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									Creating a Jeopardy Game Using PowerPoint

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Open PowerPoint

Create An Introductory Slide Using Word Art
1. If the Drawing toolbar is not at the bottom of your screen, choose View  Toolbars  Drawing. The Drawing Toolbar looks like this:

2. 3.

On the Drawing Toolbar, choose Word Art. The following dialog box will appear:

4. 5.

From this box, choose which style you would like to use for your Word Art. After you have chosen the style, the following box will appear:


After you have typed your text, choose Ok and it will appear in the style you chose.

Creating a Jeopardy Game


Adding Sound
To Insert A Sound Clip From A File 1. 2. 3. Choose Insert, Movies and Sounds, Sound from File. In the Insert Sound dialog box, navigate to the drive and folder containing the sound you want to use. Select the sound clip, and then click OK.

Setting When a Sound is Played 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Click the object on the slide Select Slide Show, Custom Animation. The Custom Animation dialog box appears. Click the Order & Timing tab. In the Start Animation section, choose On Mouse Click or Automatically. If you choose Automatically, enter the number of seconds that PowerPoint should pause after the previous event before playing the object. Click OK. Switch to Slide Show view to test the slide, making sure you have set up the sound or animation to play when you want it to.

Creating the Game Board
1. Choose from the slide menu the slide that includes the table.

Creating a Jeopardy Game



The following screen will appear:


Double click the table icon in the center of the slide. The following screen will appear: Decide the number of columns and rows you wish and type it in the appropriate boxes.


You now have your game board. Fill in the categories and amounts for each question’s value until you have the entire board filled in.


Click in the title area and add a title for your game board.
Creating a Jeopardy Game



Before you can create the hyperlinks from the game board to the answer, you must first create the answer slides.

Creating Answer Slides
1. Choose Insert Slide. Choose the blank slide that includes only the title.

2. Type the point amount in the title area.

3. Using the Textbox tool from the drawing toolbar, draw a textbox under the title. The reason you draw the textbox rather than using one of the other templates is that this hides the answer and only shows the amount on the slideshow outline on the left-hand side of the screen view. This prohibits the students from looking down through the list of answers if they are helping set up the show. Notice in the slide view below, you see the textbox where the answer will be typed but you cannot see the questions for previous slides in the left hand section of the view screen.

Set up all the answers in separate slides before you begin creating the links to the game board. Put the answer slides after each question slide in the order of the categories and it will be less confusing when you start linking the point amount to the slides.
Creating a Jeopardy Game


Creating The Hyperlinks In Your Jeopardy Game
1. Add an action button or the word Answer to each question slide. Click on Slide Show/Action buttons and add the button of your choice. Use this button to hyperlink to the game board. 2. Highlight the action button or word Answer and choose Slide Show  Action Settings… You should get the following dialog box:

3. Click in the radial button box beside Hyperlink to: 4. Using the drop-down arrow, you should see a list of places to which you can hyperlink. You will choose, Slide…

5. Choose the number of the slide to which you wish to connect. The slide viewer on the right side of the dialog box allows you to preview the slides to make sure you choose the correct answer. (For example all of the question slides have the word Answer and it hyperlinks to the next slide number after the question.)

Creating a Jeopardy Game


6. Continue hyperlinking each of the question slides in your game to an answer slide using the above steps.

Adding An Action Button To Each Answer Slide
You will need some way to return to the game board from each of the question and answer slides. To do this, you will create an action button on each slide. 1. Go to the slide on which you would like to place a button. 2. Go to Slide Show  Action Button on the toolbar. 3. Choose the type of button you want.

4. Click on and release the button of your choice. 5. Move your mouse to the position on your slide where you would like to place the button. 6. This symbol + will appear. 7. Click/Hold and drag your mouse to create your button. 8. Release the mouse and you will get a message asking you to save the document. Click yes. This will bring you to the Action Setting menu


10. Click Hyperlink to 11. Click on the drop down arrow, scroll down. You will have the choice of slide, URL, Other PowerPoint Presentation, or Other File, whichever you would like to link to. 12. Choose slide, click on appropriate slide number, click OK. [For this activity, you want to hyperlink back to the game board slide.] 13. You have just created a button.

Creating a Jeopardy Game


14. For your jeopardy game, you will want to copy and paste the button on each question and answer slide to link back to the game board after each answer.

Final Jeopardy
Create a slide with the final jeopardy answer. Make sure that you have some way to get from the game board to the final jeopardy answer. You can place a piece of Word Art that says Final Jeopardy on the top or bottom of the game board or an action button. Add the jeopardy music that plays on the mouse click once the answer has been read.

Useful PowerPoint Jeopardy Game Links: - games online pardy.ppt - templates for making Jeopardy and Millionaire games and examples of Jeopardy games online. - templates and Jeopardy sounds - games to download – Millionaire and Jeopardy grade 3 and 5 practice s.htm - 3rd and 5th grade activities Go to and type Jeopardy SOL Games and you will receive numerous wonderful sites. Have fun searching.

Creating a Jeopardy Game


To Place a Sound From the Clip Gallery
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Choose Insert, Movies and Sounds, Sound from Gallery. Click the Sounds tab to display the available sounds. Click the clip you want to use. A pop-up menu of buttons appears. Click the first button on the list, which is Insert Clip. Close the Clip Gallery window. Your sound clip's icon appears on the slide. It looks like a little speaker. Resize and reposition the sound icon on the slide as needed.

Associating a Sound with Another Object on the Slide
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Right-click the object to which you want to assign the sound. Choose Action Settings from the shortcut menu. If you want the sound to play when the object is pointed at, click the Mouse Over tab. Otherwise, click the Mouse Click tab. Mark the Play Sound check box. A drop-down list of sounds becomes available. Open the Play sound drop-down list and choose the sound you want. If the sound you want is not on the list, choose Other Sound and locate the sound using the Add Sound dialog box that appears. Select the sound from there and click OK. When you have chosen the sound you want, click OK to close the Action Settings dialog box.


Adding Music from an Audio CD
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Put audio CD in CD drive. The "CD Player" window should appear. Select the track number from audio CD that you would like to add to your slide. Write down the track number and both the beginning and ending times for the portion of the song you would like to play. Close out the "CD Player" by clicking on the X in the upper right corner. Open the "Insert" window at the top of the screen and go to "Movies and Sounds". Select "Play CD Audio Track". Set track number, beginning time and ending time.
Creating a Jeopardy Game


9. 10. 11. 12.

Click OK. Look for a tiny sound icon with sizing boxes around it in the middle of your slide. Move this icon to the bottom right corner of your slide and re-size if necessary. Click on the icon to hear your selection.

Assigning a Hyperlink to an Action Button or Graphic
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Choose Slide Show, Action Buttons, and then choose a button to place on the slide. When the Action Settings dialog box appears, click the Hyperlink To option button, and then choose URL from the Hyperlink To drop-down list. The Hyperlink to URL dialog box appears. Enter the Web address in the URL text box. Then click OK. Click OK to close the Action Settings dialog box.

You can also assign a hyperlink to any graphic in this same way; select the graphic and then choose Slide Show, Action Settings.

Creating a Text-Based Hyperlink
You can either insert a "bare" hyperlink, in which the text is the same as the URL, or you can assign a URL to some existing text. 1. 2. 3. (Optional) To use existing text, select it. Choose Insert, Hyperlink or press Ctrl + K. The Insert Hyperlink dialog box opens. The text you selected in step 1 appears in the Text to Display box. If you want to change it, do so; or if you didn't type any text in step 1, type some now. For example, if the URL will take them to your home page, you might type Click here to visit our home page. Click the Existing File or Web Page button. Enter the Web page's URL in the Type the file or Web page name text box. Click OK. The selected text appears underlined and in a different color, indicating that it is a hyperlink.

4. 5. 6.

Creating a Jeopardy Game 10

Useful PowerPoint Links: -- Has templates, clip art, sound files -- Has templates, clip art, sound files -- search for puzzle – gives puzzle trick for uncovering a piece of the screen at a time. -- On-line practice modules

Creating a Jeopardy Game 11

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