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									                        Getting Started in LCA Italian

The following are some suggestions to assist Italian teachers in the first few
weeks of term before they attend the inservice seminar

LCA Support Service:
                            Leaving Certificate Applied Office
                            Clare Education Centre
                            Government Buildings
                            Kilrush Road
                            Co. Clare

Phone:                      065-6845504

E mail address:   

Website:           Click on Leaving Cert Applied (LCA) tab

   1. At the inservice seminar you will receive an in-depth introduction to the
      Italian course in LCA. Also included will be some strategies for
      approaching the course. Active teaching methodologies are an underlying
      principle of the programme and are fundamental to its success.

   2. Obtain the module descriptor for Modern Languages. You can view it (or
      download it) from the website but ask your coordinator first as there is
      likely to be a copy in the school.

   3. Talk to you coordinator about booking a place on the next in service
      training day for new teachers.

   4. Ask your students to have a notebook and a small folder for class
5. Begin by teaching the basic greetings. Ask students to write down the
   new words into their notebooks and keep these in the folder along with
   any other handouts or worksheets you make out.

6. Get students to ask each other basic questions and repeat these at the
   start of each lesson


          Come ti chiami?
          Mi chiamo?

          Come sta?
          Sto bene.Grazie.

7. Introduce days of the week. Ask the students to write them down. Call
   them out. Ask each other:

          ‘Cosa vuol dire ‘Monday?’
           Vuol dire __________________

8. Begin with the numbers 1-10 then 11-20. get students to record the list in
   their notebooks. Ask each other ‘cosa vuol dire tre?’ etc. Ask the
   students to write the numbers on the board.

9. Teach the basic colours. Ask students to do a small poster illustrating the
   colours using colouring pencils. Put this into their folders.

10. Have themed rounds of questions. Ask Days of the Week first, then
    colours, perhaps numbers and finally clothes for example

11. Get the students to ask each other the vocabulary keeping their notebooks
    open in the first instance and later ask them to try and recall the
    vocabulary from memory.

12. Food is another important topic. You may begin with some basic food
    items and get students to draw simple images of the food on to a sheet
    that is kept in their folder.

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