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					Explore, Search and Discover the World!
Download Google Earth – free (version 4) The Google Earth installation file is already downloaded to our shared T:Shared drive at school. (T: Technology > Computer Downloads > GoogleEarthWin.exe) If your school computer does not have Google Earth, just double click that file to install the program. Google Earth Users Guide - Google Earth Full Screen View – Press F11 Google Earth Compass (top right) – Experiment – Use to rotate map and change viewing options Google Earth 3D Options -

Google Earth Left Sidebar
  To turn the sidebar on/off - Click the top menu Hide/Show Sidebar blue & white icon, Press Ctrl+Alt+B keys, or Go to View > Sidebar You can expand or collapse the sidebar panels (Search, Places, Layers) by clicking the little black arrow beside each.

1. Search Panel (Fly To/Find Businesses/Directions)  Fly To
On the left sidebar, type a location address in the Search window and press the Enter key or Begin Search icon. Double click a location displayed in the Search results to fly to that location. To Zoom and Navigate in the 3-D Location Viewer:  Use the top right Compass (If the Compass is not displayed, click View > put a check by Compass)  Use mouse wheel – Roll forward to zoom in; Roll Backward to zoom out  Double left click – Zooms In; Double right click – Zooms out  Single click – Stops the zoom  Left click and drag to move the entire image  If you have several locations in the Search results window, you can choose to “Play your Search Tour” by checking the box beside the locations and click the Play button.  Save a search location from your Search results window  Left click & drag the location to your My Places folder or other folder you have created in the Places Panel below the Search Panel - OR  Right click on the location and choose “Save to My Places”  Measuring Distance  Click the blue ruler icon on the top toolbar  Left click 1st point on the map; left click 2nd point  Distance between the 2 points will be shown in the Ruler window  You can choose Miles, Meters, Kilometers, Smoots (know that one?), etc.

 Find Businesses (self-exploration)  Directions (self-exploration)

2. Places Panel
My Places folder - Use this folder to save and organize locations you visit. Sightseeing folder -The My Places folder contains this special tour of the world - Check it out!

 Add a Placemark
      Navigate to the location you want to mark. Zoom in as desired. Click the yellow pushpin icon ( top toolbar) or click Add > Placemark (top menu bar) Position the placemark - left click & drag the flashing yellow box where desired Fill in information about your placemark Your location is saved in the My Places folder To Edit Placemarks - Right click on Placemark > Choose Properties

 Manage Your Placemarks with Folders To Create Special Tours
Note: Clicking the + sign by a folder will expand or collapse the list of locations 1. Create a new folder inside your “My Places” folder a. Right Click on My Places in the Places Panel b. Select Add > Folder c. Name Your Folder > Click OK 2. Add locations to your new folder a. Select or highlight your new folder in the Places Panel. b. Search for (Fly To) the location you want added. c. Add a Placemark for that location. i. Click the yellow pushpin icon ii. Name your Placemark d. Repeat steps a.-c. to add more locations – Remember to always highlight the folder in which you want your Placemark to go. e. You can re-arrange locations by clicking & dragging then up or down in the list. f. You can copy/paste the default Google Earth view in-between your tour locations if you want the tour to zoom all the way out before going to the next location. 3. View/Play your Tour a. If necessary, click the + beside your “Tour folder” to expand the list of locations. b. Select or highlight the 1st location of your “tour”. c. Click the “Play” button. d. If you click the “Pause” button to stop the tour for closer zooming or discussion, the tour will resume from the beginning. 4. Save your Tour a. Right click on the “Tour Folder” you want to save. b. Select Save As c. Choose a drive/folder location in which to save, Name the file, and click Save. d. Your tour will have the file extension .kmz and can be opened by others using Google Earth. (You can also save just one location.)

3. Layers Panel
This is a list of points of interest (POIs) that you can turn on to display in the 3D viewer wherever you are. Turn on a POI by checking it in the Layers panel. Turn off a POI by clearing the check box. See Geographic Web, Roads, Terrains, Borders, Lodging, Populated Places, and lots more!