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Stonecreek JHS AVID – 2011-2012 AVID Recruitment Plan


                               Recruitment Plan
                           Incoming 7th grade students

I.     Go out to feeder schools in February/March to make classroom presentations
       to students
       A. hand out AVID application to interested students with 2 week turn around
           period to collect completed applications
       B. Students are to mail applications back to school or can turn them into their
           6th grade teacher to send them intra-district mail
       C. request teacher-recommendation forms

II.    After receiving complete applications, elective teacher(s) and coordinator to
       read applications to decide who to interview

III.   Call principals of feeder schools to schedule a interview day with students
       A. Send flyer to feeder school with agreed upon day and time of interview to
          selected students from application review

IV.    Go to school site for Interview Day. Interview all students selected and make
       AVID selection process on feeder school campus day of interview
       A. give acceptance letters with Agreement Form with acceptance letter (50
          total, but attempt to split acceptance of 25 per school site with 5 openings
          for student transferring to our school that were in an AVID program at
          their previous school)
       B. give rejection letters with reason for rejection and indicate if student is on
          waiting list

V.     Give list of AVID students to be scheduled in AVID elective class by May

VI.    Retention: bi-weekly grade checks, AVID parent nights, student-teacher
       conferences, probation process

VII.   Ongoing recruitment: teacher emails of recommended students, use of
       waiting list from recruitment grid, advertisement of AVID Academy in
       school course catalog

*additional sections will be added based upon applicant numbers, interest and elective
teacher volunteer.

                       Stonecreek JHS AVID – 2011-2012

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