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                                                           kids! Call or email
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Type of Party:      Pool    Sports     Dance      Games
             Art     Movie     Teen Lounge        Custom
                                                                                                       at the Levin JCC
Special requests:

                                                           1937 W.Cornwallis Road, Durham, NC 27705
                                                              (919) 354-4936
Please drop off or mail to: Levin JCC attn.: Madeline
Seltman, 1937 W Cornwallis Rd, Durham NC 27705
Or, send an email with the above information to
                                   PARTy OPTiONS                                                                What’s included
Pool Party(summer only)                                 Dance Party                                             Party team member
                                                                                                                Activity time and time
Splash and slide to your heart’s content!               Treat your guests to a brief private performance and
                                                                                                                  for food and presents
                                                        a fun dance class for all levels! Choose from ballet,
Includes 40 minutes free swim, 20 minutes activity,                                                             Set up
30 min food/presents, reserved tables on pool deck,     tap, jazz, lyrical, acro, and hip-hop.
                                                                                                                Clean up
and inclement weather space/activity                    Includes 60 min class, 30 min food/presents.            Plates, cups, napkins, utensils
Members: $195 1-12 kids, $235 12-20 kids                Members: $225 1-12 kids, $265 12-20 kids                Favor bags
Non-members: $235 1-12 kids, $275 12-20 kids            Non-members: $265 1-12 kids, $295 12-20 kids            Blank JCC invitations
Sports Party                                            Movie Party
Choose a sport (or two!) from badminton, soccer,        Private screening of your favorite movie on our big
basketball, volleyball, kickball, floor hockey,         screen! Choose one of our movies or bring your own.

                                                                                                                Policies and
dodgeball, ultimate Frisbee.                            Includes 90-120 min movie, 30 min food/presents,
Includes 60 min activity, 30 min food/presents,         Community Hall reserved.
entire gym reserved.
Members: $185 1-12 kids, $225 12-20 kids
                                                        Members: $175 1-12 kids, $215 12-30 kids
                                                        Non-members: $215 1-12 kids, $255 12-30 kids
Non-members: $225 1-12 kids, $265 12-20 kids                                                                     • Parent/guardian of birthday child
                                                        Teen Lounge Party
                                                                                                                   must be present at all times
Games Party                                             Private use of air hockey, foosball, Wii and Xbox
                                                                                                                 • Parties are for ages 5 and up
Parachute, relays races, team-building games, and       with Kinect video gaming systems. Ages 8+                • Non-refundable $50 deposit due at
free play with balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, etc.                                                                 time of scheduling
                                                        Includes 60 min private use of teen lounge,
Includes 30 min activity, 30 minutes supervised free    30 min food/presents                                     • Parties are available Sun-Thurs
play, 30 min food/presents, entire gym or Community     Members: $175 1-12 kids                                  • Must be scheduled at least 15 days
Hall reserved.                                          Non-members: $215 1-12 kids                                in advance
Members: $175 1-12 kids, $215 12-20 kids                                                                         • Dates and times subject to availability
Non-members: $215 1-12 kids, $255 12-20 kids
                                                        Custom Party                                             • All food brought in must comply with
                                                                                                                   Levin JCC’s kashrut policy (no milk
                                                        Have an idea for something else you’d like at your
Art Party                                               party? Want to add on more time? More kids?
                                                                                                                   and meat together, no pork products,
                                                                                                                   no shellfish)
Let your guests unleash their creativity with an arts   Call or email us to discuss possibilities.
                                                                                                                 • Refrigerator, freezer, and ice are available
and crafts project to take home! Choose from a list
of options like tie-dye, beading, candle-making,                                                                 • Cost covers guest pass fee for children
and more.
                                                              We are able to accommodate                           and parents
                                                              parties for kids of all abilities.                 • Pool party guests subject to swim test
Includes 60 min activity, 30 min food/presents,
and all supplies                                                                                                   to go in deep end or down slide
Members: $225 1-12 kids, $265 12-20 kids                             Contact Madeline Seltman                    • All non-member guests must sign
Non-members: $265 1-12 kids, $295 12-20 kids                                a facility-use waiver
                                                                          (919) 354-4948

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