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					                                                                                       Nutrients per serving
                                                                                       Calories                        113
                                                                                       Fat                            1.2g
                                                                                       Carbohydrates                    4g
                                                                                       Fibre                         .0.3 g
                                                                                       Protein                        20 g

                                                                                       Ingredients (4 servings)
                                                                                       •	 1/4 cup tandoori paste
                                                                                       •	 1/4 cup yogurt
                                                                                       •	 1 tbsp lemon juice
                                                                                       •	 4	Haddock	filets

Tandoori Haddock
In	a	shallow	dish,	combine	tandoori	paste,	yogurt	and	lemon	juice.	Add	fish	and	turn	to	coat	evenly.	
Cover	and	refrigerate	for	20	–	30	minutes.	
Set	your	oven	to	“broil”	(only	the	top	element	heats)	and	let	it	preheat.	Place	fish	on	baking	sheet	and	broil	for	10	
minutes	or	until	fish	is	no	longer	clear	and	flakes	easily	with	a	fork	and	the	top	is	lightly	browned.

You	can	buy	tandoori	paste	in	the	ethnic	food	aisle	in	most	grocery	stores.
Add	variety	by	using	different	kinds	of	fish,	just	adjust	the	cooking	time	depending	on	the	thickness.

Nutrition Tips
Canada’s	Food	Guide	recommends	having	2	Food	Guide	Servings	of	fish	each	week,	try	salmon	or	trout	to	get	the	
benefits	of	omega-3	fats.
This	recipe	adapted	from	Dietitians	of	Canada	Simply	Great	Food	Cookbook
For	more	recipes,	resources	and	to	have	your	nutrition	questions	answered,	check	out	SFU’s	Nutrition	Blog	-	
“The	Dish”,	hosted	by	Rosie	Dhaliwal,	Registered	Dietitian.	

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