Possess a Clear Understanding of Business Analysis by dffhrtcv3


									       Chapter 3:
    Know Your Project

Seven Steps to Mastering Business
Analysis (Barbara Carkenord, 2008)
Business Case Development
• BAs need to build a case – justification for the
  project or endeavor

• Include tangible / intangible costs & benefits

• Activities
   – Feasibility Analysis
   – Cost Benefit Anaysis (CBA)
   – SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities,
     Threats) Analysis
        Feasibility Analysis
• Determine the project’s viability
  – Financial viability
  – Environmental integrity
  – Cultural acceptability / political practicality

• What-if analysis

• Sensitivity analysis
         Funding a project
• Financial reasons – cut costs, increase revenue

• Strategic reasons - opportunity, aligning
  business processes
  – COTS (Customized off the shelf software) – request
    for proposal sent to vendors asking for details

• Regulatory reasons – national, international
Strategic Reasons for Project

• BA needs to understand where the project
 stands in the portfolio of projects

• Portfolio consists of many projects and

• A program can encompass many projects
      Components in Project
• Project Name
• Approach / Methodology
• Statement of Purpose
• Objectives, Problems, Opportunities
• Stakeholders
• Business Risks
• Scope of business area
   Understanding the Scope of
   Project – Context Diagram
• BA uses a Context Diagram (Level zero DFD) to
  understand the scope of the project

• Same as in systems analysis – except think of the central
  area of study rather than the central system

• Include the activities or areas that impact the central
  area (similar to entities that interact with the system in
  systems analysis)

• Level 1 DFD and up – decomposition of level 0 diagrams
  to study the scope in detail
   Understanding the Scope of
      Project – Use Cases
• Used to understand the scope of the project
• Use cases are major areas of study or activities
  shown as bubbles

• Actors or external entities that impact the
  activities are shown as stick people

• Work out examples in class (used in the in-class

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