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					Dear Advertiser, A new look is coming to the Yahoo! search results pages that will translate into more clicks for your listings. On January 18th, Yahoo! will debut a streamlined design that will make the search results displayed on Yahoo! even easier for consumers to read. Our research has shown that by improving the search experience in this way, advertisers can generally expect to see an increase in clicks, while maintaining their conversion rates. How this change impacts your listings: * Yahoo! will display shorter descriptions for Sponsored Search listings * You don't have to make any changes to your listings; they'll be automatically shortened for you when displayed on Yahoo! * If you'd like to optimize your listings for Yahoo!, begin your description with one short sentence that includes your keyword and focuses on your most important information in the first 70 characters * Over time, we will fine tune the exact character count that we believe works best for advertisers and search users * Most of our partners, including MSN, CNN, ESPN and Infospace, will still display longer descriptions for your Sponsored Search listings, though the exact length may vary from partner to partner In lieu of the coaching get Gary Keller's book "Millionaire Real Estate Agent." Best $60 you'll ever spend. Make it your Bible. Lenn, Not everyone even knows about the Google Toolbar. To assume so would be foolish, and requires an install after a download if they don't, not to mention configuring Pop-Up Blockers, etc. Looking at the SERP pages is extremely easy, as everyone has done that before. That's why it didn't occur to me to go the much longer way by explaining the Toolbar, too. Tony Pomykala-----------------Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Scottsdale, AZ 85254 mobile: (602) 290-6217 --------------That was very well explained, and laid out by Cheryl. The only thing I'd add is to actually View your cached page to ensure it truly is cached. Like my post on the same topic, this crucial step is often not done, and the webmaster assumes that seeing Cached means it IS cached. But that isn't always true. View your Cache! I can't tell you how often I've seen Cached pages that were blank! Then by clicking View Source of that cached page, it is apparent that

only the HTML coding of the <HEAD> are cached, but not the content. If your cached page does look blank, simply following Cheryl's suggestions will remedy your page, and get your content properly cached. Tony Pomykala------------------------Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Scottsdale, AZ 85254 mobile: (602) 290-6217 ----------Remember > that MSN isn't as restrictive as Google about link > farm communities, so the > value of them will be picking up again... somewhat. :) > Always to consider: > Search algorithms are constantly adjusted. The bottom > line is that Google > isn't the only search engine you want to optimize for > if that's what you > were doing in the past.... WOW! I haven't checked MSN lately. I check Google and Yahoo regularly and like Yahoo the best. But this comment prompted me to check out MSN again. For the search term "Bartlesville real estate", I got 3 links to my sites on page 1, 1 on page 2, 2 on page 3, 6 on page 4 (including the brand new sites which include the network), 1 on page 5, none on page 6, 1 on page 7, one RT link on page 8. But what really impressed me was that their search got a lot of relevant sites and not many of those sites that are just trying to get between us and the consumer. That and yahoo must be why I'm finally starting to get more and more good leads off of my sites. Yesterday I got someone coming in from out of town that is a cash buyer for up to $450,000 to $500,000. That's a lot of house here and there are only 2 higher than that currently on the market (over $1 million and over $900,000). Only problem is that the next price lower is under $400,000!!! That is a very good buyer here!!! Linda Grissette, GRI, LTG, ePro, JIM Broker, VIP Real Estate Group, Bartlesville, Oklahoma Check out my products for real estate professionals at ------------------------------21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me by Frank Cook ------------I was talking to my web site consultant who I love. He does a fantastic job, charges very little, and will design your site to fit your needs and your budget. I asked him the very same question, How long before Google sets up your site on the net? His response-2 weeks to 4 months. Ouch! The real issue is the keywords that you use. If you use more than 3 key words, then the entire

site is blocked by Google. He opened my eyes to what is happening on all the search engines. Remember there are "millions and millions" web sites You should be able to type in your web site on _www.Google.com_ ( and find out if it is operational. If you want the name of my web site consultant, let me know. Bernie Bernard Bernstein, REALTOR RE/MAX Elite, Nashville, TN _Callbern@aol.com_ ( (615) 419-3611 _www.InvestTenn.com_ ( Referrals are a key aspect of our business --------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi Ann, You can check each of your website pages at Google to see if they have it in their "cache." Being in the "cache" means that one of their spiders (the little program they send out that 'reads' website pages by jumping from link to link) was able to scan and save the content of the page. What you do is copy the URL of the page starting with the "www" part (leave off the http://) and paste that into Google's search box and hit 'enter.' What comes back should look something like this: Google can show you the following information for this URL: * Show Google's cache of Or, if it isn't cached, you'll get something like this: Sorry, no information is available for the URL ct&Itemid=3D3 If it isn't in the cache, you can try a few different things 1. If your homepage IS cached, you can add a text link menu towards the bottom of your homepage that contains links to your crucial pages. This way, there's a direct link to each page for the spiders to use. 2. You can use Google's new sitemap service to ensure Google knows where all of the pages of your site can be found. 3. You can create your own site map page on your site and link to it from the main page. I personally feel it is better to do #1 as then all pages of your site would only be one level down from the main - a site map page would be one level down, then all the other pages would then be 2 levels down from there - but it's a personal preference. 4. You can structure the main homepage content to include links to the most valuable internal pages using descriptive keyword phrases as the anchor text - in other words, have a paragraph describing the buying process and link the text 'first time buyers in Orlando' to your first

time buyers page, etc. This gives added impact as you're using keywords with relevant copy all around that link. This is probably the most effective method - the search engines love when you use methods that make sense to real people. To get more information about internal linking structure in general, you can read more at this link: nking.htm -Regards, Cheryl Allin VirtuAllin Administrative Services - (253) 565-3015 IVAA Certified Real Estate Support Specialist Visit Today! We're spotlighted in ePOWER News - And in Tribnet: --------------->To find out if you are cached, you must first find your website on a >search engine result page (SERP). Notice my example below from an actual >search result: >Tony Pomykala Why not just look at the cached page on the Google Toolbar?? Lenn Harley Serving home buyers in Maryland and Virginia -----------------------------My list for sellers runs 120 items and makes it clear that it takes a lot more than just putting a sign on the lawn and an ad in the paper to sell a house. It includes such activities as:           Order and review a property profile. Develop a targeted marketing campaign that maximizes your home's value. Tour your property from the "buyer's standpoint." Develop "just listed" postcards. Reduce your liability by providing appropriate disclosure forms. Implement marketing activities. Respond to buyer questions about the property. Screen-out unqualified buyers. Negotiate on your behalf with agents and potential buyers. 111 other activities to get your house sold.

My list of value-building activities to help buyers purchase the home of their dreams is even longer because it's more complicated than selling. This list includes:       Explain the benefits of a Buyer-Broker Agreement to you. Provide a list of loan brokers who can get you qualified for a loan. Explain all the steps in the home buying process. Save you time by helping to narrow your search parameters. Locate appropriate properties for you to view. Act as a "sounding board" in your decision-making process.

   

Write an offer which meets your needs and protects your interests. Negotiate on your behalf with listing agents and sellers. Obtaining the inspections you want and need for your home. 116 other activities to help you own the home of your dreams.

My FSBO list shows owners the many things agents do that would be difficult for them to do themselves. My list for owners whose listings have expired shows them how to get their home sold faster and at a higher price. Since I created these lists I've never had to cut a commission. If a seller or buyer asks for a discount I simply show them the appropriate list and say, "Here are just some of the activities I must complete to earn my money. Why don't you point out the things that you'd be willing to do instead of me. If you save me time then we can talk about saving you money because I earn every penny I get." When confronted with a list that runs nearly ten pages long their eyes glaze over and they usually respond with something like, "You're the real estate professional I expect you to do this work!" To which I simply say, "If you want me to do all of these activities on your behalf then you need to pay me what I'm worth. If you want to pay less, I'll see if I can find someone who will do less and maybe they can save you some money." I think what they meant was the 'keyword' META tag. Google has never =20 looked at keyword tags - they're worthless. The title tag is mucho important. The description tag is helpful in =20 the search results, otherwise they will just take random text from your page, which may or may not =20 be what you want displayed. > Whoever said Meta tags don't get spidered anymore I have news for =20 > you: Yes > they do! The proof is in the SERPs themselves. Many times a site =20 > is listed > with their meta description as the content on the SERP, not the =20 > website's > actual reader-displayed content. Also occasionally you will find a =20= > hit on a > SERP that does not have the keyword (that was searched for) =20 > anywhere on the > result website's page at all. That's because it was either on an =20 > inbound > link, or it was only in the meta keywords of the site (This is most =20= > likely > to occur on an out-of-the-box website where the keywords for every =20 > page are > the same, but the content on each page is very different). ----------------Nope. Pointers. A redirect is for a web site. A pointer is for a URL at the server level. Goodness knows, I have a lot of redirects, permanent. But, they are to redirect viewers from old cached URLs to current newer pages. These things happen when I redo a site and don't use all of the same URLs, which happens often. Or, when I have used content from an old site on a new site, I redirect the old site so I don't risk duplicate content which is

really deadly these days. Google is getting too complicated. It's getting harder and harder to keep up. ------- ----------------------Subject: RE: RealTalk: Website Questions Message-ID: <00ea01c5ffb6$af99cc30$6501a8c0@KALA> Whoever said Meta tags don't get spidered anymore I have news for you: Yes they do! The proof is in the SERPs themselves. Many times a site is listed with their meta description as the content on the SERP, not the website's actual reader-displayed content. Also occasionally you will find a hit on a SERP that does not have the keyword (that was searched for) anywhere on the result website's page at all. That's because it was either on an inbound link, or it was only in the meta keywords of the site (This is most likely to occur on an out-of-the-box website where the keywords for every page are the same, but the content on each page is very different). This also illustrates why it is now so incredibly important to utilize the Meta tag of (intentional / left out) Always ask your inbounds to contain and use it! Rarely anyone gives it to you though because it seems no one knows any better! Well, that's why they rank poorly!!! You guys are the ePros, though. Don't let this tip slip through your's a valuable one! (Just in case: SERP = Search Engine Ranking Page) Tony Pomykala Home Listings Arizona -------------------------------------------------------I'm still working all this out, but I think all you have to do is point your second, third, etc domain names to a page on your site. You can create pages that are similar to your home page (index.htm) and tweak the meta tags, description, etc for each domain name. Then point the domain name to that page. They can then link into the rest of your site just like your home page. I don't know if you can do this with a template site or not. I think they call these gateway pages, some SEO sites recommend doing this to have a different entry page for different search engines. Debra Limbocker ------ -------------------Recently we had a lot of talk about what works and what doesn't work now that Google made it's latest changes. Just about that time someone here told me that my sites didn't have enough inbound links and that I should go to a site that ranks good and

get links to my site from the same site it has links from. So I starting searching and looking and reading. From all of that I got the following about what Google (and probably others) like now: 1) Traditional "linking" that real estate sites use are bad, especially when they call it "reciprocal links". 2) Link farms - or anything that looks like one - are bad. 3) Too many links per page is bad (over 50 to 100 depending upon who you read). So if you have that on your site, it isn't helping anyone. 4) Having all links to your web site all read exactly alike is bad. It's amazing how many sites are demanding that you link to them before they link to you so they can verify you have done it exactly the way they want it. Could that be one thing that hurt a lot of sites??? 5) Text links to you are good. So all those short and simple links we've all been doing are bad. 6) Relevant content on your site is good. 7) Links from niche directories are good. We all need to make the needed changes to our web sites so we will be giving valuable links to others. And we need to ban the terms "reciprocal links" and "link partners"!!! So I started looking at real estate niche directories and what I found was disgusting to say the least! They want you to pay to be included (at least if you want much of a link at all). Then they put your link inside their directory and what you to link to them from your main page. That's all in their advantage. They get the money and they get the best link!!! I found a few decent ones and a lot of not very good ones. Just today I real in Site Pro News that they have reached the same conclusion. They feel that this kind of directories won't help us for much longer. But people will keep paying them and they will still be there! But as I started looking, I kept thinking "I could do something better than that!" And before I could start working on a new improved real estate niche directory I realized that I could combine it with my long term goal of starting a real estate referral network! And so, was born. Right now it is pretty much empty, but there is a sample of how the listings will look at That's my listing!!! You'll be able to put either a picture or your logo and some descriptive text about you as well as your memberships and designations if you want them. And it's all in text. I think this kind of a directory will work in the future. That's how the directory part works. The referral network part works like this: There will be an annual fee for membership....very low right now as the site is will go up later but will always stay reasonable. But we will NEVER ask for a percentage from your sale. I would like to get testimonials once it gets going, but that's it. Anyone can go to the directory, and check out the members and even talk

with them before placing an official referral. You can find someone on the site and then refer them through your company or franchise network if it is required. Now, here comes the FUN part. To make this work, I need lots of members. So I am offering a FREE LIFETIME membership for anyone from RealTalk or eProTalk. All you have to do is put either "RealTalk", "RT", "eProTalk" or "ePro" in the Promo Code box when you sign up. How long I keep this offer open is a big question right now. I don't know! I also don't know how long it will take for me to get everyone on the site. It all depends on the amount of responses I get. There is also a free vendor page on the site. Hopefully, I'll get a lot of those, so members will have a place where they can go and compare products. I'll keep you all informed of how many members I get from this!! Linda Grissette, GRI, LTG, ePro, JIM Broker, VIP Real Estate Group, Bartlesville, Oklahoma Check out my products for real estate professionals at ----Lonn, I have researched this more than I can remember. If I am wrong please please please show me. Regardless of keywords (which are not spidered anymore) and meta tags the page content can not contain duplicate content without incurring a penalty. The following links are just 5 of the 17,600,000 links to duplicate content articles. The first link is Googles opinion on duplicate content. After this last update my PR went up but my SERP went down. I removed the purchased newsletters and purchased canned info (duplicate content) and moved right back into my old placement. Greg Cremia RE/MAX Ocean Realty ---------------------Subject: What is a pointer Message-ID: <>

>What about tweaking the keywords and meta tags from each pointer domain for >target placement? Will that help? >Ronny Geenen Pointers have no meta tags. Pointers have no content. Pointers are domain names or URLs "pointed" by the server to another URL which does have meta tags and content. Pointers are not searcheable. Pointers can be "hit" by typing in the exact URL of the pointer at which time the server will "point" the URL to the one that the pointer points to. I have 78 pointers. Whew. Lenn Harley Serving home buyers in Maryland and Virginia -----------------In short, Jagger undid the hard work of thousands - if not millions - of people! As a result, hardwon high rankings and revenues plummeted. Interestingly, article PR (article submission) came through Jagger seemingly unscathed. My SEO copywriting website, for example, went from no.4 to no.1 worldwide for "copywriter", and I've employed article PR almost exclusively. Whether it was promoted or the sites around it were demoted, one thing is clear: article PR is one of the best ways to obtain a high ranking. Google Analytics -------------->I tried this and paid dearly. Duplicate content is not tolerated by >Google. >Greg Cremia Google's last dance, coined "Jagger" also upset thousands of web site owners with reciprocal links. Many of these sites were demoted or banished. Lenn Harley -----------------Linda,

I do believe much of what you point out. I have never liked the "One Line" links that most sites give out, because the Search Engines want CONTENT (smile). I can't tell you how often I get hits from the search engines(!) because of other peoples links on my links pages, because I enhance most of their links for free. I use graphics, too! (But there is a secret to that as well!) Now, sometimes I don't have the time to enhance everyone, but I guarantee if you give me a nice link, I will give you anything you want for a link, too. ( I am in the process of splitting up all my links into State/Country pages (located at the bottom of the homepage) and want to do the same thing you are doing with the "directory". Only I will do it for free if I am given a content-enhanced link as well, because.... Though I don't rank real high in Google, I have been ranked by MSN Search as the #1 Home Listings site in the world since last Summer. So something I am doing is working. I admit much of my luck has been accidental, but then again I must be doing something right. When I figure out what it is, I'll let you all know (wink!). ----------------Yes, the URL you can send to through e-mail and utilize on your website is ----------------Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 11:01 AM Subject: e-PROTalk: RE: e-PROTalk V1 #1569

> ***************** HURRICANE KATRINA RELIEF EFFORT ******************** > > Join InternetCrusade In Providing Help For Those In Need! > > Go to > ************************************************************************** >> Help -- I just completed the e-PRO course...very valuable, and am > subscribed > to e-PROTalk and RealTalk. I can't handle it all -- too much to read. > Which should I stay with? > > Thanks, > > Alan Kellam > Century 21 Haviland > > > > -----------------------------------> > ----------------------------------------> To Unsubscribe from e-PROTalk, simply reply to this message and indicate > in the body of the message the particular address you want removed; we > will remove that address within one business day. > ----------------------------------->

> -----------------------------Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 10:47:35 -0600 From: "Ken Deshaies" <> To: <> Subject: RE: e-PROTalk: Bloggers Message-ID: <> How about RSS feeds, Hayley? I'd do that. Ken +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++ SnowHome Properties Serving the Ski Resorts of Summit County, Colorado Ken Deshaies, Broker/Owner, CRS, ABR, ePro, ECO, RECS, GRI Allen Hainge CyberStar EcoBroker Affiliate Office 970-262-SNOW (7669) or 888-353-SNOW * Fax: 866-782-6059 Websites: or -

Subscribe to our weblogs at or -----Original Message----If any fellow bloggers want to exchange Blog links, please let me know. Thank you, Hayley Ryan e-PROR, R.E.C.S. -----------------------------Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 16:44:48 -0600 From: "Ken Deshaies" <> To: <> Subject: capital REALTOR - it's a capital idea! Message-ID: <> Amy Wagner says: how many REALTORS don't capitalize the word. pretty basic rule. ********************************************** Hmmm, Amy, well perhaps similar to the amount who don't capitalize the first word of sentences, or . . . . ;-) Don't take this seriously, Amy. Lots of rules are broken in emails. The important thing is that the messages actually communicate. As for the REALTOR/Realtor trademark, I got permission from NAR to use the word in all caps in the title of my books, but to revert to initial caps in the text. My point was that all caps in running text was too distracting. They had no problem with that and, in fact, have it protected both ways. If you are interested in co-authoring these books for homebuyers and sellers (see below), send me an email off list. 15 states are still available for

the buyer book. Here's smilin' at you, Ken +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SnowHome Properties SNOW PLACE LIKE HOME Ken Deshaies, CRS, ABR, ePro, RECS, GRI. Broker/Owner 970-262-SNOW (7669) or 888-353-SNOW Fax: 866-782-6059 Serving the Ski Resorts of Summit County, Colorado Websites: or Author of the book: "How to Make Your Realtor Get You the Best Deal" and "Get the Best Deal When Selling Your Home" Subscribe to our weblogs at or -----------------------------Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 16:42:55 -0600 From: "Ken Deshaies" <> To: <> Subject: John Reilly -- Lexicon Guru Message-ID: <> I'd like to add my kudos to Fran's. John's book is a regularly used volume in our office. I can't imagine operating without it. But then, what else would you expect from John Reilly? Kind regards, ------From: "Barb & John Wyatt" <> I just passed the ePRO class last weekend and now have my certificate. Would you please tell me how to download my photo. Thank you. --=20 Barb & John Wyatt, ABR, CRB, CRS, GRI, e-PRO RE/MAX Discover 4632 Old Farmhouse Road -- Highway 94 & Kisker Rd St. Charles, MO 63304 Janel Cox, Buyers Agent -- 636 698-9068 Mark Hayden -- First Horizon Mortgage -- 636 734-7971 Members RE/MAX Platinum Club; RE/MAX Hall of Fame Direct Phones: 314 368-9015 314 369-1047 636 939-3800 Fax: 636 939-1450

web sights: answer to: John's note: To link to your image, see the instructions at John New site lists and rates local real estate agents Homethinking helps home sellers find Realtors Monday, December 12, 2005 " A new Web site, <>,=20 allows homeowners to view lists of real estate=20 agents in a given area, along with information on=20 properties currently listed by those agents and=20 consumer reviews of those agents" " Scevak says, "It's akin to Google or Yahoo. When=20 someone searches for "Palo Alto, California" on=20 Homethinking, results =96 lists of agents =96 will=20 appear. Agents can bid to appear in a special=20 area where paid results show up, as they do on Google." Instead of paying per click as agents do with=20 Google advertising, agents will pay by phone=20 call. VoiceStar technology makes it possible for=20 phone calls to be routed to agents, rather than=20 sending consumers to agents' Web sites. "It's a lead generation for seller's agents over=20 the phone," Scevak said. Agents will bid on the=20 price of keywords that will be cities and=20 geographies. "The price of a lead in, say, San=20 Francisco might be higher than in another city,"=20 the CEO said. "The Realtors will determine what the value of a keyword is."" "CEO Niki Scevak said, "We are respectful of=20 those entities that don't want us to crawl their=20 sites." The company will only use listings from=20 those brokerages and individual agent sites that=20 welcome being included, he said." Call me paranoid but I see way more harm than=20 good that could come from this new venture. "The company will only use listings from those=20

brokerages and individual agent sites that welcome being included." Count me out Nikki. Jim Lee, CRS, ABR, GRI, e-PRO, e-JIM Realty Executives Associates, Knoxville, TN -------------

>Also, Lenn it looks like your site hasn't been updated >in a while...just a quick check on my own data listed there, I found that it >is changed over 6 months ago... > > >From: Rowland Fellows Sorry Rowland, I'm a real estate broker, not a mind reader. Did you send correct information to me??? Has your information been changed in the e-PRO directory??? In fact, I can't even find you in the e-PRO database today. Are you still in California?? I'll remove the old listing today because it's a dead link. About The was an attempt to create some backlinks for fellow REALTORS. Many of their web sites would benefit from a backlink with no requirement that they have a reciprocating link. I intended to leave the site up for about a year and then take it down and use that URL for something else since it would be aged, whch has some value to Google. Since is a FREE listing in a web site that was designed to provide e-PRO folks with a FREE back link with no reciprocity requested, it would behoove folks who have an interest in their listing being accurate that they SEND THE CHANGE REQUEST TO ME?????? is NOT a link exchange site, reciprocity site or anything other than a directory of names of agents and their web sites designed to give FREE links. Nothing more, nothing less. I use it for referrals because I find it handy. Lenn Harley Serving home buyers in Maryland and Virginia

Here's a link to it. It's so new, I forgot to add it to the list for the person who asked about Front Page sites I while ago. designed by Linda G. If any of you have previously participated in the great service from for ePros and have let your subscription lapse, could you be in the same situation? Let me recommend that you resubcribe today...these are great Realtors and the service is so can you lose? Now with over 300 quality links! Typically we think of a postage rate increase as an increase in costs. But I heard of a way to make money from it as well. A few weeks back, I was doing a sales presentation in a real estate office when an agent suggested this. Here's the idea. Send a note to everyone in your farm, SOI, etc. It should say, "If you're like me, you're probably going to have some $0.37 stamps left over when the new $0.39 postage rate takes effect in a few weeks. So I thought you could use these stamps to halp make the adjustment." Then include ten $0.02 stamps in the envelope along with the note. What a relationship builder! This is a million dollar gift with a twenty cent price tag! Stev--------
I stumbled upon this article and thought it would help many of you folks - beware there are some techie terms, but overall it's worth the read. Optimisation-Pitfalls.html I'll add a few notes here to help with the techie stuff - when it mentions 'valid' code, that's a term to describe the HTML. When you have any element in HTML, you have to have an opening tag and a closing tag. In other words, a paragraph opens with and closes with the slash signifies the 'close'. Some html editors and default templates may leave off closing tags. They may display well, but give the search engines trouble. It's also possible that your site has too much gobblegook code that could be streamlined. Most of you have template providers, so it might be an interesting experiement

to view the source of your site to see just how much of that crazy code you have...and if you have a site, check to see if you find 50 links to other real estate websites that don't happen to show up on your live site. tsk tsk Javascript navigation is mentioned - several template sites use this, so you may want to add matching plain text links at the bottom of your site if you don't have them already. Flash is mentioned. In my opinion, it isn't death to your site but shouldn't be used for the entire site. It's fine if it's used as just a header or small element on the site. Dynamic URL's - this is a biggie for most template provided websites.=20 A dynamic url is where your content really lives in a database (backend of Advanced Access, Z57) and when a visitor hits your site, the content is 'created' dynamically. You'll notice a dynamic URL as it usually has odd stuff in it like I prefer creating urls like - but not many templates allow for that. If they programmed their system to allow for mod rewrite to create SEO friendly urls, it would sure be nice. Excessive links - heck yeah, if you have link partners - I know it's a bit of a chore, but limit your links pages to have no more than 40-50 links out per page. Having hundreds all on one page is a big no no. Hope you enjoy it! -Regards, Cheryl Allin VirtuAllin Administrative Services - (253) 565-3015 IVAA Certified Real Estate Support Specialist Visit Today! Two of our clients spotlighted in ePOWER News April 25, 2006 -----------------------------Date: Tue, 2 May 2006 05:38:56 -0400 From: "Jan Mallett" <> To: <> Subject: RE: RealTalk: E-PRO Directory Message-ID: <!~!UENERkVCMDkAAQACAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABgAAAAAAAAAJQxUnta/fEGdZ5bt/Vs1lM> Information looks fine, thanks. -----Original Message-----

From: John Reilly [] We post a lot of requests for referrals here on RealTalk. In many cases, RealTalkers search the e-PRO Directory located at We are in the process of enhancing the Directory and would appreciate your input. What would you like to see in a Directory that would facilitate your search for possible referrals? Are there features you look for? Here's a sample entry: We're open for suggestions. Thank you John

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