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                                AND FIELD POUR TRUCK SCALE SERIES
                                   Kansas City, MO – Once again, Fairbanks Scales demonstrates its
                          expertise with the introduction of the Talon HV and HVX Series Truck
                          Scales. The all new Fairbanks Talon Series boasts the most long lasting
                          construction of any truck scale in the industry. Built on a proven orthotropic
                          design, the Talon has many design improvements that stand out over the
                                   The Talon Series Truck Scale is specifically designed for pit-less
FOR IMMEDIATE             construction. Self draining above ground installation provides for a
RELEASE                   maintenance free system that requires no sump pump and allows natural
                          weighbridge ventilation to reduce corrosion to the structure and load cells.
                          An above ground foundation is both less costly, and less time-consuming.
                                   The modular steel deck I-beam construction comes standard in many
                          lengths and widths. Easy to move and maneuver models accelerate scale
                          installation to less than a day. A two-part Sherwin Williams paint system
                          covers and protects the modules from the daily abuse from the environment.
                                   Fairbanks has incorporated the proven design of Rocker Column
                          load cells in the Talon Series Truck Scale. The Rocker Column load cell is a
                          truly hermetically sealed, stainless steel design unique to Fairbanks Scales.
                                   All load cells and electronics are easily accessible for servicing.
                          There is no need to remove cumbersome cover plates or shut down the
                          operation of the scale in order access the load cells and electronics. To
                          replace load cells, simply raise the deck one inch and tip the cell out, set the
                          new cell in place and lower the deck. No pins! No bolts! No screws! No
                          hassles! With pit-less construction, only one man is needed for service.
To Request More                    The entire load cell cable is protected with a stainless steel jacket
Information, Contact:     that guards against rodent damage, outside signal interference, and protects
                          the cable when pulling through conduit, prolonging the life of the load cell.
Ingrid Adel                        To allow a free floating deck, Fairbanks has designed a unique
Director of Sales and     bumper checking system. The embedded bumper plates are easy to locate
Marketing Support         and firmly secured to the approach by being cast in the foundation. Gap
821 Locust                adjustments are performed by simply turning a bolt that is easily accessible
Kansas City, MO           from the sides of the scale.
64106                              Fairbanks' exclusive Intalogix Technology is a standard feature of
Tel: (816) 471-0231       the Talon Series Truck Scales. This state-of-the-art technology provides
Fax: (816) 471-5951       improved lightning protection and superior diagnostics capabilities.         Intalogix Technology provides superior surge voltage protection by optically
                          isolating the load cell, creating an impenetrable barrier against power surges
                          often caused by lightning strikes.
                                   For 175 years, Fairbanks Scales has met the world's weighing needs
                          with dependable, high quality weighing equipment and superior service.
                          Fairbanks' broad product line includes bench scales, counting scales, floor
                          scales, truck scales, railroad track scales, weighing assemblies, batching
                          instrumentation, indicators, intrinsically safe instrumentation, printers and
                          complete weighing systems. To request more information or to obtain the
                          name of the Fairbanks representative or authorized distributor nearest you,
                          please call (800) 451-4107.
                                             If it has to be right ... It has to be Fairbanks.

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