PowerPoint - Electronegativity_ OilWater_ Element Mnemonics by dffhrtcv3


									Chemical Symbols of
 Common Elements
Element     Latin name
Copper      Cuprum
Gold        Aurum
Iron        Ferrum
Lead        Plumbum
Mercury     Hydrargyrum
Potassium   Kalium
Silver      Argentum
Sodium      Natrium
Tin         Stannum
• Mnemonics are ways to help you remember
• Used by A students and experts
• They are often rhymes or visual connections
• E.g. “Thirty days has September, April, June
  and November, all the rest have 31”
• Iron  strong  opposite is feeble  Fe
• It may seem like more to know, but it works
Best Mnemonics

Sodium (Na)
 Salt?  Bad for BP  (Na, don’t want it)
 North Atlantic salt water
Potassium (K)
 Potatoes covered in ketchup
 Koala (or kangaroo) eating bananas
Best Mnemonics

Iron (Fe)
  Ironing with Feet
  French for iron is Fer
  Iron = strong = giant = Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum
Copper (Cu)
  Cop drinking out of a cup
  A cup filled with pennies
Best Mnemonics
Silver (Ag)
  Almost gold
  Aging = grey hair = silver
Tin (Sn)
  “Tin is Sin”
Gold (Au)
 Always united (wedding ring)
 Gold = shiny = aura
 leaves changing gold colour = Autumn
Best Mnemonics

Mercury (Hg)
  thermometer = hug to stay warm
  Huge globe (Hg), Hot gas, High gravity
Lead (Pb)
  Peanut butter coming out of a pencil
  Pellets and buckshot
  Plumber uses lead pipes
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