Chapter 9

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					Chapter 9

     Vehicle Information
Laws Governing Vehicle Title

   All Vehicles must be registered and
    insured before driving on public roads
   Out of state has 60 days to register
   Brand new vehicle registration is good
    for 4 years.

   New vehicle
       Obtain through dealership
       Obtain manufactures' certificate ensuring sales
        tax has been paid
   Used vehicle
       Complete reverse side of title
       Present the signed title and pay fee
       Buyer must pay sales tax when title the car
       Title must be transferred within 10 business
        days of the sale
   Replacing a title
       $25 for a duplicate
       Completed application
       Current registration or insurance card
       A lien release from lien holder
   Replacing a damaged title
       $20 replacement fee
       You will need the damaged title
       Completed application

   Must be at least 17 years old
   Show proof of ownership
   Provide insurance information
   Proof that sales tax has been paid
Registration renewal

   In person
   By mail
   Online or on-line for a fee
License Plates

   Must be clean and visible
   Rear must be lighted and visable from
    50ft away
   Obscuring or concealing plates is a
    100 fine
License Plates Facts

   Lost or stolen must be reported to police
   Retain a copy of report
   Replace lost or damaged plates within 24hrs
    at any MVC
   Transfer plates can be done on-line or by
   Selling a car and not transfering them to a
    new car must be turned in to MVC
   $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail for
    counterfeit plates
Handicapped Plates/Placards

   Obtain an application
   Part 1 you fill out
   Part 2 must be filled out by physician
   Temporary
   Obtain from chief of police
   Needs a note from Doctor
   $4 fee
   Good for 6 months
Vehicle Inspection

   Every two years
   Must have driver’s license and valid
   Buying a used car: You have 14 days
    to get your car inspected or until
    inspection sticker runs out
   Out of state 14 days to have inspected

   All vehicles must have liability
   Must be registered
   Keep with vehicle
Insurance Fraud

   Commits insurance fraud by providing
    false info to an insurance co
       Result in criminal charges
       Fines up to 15,000
       Loose of license

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