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UA19/17/4 Football Program - WKU vs U of L
WKU Athletics

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College Heights, College Heights
Smash 'em Bust 'em
That's Our Custom
College Heights                                  WESTERN FROSH
Hit 'em High, Hit 'em Low                                              vs
Yea, Western! Let's Go!

                                                     U. of L. FROSH
College Heights We Hail Thee
We shall never fail thee

Falter never, live forever
Hail! Hail! H ail!


Whistle - Boom - Rah - Western
Whistle - Boom - Rah - Western
Whistle - Boom - Rah - Western

(Slow) .Rilh - Rah - Rah - Rah, Western
College, Western College
(Faster) Rah - Rah - Rah - Rah, Western
College, Western College                           WESTERN STADIUM
(Very Fast) Rah - Rah - Rah - Rah, Western
Whistle - Boom - Rah - Western
                                             Friday, Oct. 7, 1932                3:15 P. M.
        Spell WESTERN

(Very Fast) W - E-S - T-E-R-N
(Faster)    W - E - S - T-E - R-N
(Very Fast) W-E-S-T-E-R-N
                                                       HOMECOMING · GAME

                                               Georgetown           November 5   2 P. M.
                WESTERN SQUAD                                                           U. of L. SQUAD

    Name and Position                         Jersey                     Name                                         Jersey
Garner;      End                                73                   Long;                                              24
Prewitt; . Halfback                             99                   Birpky;                                            36
Powell;      Guard                              85                   Yates;                                             42
Gillespie;     Halfback                         83                   Force;                                             38
Brantley;     Halfback                          81                   Gray;                                              20
Floyd;      Guard                               98                   Bullard;                                           39
Rucker;      Tackle                             94                   Mayer;                                             37
Blackwell;     Fullback                         88                   Putman;                                            15
Potter;     Quarterback                         70                   Bertleson;                                         26
Fitchko;      Center                            97                   Goss;                                              19
Hendrix;      End                               90                   Doll;                                              25
Painter;     Halfback                           71                   Cusick;                                            10
Moody;       Guard                              76                   Ryan;                                              35
Bendick;      Tackle                            79                   Shipp;                                             12
Lukowsky;       Halfback                        77                   De1anty;                                           27
Perryman;       Quarterback                     78                   Wayoner;                                           15
Swan;       Tackle                              93                   Smith;                                             22
Oakley;      Tackle                             91                   Wilson;                                            17
Cardwell;      End                              65                   Whitehead;                                         16
H. Hall;     Fullback                           74
Durham;       Center                            67                                 PROBABLE LINEUP
C. Hall;     End                                96
                                                                                         U. ofL FROSH
Johnson;      Halfback                          68
                                                                     Long; LEnd                                   Gray; R. End
Phipps;      End                                89
                                                                     Birpky; L Tackle                        Bullard; R. Tackle
Hibbard;      Guard                             87
                                                                     Yates; L Guard                           Mayer; R. Guard
Link;      Tackle                               84                   Force; Center                           Bertleson; Q. Back
Cox;      Guard                                 75
                                                                     Putman; L Half                               Goss; R. Half
Cox, Cliff;     Tackle                          92
                                                                                          Doll; Fullback
               PROBABLE LINEUP
                  WESTERN FROSH
Cardwell; End                           Garner; R. End                            NEXT HOME GAME
Rucker - Bendick; L Tackle       Link- Swan; R. Tackle                              WESTERN FROSH
Cox; L Guard                           Floyd; R. Guard                                         VS
Fitchko; Center                      Perryman; Q. Back
                                                                                    MURRAY FROSH
Lukbwsky; L Half                       H. Hall; R. Half
                  Blackwell; Fullback                                                   Friday, October 14

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