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									Why to get PMP certification?

        Project Management for IT is a highly sought after position that has quite
a few openings of late. Getting into Project Management is a good idea for
Business Analysts or Quality Assurance Analysts who want a leg up in the

        But what should you do if you are already a Project Manager? How do you
get a leg up then? The best way would be to get certified as a Project
Management Professional (PMP). To become a certified PMP through the
Project Management Institute you have to give an exam. This exam tests the
experience, knowledge, and drive of Project Managers.
        PMP training requires hard work and dedication, it also requires a great
tutor who will provide you with the necessary tools and train you according to
the industry standards.
       There are quite a few courses that affiliated consultancies like Canvas
Infotech Inc. provide regularly to provide you with a well rounded IT training.
PMP exam preparation is one of them. Passing the exam immediately makes you
more desirable to the IT Industry and gives you an advantage over the other
project managers who are not certified.
        The best part about being a certified professional in the field of IT is that
not only does your marketability rises but so does your salary. If that doesn’t
convince you to become a PMP then I don’t know what will!
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