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					    Polish experience on the European
   Groupings of Territorial Cooperation

Filip Chybalski                      Budapest/Gödöllő,
Territorial Cooperation Department   21-23rd March 2011
                EGTC – legal basis in Poland

Polish provisions on EGTC:

• The Ministry of Regional Development – responsible for the
  preparation of national regulation

• The Territorial Cooperation Department of the Ministry –
  responsible for the ETC and CBC ENPI programmes with
  Polish participation

• 9th of January 2009 – the Polish act on EGTC entered into

• No legal obstacles for the establishing of EGTCs in Poland
                Key points of Polish act on EGTC

The role of the Minister of Foreign Affairs:

• Gives an approval in agreement with the Ministers of Regional
  Development / Finance / Interior for participation in the
  EGTCs of local and regional authorities and public equivalent

• Supervisory body for the grouping (in line withe the EGTC

• Runs the register of the EGTCs
Resolution on accessing the grouping by the Republic of
Poland is adopted by the Council of Ministers
                Key points of Polish act on EGTC

Limited liability:

• The State Treasury is not responsible for obligations of
  a grouping, in which the Republic of Poland acts as a member

• Territorial self-governmental units, state legal persons and
  self-government legal persons are not responsible for
  obligations of a grouping of which they are members
                 EGTC and ETC in Poland

• In 2010 the Ministry of Regional Development (MRD)
  launched in Poland a debate on the future of European
  Territorial Cooperation under the next EU financial
  perspective after 2013

• Representatives of the Offices of the Marshals, Offices of the
  Voivodes and representatives of Euroregions took active part
  in the debate

• MRD ran a survey to gather opinions of participants of the
  debate on, inter alia, the possible role of the EGTCs in the ETC
  programmes in Poland
               EGTC and ETC in Poland (survey results)

• 80% of participants in favour of making use of EGTCs in ETC
  programmes as beneficiaries (in particular in CBC strand)

• 33% of participants in favour of making use of EGTCs in
  implementation of CBC ETC programmes (e.g. as Managing

• 90% of participants with the opinion that EGTCs could
  reinforce partnership links between institutions

• Most institutions still looking for clear added value of
  establishing the EGTCs
              EGTCs in Poland

• So far no EGTCs with Polish participation

• Many Polish institutions involved in setting up of

• Euroregions, regional authorities and cities in border
  areas most active
            EGTC under preparation in PL – TRITIA example

• To be established by Opolskie and Slaskie
  Voivodships (Poland), Moravskoslezsky Kraj (Czech
  Republic), Zilinsky Samospravny Kraj (Slovak

• EGTC to be registered in Poland

• EGTC to be established with purpose of fostering the
  cross – border cooperation (i.e. by having common
  cooperation projects, being a platform for a strategic
              Polish Presidency in the Council of the EU

• PL ready to start the working process on the
  proposal of amendment Regulation – depends on the
  time of publication of the EC proposal (summer?)

• Key role of the EC report on the application of EGTC

• Possible expert meeting(s) on EGTC to discuss the
  content of the amendment Regulation before starting
  formal discussion

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