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									                              Burn Fat Be Fit
            Conference Call #5 (listed #6 on free con. call .com)\
                           Let's Get to The Point

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1. What is Your "Reason" for Burning Fat & Being Fit:
     1 out of 3 people in the US are obese (20 % over ideal weight:
     if ideal weight is 140 lbs. & a person weighs 168 , that is
     considered obese
     a. Blood Pressure comes down with weight loss
     b. Diabetes is lessened with weight loss
     c. Mood Swings (sugar hi's & lows') are corrected.
     d.. Smiles are returned

2. How is my energy level? Great ____ Good _____ Fair ____ Poor____
     ? Did I eat Protein this morning within 30 min. of waking up
     ? Am I getting enough minerals? Minerals are found in veggies &
     ? How much water did I drink today?

3. How many oz. of pure water do I drink daily ON PURPOSE? ________
     1/2 of body weight in oz. each day.. (measure it out & before you go
           to bed, tell yourself "it must be gone"
     Water is crucial for cleansing at cell level...It is relatively inexpensive
           The kidneys are l reason that people have trouble getting
           good results on a weight loss program.
     Natural Healing takes place @ cell level..... So being honest with is
           a must
     What color is your urine in the morning? What is the smell? If it has
           a dark color or if it has a strong odor, the body does not have
           enough water to cleanse...So the potassium/sodium balance are
           off & the cells retain sodium.....swelling.....weak knees, weak

4. Did you write down what you ate today?
      If you had 2 Smart Meals = 280 calories....so depending on your
      desired weight ( 11 calories per lb. you want to achieve) how many
      do you have left.?
When we eat greens with a meal, this uses the buffer God gave us to
     nullify the acids that cause weight gain.

5. Did you write down what you crave?
      Sugar.................chromium deficiency ( in Garcinia...in Carbo Grabbers
      Pasta..................chromium, yeast overgrowth
      Salt....................iodine, sodium (not table salt)
               Morton Salt? When it rains it pours? because of Mercury
                           (making it pour freely)
      Chocolate..........Magnesium deficiency
      Coffee...............Water (coffee dehydrates)...makes cells dry up &
                           causes them to hold the dirty water
      Yeast (bread, crackers, pastas).......Candida overgrowth (so spit
               into a glass of water first thing in the am....if it grows legs
               or drizzles down to the bottom....yeast overgrowth)
      Pop......................Chromium, Water
      (Use Solstic Energy or Revive ) the energy one has caffeine (helps
               the thermogensis in the body) The Revive one has a great
               Mineral replacement (sodium/potassium)
Cravings can be helped by the supplements in the “Fit” Kits....if needed,
      adding the Super Trio will be a great help

6. How many bowel movements do you have daily? The body needs to
     eliminate @ least 3x per day.........We should eliminate the trash
     from the same meal the previous day on a daily basis.

      Once on the SF & the “Fit” Kits: if the bowel movements slow
      down adding LBSII or Clean Start is a great help.

      Some people have added 1 more SF instead.

7. The cells must have: water, food (proper), movement (exercise), proper
      temperature, & good fats so they will “kick” out the trash

8. Combining foods can help “kick” out the fat:
      If you are going to eat fruit: eat it first thing in the morning....Not
      with any other meal.
      a. Eat fruit 1/2 hr. before protein in the morning:
      Fruit will stay in the stomach 20 min.....it has its own enzymes....
      & it cleanses & gets out of there.

      b. Don’t mix Proteins with Starches: why starches need different
            enzymes than proteins, & starches will stay in the stomach
            for 6-8 hours
      c. When eating Proteins: eat veggies with it (the buffer)
      d. Don’t mix dairy with starches, (cereals etc.)
      e. Don’t mix breads with meats


9. The Glycemic Index: tells how quickly a food will enter the bloodstream
      & how the blood will receive it: whether a “flood” of sugar or a “slow”
      We will talk more about this next time

Our next BFBF call will Mon. Sept 10th. 8PM CST

10. A Healing Crisis? Like a layer of an onion....explain
      may feel a little sluggish, flu ee, headache...queezy,

      Your body will be throwing off trash & the bowel, kidneys, lungs,
            skin need to be clean or the trash may back up

      What to do if you have a healing crisis?
      Lots of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice
      Back off of the trash if you have ingested any.....
      Potassium broth: Red potato peeling....Celery....Onion Simmer
            with NSP Sea Salt....then sip the liquid.

Which BFBF kit is for me?

5- 10 lbs. the Silver Kit
10- More lbs. the Gold Kit or the Platinum

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