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									Let Them Eat Cake
	 	 405	Maple	Street,	West	Des	Moines,	IA	50265	 Vicente	Diaz,	Owner:	515-277-1709

Did you know that wedding guests
remember the wedding cake almost as much as they do the wedding itself? That’s a pretty sweet deal. Let Them Eat Cake offers desserts for weddings of 6 to 600 guests. One of the Items we have become known for are my “mini” cakes. This fully decorated 4” cakes come in a variety of flavors providing a much nicer alternative to cupcakes. They can be tiered to make a beautiful display with a standard 8” decorated cake sitting on top. Let Them Eat Cake also offers a wonderful champagne cake that has become very popular with clients. I have brought some of my favorite family recipes for wonderful cakes and desserts to

the US from my hometown, Mexico City. Enjoy a wide variety of flavors including chocolate, white, coconut, almond, lemon, mocha, spice, orange, champagne, French vanilla, butter pecan, red velvet and more! Wedding cakes start at $3.00 per serving. Delivery starts at $50.00 It gives me great pleasure to live in a state such as iowa that offers a simple style of living , as well as a progressive acceptance of all types of people and lifestyles. I am proud to be of service to every type of individual and look forward to the oppurtunity of assisting members of the gay community with this great moment in history, and the chance to make your special day memorable. Vicente Diaz Owner, Let Them Eat Cake

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