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Where are possible sites to refurbish computers Possible sites to refurbish computers range from local computers stores, local schools/colleges, and churches. Computers will have their hard drives formatted and an new operating system will be installed. If there is any broken hardware it will be replaced with recently donated hardware. All hardware and software will have to be donated from private vendors, individuals, or elsewhere in order to minimize expenses. What specific steps are needed to refurbish a computer Once the donated computers are received, there are a couple of ways that the refurbishing can take place. One way is for individuals (schools, churches, individuals, etc) to volunteer their time and refurbish the computers with supplies that have been donated. Another way that the computers could be refurbished is through local vendors who would like to help out. What Software should be installed In order to provide the people of Havana with everything they would need, we decided that the Google pack would be perfect. The Google pack includes the following software:              Google Earth Norton Security Scan Google Desktop Firefox with Google Toolbar Adobe Reader Skype Staroffiec (includes Java) Google Toolbar Spyware Doctore Picasa Google Photos Screensaver Google Talk RealPlayer

What operating system is needed is:

We decided to use either Microsoft XP or Microsoft Vista due to the ease of use and how common a windows operating system is. What type of internet provider should be used: In order to provide these people with more flexibility, we will offer a list of possible internet service providers. We will be able to explain the advantages, disadvantages, and prices to the people of Havana. Since some people might not have a land-line or cable, it would be difficult to only provide one ISP. What information should be tracked about each computer, student(s) performing the refurbishment, training, etc During each process, things that would need to be tracked are:  Refurbishment o Name of person who did the work o Work done on computer o Time taken o Any problems  Training o Who was the trainer o Who was being trained o What was the training on o How long did the training last o When did the training occur o Where did the training occur  In-Home Setup o Address of the setup o Who is setting up the computer o Family who is receiving the computer o What the family received o Time the install took  Support o Who is making the request for help o Who responded to the call o Which volunteer will respond to the request o Resolution to the call

What types of computers should be accepted Hardware configuration  62 800 MHz Pentium processors  128 MB RAM  20 GB Hard drive  CD-ROM drive (some PCs)  Sound card with earphone jack  Ethernet connection


Dial-up modem

What monitors should be accepted  At least 17 inch monitors that are still fully operational Should printers be accepted  Yes, but only for resource centers (central points where IT volunteers will work)

Our Goals in Providing Effective Support:  Put together a team:  Consisting of twenty computer efficient individuals  Knowledge of networks, PC repair, Microsoft XP, Microsoft Office  Willing to travel and provide computer support  Travel approximately 40miles to and from Havana back to Tallahassee  Operate Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm  Shifts are split 9am-1pm and 1pm-5pm On-Call Support vs. On-Site Support  Each Havana household will be provided with a local number to the nonprofit organization to report any problems  The local organization will provide on-call support and contact our team with any unsolved problems  If over the phone support is not effective in solving the problem the nonprofit organization must schedule an appointment and our team will provide on-site support


Activities Regarding Training  Who should be trained o In order to minimize expenses, we could get help from volunteers and train them on the software that would be installed in the newly refurbished computers. Once the volunteers have been trained, they will be able to donate their time and help the families who have just received their computers. Volunteers will also able to teach the basics about internet use i.e. browsing the web, email, etc…  How would training be conducted o Our volunteers will be trained during a seminar lasting only one day during the weekend. After being trained, our volunteers will be able to visit our clientele at their homes. They will also be able to conduct their own programs in order to teach people who wish to attend. At their programs, they will be able to instruct the attendees as to how to use their new home computers.

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