Christmas Parade in the Village of East Toronto by goodbaby


									Christmas Parade
Community Centre 55, 97 Main Street, Toronto, Ontario M4E 2V6 416.691.1113 PARADE THEME 2008 Christmas Melodies
1PM, Sunday November 9, 2008 PLEASE PRINT NAME:


Organization’s Name___________________________________Address:______________________________ Postal Code:____________ Primary Contact Name:_______________________________________________ Day Phone:( )_____________ Evening Phone: ( )______________Email:_____________@___________


($35) Family

( $55 ) Non Profit

( $80) Small Business

( $100 ) Large Business

Other Decorated Vehicle under 20’ Decorated Vehicle over 20’ Non Motorized UNIT CLASSIFICATION: Bicycle/Wagon Motorcycles Walking Marching (Any group or people that walk in the parade. Maximum of 20 people). Musical Marching Other-please describe__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ PETS: Will your entry include pets? Yes No (Please note all pets must be leashed). Number of Pets:______ Classification of Pet: Dogs Cats Other MUSIC: Will you have music? Yes No If yes, please describe:____________________________________________________________________ Ribbon Prizes • • • • • • Most appropriate to the theme Best Animals Best Band Best Float Best Marching Group Best Fundraiser for Share A Christmas • • • • • • Funniest group/float Best Costumes Best Automobile theme Best Choir Most imaginative float Judges Choice Award





Our payment in the amount of $_______made payable to Community Centre 55 is hereby enclosed together with this entry form. In consideration of applying to and being permitted to enter the Village of East Toronto’s Christmas Parade, the undersigned, his/her/its heirs, executors, administrations, successors or assigns does forever release, acquit, forever discharge, and covenant to hold harmless Community Centre 55 and the City of Toronto and any or all of their representatives, successors, assigns and agents of, in any way arising of, any and all known or unknown personal injury and property damage which he/she/it may have by reason of the participant in the Parade, whether occurring before, during or after the parade. Without restricting in any way the generality of the foregoing, the entrant his/her/its heirs, executors, administrators, successors, or assigns agrees to fully indemnify and save harmless Community Centre 55 and the City of Toronto against all actions, damages, claims, and demands which may be brought against them, any or all of their representatives, successors, assigns and agents for any reason whatsoever. We, the entrant, acknowledge that we have read the above regulations as well as the attached rules and agree to observe and be bound by them. Office Use Only: $55 Non Profit $35 Family Cash $80 Small Business Cheque Visa $100 Large Business Other

Method of Payment:

Receipt Number:___________________ Charitable Donation Parade Fee Date:____________________

AN OLDE FASHIONED CHRISTMAS IN THE VILLAGE OF EAST TORONTO RULES OF PARTICIPATION Parade Date: Sunday November 9, 2008 Assembly Area: Parade Theme: Route&Discharge: Neil McNeil High School Christmas Melodies Kingston Road at Victoria Park Avenue, west along Kingston Road. North on Walter Street and disbursement. Discharge area Kimberley Public School Field. Assembly: 10:30am Step Off Time: 1pm sharp

Decoration and Music: All entries (including bands) should be adapted to a Christmas theme. Bands are required to play Christmas Music. The use of Santa hats, holly, wrapped boxes resembling Christmas Presents, Christmas trees, toys, mascots, snowmen, carolers are encouraged. Insurance and Driver’s License. Each vehicle that enters the parade line-up area and/or participants in the parade must have liability insurance and a valid driver’s license. Emergency Traffic Lanes: Designated emergency traffic lanes must remain open at all times. Drugs and Alcohol: Drugs and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. Throwing From Parade Floats: Throwing anything from a parade float is forbidden. Indemnification: Applicants must agree to indemnify Community Centre 55. Signs and Banners: In order to better facilitate parade announcements and media coverage, a sign or banner providing the name of your organization/business/family etc., must precede your entry. All parade floats will be announced as they pass the reviewing stand. Prepare to Step Off: All floats must be ready to move on cue into the parade or the next float will proceed. Step Off Time is 1PM sharp. Vehicle Breakdown: Towing charges for any float that breaks down will be at the applicant’s expense. Flow of the Parade: All entries/entrants are required to maintain a continuous forward motion during the parade. No stopping unless directed by the Parade Marshals or at the designated performance area and then only for one minute. No gaps between parade contingents of more than 20 feet. Removal of Participants: Community Centre 55 reserves the right to refuse and/or remove any persons or float from the parade that, in Community Centre 55’s opinion, is • Offensive or a hindrance to the progress of the parade; • Places other participants or spectators in physical danger or violates any regulations in the application; • Any individual or group who misrepresents themselves and who has not registered or paid their registration fee at least 5 days prior to the parade. Animal Floats: All animal floats ( i.e. domestic pets-dogs/cats) must be leashed and all floats must provide clean up for all waste created by animals. Banner Sizes: To be determined. Float Specifications: To be determined. Pre-registration: All entrants must be pre-registered and paid in advance of the parade. The deadline for registration is Wednesday November 5, 2008. Advertising: No advertising is permitted in any form with the exception of each entries Parade approved banner/sign. No distribution of literature is permitted. Political Statements, demonstrations are not permitted. Participants: Must not get on or off floats during the parade. Please remain seated all all times in your vehicle. Awards: Ribbon Awards are presented immediately following the parade at Community Centre 55 and you must be in attendance to receive your award please.


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