to breaking the cycle of homelessness.
              Click here to Give A Day and Change Lives today.

                  2011 PROGRAM MILESTONES
                           Mobile Medical Clinics
In 2011, 35 Free Neighborhood Clinics provided 1,335 services to 1,199 clients.

                          Interim Housing Program
Since July 2008, this program has served 260 families (544 children and 381 adults).
129 families have graduated from our program into stable housing.

In November, 36% of the adults in the program were employed and 54% of the
children received accolades at school.

                  Permanent Housing Program (HPRP)
Since October 2009, IF has transitioned 236 households into permanent housing.

                       Recuperative Care Program
Since January 2010, our OC Recuperative Care Program has served 413 clients.
In 2011, we connected 61.7% of our OC clients with housing.
Since October 2010, our LA Recuperative Care Program has served 313 clients.
The Recuperative Care Program reduced the cost of serving the homeless by
$338,400 for LA and Orange County hospitals during the month of November.

               Motel Family Outreach Program (MFO)
Since July 2010, our MFO program has served 115 motel families.
We held 30 outreach events to connect families with vital community resources.
7 motel families have been transitioned into permanent housing.
5 families have been accepted into our Interim Housing Programs.

                Interim Supportive Shelter Program (ISS)
On December 1st, we began our second season of serving families from the
County's Winter Armory through our ISS program. Last winter, we were able to
serve 120 families, consisting of 166 children and 201 adults through this program.
Between December 1 and 21 of this year, we've served 36 families, consisting of
90 children and 68 adults, and hope to transition as many as possible into stable
                          The Flame Necklace
Show your support for homeless families by wearing this beautiful necklace over
your heart. The pendant, inspired by the candle flame on our logo, was designed
exclusively for us by renowned designer Gorjana. 80% of proceeds from the flame
necklace will be donated to the Illumination Foundation.

            Click HERE To Purchase The Flame Necklace

                Jack Randall Photography Fundraiser

Support the Illumination Foundation
and gain beautiful family portraits!
When you sign up with Jack Randall
Photography, 100% of your session
fee is donated to the Illumination
Foundation, plus a percentage of
sales. You'll receive an on-location
portrait expe rience, a 20-minute
session, two photographers and lots
of proofs to choose from. You will
view your images at the Dana Point
studio and receive one 8x10, two
5x7s or ten 4x6s of the same
image for free.

                        You can also sponsor a portrait session for our homeless
                        families. Location choices include beaches, parks, and
                        local venues such as the Mission San Juan Capistrano .

                        For more information or to sign up click HERE!
                         VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT
                                   CARL GLOVER
                               (penned by Tex Garza)

My colleague Carl Glover is the kind of person who always goes above and
beyond in all that he does. Carl grew up in Garden Grove, CA. After high school,
he went to Long Beach City College to pursue a career in the graphic arts but
developed an interest in medicine and changed career goals, earning his
associate degree in nursing and receiving his nursing license in July 2011.

 The Illumination Foundation has a great group of volunteers and interns at our
sites in Orange County and Los Angeles, but I can't think of anyone else besides
Carl who would take the train twice a week from Long Beach to LA, then bike
from downtown to our Recuperative Care site five miles away to volunteer 12 to
14 hours per day. Carl also works part time as a custodian at a church in Long
Beach to pay his bills. I think Carl is just like me, a good ol' country boy. People in
the country quit working when the cows come home; since there aren't any cows
in the city, we just don't quit working. Carl has proved to be a natural with the
clients in the way that he goes over their medications with them, logs their data,
and simply listens to their concerns. I have all the faith in the world that Carl will
someday be working full time as an RN at a medical facility. Trust me, folks: Carl is
an outstanding kind of guy.

                     Lucky Strike Lanes in Anaheim has opened its heart to the
                     youths from our family housing programs. Every month,
                     they offer a Friday evening of free bowling to our teens, giving
                     them a fun and safe environment to socialize. They even get
                     pizza, soda, and fries on the house - what more could a teen
                     want on a Friday night?

                     Thanks, Lucky Strike!
                       Medical Outreach and Care
Illumination Foundation's Neighborhood Clinic program provides FREE weekly
medical care for the most vulnerable members of our community at locations
throughout the county. We also coordinate four large health expos throughout
the year. IF's medical outreach is a partnership with the OC Health Care Agency,
Giving Children Hope, and Lestonnac Free Clinic.

                  Free Neighborhood Clinic Schedule
Jan 4th - Lighthouse Community Church, Stanton, 6pm-8:30 pm
Jan 11th - Stanton Community Center, Stanton, 6pm-8:30 pm
Jan 25th - Homeless Court, 909 N. Main St, Santa Ana, 9-12pm and 1-4pm
Jan 28th - Vision Clinic, Santa Ana Armory, 5-9pm
Feb 4th - Vision Clinic, Fullerton Armory, 5-9pm

                             GET INVOLVED!
 We are always looking for volunteers to help at our sites and upcoming events!

  There are many ways you can help make a difference in the lives of homeless
families and children. Volunteering your time to mentor children, assist at our sites,
 answer and return phone calls, or even plan events can help make an impact.

                 Click here to fill out the volunteer application!

                             ILLUMINATION FOUNDATION
                    2691 RICHTER AVE., SUITE 107, IRVINE, CA 92606
                                  PH: 949-273-0555

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