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					Computer Systems Design (CSD)
Track Overview
                                    October 2008

          Dr. Fadi   Sibai   UAE University        1
Computer Systems Design

    Computer Systems Design is concerned with
     the design, analysis and testing of
     A. computer systems and their components:
        the processor, chipset, memory, storage, and the
        interconnects; and
     B. digital circuits and systems.
    It involves the study of hardware, software,
     communications, and the interaction among

                    Dr. Fadi   Sibai   UAE University      2
Why Study CSD?
    AUS Computer Engineering encompassed Computer
     Systems Design, Networking, and Security
        More than 300 students

 • Computer Science with much smaller student and
   faculty populations.

 • Computer Systems Design curriculum prepares you for
   both hardware and software projects. Makes you ready
   for both kind of job assignments

 • No other track does that.

                        Dr. Fadi   Sibai   UAE University   3
Computer or Digital Systems
Design Flow
 1.   Architecture
 2.   RTL Design
 3.   Logic Design
 4.   Circuit Design
 5.   Testing and Debug and Root Cause Analysis
 6.   Assessing performance, power consumption,
 7.   Redesign
 8.   Production

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Design Hierarchy






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Digital System Design

    Examples
      Controlling traffic light on 4-way streets
      Controlling temperature and Closed Circuit
       TV in high rise buildings
      Bank ATM machine

      Controlling machinary and industrial plants

      Cell phones, PDAs

      Routers and networking products

                  Dr. Fadi   Sibai   UAE University   6
Digital Circuit Example

       The circuit for detecting the car going
        the wrong way down the one way street.

                 Dr. Fadi   Sibai   UAE University   7
Design: 3 Types

    With off-the-shelf devices
        Ex: board design
    Custom-made (IC Design)
        Ex: HDL design and VLSI design
    With Programmable devices
        Ex: FPGAs, PLAs

                    Dr. Fadi   Sibai   UAE University   8
Recent Design Issues

    Low-Power Embedded Systems
    Pervasive Computing
    System on Chip
    Higher performance with multiple core
    Nanotechnology reliability with the exponential
     rise in transistor count
    Standard interfaces (USB, Hypertransport, …)

                   Dr. Fadi   Sibai   UAE University   9
New Catalogue Description
  Computer Systems Engineering
  Computer System Engineering involves the design, analysis, and integration of the hardware and software
  components of computer systems and the relationship between them. Graduates of this track will have a
  good overall understanding of the process of computer system design with special emphasis on the
  relationships between the circuit, architecture, and software aspects of a computer. In addition, graduates
  will receive training in designing and testing digital systems with state of the art electronic design
  automation tools and simulators, programmable devices, and microcontrollers, and will be exposed to a
  good number of assembly languages, platform technologies, and industry standards.

      2.1. List of Computer Systems Engineering Specialization Courses            (48 Cr. Hr)

 Course #                    Course Title                    Semester            Prerequisite
CSEB 301      Circuits Fundamentals                             2               PHYS 1052                 3
CSEB 300      Computer Architecture                             1                ITBP 205                 3
CSEB 310      Digital Design with HDL                           1                ITBP 205                 3
CSEB 320      Hardware Testing and Fault Tolerance              1                ITBP 205                 3
CSEB 400      Platform Architecture and Technologies            1          CSEB 300 and ITBP 315          3
CSEB 425      Embedded Systems                                  1          ITBP 119 and CSEB 300          3
CSEB 440      Software Integration                              2                ITBP 319
   or              or                                           or                   or                    3
CSEB 450      Robotics                                          2          ITBP119 and CSEB 425

                                        Dr. Fadi   Sibai     UAE University                                      10
New CSD Depth Curriculum
 Circuit Fundamentals                     electric circuit design and analysis, building and troubleshooting
                                          circuits, measurements with multi-meters

 Computer Architecture                    ALU and memory organizations, Pipelined processor Design,
                                          MIPS instruction set architecture

 Digital Design with HDL                  finite state machines, design VHDL or Verilog, digital design with

 Hardware Testing and Fault Tolerance     digital testing, JTAG, fault tolerance techniques, reliability, RAS
                                          techniques in enterprise systems

 Platform Architecture and Technologies computer motherboard functions, x86 instruction set architecture,
                                        BIOS configuration, virtualization
 Embedded Systems                         computer interfacing and control, Motorola microcontrollers and
                                          DSP processors

 Software Integration                     Principles of Perl programming, data string conversions and data
 Robotics                                 Robot control

                                        Dr. Fadi   Sibai      UAE University                                    11
CSE Labs
   Unlike the past, laboratories, lab equipment and lab experiments are now

   Circuits: oscilloscopes, voltage/current/power meters, Microcap simulator,
    Labview, Labvolt, experiments with physical circuits.
   ITBP205: proto boards and chips, Xilinx and Winbreadboard simulator
   Digital Design: Xilinx and Synopsis simulators and development tools,
    Verilog and VHDL hardware description languages, Field-Programmable
    Gate Arrays
   Computer Architecture: MIPS and Cache memory simulators, Xilinx FPGAs,
    logic analyzers
   Hardware Testing and Fault Tolerance: JTAG, server resilience techniques
   Platform Architecture: x86 emulator and assembler, BIOS configuration,
    Virtualization technology
   Embedded Systems: Motorola microcontrollers and SDK, digital control
   Robotics Lab: Mobile robot with sensors remotely controlled
   VLSI design: Cadence and Synopsis CAD tools, IC Design projects

                           Dr. Fadi   Sibai   UAE University                   12
CSE Faculty
       Faculty                                                       CSE Area
  1.   Associate Dean Dr. Valeriu Beiu                               VLSI Design, Nanotechnology
  2.   CSD Director Dr. Fadi Sibai                                   Computer Systems, HPC
  3.   Dr. Walid Ibrahim                                             Digital Circuits
  4.   Dr. Driss Guerchi                                             Embedded Systems, Speech
  5.   Dr. Azam Beg                                                  Computer and Digital Systems
  6.   Dr. Mohammed Hayajneh                                         Communications
  7.   Dr. Falah Awwad                                               VLSI Design

       Instructors                                                   CSE Area
  1.   Basheer Ahamed                                                Hardware
  2.   Azzam AsSafar                                                 Digital Systems
  3.   Claude Khoury                                                 Digital Systems
  4.   Hashir Kidwai                                                 IBM Cell Project

       Research Areas
  1.   Architectures
  2.   Performance modeling and evaluation
  3.   Reliability and Testing
  4.   Circuits
  5.   Software
  6.   High performance Computing (IBM Project)
  7.   Speech Recognition
  8.   Communications and networks

                                 Dr. Fadi   Sibai   UAE University                              13
Potential Employers
     Municipalities                   Government Agencies
     IBM                              Dubai Silicon Oasis
     HP                               Etisalat
     Sun Microsystems                 Du                                  Job Functions
     Intel                            ADNOC
     AMD                              Dubai Internet City
     Emirates Computers               GBM                                 Computer Engineer/Manager
     Visionaire                       Honeywell                           Hardware Engineer
     Johnsons Control                 York                                Design Engineer
     Plants in AD and Jebel Ali       ADWEA
     Emirates Airlines                Etihad Airlines
                                                                           Software Engineer
     Air Arabia                       Al Ain Distribution Company         System Engineer
     UAE Air Force                    UAE Army                            Test Engineer
     Dubai RTA                        AD RTA                              Product Engineer
     Xilinx                           Altera                              Field Engineer
     LSI Logic                        National Semiconductors
     Siemens                          Dell
                                                                           Application Engineer
     Nokia                            Sony                                Technical Marketing Eng.
     Motorola                         Freescale Semiconductors            Pre-sales Engineer
     Broadcom                         Qualcomm                            Sales Engineer
     Cisco                            Juniper Networks                    Integration Engineer
     Texas Instruments                Google
     VIA                              Acer Computers
                                                                           Customer Support Eng.
     nVIDIA                           Samsung                             ASIC Engineer
     EMC                              Toshiba                             BIOS Engineer
     Marvell                          Analog Devices
     Apple Computers                  Lenovo
     Atmel                            Actel
     Cadence                          Synopsis
     Mentor Graphics                  Novellus
     Hyundai                          Sony Ericson

                                   Dr. Fadi   Sibai       UAE University                               14
Thank You

 Thank     you for listening


            Dr. Fadi   Sibai   UAE University   15

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